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Ancestry Quest - Episode 1x8 - The Path of Billie

[Int: Unknown Island / Beach / A Week Earlier / Night Time]

A portal opens as a mummy like bundle appears and hits the ocean with a crash and a wave of water. As it was floating and being carried with the tide to the island which is shrouded with fog and surrounded by storm-driven waves. The mummy like bundle hits against the sharp points which cuts and pierces and affecting the structure of the cocoon.

[Ext: Unknown Island / Beach / Night Time]

[Int: Unknown Island / Beach / Early Morning]

The storm has ended. Waves lap gently on a beach, as the fog has thinned. There are palm groves and mangrove thickets leading back into a thickly wooded valley climbing up a steep, rocky hillside, the cocoon is suddenly burst out in flames and being destroyed within seconds releasing Christy, she chokes as she slowly gets to her knees and vomits seawater, she rolls over, as she struggles to push herself up into a sitting position. She has a dazed expression on her face as she was looking up viewing huge bright clouds, as she has noticed her soaked torn clothes.

Christy: (Confused) Where am I?

(As she takes in her surroundings, she is thirsty as she licks her lips. Denitra appears through smoking behind Christy, when her necklace glows and the cloak disappears as Christy turns around and noticing her.)

Denitra: Be calm, sis. You don't have to be afraid. But don't try anything. We are in ancient times and your powers don't work. While due to the ankle bracelet, I am protected from the different effects.

(As Denitra retracts her talons.)

Christy: (Confused) Where am I? Why are you keeping me alive?

Denitra: Believe it or not, frankly it doesn't matter. Are you feeling better?

(Christy looks at Denitra's seer outfit.)

Christy: (Sarcastic) I am. Thank you. Nice outfit. I am glad that you worried for me.

(Denitra retracts back her talons.)

Denitra: Would you like something to eat?

Christy: I am not hungry, although, like I can trust you, you are evil, though in my eyes, you are all the same.

Denitra: Do you really think I am that different from you? I have your memories and thoughts, even your emotions when you were 7 years old. You seem to forget that. That I have done the same thing that every one else would have done to protect the people that they love. And before you demonized me being evil. Maybe we are not as different as everyone is making us out to be.

Christy: (Sarcastic) My childhood memories and thoughts are sure very significant to you.

Denitra: I do not wish to harm you, I could have done that already if I so desired.

Christy: So am I a prisoner?

Denitra: No, you are free to leave, except, you can't teleport from here and this is a dangerous island, if I were you. Hahaha, were you..... Get it? You really should be seeking shelter and avoid the sea if you don't want to be eaten.

Christy: What do you want?

Denitra: To tell you how it was when I was growing up.

Christy: What if I don't care to listen?

Denitra: You wouldn't make it alive in here. If I should call on the creatures which inhabits this island. That dopey wizard still believes I am you.

Christy: (Thinking) How did you manage to trick him?

Denitra: I killed an evil witch and copied her powers of Illusion Manipulation and Shapeshifting with my necklace.

Christy: (Confused) Don't you already have that ability?

Denitra: No, I have almost similar, but the difference is that it permanently copies another person's physical appearance. That's why I wasn't able to possess you. If I should get vanquished, I would have lost my fury powers.

Christy: (Sarcastic) I guess that you want us to have little sisterly bonding? Seriously? Why? What the hell could that mean to you? Instead of having me imprisoned. You could have have just politely asked me and Billie.

Denitra: Come now, you would never met me freely.

Christy: (Sarcastic) Well, we will never know now, will we?

Denitra: Remember when we first met?

Christy: (Recalls the memory.) You were screaming and disappeared.

Denitra: You were with Billie as we aren't supposed to be three of us. Which reawakened all these emotions and feelings and this disgusted morality within me.

Christy: Don't blame us, blame the Triad for making you to well developed.

(Denitra's necklace projects an illusion and narrates the events seen within.)

Denitra: After impaling a Triad Member, I looked inside his mind and learned what I needed.

[Int: 1991 / Denitra's Past Memory / The Triad's Cave]

There is a circle of Triad Members, surrounding a dark smoke and chanting as the smoke is being engulfed in of many various materials as well as mostly clay which reforms into a being after a while appears as 7 year old Denitra which is dressed in rags. She looks bewildered and rather frightened.

