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Ancestry Quest - Episode 2x4 - The Past and the Present and the Future

[Int: 1200 Century / Unknown Kingdom / Stone Castle / Bed Chamber / Day Time]

Two early twenties year old caucasian brunette women is seen, one is wearing a long brown dress and on the bed resting, while the other one is wearing a blue and white dress as she is slightly checking herself in a full-length mirror, her face is shown to be later known as the Evil Enchantress.

One Woman: Leathria

Leathria: Yeah. Aleera.

(As she stands up and goes from the bed.)

Aleera: Did I ever thank you for showing me that I had powers?

Leathria: No, you never did.

Aleera: My friend Leathria. I am so grateful for your help.

(Aleera turns around with intense, evil eyes, and throws a potion on the ground in front of Leathria as the smoke arises. Leathria quickly realized that she can't use her powers.)

Leathria: (Confused) Why did you do this?

Aleera: Did you really thought that I cared about being your friend. I was just using you. Friends are as good as long they can help you, otherwise they are simply a liability.

Leathria: You will not get away with this.

Aleera: (Shouts) Guards! Help me! The Intruder wants to kill me!

Seconds later many guards busts in the bed chamber run up to Leathria and grab her and try and pulls her away as Leathria tries to break free, Aleera comes and punches Leathria in the face as she passes out. After some time Aleera is sitting in front of a different mirror she was looking at her reflection as she was brushing her hair. Suddenly the sounds of someone being severely beaten with a whip in public as she started to smile.

[Ext: 1200 Century / Unknown Kingdom / Stone Castle / Bed Chamber / Day Time]

[Int: 1977 / San Francisco / San Francisco Memorial Hospital / Maternity Ward / Delivery Room / Midnight]

There is a woman who lies in maternity bed dressed in hospital gown, breathing rhythmically. As a man squeezes her hand while the unseen doctor kneels at the end of her. When their faces are shown it reveals to be Patty and Sam.

Doctor: Push... You are doing good. Just push. (When Patty as she squeezes Sam's hand makes the final push, as her entire body tenses in and a moment later the cry of a newborn fills the room.) It's a girl.

(A cheerful nurse cautiously wraps the baby in a blanket and presents the child to Patty.)

Patty: She is... she is so beautiful.

Tears of joy fill Patty's eyes as Sam kissed Patty on her cheek as they are looking at the miracle of Life. Suddenly, everything at the Delivery Room freezes. The Crone appears through glistening, she is walking carefully to Patty and Sam, she stops and looks as well the newborn child.

The Crone: Welcome back. Aleera.

The Crone turns around and instantly notices that few demons has concealed themselves as one of the two doctors and a few nurses. The Crone makes a gesture and the demons unfroze, before they could react the Crone vanquished them by ripping them apart on a molecular level in whirling sand shards, The Crone disappears through glistening as everything unfreezes.

[Ext: 1977 / San Francisco / San Francisco Memorial Hospital / Maternity Ward / Delivery Room / Midnight]

[Int: 1994 / San Francisco / South Bay Social Services / Archive Office / Midnight]

There are several plain filing cabinets. A human form shadow appears looking around and turns on the lights. Revealing herself to be the Crone again and she opens a filing cabinet. The Crone is looking through it to find Paige's Adoption Records. She grabs it and closes the cabinet and begins to go through it. She scans the Adoption form. It looks normal. However not much information there. The Crone makes a hand gesture as several new information appears on the Adoption form.

The Crone: This should help her to find the missing link.

(Someone appears on the other side of the frosted glass of the door. The doorknob starts to shake. The Crone makes a hand gesture and everything goes back as it was before and she disappears through glistening.)

[Ext: 1994 / San Francisco / South Bay Social Services / Archive Office / Midnight]

[Int: 1995 / San Francisco / Baker High School / History Class / Afternoon]

18 year old Paige dressed in blue jeans and green utility jacket, while she was unnoticed looking at her History Teacher, when the class was over, and all students starts to leave and Paige tries to summon some courage as she is looking at someone who could be her birth mother. As Paige stands up and walks to her.

Paige: Miss. Halliwell.

(Patty looks up and sees the daughter she was forced to adopt away. As she was struggling not to burst out in tears.)

Patty: Yes. How can I help you? Miss. Matthews.

Paige: I don't know how to tell you this. But I think you are my mother....... I was at the Adoption Agency, and I discovered this. (Paige shows a paper where it says that Patty is her mother, Patty became deeply affected by this.) I love my adoptive parents deeply. But I need closure on why did you give me away? (Patty walks to her daughter and hugs her tightly and after a while disconnects the hug.)

