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Ancestry Quest - Episode 2x8 - The Secret Revelations

[Int: Ancient Ireland / Mountain Cave / Night Time]

An unknown person in brown hooded robe appears through a combination of swirling blue spirals, in the moonlight the person is revealed to be Theordora Blaze as the staff disappears, through a form of energy wooden torch appears in her right hand, she says a word in unknown language and the torch ignites, Theodora walks in and looks around, while looking nervous as a wind threatens to blow the torch out. She goes further into the cave. Theodora stops when she hears a faint rumbling sound from further in the cave. When she catches sight of something her eyes gets wided.

When something dark is moving quickly toward her as it extinguishes the flame. After a short while a loud and horrid shrieking sound, which echoes down the cave as a winged pale creature flying towards Theodora and extends its claws, while a mental shield is protecting her outstretched hand, while holding the dark crystal which starts to glow blood red with a purple mist against the creature before it can warn the hive, Theodora sees that they are flying towards her as the dark crystal fires powerful gusts of dark energy grabbing in mid-air as many creatures and pulling them inside, as they are using their claws into every thing in their path to keep from being trapped, when they all captured, the artifact stops glowing, but a weakened Theodora falls to the ground, she moves her left hand on the dark crystal and it disappears after a while a white beard old man appears wearing a white robe, he knees down to be revealed to be Merlin.

Merlin: My dear friend. What did you do?

(Theodora barely opens her eyes.)

Theodora: I needed to stop them.

(Merlin places a hand on her, with the help of his staff, they disappear through swirling blue spirals as they fades away.)

[Ext: Ancient Ireland / Mountain Cave / Night Time]

[Int: 2007 / San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / Conservatory / A Week Earlier / Day Time]

Phoebe and Paige are wearing different colorful maternity dresses, while Piper is dressed in black blouse with blue jeans, and Prue is wearing her robe as they are all sitting on various places as they are listening to Prue.

Piper: What is a Celestial Paladin?

Prue: We are considered more harsher type of Angels. Archangels to be true. We do have charges and do mostly like Whitelighters would do. Sometimes, we are send to wipe out clans or what ever, if the Ancestral Council would consider to be a threat in creating many Time Ripples, if they are good. They are asked about their intentions.

Piper: So which got vanquished because they cared not to listen?

Prue: Well, sometimes we aren't allowed to intervene, because someone else is meant to do the dirty work. Like when that demon wanted to kill the Parker Child who would create the Anti-Warlock Vaccine. Actually, his blood was the key when he reached the right age.

Paige: (Confused) The Anti-Warlock Vaccine?

Phoebe: Yeah, some years back. A warlock from the future wanted to kill a mortal woman.

Piper: But many of those people got killed.

Prue: But their research was put to use and with the combinations of the blood sample created the Anti-Warlock Vaccine.

Phoebe: That's great, when will you begin?

Prue: It has been released few months ago and spreads fast. So they are pretty much gone. Some people could simply lose their powers.

Paige: Who takes them?

Prue: If the decision was made by the Angels of Destiny. Then not many could help you with that.

Piper: You managed. And by the way, how did you become one of them? And why did we lose our powers?

Prue: It wasn't easy. When I was in the heavens. I wanted to be send back to help you. But the Elders didn't want me to never see you again, telling me that I would hold you back. I saw what could happened if I didn't help. But Grams was the one to mention about the Ancestral Council. She didn't like how they treated me.

Paige: And then you became one of them?

Prue: No. The Ancestral Council thought that I wouldn't be enough because of the history and the Special Treatment from the Elders. But after they saw in the future who I could be. But they were not convinced, but a young woman named Taylor had to vouch for me, and after some time, then they made me one of their own. Remember those evil self you met in the Parallel World?

Piper: Yeah?

Prue: You became them.

Piper: What?

Phoebe: No way.

Paige: We turned evil?

Prue: It was causing some effects to the Grand Design, so to save it. The Angels of Destiny took your powers. The Ancestral Council didn't know at first what caused it. After you regain your powers the future changed for you two, but not for Paige. Until we discover it was because the lost of your children.

Piper: When this is over, what happens then?

Prue: I will return to the After Life with peace in mind.