Triad Member: Don't be afraid.

Denitra: I don't understand. Where are my parents? My sister Billie? Why did you take me?

Triad Member 2: We will show you everything, share with you all we know. You have no idea how happy we are.

Triad Member: We are here for you. We will help you.

(The two members holds out their hands and tentatively, Denitra takes it.)

[Ext: 1991 / Denitra's Past Memory / The Triad's Cave]

(Denitra's necklace stops projecting as the illusion disappears.)

Denitra: It wasn't easy. I will admit at times I almost gave up hope, when I thought about Billie and mom and dad, I knew they would be out there somewhere, looking for me. I was forced to go through intense training by the Triad, by killing realistic illusions of innocents over and over again in various training situations, with the hope of removing any trace of humanity within me, to the point I was no longer capable of feeling guilt, regret or even mercy at all. Instead became a brutal, emotionless, manipulative, domineering and controlling. (Slightly angered) Except, when I met you. I found out that they were never looking for me. They didn't even know I was missing.

Christy: I know this is a lot for you to take in...

Denitra: (Angered) You think! First I discover I am not really their daughter, and some all around good girl for a brat took all that which was rightfully mine, well sis. I am here to make sure it will be mine again.

Christy: (Confused) What are you gonna do?

Denitra: If you like it here, because you will never leave. And just a reminder, the more magic you use, the more attractive you will be to these creatures.

(Christy looks at her pawn, and tries to summon a fire ball with no real success.)

Christy: I have no idea how to fully understand your childhood. Beside that you were raised by demons, and demons are strangers to love. And which makes you one as well.

Denitra: No! I am not. I love Billie.

Christy: I grew up with a loving family and true friends around me, and excellent surroundings which enables someone my age to develop and gain experience. It's how everyone should grow up. It helps to give wonderful comfort to people who are open to that kind of love. Although. I missed my sister terribly as I couldn't let her know about me. I know that. You want to believe that and thought that she was your sister. You would kill for her. But you got instead killed by her.

(As Denitra gasps due to the comment from the human counterpart, as she walks to Christy with the desire to almost smacking her cross the head.)

Denitra: (Angered) How dare you!

Christy: (Mocking) Sensitive? Have you ever think about being more womanly? Would it be so hard if you could show more femininity?

Denitra: (Confused) What, I am not feminine?

Christy: No. You are more fake than press on nails, you just don't get it, do you? You could make sure that I never gonna see Billie again or anybody I ever met. But you will never ever win, and when we vanquish you, this time you will stay vanquished.

Denitra is rapidly infuriated of being fooled of the great desire for thinking she won, in an act of rage. She conjures large fireball in her palm, and throws it in the sky and it explodes, alerting the creatures which inhabits the island of Christy's presence, as a very loud utterance is coming closer.

Denitra: (Shouts) I will make you and your sister pay. I can't let her win. Some prophecies are better left alone and unfulfilled. I am gonna make you both suffer on my terms, I would have killed you the second we met, and forced Billie to helplessly watch while you were engulfed in intense flames just how I was.

As she disappears through smoking as the cloak reappears. Christy starts to run as the something is coming closer and closer for each second. 4 strong humanoids with predatory facial appearance and black eyes with light green skin and black straps across their bodies who are dressed in combat armor suit, and armed with large and powerful spears.

[Ext: Unknown Island / Beach / A week earlier / Early Morning]

(There is a town entrance sign. "Welcome to Town of Avalorianna.)

[Int: Avalorianna skyline at Day Time]

The beautiful landscape and within a very quaint and attractive town with heavy on stone and brick construction. While another parts of the town are constructed with wooden huts roofed with straw, everybody is seemed to be busy is as they want to be finished for the Town's Harvest Festival.

[Int: Avalorianna / Hospital Building / Random Bedroom / A Week Later On]

Billie was lying in a bed on her back as she was sleeping as she was covered by only a fluffy dark brown sheet, after a while Billie moves around a little and wakes up as she feels much better. Billie is now able to stand up as her arms are able to support her, and frustrated that she had enough being forced to rest anymore, however, she is still surrounded by crystals. Billie opens the sheet as she pulls out her legs and steps with her bare feet on the ground as she sees the crystals starts to glow and alerting that she was getting out of her bed. After a short while the door opens as Theodora walks in as she is revealed to wearing a long green and white dress.

