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Ancestry Quest - Episode 2x5 - The Past and the Present and the Future, Part 2

[Int: 1977 / San Francisco / San Francisco Memorial Hospital / Maternity Ward / Recovery Room / Midnight]

Patty is seen lying in a maternity bed dressed in hospital gown, she is holding her newborn daughter in her arms. Suddenly someone teleports through powerful gust of bright blue shining liquid water. When the water disappears reveals to be Alicia dressed in red dress as she was looking at Patty,

Alicia: Congratulations Patty. (Patty looks up to see Alicia standing there. Patty tried to freeze her but Alicia creates a wall of water to protect her.) We used to be so close friends.

Patty: Until I discovered what you wanted.

Alicia: It's just semantics.

Patty: Stay away from my daughter.

Alicia: Or what? Either way I have no interest in your child.

Patty: Then why are you here?

Alicia: I never thought you would be the one who will conceive the prophesied Nephilim daughter. "When the World cries. While the Nephilims bathes in innocence." You all Halliwells are all the same, you think the world is yours to control. Shame that she doesn't know that she will be the one to end it.

Patty: You are wrong, she wouldn't.

Alicia: Really? What are you gonna do to stop it? You know who is already after her and what she is destined to do.

(Alicia sensed that someone is coming as she disappears through water.)

[Ext: 1977 / San Francisco / San Francisco Memorial Hospital / Maternity Ward / Recovery Room / Midnight]

[Int: Underworld / Unknown Cave]

The Cave is dark and there are several torches on the walls. The Wolves stares at her in a defensive stance and rest of them as they are surrounding her, as the trapped wolf is released from the webbing.

Dirt Wolf: (Telepathically) Why did you attack us?

The Crone: I wanted to see how good you were. And I need your help.

Dirt Wolf: (Telepathically) You could hire Bounty Hunters or the Hawker Demons.

The Crone: I did that last time, and they failed and caused a great destruction and not to our enemies, also I was almost vanquished myself. If I didn't foresee it and bought a similar ability from the Power Brokers.

[Int: The Crone's Memory / Underworld / Power Broker Cave]

(Many power brokers are sitting around a table swapping powers. The Crone appeared through glistening. As the power brokers looks at the Crone.)

Power Broker 1: Welcome, Crone. How can I help you?

The Crone: I have foreseeing the Charmed Ones vanquishing me. I would like to buy a power where I could be reconstructed after being vanquished.

(The Power Broker throws a power sphere at the Crone and she glows and then it disappears, she gives him some coins. As she disappears through glistening.)

[Ext: The Crone's Memory / Underworld / Power Broker Cave]

[Int: The Crone's Memory / Halliwell Manor / Nursery]

(The force field disappears and the Crone picks Wyatt up. Piper, Phoebe and Paige walk in.)

Piper: Hands off, hag.

The Crone: (In Paige's voice) Wyatt, help, we are in danger.

(The shield surrounds Wyatt and the Crone.)

Piper: What's going on?

Phoebe: His force field is protecting her.

Piper: (Threatening Voice) If you hurt him I will kill you!

(The Crone places her hand on Wyatt's forehead and a red light shines around her hand.)

Phoebe: (Confused) What is she doing to him?

Piper: Paige, can you orb him to you?

(Paige mouths "Wyatt" and nothing happens.)

Phoebe: She can't.

Piper: I know.

Phoebe: Should we, uh...

Piper: I don't know, try it.

(Piper and Phoebe touch Paige.)

Piper, Phoebe: Wyatt!

(Wyatt orbs into Paige's arms.)

The Crone: I have seen everything. Such power. Such power!

Piper: You wanna see real power, lady?

(Phoebe throws the potion at the Crone. She bursts into flames and is vanquished. After the Charmed Ones went from the Nursery, shortly after some time the fragments which flies around in a circle, and then the Crone was pulled back together.)

The Crone: You have underestimate me.

Something in a cocoon-like state was teleporting down to the ground, when all the aerokinetic webs disappears and reveals a Celestial Paladin who is disguised in orangish white robe with golden straps and a hood and covering the hands within the large sleeves, snatches out a knife with her left hand, runs up behind the Crone and has the knife close to her throat.