[Ext: 2007 / San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / Conservatory / A Week Earlier / Day Time]

[Int: South Italy / Unknown Forest / Night Time]

Intense thermal flames appears when they disappear, reveals the Jenkins Sisters and Piper dressed in dark colored clothing, Billie is wearing a necklace with a red ruby in the center, Piper noticed a dozens of bats flying in the sky ahead of the them.

Piper: Where are we?

Billie: South Italy.

Piper: What? Why?

Christy: Need to vanquished a clan of Vampires?

Piper: (Worried) Vampires? Why bring me? We are no Power of Three? We already have our own demons in the U.S.

Christy: Because Adrianna and her sisters are busy with a much Bigger Evil, and two of your sisters are pregnant and the third is trying to save the heavy pregnant one from becoming evil and killing almost your whole family. And if we don't stop them, the clan will hunt and kill an innocent town.

Billie: Christy, do you mind?

(She turns around and carefully lifts her hair, and Christy takes off the necklace and puts it her pocket. And Billie releases her hair and Christy gives Piper a red bag of vials.)

Piper: Still can't control your new power?

Billie: Everything I touch freezes and shatters. By the way. those are for you.

Piper: What do they do?

Billie: These potions are able to create a light intensity of the sun so you will be able to vanquished Vampires.

Piper: (Sarcastic) How much bigger does it get?

(Christy pulls out the IScry from her back pocket, clicks on some buttons and a holographic screen appears. )

Piper: That's the bigger evil? A teenager?

[Int: IScry / Holographic Screen / Random High School / Night Time]

Viewing the Collective Wizards facing which looks like a little innocent teenage girl, and she notices that they know what she is, she drops the act and suddenly morphs into a 20 feet large creature with sharp teeth and varies tentacles, firing leech-like creatures from its mouth.

[Ext: IScry / Holographic Screen / Random High School / Night Time]

(Turns off the IScry and puts back in her pocket.)

Christy: Did you ever see the movie The Stepford Wives?

Piper: Yes.

Christy: That is what the demon does, it makes the victims very happy and if anybody discovers the truth they could be the Demon's next dinner.

Piper: The Stepford Demon? Oh. So where are our demons?

Their walk abruptly cuts short by a noise and they looks around, they hide behind trees, there is a clan of Vampires are feeding on some of their victims. A smell alerts one of them who turns and tries to track it, alarming the rest of to her attention. While blood drips from their mouth onto the wet ground, Billie concentrates as her crossbow appears and tendrils start to wrap themselves around her right arm. They tighten as a ripple effect runs over the crossbow and lights up in a flash as an energetic arrow in bright light appears, Christy summons a thermal ball in her left hand and Piper holds tight in her bag of explosive potions. One of the Vampires turns into a bat and flies up in the sky and disappears out of sight, after a short while a hissing sound alerts the three witches. A female Vampire in human form looks at them.

Piper: Oh, crap.

Suddenly, dozens of bats fly down and start attacking them. One of them tries to attack Piper, she throws a potion however, one of the bats almost avoids it and gets one of its wings vanquished and falls to the ground, one of the female Vampires lands on the ground and sneaks behind Piper and knocks her down, and leans on top of Piper as she goes to bite her victim. But got vanquished by a thermal ball before it can bite her. Some more of the bats are heard coming. Billie aims her crossbow at those in coming and fires several arrows vanquishing some of them, while some of them avoid the arrows. From the sky they can track the three witches through their blood. As they disappear, Christy walks to Piper and helps her off the ground.

Piper: Thanks.

Christy: You are welcome.

Billie: Hi.

Christy and Piper turns around as sees that one of the Vampires holds on Billie's neck, just a twist she could snap Billie's neck. After some time has passed, all three of the women are captured and tied against trees. From the trees a bat flies turns into the Queen. Piper looks at the familiar face.

The Queen: So nice to see you again?

Piper: (Sarcastic) Thank you for helping us vanquish Zankou.

(The Queen starts to smile.)

The Queen: I couldn't have helped, or otherwise he would have killed me. What are you doing here?

Piper: I thought maybe try to vanquish you.

The Queen: I am going to kill you, and then I am going to kill your friends here.

Piper: I think it's only fair to warn you. I think you have underestimated the element of surprise.

Billie: Why would you feed on her? Look at her. She is old and stale. She is done. Why not something more younger? If you didn't have powers of a Vampire Queen. You would be running and screaming from us. Who wants an old bag of bones?