Theodora: (Concern) What are you doing?

Billie: Don't wanna rest anymore, I am healed and rested, and done with wearing this hospital gown.

Theodora: (Concern) I am not sure if you are strong enough.

Billie: We wouldn’t know if I don't try.

Theodora: How did you sleep?

Billie: I slept very good and I feel much better.

Theodora: Well I am happy to hear, as the reflection of your face is confirming your claims.

Billie: Can I leave or are you gonna powder me again?

Theodora: I have done that just once, and there is the door.

Billie: How many patients do you have here?

Theodora: (Confused) Am I being interrogated?

Billie: I just think it’s weird that I have been here for a week and I haven’t seen anybody else, than you.

Theodora: We have many patients to look at.

Billie: It’s terribly quiet. No sounds or screams, not even painful moans.

(Billie walks behind a the dressing screen after a few seconds, she throws the hospital grown over the dressing screen as it lands on the floor.)

Billie: Ahwwwe, That's feels so comfy now.

Theodora: (Confused) Being completely naked from head to toe?

Billie: No! that's not what I mean.

(As she reaches her left bare arm and grabs a green long towel with her hand as she wraps around her as she is heading for the bathroom to take a shower. After a while Billie comes out as she walks behind a the dressing screen as she throws the towel on the floor, Billie comes out wearing a long light grey dress.)

Theodora: I was thinking about asking you, if you want to bestow honor on us upon the Town's Harvest Festival.

Billie: (Stunned) I love to........However, it's not well grounded that I am in fact the Warrior. But I don't want to intrude......You know, sharing the profits without sharing the workload.

Theodora: No, it's not well grounded. But I am a believer, and I believe in you and so do many others.

Billie: What about those evil wizards and witches?

Theodora: They fear you, and wants to prevent you from fulfilling you destiny.

Billie: I saw in an ancient book. Which was hinted at my destiny but it was were as vague as you are.

Theodora: Then let me be specific. Although you filled with fear. You know, the irony is, you never asked for any of this. But destiny rarely calls in the moments of our choice. You are one of value, you are our Hope and our Light within the darkness, when I saw the destiny of someone such as yourself, I believe in a bright future again. All the same. It would be a great honor if you would join us.

Billie: (Sarcastic) Some women who are in my age, worry about makeup and which clothes to wear or which shoes to buy. While in my life, the fate of the Great Design is in my hands. That's not funny, it's just so sad.

Theodora: (Confused) Funny?

Billie: Never mind, I am just joking to provide relief from being nervous. Even though, sure I would love to.

Theodora: (Smiles) Wonderful! (With a respectful half-bow.) I shall extend your welcome to the town's people.

[Ext: Avalorianna / Hospital Building / Random Bedroom / A Week Later On]

(Shortly afterwards, Billie walks outside out from the Hospital. Cheers erupt and revealing that she is facing a huge crowd of witches and wizards and druids and so on. They continue to cheer, holding their fists and staffs in the air triumphantly as Billie gazes at the huge crowd in an anxiously nervous manner.)

Billie: (Thinking) Oh, dear gosh. I am such a fraud.

There are several large light brown dining tables and chairs are setup which is able for 18 – 20 people to be seated, several black medieval chalices which are engraved with the golden image of the Ethereal Sword, many are gathered around several large light brown dining tables partaking in a feast. Billie is in shock of the amazement at the sight of the ultimate quench. The feast is well prepared and greatly enjoyed which are accompanied by desserts. An expression of utter delight, and the decorative lights are remarkable and the entertainment was of huge amazement. The Harvest Festival lasted for several hours until everyone went home to sleep.

(The scene fades black.)

[Int: Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bedroom / A Month Later On / Early Morning]

Billie is seen lying on her stomach on of a young Rathmere's bare chest as he has a tattoo on his shoulder of the Ethereal Sword, while Billie's naked back is completely exposed, as she is still sleeping she pulls more of the black sheet with the silver image of the Ethereal Sword and covering her whole back. After a while Billie is awake quickly takes the sheet to cover herself and she sits on the other side of the bed while holding with her right hand the sheet which is shielding her breasts.