Prue: (Threatening Voice) Give me one reason why I shouldn't vanquish you right now?

(Before the Crone was able to answer. She was sucked into a premonition.)

[Int: Premonition / Underworld / The Coronation Room]

The Crone and the dark priest and the council leaders are there, after dark priest was finished reading from the Grimoire, the Crone starts ominously glowing and floats up into the air and she was imbued with the power of the Source, after some time the Crone floats back down to the ground, the Crone's eyes turn black. They all bow their heads and the vision also shows that she has a dark crystal which starts to glow blood red with a purple mist and the Grimoire in her possession.

[Ext: Premonition / Underworld / The Coronation Room]

The Crone: What do you want?

Prue: Leave the those women alone.

The Crone: If you want to save them, you are gonna need my help.

Ext: The Crone's Memory / Halliwell Manor / Nursery.

Dirt Wolf: (Telepathically) Smart. What do you want us for?

The Crone: The new incarnation of Aleera.

(Instantly, the wolves are infuriated by the name.)

Dirt Wolf: (Telepathically) What about her?

The Crone: She is reborn in a new incarnation.

Dirt Wolf: (Telepathically) She wanted us to give her a princess, so she could take her place and to seduce the Prince in order to conceive an heir and becoming the queen of a kingdom. After she got the princess, she wanted to extinct us.

The Crone: Everyone has been double crossed by her. But her new incarnation actually serves a purpose to me.

Dirt Wolf: (Telepathically) What would that be?

The Crone: I saw two futures which are different, one is where you are in advantage with the new Source and the other one, where it's not profitable for you or me. There are some demons called Members of the Circle. If the incarnation should give birth to her children, they will become unbeatable.

Dirt Wolf: (Telepathically) Who are they?

The Crone: They are a group of Skeletal Beings and Shadowy Shrouded Demons.

Dirt Wolf: (Telepathically) Tell us where she is?

The Crone: I don't want you to capture her. I want you to protect her from demons and to keep her alive. But time will soon reveal when you can help her.

Dirt Wolf: (Telepathically) Why do we want to save her?

The Crone: Because her children can open a special cave, I want to be there. Before Demons are able.

[Ext: Underworld / Unknown Cave]

[Int: Underworld / Unknown Location]

From a distance there is a cave that is surrounded by a surface of the slightly visible liquid shield, as something dark is floating within the liquid shield. One of the tall shadowy shrouded figures appears with a jagged toothed mouths which are reminiscent to the demon Masselin. He steps over to the edge, He reaches out his right hand and pushes against the field trying to forces his hand through, However, something dark quickly starts floating to the arm gripped the demon and tried pull him into the shield. He is screaming as dark wisps starts to cover him. He was barely able to free himself, when released from the grasp and falls to the ground.

Soul Trader: (Hissing Voice) Soon we will have the children.

[Ext: Underworld / Unknown Location]

(Sweeping view of the bright clouds when it reaches the edge of the clouds, it reveals the sight of the Atlantic Ocean, and then a mystical, harmonious island. Which has beautiful grove of oak trees, mountains, seas and rivers.)

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Unknown Forest Location / Day Time]

Rathmere was walking down a forest road, revealed to be dressed in black trousers and vest with dark brown jacket. As he goes further into the deep woods. He senses that someone is watching him even started to hears someone approaching him. Suddenly, the footsteps stop. Rathmere creates a dome-shaped shield of illusions as he tries to sneak behind the one who was watching him. After a while he grabs the person and brings the person out of the forest and it's revealed to be a young blond beautiful woman. Who has some resemblance to Billie. Who is dressed in dark red dress. Rathmere released her as he makes a hand gesture as the shield of illusions disappear.

Rathmere: Who are you? What are you doing here?

Andrea: Nothing. Walking around.

Rathmere: Really? Why are you spying on me?

Andrea: I can't say. But please talk to Billie.

Rathmere: (Confused) I don't have time for this. So stop following me.

(Rathmere calls for his staff and was about to disappear to desired destination by a combination of swirling blue spirals. But Andrea walks in front of him and telekinetically grabs his staff.)