The Queen: You will regret that! You insolent little witch, I don't have to have powers to tear you apart.

Billie: We will see who regrets what, you old hag.

The Queen: I will tear your face off.

Billie: Thanks. Then I won't have to look at you.

Before the Vampire Queen can attack Billie, she sees a dagger strapped loosely over Billie's waist, she draws the dagger from its sheath, and starts to smell it. She lets out a moans of ecstasy discovering how powerful it is. She looks at the dagger and then at Billie.

The Queen: I was wrong about you. You are special, aren't you? I guess the joke is on me. I really thought you were a loser.

Billie: Didn't your parents ever teach you, you shouldn't take what doesn't belong to you.

(Suddenly the curved crystal blade starts to have a golden glow.)

The Queen: By all means. Here.

As the Queen was about to stab Billie with the dagger, but it gets deflected by Billie's shield causing the Queen to impale herself in the chest. She gasps in horror as she tries to stand on her legs and then as everyone watches as her body falls to the ground causing her whole hive to do the same.

Billie: Wow, told you. You should have listened.

The Queen: What have you done to me?

Billie: Do you think we all are created for a purpose? I would like to think so. There is a new world coming, and you aren't a part of it.

As they all begin to have violent uncontrollable seizures, all over the World, psychic blood connections starts to make impact on all the Vampiric Queens as they all start to scream. The very essences of their vampiric nature is ripped out their bodies and explodes. Some time has passed when the black dust clears reveals the Vampire Queen turned completely human is slumped on the floor on her stomach, the dagger is some distants away from her. She sees the dagger as it crumbled to dust, she tries to get up but her legs can't carry her so she falls down again and rolls on her back, as she looks weakly to Billie for a moment and turns into a skeleton and then into dust and disappears. Christy concentrates and weakened the chains with flames that have her tied, and she is released, Billie touches the chains with her fingers which quickly freeze and shatters and helps Piper as well.

Piper: What happened here?

(Both Billie and Christy look at each other for a short moment.)

Billie: It looks like I am not meant to have it back, if you don't mind, I would liked to get out of here.

Christy: Good Idea.

Piper: Excuse me. I distinctly remember someone saying, we were gonna vanquished them, but they had us and your dagger killed them.

Billie: We let them capture us on purpose.

Piper: Why didn't I know this?

Christy: Because you weren't supposed to come with us.

Billie: It's like when vanquishing a Queen destroys her entire clan as well. But I did some research, and I found out that my dagger was called the Primary Dagger, its like a psychic disruptor between Vampire Queens. Kill one and the rest of them fall.

(Christy walks and grabs on Billie and Piper and they all disappear through thermal flames.)

[Ext: South Italy / Unknown Forest / Night Time]

[Int: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / Bathroom / A Week Later On / Morning]

While Piper is in the shower humming to herself, soaping up her skin, behind the curtain the Shadowy Shrouded Demon teleports through flames, looks at the movings in the hot water at the curtain and seeing a red towel on the carpet, and disappears through flames. Piper thought that she had heard a noise. She turned off the water and wrapped the red towel around her body, and grabbed the shower curtain and pulled it open.

Piper: (Annoyed) Can't even shower in private.

[Ext: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / Bathroom / A Week Later On / Morning]

[Int: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / Hall]

Piper is wearing a towel and a pink bathrobe over it. She was looking around, but doesn't see anything. Suddenly she is pushed down to the ground on her back as her arms were above her head and her knees are also raised up, as a Shadowy Shrouded Demon teleports through use of flames, as he slowly walks to Piper. He leads down and with his claw starts to gently touch her left leg and then her knee, and then her belly above the towel. He seemed to look for something.

Soul Trader: Oh, tell me this is a joke. So, you are what passes for powerful witches these days. I can sense the sound of people's heartbeats. Usually when I approach... But yours is so steady.

Piper: It's not the first time. But I am more commonly dressed and aware.

He digs his claw directly into her stomach as Piper gasps in the sudden pain, while tears drip down her cheeks before she was about to pass out due to the pain, then pulls it out and licks her blood from his claw.

Soul Trader: The blood memories of your wretched species...has shown me all I need to know about you. Your wiccan blood... is so much sweeter, like anything I have tasted. I could have done it much more humane. Not as much fun, though. Don't worry, there wouldn't be any injuries, not even as much as a scratch. We don't want you to die, before your kind.