Rathmere: Good Morning.

Billie: Okay, uh, good morning to you too.

Rathmere: Did you sleep good?

Billie: I have, (Seductively) considering, I was unbelievably exhausted last night.

(She leads over and she starts making out with him, and then leads back a little as she is looking in his eyes and lays down again on his chest.)

Rathmere: (Confused) Why have you stayed in Avalorianna so long? You have your destiny. Not, that I mind you being here.

Billie: Well. I wanted, but when I heard. Even though. I am a good soul, saving me, was the only one who really matters, without me. We are all doomed, that the prophecy states if the Warrior is scared and doubtful about her destiny, she is doomed to fail, so I am starting to believe and embrace my destiny as the Warrior.

Rathmere: You are anything, beside scared and doubtful.

Billie: Well. I am still both of them, but not as I used to be.

Rathmere: Care to go again?

Billie: I don't think so. We both had our fun. That's should hold us of for a while. I am gonna take a shower alone, you should do that to. After me of course. I would suggest a cold one.

Billie sits up and wraps herself in a sheet and gets out of bed, she walks across the room with the sheet wrapped around her, and Billie goes into the bathroom and before she closes the door, she looks at his eyes and says “Sex. It's just one of the humanity's greatest treasures.” as she walks in and closes the door, after a while Billie is coming out from the bathroom. She has a black top and trousers with matching high boots. She walks back over to the bed, and jumps into bed beside him.

Rathmere: All nice and clean.

Billie: Yeah. But I will be leaving now.

Rathmere: I know. Your destiny awaits.

Billie: Yeah, that to. But I was refereeing to meeting Theodora.

Rathmere: I was thinking about asking you. I just kinda wanted to see how you feel about us before we went any further into the relationship.

(Billie recalls the memory of the flashback, where she eventually married him and became his wife, and later on she gave birth to their daughter with Rathmere by her side. As she didn't expect that she would have fall in love with him again at the town festival.)

Billie: I know, just give me some time.

[Ext: Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bedroom / A Month Later on / Early Morning]

[Int: Avalorianna / Theodora's House / Library / Early Morning]

Billie is seeing exploring the house, when she is led into a library with a huge wooded shelve with great diversity of books and large beautifully carved wooden table which is lit by candles and there are pedestaled bowls of fruit on the table. After a while, a crunching noise heard which turns out to be Billie, helping herself to an apple from the fruit bowl as she is lying on her stomach on the big table with her legs in the air, the pedestaled bowl of fruit stands to Billie's right. When footsteps are heard indicating someone is coming, Billie starts to get off the table as she rolls off to her feet on the other side of the table from the entrance. Looks a little guilty about the apple and tries to chew and swallow what's left of the apple quickly. Theodora appears in her long black nightgown in a celtic fashion.

Theodora: Go a head and help yourself. Don't feel guilty. So how are you feeling?

Billie: I am still little worried, actually not that horrified, how I was before. I don't want to have something to contradictory to your own beliefs, or started spouting a religion you haven't encountered before. Not that I have a problem with people exploring different faiths. I am all open minded for religious diversity, although not being religious myself. I am still not that comfortable of being treated like some sort of savior to be worshiped. I am a real person with real feelings.

Theodora: Oh... Even though. I am a believer. I understand. Even if you are destined for something or even magical, if doesn't make you immune to the problems of being Human, no magic can't change that. Well you managed to calm your nerves and release the stress, it's a heavy burden for you to bear.

Billie: (Concern) How does the story about the Warrior and the Goddess of Neutrality end? And if you could tell me anything about them? What about the Cradle of Time? Where can I find it?

Theodora: No one knows how it will end or much it unknown about them, only the prophecy is known. It's said that the Cradle of Time was created by the Goddess of Neutrality, to be used by the Warrior. Only the Warrior can find the Cradle of Time with an ancient artifact called the Key of Life, to save some lost lives in which are needed.

Billie: (Sarcastic) The Key of Life? Seriously, who names these things?

(After while of a lot of talking and dealing with what is and could be happening. As they were working on their own issues, until it was time for breakfast.)