Rathmere: (Confused) What are you doing?

Andrea: Aren't you at least gonna hear me out?

Rathmere: You wouldn't tell me who you are, and how you know about Billie? Are you a friend?

(Andrea started to be frustrated.)

Andrea: Please. You need to talk to her.

Rathmere: (Confused) Why?

Andrea: Because.... I am yours and her daughter.

(Rathmere takes some steps back shocked by the news.)

Rathmere: Listen my lady. I am not a father.

Andrea: No, but you will be soon in the future.

Rathmere didn't seemed to believe her, and started to leave. Andrea called for a Memory Crystal through Apportation in her left hand and disappear through photokinetic orbs, and reappears standing in front of him, lifts her right hand and grips him by the throat. The Memory Crystal begin to glow bright light forming a circle around the both of them as their eyes are glowing, Rathmere is gasping with the introduction of flashes of memories from his future wedding to Billie. Suddenly the flashes of memories slow down for a moment.

[Int: Memory Crystal/ Random Garden]

There is a view of a beautiful rose garden filled with blooms of every color. Bees and Butterflies is showned to fly freely from one blossom to another. There is a pair of bare feet walking slowly on the lawn, which is slowly revealed to be Billie who is dressed in a strapless silky vanilla maternity dress with a white rose in her hair on the left temple. She is four months pregnant and touching her stomach with both hands showing a wedding ring on right hand.

[Ext: Memory Crystal/ Random Garden]

(And later on to the conception and birth of their daughter, and then she let's go of his throat as the Memory Crystal stops glowing and disappears and their eyes return to normal.)

Andrea: Do you believe me now?

(Rathmere quickly hugs his daughter after a while disconnects the hug.)

Rathmere: (Confused) Why are you here?

Andrea: You and mom had fallout. You felt like she was just stringing you along. Because she did avoid you for three weeks.

Rathmere: (Confused) She has, but I don't understand why you are here.

Andrea: She is hoping to get serious with you, and devote a lot of time and energy in the relationship with some expectation to evolve into more significant between you two.

Rathmere: I want that to. But I still don't know why you are here.

Andrea: The side effect being I don't exist. Now make truce.

Rathmere: Whoa! Hey. Do you think it's easy for me?

Andrea: No. But she is very terrified and in love with you, it's tearing her apart to make a choice to be with you or to loose her family.

Rathmere: I am not asking her to choose. Who said she had to choose?

Andrea: It's because of the Longevity. It can be difficult to overcome that fear. When you should get married, for each year her family will get older while she wouldn't change at all. Try to give her a lot of attention and understanding.

Rathmere: What are you gonna do now?

Andrea: I am gonna go back to my time.

Rathmere: But I know all this about the future. How will I know when to undergo your conception?

Andrea: Don't worry dad. Once I have left the Memory Crystal will make sure you don't remember me, beside that which I told you.

(Rathmere quickly hugs his daughter once again after a while she disappear though photokinetic orbs.)

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Unknown Forest Location / Day Time]

[Protected Dimension / Int. Huge island-platform surrounded by the sea, F.O.R.C.E. Skyline at Afternoon]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

Billie is seen wearing a dark brown one-shoulder top and black skirt and leggings, as she is lying on the top of the sheets on her bed sleeping.

[Int: Billie's Dream / The Bedroom]

In the bedroom Billie is lying on her back, asleep in her bed covered by light blue sheets, a breeze suddenly comes in through the open window. The curtains flutter, as mist begins streaming in through the window, pouring onto the floor, the mists starts to move toward the bed and under the sheet. While Billie is still asleep, her right leg being lifted into a stirrup-type position, though there isn't any actual stirrup. It seems a while before her left leg being pushed up as well, as the mist transforms into a human form while on the top of Billie under the sheet, moving slowly and purposefully. Sounds of heavy breathing, moaning comes from Billie as she wraps her arms around his back, a glimpse of his muscle bare back is revealed. When she is manage to open her eyes at that point, she sees Rathmere's face.