[Ext: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / Hall]

[Int: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / Attic]

A purple spirit in shape of a young woman appears through the wall, she assumes a corporeal but still spiritual form. She starts to sense and goes to a large trunk and opens it and picks up a powerful athame and sensing inside the dagger, and breaks it in half as the powers vanish. She sees the Books of Shadows standing the podium, when she tries to touch the Book, it starts to glow, almost like if it was burning her hands as she gets angered by it, however sensing that someone had already targeted her prey as she goes through the floor.

[Ext: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / Attic]

[Int: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / Hall]

The spirit is watching Piper from above, threw of the demon some distance away from the witch, as it tries to leap inside Piper to possess her, However, the demon absorbs it and preventing the spirit from reaching to her.

Soul Trader: See you next time, witch. Soon, your kind will be extinct.

As he disappears through flames. Piper tries to get up still feeling the pain, scared at his words and goes to her bedroom to put some clothes on.

[Ext: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / Hall]

[Int: Los Angeles / The Museum of the Ancient Artifacts]

Through the windows outside of the museum the streets are filled with news vans and police cars. Inside the museum there is a crowd of reporters with concerned townspeople, Inspector Cortez emerges on the stage in black suit and approaches the podium with a look of concern of important matters on his face. Cameras flash and reporters raise their mics up.

Random Reporter: Are you at liberty to divulge any information regarding what happened to those Curators? Inspector Cortez: All that I can say is that after looking through intense investigation. We have discovered that Mr. Drawson hired kidnappers to make sure that Miss. Warrendoff would be out of the picture.

Random Reporter: Why would he go through so much trouble, as she originally wanted him to be the new Curator?

Inspector Cortez: Miss. Warrendoff happened to discover that Mr. Drawson wanted to use the Museum as a cover up for various crimmal activities. Due to her love for the Museum she wanted to expose his operations.

Random Reporter: In what state is Miss. Warrendoff and the future of the Museum?

Inspector Cortez: The Doctors have said that Miss. Warrendoff will make full recovery, and has decided to come back and stay as Curator of the Museum.

Random Reporter: No arrests were made in relation to that case, correct?

Inspector Cortez: Uh, that is correct, but the investigation of that case is ongoing as well.

Random Reporter: What about the chemical explosion? was it caused by Mr. Drawson?

Inspector Cortez: The Forensics has examined the location, they were unanimous that he caused and was killed in the explosion. Alright, that's enough. No further questions.

(As Inspector Cortez leaves the stage, the reporters and townspeople shout after him, but he leaves out of sight.)

[Ext: Los Angeles / The Museum of the Ancient Artifacts]

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bedroom]

Billie is seen lying in the bed, opens her eyes and remembers the night before with Rathmere. She smiles. She looks to her side and Rathmere is indeed next to her. She started to stare at him, while Rathmere is still sound asleep. Billie adjusting the sheet to cover herself as she very slowly leans over the top of him, and very gently kisses his forehead suddenly she remembers something, then she gets off the bed and covers herself with the blanket, after some time Billie comes out from the bathroom, wearing a black jeans and a red bra. She starts looking around for something, and she finally founds her green top under Rathmere's trousers. Rathmere wakes up and turns around to face her.

Rathmere: Hey. What are you doing?

Billie: Um, I needed to get dressed.

Rathmere: It took me long time to get that off you.

Billie: (Smiles) Go back to sleep.

(She leans down and they kiss.)

Rathmere: Where are you going? Do you want to stay for breakfast?

Billie: (Leaving the room) Everything is fine.

(Rathmere smirks and lays back down in bed.)

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bedroom]

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Dining Room]

Rathmere walks in wearing black trousers and dark green vest, he is surprised to see large light brown dining table covered with many varies of food, with 2 black medieval chalices which are engraved with the golden image of the Ethereal Sword.

Rathmere: (Surprised) What is this?

Billie: (Lying) I have been cooking a lot.

Rathmere: You can cook?

Billie: Work with me here. (Thinking) Thank you, Christy.

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Dining Room]

[Int: San Francisco / Phoebe's Condo]

Phoebe is sitting on the couch, revealed to be wearing a white maternity dress with decorative flowers details. She is holding on the memory crystal and tries to get a premonition or to see memories. But nothing happens. 4 Darklighters appeared through the use of dark orbs points their crossbows at Phoebe as she looks up.