[Ext: Avalorianna / Theodora's House / Library / Early Morning]

[Int: Avalorianna / Theodora's House / Kitchen]

The kitchen of the house is a large and bright room with ancient celtic style structure as well with an entrance to the dining room, Theodora takes a tray of leftovers out of something that has a resemblance to a refrigerator. She walks into the dining room.

[Ext: Avalorianna / Theodora's House / Kitchen]

[Int: Avalorianna / Theodora's House / Dining Room]

(Where the table is covered with food. Billie is sitting at the table.)

Billie: Oh, it looks great, such wondrous things. I can't imagine wanting to do anything but eat all the time, with such a variety of foods, let's eat.

(Theodora sits on the another side of the dining table as both Billie and Theodora help themselves.)

Billie: Could you tell me about the place which can validate me as the prophecy chick? As you said before that I wasn't ready just yet.

Theodora: When you enter a palace called the Chamber of Destiny, according to the prophecy, you will see much inside, you will later on appear into a forest with eternal darkness. When you step in the forest, stay on the road. As the forest can play tricks on you, be preying om your worst fears or your highest desires or even pull you in. If you should see anyone saying they are lost, instantly kill it. Before it tries to get you out of the road. One thing I have to tell you.

Billie: (Concern) What?

Theodora: If you aren't validated. You wouldn't make it alive.

Billie: (Terrified) Luckily, I am.

Theodora: Well let's us finished eating so we can teleport?

Billie: I was worried before that I wasn't gonna have my powers being in this time. After I realized that my sword protected me from the effects of time.

(After a while Theodora is seen dressed in a strapless dark brown dress and a matching cape attached to the dress, and matching high boots and she calls for her staff and was about to establish and maintain physical contact with Billie.)

Billie: Wait, just a second. I need to change.

Billie closes her eyes and concentrates, as she has learn to just call parts of her uniform and not the whole one, a black scabbard with a samurai sword on her back and dagger leg scabbards appears on each leg and she opens her eyes. Theodora's eyes are always wides at the sight of being present of the Ethereal Sword as she was stunned of amazement, as they then teleport to desired destination by combination of swirling blue spirals as they fade away.)

[Ext: Avalorianna / Theodora's House / Dining Room]

[Int: Chamber of Destiny / Main Entrance]

(An old bearded man comes out from the chamber dressed in a silver and golden warrior appearance outfit and approaches the two women. Guardian stands on one knee and bows down in front of Billie.)

Guardian: I am the Guardian of the Chamber of Destiny. I have been looking forward to the probable occurrence of your return.

Theodora: Good luck, Billie.

(The Guardian allows Billie to enter the Chamber of Destiny. Billie summons some of her courage, she takes a step and walks in with the freedom from constraint.)

[Int: Chamber of Destiny]

A burst of fire appears on a torch which is hanging on the left wall. When Billie turns around the entrance is gone, as Billie picks up the torch with her right hand, while carrying the torch, Billie begins to descend her way down a long, winding, narrow staircase. Once down she reaches the bottom, she barely squeezes through a small opening in and she drops to the floor of a dark chamber.

[Int: Chamber of Destiny / Treasure Chamber]

Billie picks up her sword as it starts to glow and she scans into the darkness. As several bowl-shaped objects are quickly revealed when fire emits, until the whole chamber is shown, which is filled to overflowing with treasures beyond a person's wildest dreams as everything sparkles and shines.

Billie: (Stunned) Would you look at that! Just a handful of this stuff would make me really rich. (As she was about to grab on a red jewel, but she withdraws her hand, with a sadden expression when she discovered several bodies who are charred beyond recognition and yet nothing around them has even been touched, as if lightning struck them.) This can all be a trick, as I want to be able to see the light of day.

Instantly there is a rumbling and the Treasure Chamber begins to shake, as the treasure decrease rapidly and disappeared, Billie is completely thrown into a state of intense fear. After she realized how close she was for a certain death as until a path emerged to a giant underground cavern with many tall pillars. Billie sees that there is no turning back, she continues to pass through a long cave, in front of Billie's eyes the placed stones are reforming which is surrounded by water after continuous change she has noticed a huge underground ocean.