[Ext: Billie's Dream / The Bedroom]

(Billie wakes up, and quickly checks to see that she has clothes on her and slides her legs of the bed and puts her hands on her face and starts to rub herself awake.)

Billie: What's wrong with me?

(Christy appears in dressed in blue top and dark red trousers.)

Christy: Talking to yourself?

Billie: I don't know. But lack of sleep could do that.

Christy: Sex dream about that guy?

Billie: (Nodding) Yes.

Christy: Maybe you could talk to him, or have sex dreams about him for an eternity. It's sounds fun, but I wouldn't wanna have it for an eternity. (Christy places her hand on the point where Billie's heart is and then pulls her hand away.) Your heart is trying to tell you something. Maybe you should listen to it. Or maybe your libido is awakening from hibernation. (They start to laugh, Billie wanted to say something, but Christy telepathically sensed it.) Go and talk to him.

Billie: (Confused) What....

Christy: (Sternly) Go and talk to him now.

Billie: I don't know where he is.

Christy: Let me help.

(Billie sees a maleficence smile on Christy's face, when she realized what Christy is about to do. Before Billie manages to do anything Christy makes a hand gesture as Billie is surrounded by thermal flames and disappears out of sight.)

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Unknown Forest Location / Day Time]

(Billie appears through thermal flames, then looks over to a lake and sees Rathmere, it's clearly revealed he was just done bathing.)

Billie: Christy! Better have one eye open.

(As she hears Christy's telepathic laugh.)

Billie was able to see his bare muscular back but trees start about his waist level. He is fixing his hair and has not notice Billie. She was just standing there for a moment and looking at him. When Rathmere is seems to notice something, he turns his head back and sees Billie standing there. He lets out a chuckle when he sees her.

Billie: Uh, I am sorry.

Rathmere: What are you doing here?

(She turns her back quickly as her fumbling attempt to look confident didn't work and acting awkward at being caught staring.)

Billie: Sorry. I. I didn’t know you were there.

(She turns to look at him again, as she feels embarrassed and trying very hard to pay attention to him.)

Rathmere: I didn't expect to see you.

Billie: (Confused) Where? Here?

Rathmere: No. I meant in general. You were avoiding me for three weeks.

Billie: I know and I am sorry for that. But I have a good reason.

Rathmere: What is it?

(Billie looks down, takes a deep breath and breathes out and looks into his eyes.)

Billie: I love you.

(Rathmere smiles as he was looked back into her eyes.)

Rathmere: I love you too.

Rathmere leads to Billie, they start to kiss with much passion and heat, becoming more and more intimate. She rips open his jacket and vest, Billie gets a large grin on her face enjoying at the sight of his bare chest for a moment and then starting to kiss him again, and they roll over so Rathmere is on top of Billie and leans back down and kisses her neck, causing her face to contort in pleasure, after some time of making out a lot unexpectedly he pulls himself off of her and sits up. Billie has her top off reveals to be wearing black push up bra as she covers her chest, and also sits up and looking at him with confusion as both are breathing heavily.

Billie: (Confused) Did I do something wrong?

(Rathmere shakes his head and begins putting on his vest back on.)

Rathmere: No. You didn’t do anything wrong.

Billie: (Confused) What is it?

Rathmere: If we are gonna have a real relationship. We should get to know each other.

Billie: I agree. It would make sense. I messed up as well. It's like this. I didn't get much sleep either. I am been having dreams about you.

Rathmere: (Confused) Dreams?

Billie: Yes. Dreams, us being a couple, and some lusty dreams as well. I mean. I want to try and date first and see what happens. Do you?

Rathmere: I would like that.

Billie: By the way. You are great kisser.

Rathmere: You aren't bad yourself.

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Unknown Forest Location / Day Time]

[Int: San Francisco / Starbucks Coffee Shop / Day Time]

Phoebe walks outside the coffee shop, she is seen wearing light blue dress and holding cup of coffee and a blue berry muffin. She goes to the tables just outside the shop and sits down, placing her stuff on the table in front of her. Andrea appears through photokinetic orbs behind a dumpster and walks to the coffee shop and comes out with a big gulp of fruit smoothie in her right hand, and walks to Phoebe.