Random Darklighter: Where is your sister?

Phoebe: Hi Everyone. So I was thinking that.... Could you maybe leave. I am pregnant, and can't go that fast. Really not up for dying today.

They are confused on how she reacted. Prue unnoticed appears behind them through aerokinetic webs with two swords in each hands and beheaded them as they go up in flames, she is revealed to be wearing red dress.

Prue: Hi, sister dear.

Phoebe: Oh. That was really violent. (She was thinking) She is crazy. (Prue telepathically heard.)

Prue: I am also delightfully mad now and then. (Prue makes the swords disappear.) What happened here?

Phoebe: Well, I was minding my own business and they wanted to kill me. Did you ever had that anxious feeling where you can't sleep, but you don't know why, because you don't have anything to feel anxious about. And it can piss you off.

Prue: I know. Are you anxious about your pregnancy?

Phoebe: No, it's different now, the little guy is feeling fine, but I am gonna have a check up today. Being four months pregnant is not easy. But if you should considering how far Paige is and her problems. I have my blessings.

Prue: You are not alone in this.

Seconds go by and intense thermal flames appears when they disappear reveals Christy dressed in red and dark red plaid blouse and black skirt holding her Grandmother's Book of Shadows with the symbol composed of a silver mark of a scorpion with a long segmented tail ending in a venomous stinger.

Phoebe: (Surprised) Wow, so nice to see you Christy.

Christy: (Thinking) Very perceptive of you.

(Phoebe sensing a lot of anger coming from Christy.)

Phoebe: Is there anything besides anger in there, Christy?

Christy: I don't really like you, but due to your friendship with Billie. I have to at least give you a chance. Or I never hear end of it.

Phoebe: Oh?

Christy: Yeah.

Phoebe: Who knows, maybe we will two?

Christy: Don't get attached.

Phoebe: There was no way we could have known.

Christy: Don't,

Phoebe: Maybe it's time for us to move on.

Christy: Not everybody moves as fast as you.

Phoebe: Fine.

Christy: Look, I am not a bad person. I am not a Queen Bee type. Being blamed to be a murder at a young age for no reason. It hurts. And everyone was like "Oh, I am so sorry. I didn't know." Doesn't really cover it. It's like they were only trying befriend me for favors.

Phoebe: And F.O.R.C.E. was your safe haven.

Christy: You don't know how much it means to me. It's a dream come true.

Prue: I have to leave. Piper has been calling me a lot today.

Phoebe: Is it serious? We can come with you.

Prue: Stay here. She wants to talk with me.

(Prue disappears through aerokinetic webs. Phoebe gets sucked into a premonition.)

[Int: Premonition / Underworld / Unknown Location]

Phoebe gets to see random flashes of a cave that is surrounded by a surface of the slightly visible liquid shield, as something dark is floating within the liquid shield. The flashes shows inside of the cave the same crystal Theodora once used to trap those creatures, but shards have appeared and from inside the crystal came horrid shrieking sounds. When it bursts open, and the creatures emerge.

[Ext: Premonition / Underworld / Unknown Location]

(Phoebe has a worried expression as she starts to breathe heavy, as Prue teleports through aerokinetic webs when the webs disappear reveals Piper dressed in orange blouse with black trousers, Prue look as her sister.)

Phoebe: (Concerned) We are in huge trouble.

Prue: (Concerned) What do you mean?

Phoebe: I need your Book.

Christy: Alright.

(Christy puts her Book on Phoebe's knees the Book glows and shows an entry is about a species called Vetalas. The three women looks at the page.)

Phoebe: Vetalas?

Christy: But I thought they were extinct.

Phoebe: Apparently not.

Prue: (Reading) In the Ancient times long after the events of the Warrior and the defeat of Aeromos, there was a forbidden relationship between a witch and a warlock, and her desire to get pregnant and have his children, however due to their incapable DNA, she didn't know she was carrying a biological parasitic infection, feeling desperate to save her "child" she created a potion which would stop the effects, it isn't what she thought. it worked, as it was supposed to remove the effects and save the "child", she felt peaceful. However, she had the opposite reaction to the potion, she got more aggressive, as her skin slowly changed into pale feral creature with wings and the urge to hunt and eat the flesh of other witches.