[Ext: Chamber of Destiny / Treasure Chamber]

As she leaps into the water and starts to dive deeper, almost instantly three elemental demon composed entirely of water, appears and quietly following and observing their latest target, waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack. One of the elemental demons slow down the water around Billie to the point where she stopped moving completely. And one was trying to obstruct the airways and strangle her and another one was trying to crush her by surrounding itself around her organs with the enough hydrokinetic force to crush the organs in question.

The Ethereal Sword on her back instantly starts to glow as suddenly the irises on Billie's eyes glows as the mystical essence augmented her shield, making Billie able to shatter the grip of the elemental demons over her with a massive force blast with the use of her shield, Billie being really weakened has noticed some lights deep in an underwater cave, she quickly starts to dive deeper. However, they pulled oneself back together again after being blown up. Although, Billie managed to already go in the cave and appears in an underwater cave.

[Int: Underwater Cave]

As she drags herself out of the water as she is gasping for air, the sword glows and Billie's clothes are dried, as she is heavily inhaling and exhaling the air, while she is looking around the underwater cave it does seem to be familiar with a weird feeling if she was there before, as she starts to recall her trials as they are seemed to be very similar. While she is taking a short break from her quest in order to relax. She hears rocks moving and falling as they are slowly reforming into seven 6 feet stone warriors armed with two weapons each, a mace, twin double axes, swords, staffs.

Billie: (Frustrated) Come on! What the hell is this?!

One of the stone warriors jumps in the air and lands in front of Billie and grabs her by the throat and throws her against the wall. Billie reaches out her arm and grabs on her samurai sword from the scabbard from her back, as she comes back swinging with her sword, but the stone warriors anticipates her every strike and avoids them easily. They is doing some type of self defense routine, as Billie can't land a single hit, though she manages to slice 2 random stone warriors on their upper torsos clean off, the two sets of legs keep walking forward, unaffected by the loss of their upper torsos. Billie can't believe it. Then the disemboweled upper torsos starts to move, turning over and crawling towards Billie, as she starts to back away, without noticing as the rest of the stone warriors are furiously walking towards Billie, before she sees them. Another 2 stone warriors throws her across the chamber, Billie is lying perfectly motionless, watching them. The 6 stone warriors discovered the disappearance of the victim, they are confused as where she could have disappeared, quickly starts to scan the chamber in their vision, though is evidently unable to see her.

Billie concentrates as the sword starts to glow and disappears through glistening manner from Billie's hand, and appears from random place in the chamber spinning as a disc and shoved roughly in the chest of a stone warrior causing it to explode. The stone warriors makes several stabbing and cutting gestures in the direction where the sword attacked, but doesn't even connect. However, the ground where she slowly gets up on her feet was standing suddenly starts shaking, that's when two sand hands bursts up out of the ground and grabs Billie's ankles.

The sand hands push Billie on the ground causing her to drop her sword at a great distance away from her reach on the ground, several more moldy hands burst up out of the ground got her hands and legs pinned down. Billie struggles wildly as random stone warrior takes an ancient sacrificial knife out of a statue's hand. She notices the ancient sacrificial knife as her eyes widen in amazement and horror. He raises it up over Billie's chest, about to plunge it down. Another random stone warrior sees the sword and picks it up, but the sword scorched its whole arm and falls on the ground as the sound can be heard from a blade falling down on the ground.

Moments from the end of her life the Ethereal Sword on the ground instantly starts to glow as suddenly the irises on Billie's eyes glows making her gasp as the mystical essence augmented her telekinesis, instantly a huge glowing energy sphere appears which was shining as Billie was generating a wave of telekinetic energy, a huge energy burst comes out of her it races across over the surface of the Underwater Cave and sweeps a wide-scale destruction across the stone warriors which annihilating them into dust to as well as incinerates the sand hands off and releasing Billie, when her eyes returned to normal Billie stands up and dusts herself off and walks up to pick up her sword, looking with an amazed gaze at the sword seeing her reflection on the blade, and says out loud "Wow! Excalibur is just an exclusive overrated toy sword!" and puts the sword back in the scabbard on her back. Suddenly many stones are reforming into a staircase going up which is also surrounded by water with unevenly placed stones forming a bridge. Billie starts walking up the stairs quickly after some moments, she finally reaches to the top. Billie slowly walks over to a huge solid golden wall, which is in carved with ancient words, while Billie comes close the golden wall as it starts to be more clear, as Billie starts to read from the wall.