Andrea: Is the seat taken?

Phoebe: (Shocked) You are... I mean no. Go a head.

Andrea: Thanks.

(Andrea sits cross the table facing Phoebe.)

Phoebe: (Shocked) Are you...?

Andrea: Billie's and Rathmere's future daughter? I am. How was your day?

Phoebe: (Shocked) How was my day? Why are you here?

Andrea: I wanted to meet you, before I return to the future. And no I am not gonna ask you about Connor.

Phoebe: (Concern) Is he alive in the future?

Andrea: He was erased due to Paige's actions. I wanted to let you know something which wasn't stored on the Memory Chrystal which Chris gave to you. Paige created a golem who looked terrified and send him back in time, so he would discourage you to believe the outcome in how Connor would be.

(Andrea sees a white piece of soft material that covers and protects an injured part of Phoebe's right arm wrist, and Phoebe sees it as well.)

Phoebe: Demons.

Andrea: Oh. Act natural and put your arm wrist between my hands.

(Phoebe does as Andrea told her and she has her hands covering Phoebe's arm wrist. Andrea closes her eyes and concentrates as between Andrea's pawns gets engulfed in light based flames. Both start to gasp when she was finished healing.)

Andrea: How do you feel now?

(Phoebe removes the bandage and checks that her wrist is entirely healed.)

Phoebe: I feel good. You are...

Andrea: (Silently) Shhhh. Some people could hear you.

Phoebe: Can I ask you one thing?

Andrea: Like what?

Phoebe: You really love him do you?

Andrea: (Awkward) What do you mean?

Phoebe: I felt your love for him

Andrea: Sorry, it's like a side effect of the power. I didn't mean anything.

Phoebe: Don't worry. Am I invited to your Wedding?

Andrea: Depends if there will be a Wedding to go to.

Phoebe: I am pretty sure there will be.

(Andrea smiles and stands up and hugs Phoebe after a while disconnects the hug.)

Andrea: I got to go now. See you soon.

(She leaves behind a dumpster and disappears through photokinetic orbs.)

[Ext: San Francisco / Starbucks Coffee Shop / Day Time]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / The Medical Division / General Infirmary / Month Later On]

(After some minutes has passed the gel gets withdrawn by a vacuum as the shield disappears, Phoebe's body starts to move and her eyes flutter open. Phoebe wakes up and adjusting the blanket with her hands while sitting up as she looks down at her body, as some of the gel dripping off her.)

Doctor: You are healthy.

Phoebe: Thanks. I will be getting my son today. So I wanted to have everything checked out.

(Paige walks in five months pregnant wearing the same black blanket she is surprised to see Phoebe goes of the table.)

Paige: (Surprised) Phoebe?

Phoebe: (Surprised) Paige?

Paige: (Concern) What are you doing here? Is everything okay. Haven't seen you for a week?

Phoebe: I have been busy. (Phoebe is shocked by Paige's boobs.) Whoa. They are.

Paige: I know. It's funny, Sometimes when I wake up It felt like my boobs were bigger over the night. I sometimes joke with Henry. But he doesn't really think that's really funny. Like "Do they look bigger to you?" "They're definitely bigger."

Phoebe: (Awkward) A healthy D-cup.

Paige: But he has no protest about them.

Phoebe: (Laughs) I bet he doesn't.

Paige: Seriously? How are you?

Phoebe: I am fine. I will have my son back today, so I wanted to have everything checked out.

Paige: (Shocked) Your son? When did this happened? How come I didn't know about this?

Phoebe: I didn't know myself. Until I woke up one day and I decided, I want him back.

Paige: Was the check up mandatory?

Phoebe: No. I felt that I wanted to.

Paige: Are you nervous?

Phoebe: Yeah, Considering they are gonna reboot my pregnancy.

Paige: If you can wait some minutes. I can go with you.

Phoebe: You don't have to if you are busy.

Paige: Don't worry. We are sisters. And I want to know how you will get your son back.

Phoebe: You are right. I feel really gross.

(As Phoebe goes to shower and get dressed and Paige to have her exam.)