These creatures are telepathically connected, each time one is killed or wounded, makes the rest of them adapt and become stronger under a limited of time. Only known person managed to stop them was Theodora Blaze.

(Some times has passed as Theodora appears through swirling blue spirals.)

Theodora: Why did you call me?

Phoebe: It's like this, I got a premonition of some creatures called Vetalas. And according to the Book, you were the last one to stop them. How did you do it last time?

Theodora: (Terrified) Why are you asking me about them?

Phoebe: I saw a crystal explode and they emerge from it.

Theodora: Well, I almost destroyed my sanity to use that crystal to trap them inside, nevertheless I had to use highly addictive form of magic to stop them.

Phoebe: What do you mean highly addictive? Dark Magic?

Theodora: No, much worst. I was able to protect myself for a very short time. It can bring out the most darkest aspects of those who holds the crystal. I mean, things you wouldn't believe. Even, the truly evil people can't hold it too long.

Christy: They can't be that bad?

Theodora: See, the fact that you are saying that, means that they are that bad. Did you ever meet one of them?

Christy: So eating witches is just the beginning.

Theodora: I have seen them do things you can't even imagine in your worst nightmares. Things you can't even see.

[Ext: San Francisco / Phoebe's Condo]

[Int: Underworld / Unknown Location]

Outside of the slightly visible liquid shield, as three Vetalas coming towards the shield, however, the creatures are on the other side as they fly into it, something dark within the liquid shield gets them and becomes vanquished, four of them run into the shield and several more follow also gets vanquished, while they are attacking the shield, deliberately sacrificing themselves, making it more and more weaker, nearly seems to penetrate through it.

[Ext: Underworld / Unknown Location]

[Protected Dimension / Int. Huge island-platform surrounded by the sea, F.O.R.C.E.]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / The Medical Division / General Infirmary / Random Procedure Room]

Phoebe is wearing a hospital gown standing beside the exam table, looking at the scale, blood pressure machine and a blond male doctor in white coat comes in and Phoebe looks at him and smiles, originally did not find him that good looking until she looked him in the eyes.

Phoebe: Nice to see you again. Dr. Edwards.

Dr. Edwards. You as well Miss. Halliwell. How are you today?

Phoebe: Feeling fine. I have been eating like crazy these past days, as much I would rather not go on the scale. Could you not tell me how much I have gain? I know I will be weighed at each appointment so you can track my weight gain.

(He chuckles to himself.)

Dr. Edwards: I will.

Phoebe: Thanks. It's not that I am uncomfortable with my body. It's just.

Dr. Edwards: I understand.

(Phoebe reluctantly steps on the scale. Closes her eyes so she can’t see the number. Dr. Edwards writes it down in his chart.)

Phoebe: (Concerned) Is it high?

Dr. Edwards: (Lying) You are athletic. (Phoebe starts to smile.) Okay, now your blood pressure.

(Phoebe sits on the exam table, pushes up the sleeve of her gown and offers her arm. Dr. Edwards attaches the blood pressure cuff and pumps it up.)

Phoebe: I was wondering, if you don't mind me asking. What are you?

Dr. Edwards: If I am a demon?

Phoebe: Not, if you don't want to tell me.

Dr. Edwards: No, I am just a mortal.

Phoebe: (Confused) You are?

Dr. Edwards: Surprised? (Phoebe nods.) Well, my wife is a witch and she never really liked the Elders, and when she was pregnant with our son and daughter, she didn't felt uncomfortable to be concern to what to say and do to in a mortal hospital. And I like working here.

Phoebe: I heard from many your patients, that you are an amazing doctor, and take excellent care of them.

Dr. Edwards: I try to do all I can.

(He deflates the cuff, then pulls it off, and writes it down in his chart.)

Phoebe: How is it?

Dr. Edwards: For someone who doesn't want to know. You sure do ask a lot of questions.

Phoebe: Sorry. I am nervous. I will be quiet. I promise,

Dr. Edwards: I don't mind. Ask all you want. Now lay down.

Phoebe adjusts herself and lies on gently on her back with knees bent. Dr. Edwards takes something which looks like a mouse pad and places over Phoebe's abdomen and goes to a keyboard hovering holographic schematic of her womb appears as well as highlighting her son's holographic heart.