Billie: (Reads) Long ago, in Ancient Times, before the birth of the other god-like entities, it's been told about a mysterious prophecy of the legendary Goddess of Neutrality, powerful as she is graceful, a creature with an extraordinary grace like nothing else, she is the strongest destructive god and the god which governs over regeneration. As well as the creator of all of life. In the beginning there was nothing, the Goddess granted her greatest wish to create life, as she didn't wanna control her greatest creation. Which resulted soon in the concept of Free Will. As time went two vessels emerged and took shape in a distinguishable manner. One beneficial and one malevolent which are primeval forces that are now considered good and evil, unable to destroy what she had created, she instead created the third vessel neither good or evil, but it will instead give balance to those two vessels therefore bringing the dawn of the Great Design. It's been told that when the Great Design almost descends into absolutely nothing, two children will be born with one respective and unique destiny, one to born by the path of the Warrior and the other one to be reborn in the divine incarnation of the legendary Goddess of Neutrality to prevent the universe from literally imploding into its former state and ceasing to exist.

Billie: (Confused) I get the Prophecy and I get this cave, but what I don't understand is how did this information end up in the Book of Light.

(As an illusion slightly dissolves into the visions of a different time revealing a reasonably older and different Billie writing about the Prophecy in the Book of Light, as the illusions disappears into nothing and a flash of light appeared.)

[Ext: Underwater Cave]

[Int: Forest of the Eternal Darkness]

A flash of sparks and Billie appears and lands on the ground as she is lying on her back, as she gets up and dusted herself off. There is an absence of any activity, as Billie is surrounded by many really tall trees as a huge fog comes from no where towards her. She quickly gets and runs to the road between the trees, and finally ends up at the light brown road, while she feels like she is being watched. Billie felt a gust of wind on her, unknowingly to her, it dissolve into a transparent human-shaped mist as it disappears. As a harsh voice is heard "The Warrior!".

Voice: You seek the goddess to save the world and vanquish the evil. Bow down and pledge your sworn loyalty to me or perish forever.

Billie: (Cocky) Thanks, but no thanks.

(After a while Billie is seen running on the road, a figure appears in front of her and transforms into the image of J.D, as the dark forest dissolves into the illusion of a suburban area.)

JD: Hi Billie. Long time.

Billie: Yeah, however. You are not the real J.D.

J.D: Of course. I am.

Billie: Gee, it's funny you came here today.

J.D: Really? Why is that?

Billie: I wanted to see how you were doing. I wanted to do that a few days ago, but you know. We all have appointments and things to be done, etc.

J.D: How about we make an exchange? You share your thoughts with me and I share some information that you might be interested in.

Billie: (Confused) Involving what?

J.D: Something about your greater destiny.

Billie: Really?

J.D: The forest had a feeling you wanted to speak with me.

Billie: I wonder why?

(She slowly has her right hand behind her back as she calls for her sword and it appears.)

J.D: So, what did you want to speak with me about?

Billie: I have to make this quick, I have worlds to save and lives to rescue.

J.D: I am not supposed to be down here that long either. I am just the messenger.

Billie: This is just an illusion.

J.D: Worlds and lives come and go, why shouldn't you enjoy yourself, instead being someone's servant.

Billie: Look who is talking.

J.D: I know how you feel about me. You got good reason. But maybe, uh, maybe another kinds of evil can change too. Those others only are afraid you are going to give up on your destiny in favor of love.

Billie: This is not real.

J.D: It can be. Just give in.

(Suddenly 3 blonde girls appears.)

Girl: Mom! Helen and Christine are being mean to me, I need you.

(J.D comes to Billie to hug her as Billie acts like she have fallen for his seduction, Billie quickly has slashed off J.D's left hand who falls to the ground.)

J.D: (Angered) Always defiant to the end, witch!

Billie: Always! I don’t think you would have been right for me anyway.

(Billie slices his head clean off with the sword. J.D's body falls down on his knees as it slowly dissolves into nothing. Billie stands in front the point where the image of J.D is slowly dissolving while holding out her sword in her hand, as she gathers feelings and emotions.)

Billie: (Shouts) No! This is not real!

(Shattering the illusion in shards.)

Voice: You are very brave or very stubborn.