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / The Medical Division / General Infirmary / Month Later On]

[Int: San Francisco / Phoebe's Condo / Living Room / Day Time]

(After some time has passed Phoebe is dressed in white tank top and black trousers, Piper is dressed in blue blouse and red trousers and Paige is dressed in red maternity dress and they are sitting on various chairs.)

Piper: Did they tell you how you will get your son back? Did you asked them questions?

Phoebe: I have asked anything, I could think of asking.

Paige: And you got answers?

Phoebe: Yes.

Piper: But he is a soul. His body was destroyed, and all those powers.

Phoebe: I was worried about that too. Although. It's like this. Each soul has like a browser history of their previous bodies. Like when you Paige were the Evil Enchantress, and now about 800 years later on you look identical to her. The history is sometimes changed and sometimes don't. They would recreate his body using the soul's browser history.

Paige: How far are they gonna reboot the pregnancy?

Phoebe: According to the browser history. It would be 1 month and half.

Paige: (Confused) Why so long?

Phoebe: Because it was stored that long in my womb, before it was rescued.

Piper: Will he be half-demon and half-witch?

Phoebe: No. He would solely be a witch?

(Both Paige and Piper is confused.)

Paige: What? How? You were pregnant by Cole when he was possessed by the Source.

Phoebe: I was. But before I got pregnant, one of those Angelic Beings used a potion on me to keep the soul protected. While Cole was a mortal, only my and his good characteristics were allowed to be passed on to the child's soul.

Piper: Well that explains the demon side.

Phoebe: I know you two are worried. I understand that. But I need your support on this.

(After some second of awkward silence.)

Paige: Will it be Turner or Halliwell?

Phoebe: Halliwell. Definitely Halliwell. Connor Potter Halliwell.

Piper: (Sarcastic) Oh. Wow. The kid is gonna need a shrink.

Paige: That's scientific name. Good thing, His mother is close enough.

Piper: How will it be explained when Ask Phoebe appears all pregnant?

Phoebe: I don't know. I can say Artificial Insemination? I could try to think of something.

Paige: When are you supposed to be there?

Phoebe: I would have been there after my check up. But I wanted to let you know first about this.

Piper: You shouldn't have.

Phoebe: Yes. I should.

Paige: Of course. Piper was just being nice.

Phoebe: Can you wait here. This will be over quickly and then I will be back.

Piper: Alright. If that's what you want us to do.

Phoebe: (Shouts) I am ready!

(Suddenly she is surrounded by aerokinetic webs as she disappears.)

[Ext: San Francisco / Phoebe's Condo / Living Room / Day Time]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

Phoebe appears in a room through ice and air in tornado like ways, which has a resemblance to a courtroom having pillars and also huge windows which brings a lot of light and a beautiful ancient greek interior design. Instantly the floor lights up in bright lights and Phoebe keeps herself calm the water starts to rise and surrounds her in a whirling manner and gets her engulfed within after a while the water disappears and Phoebe is revealed lying on her back as she sleeping while hovering in the air. Cole appears from nowhere dressed in a black suit with white shirt and black tie walks over to Phoebe and picks her up. He can't help to smile that his son is alive and then Phoebe wanted their child back.

Council Member: Return her to her home. But don't let her sisters see your true appearance.

Cole: Thanks for your help.

(Cole glamours his face into someone else as they both disappears through ice and air in tornado like ways.)

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

[Int: San Francisco / Phoebe's Condo / Living Room / Day Time]

(Cole appears carrying Phoebe whilst the aerokinetic webs disappears, as Piper and Paige is stunned, on the strange guy who is placing their sister on the couch and stands up.)

Piper: What happened?

Cole: She is fine, she was put to sleep and this took time and she was aware of this. She will wake up soon.

Paige: And what are you? One of those Angelic Persons?

Cole: No. I am something else.

Piper: You look familiar to me, do I know you?

Cole: (Lying) No. We never met. Congratulations.

(As Cole disappears through fading manner.)

Piper: I could swear, I met him somewhere.

Paige: Maybe he has those kind of faces.

[Ext: San Francisco / Phoebe's Condo / Living Room / Day Time]

The End.

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