Phoebe: I love this. I always hated that cold gel.

Dr. Edwards: There is your baby. Miss. Halliwell.

(Phoebe looks the hologram, filled with wonder and delight. A tear goes down her cheek.)

Phoebe: He is so beautiful! Every time I look at him. I get overcome with emotions.

(After a while Dr. Edwards shuts the ultrasound machine off and removes the pad. and helps Phoebe off the exam table.)

Dr. Edwards: You and your son are very healthy. You are gonna make a good mother.

Phoebe: You are just saying that.

Dr. Edwards: No, I am not. I can see it.

Phoebe: How?

Dr. Edwards: Eyes are really the windows to the soul.

(Phoebe starts to smiles as she goes to get dressed.)

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / The Medical Division / General Infirmary / Random Procedure Room]

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Theodora's House / Library]

Prue teleports through aerokinetic webs when the webs disappear reveals Piper appears with her children and Leo, they are stunned to see a library with a huge wooded shelve with great diversity of books and large beautifully carved wooden table which is lit by candles and there are pedestaled bowls of fruit on the table.

Leo: Are you sure that Theodora doesn't mind, us staying for a while?

Prue: I am sure.

Leo: What about Phoebe and Paige?

Prue: They fear what Phoebe's son can do and they can't touch Paige due to the crystal.

Piper: Why can't I stay at your home?

Prue: This is more better. And you just have to stay here until it's safe for you to return.

Piper: Thanks. Are you gonna visit?

Prue: I am. I need to go now. Bye

Piper: By the way, thanks for not telling Phoebe and Paige, I couldn't bring myself to tell them, they have enough problems as it is.

Prue: Of course, those demons will pay for what they did.

(Prue goes and hugs her sister and her brother in-law, as she disappears through aerokinetic webs.)

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Theodora's House / Library]

[Int: San Francisco / Police Department / Henry's Office]

(Henry is sitting at his desk going through some reports when Prue appeared through aerokinetic webs. Henry stands up wearing white shirt and blue jeans.)

Henry: What are you doing? Someone could have seen you.

Prue: The Ancestral Council wants to speak with you.

Henry: I don't have time. I have a lot of paperwork.

Prue: I will just tell them that you don't care about your family and their future.

Henry: What the hell? If it's about her future, shouldn't she go?

Prue: No, they asked for you.

Henry: If they want to speak to me why don't they ask for me. I can't just leave.

Prue: Yeah, you will.

(As Prue and Henry are surrounded by aerokinetic webs as they disappear.)

[Ext: San Francisco / Police Department / Henry's Office]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

Prue and Henry appears in a room through ice and air in tornado like ways, which has a resemblance to a courtroom having pillars and also huge windows which brings a lot of light and a beautiful ancient greek interior design. Henry look surround.

Council Member: Welcome.

Henry: Why did you call for me? I am not magical.

Council Member: No, but your wife and unborn children are.

Henry: Shouldn't you ask them?

Council Member: This is the coming future for you, after she gives birth.

(Water based spheres appearing and viewing flashback from the Future.)

[Int: Premonition / 2008 / Unknown Forest / 3 Months Later On / Night Time]

(It doesn't show where he is, it just shows he is running through a forest road at night. And Paige appears through dark orbs.)

Paige: Hi Honey. Why are you in such a rush?

Henry: I am sorry, Paige. You have to believe me. I did it with the best intentions.

Paige: Oh, well I can't blame you for losing our children and my soul, because you had the best intentions. When you rushed in with no thought to the consequences, to yourself or anyone else.

As Paige disappeared through dark orbs and reappeared behind him, as she runs him through with a sword directly in the heart. Henry falls to the ground as the blade is being removed. A blank face on Paige steps forward and stands and looks down on him. As Henry lies on the floor bleeding out trying to get a breath. As the water based spheres disappear.

[Ext: Premonition / 2008 / Unknown Forest / 3 Months Later On / Night Time]

Henry: No, I didn't do that. I couldn't.

Prue: You did. You are the threat and it needs to be terminated.

Henry: (Terrified) What?

Prue: Bye, Henry.

Suddenly the Ancestral Council revealed their true form as humanoid creatures which was made of mist when they rose up. they flew around Henry. When each Council Member summons a lightning bolt in one hand and in unison throws at Henry, causing him to vanish.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

The End.

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