Billie: I would prefer both.

Voice: (Shouts) You will not make it alive from here!

Billie: I would like to see you try. I have a question. Why all the dark and evil? You are seemed compensating very much. Frankly, I am really getting depressed while I am here.

Unexpectedly a gust of slight wind appears as something by several dozen flies very fast and the ground was shaking, she starts to run as fast as she can, while noticing several underground dwellings, as unknown flying creatures appears having a thin reptile skeletal physical appearance and getting ready to attack, these creatures solely depend on sensitive sensors and sound waves reflecting back into to them allowing these creatures to create a rough outline of an environment inside their minds, similar to the ultrasound used by bats, and seem to be able to smell a distinctive scent of the prey, they have sharp claws and their wings can be used as long spikes making it capable to impale their prey or by swooping down to slash with their razor sharp wings. Billie stops as she sees a creature attacking, however. Billie has quickly slashed at one of the flying creatures who falls to the ground, dead as it dissolves slowly into nothing. Another of the creatures flies towards her, ready to attack her, but Billie slices its head off with the sword.

Billie: (Waves with her hands.) Daggers! Blades!

As random amount daggers and retractable 3 point blades appears and attacking the creatures by slashing at their throats as well as pinning some of them to several trees. Billie stands in the midst of all dead creatures who are dissolving slowly into nothing, she breathes heavily and has blood splashed across the front of her sword, the ripple effect runs over the blade causing the splashed blood to vanish into nothing.

Billie walks over to a huge green solid wall within the dark forest, while it reveals some circular panels have been carved and inserted into the wall. She looks at the part of the wall as goes to the part of that writing is on a panel. She runs her hands around the panel, however, nothing happens and then Billie places her hand and pushes her hand on the panel which disappears and reveals a dark wooden podium and a light based rectangular box as it was glowing Billie picks up the rectangular box and opens the box and sees a necklace with a medallion with a light blue crystal-like surface, and she closes the rectangular box and takes it with her.

[Ext: Forest of the Eternal Darkness]

[Ext: Chamber of Destiny / Main Entrance]

(The scene fades black.)

[Int: Aeromos's Kingdom]

Which is showing a huge and elegant design of light black palace with one main tower and 4 on each side with claws rised up on in the middle on each tower in the malevolent kingdom where everything surrounding the light black palace is seemed to be dilapidated, where dishonorable wizards and witches live and rule. This palace is where the Aeromos, along with his armada, oversees their part of the world.

[Int: The Dark Palace / The Seer's Chamber]

There is a huge wooden and beautifully carved bed. The chamber is lit by torches and there are pedestal bowls of fruit on a small table, the floor is inlaid marble with an a beautiful black carpet. Denitra is seen looking into her crystal ball, sees whips of smoke forming inside, and she sees that shortly afterwards, Billie walks outside from the main entrance of the Chamber of Destiny, and stops and then raises up her hand which is holding the Key of Life in her possession. Cheers erupt and we see that she is facing a huge crowd of witches and wizards and druids and so on. They continue to cheer, holding their fists in and staffs in the air triumphantly as Billie gazes at the huge crowd in satisfaction. As Denitra is thrown into a state of intense fear due to the prophecy is soon to be fulfilled.

Denitra moves her left hand cross the crystal ball, as whips of smoke appears again and forming inside, and she sees Christy is seen having a terrifying expression on her face as she is seen running through a huge jungle, as she is dressed a long one-shoulder dress just above the knees with a cheetah print, a jagged hem and a faux leather trim along the neckline. The dress shows suitable enough of skin with matching high boots. While 4 strong humanoid creatures with predatory facial appearance and black eyes with light green skin and black straps across their bodies who are dressed in combat armor suit, and armed with large and powerful spears are after her. Suddenly some tranquilizer darts hits Christy in the back making her fall to the ground, causing her to be immobilized and sedative, one of the creatures appears revealing its teeth and slowly walked to a motionless Christy, starts to smell her and picks her up and puts her on his shoulder as he looks around and listens to the nature and what sounds it makes, as he starts to run through the jungle. Denitra starts to smile after noticing how defenseless Christy has become and that she has made a new friend.

[Ext: The Dark Palace / The Seer's Chamber]

The End.

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