Patty: I and your father had to give you away in order to protect you and keep you safe.

Paige: (Confused) Protect me from what?

Patty: From a great danger.

(Suddenly bright wiccan lights appear in whirling manner, when the wiccan lights disappear and the body becomes tangible, reveals Grams dressed in long brown dress, and blows some magical dust from her pawn into Paige's face causing her to instantly fall to sleep as Grams telekinetically puts Paige carefully down on the floor. Patty is stunned on see what her mother is doing.)

Grams: (Confused) What happened? How was she able to find you?

Patty: I don't know. I didn't leave any trace for her to found me.

Grams: We need to erase everything and return her before anybody notices anything.

(Patty is crying deeply.)

Patty: And go back to the lies?

Grams: I know this is hard. Patty. But we need to do what's best for all of us. The Elders can't found out about Paige's existence, and what about Demons. She will never be safe. (Grams makes a hand gesture as Paige disappears.) It's for the best. (As she becomes intangible and disappears through bright wiccan lights in whirling manner and leaves a devastated crying Patty.)

[Ext: 1995 / San Francisco / Baker High School / History Class / Afternoon]

[Int: 2007 / San Francisco / Phoebe's Condo / Living Room / Next Day / Early Morning]

Phoebe is on a couch eating cereal as she is seen wearing silky pink pajamas as she is watching a live broadcast foreign talk show on TV featuring herself as a guest. Phoebe has the sound down as Billie was still sleeping on a black air mattress and covered by black sheet.

Phoebe: Good thing that I didn't have to get up early to do that show.

The impact about discovering that her son was still alive didn't withdraw after she thought he was gone for good. Phoebe turns of the TV and picks up the box from the table and opens it as Phoebe takes the crystal, she starts to doubt while being concern which memories could appear, but then she shakes off the feeling and starts to concentrate as the crystal starts to glow.

[Int: Memory Crystal / Halliwell Manor / Phoebe's Room]

Phoebe sees an average height young man with the spitting image of his father who is dressed in casual dark blue jeans and a dark brown utility jacket. As he turns out to face his mother.

Connor: Mom?

Phoebe: (Stunned) Yes?

(Connor walks to his mother and hugs tightly around her and she carefully puts her hands around her son.)

Connor: I missed you so much.

Phoebe: How is this possible that you could see me. You are just a memory?

Connor: I don't know. But what I do know. Is what you have gone through. And the coming future if you choose to accept me as your son. (As gust of photokinetic orbs appear when the orbs disappears reveals a young blonde beautiful woman. Who has some resemblance to Billie. As Connor notices her he disconnects the hug and shows the woman behind Phoebe. As Phoebe is stunned to meet her.) This is my fiancee Andrea Wolfmore.

Phoebe: (Surprised) You look like.

Andrea: Many people do say that I look like my mom Billie Jenkins.

Phoebe: Was I a good mom?

(Connor and Andrea starts to chuckle.)

Connor: You were the best.

Phoebe: What about your dad? Did you know anything about him?

Connor: Through my childhood. Although, you and my dad had issues in your past. You never let your past actions with him come over me. You told me many times how he saved you and my aunts and how you then did the same thing. And you never let me doubt if my parents loves me.

Phoebe: I guess that you turned out to be fine.

Andrea: It remains to be seen.

[Ext: Memory Crystal / Halliwell Manor / Phoebe's Room]

As the glow from the crystal disappears Phoebe opens her eyes with a smile on her lips. She places back the crystal into the box and closes it. Phoebe looks up and starts to concentrate like she was calling for someone, some seconds later a gust of orbs appears when the orbs disappears reveals that Sandra is dressed in her robe.

Phoebe: Thanks for coming.

Sandra: No problem. And congratulations on your job at F.O.R.C.E.

Phoebe: You know about that? (Making stop gestures with her hands.) I don't care.

Sandra: (Confused) Why did you call for me?

Phoebe: I have an issue with my job. And if you could help me with it?

Sandra: (Confused) Phoebe. As much as I would. I can't. The Elders doesn't have any jurisdiction at F.O.R.C.E.

Phoebe: Well. I mean. Many thinks that I am a double agent for the Elders to spy for them.

Sandra: (Surprised) Oh? But you know that's not true. Who cares what they think. You know that.

Phoebe: (Confused) It would have been easier. If some of the students didn't have hostility for the Elders.

Sandra: What do you want me to say?

Phoebe: Like. I don't know. You can start with like. Hey, I know we have our issues and so on. But she is not a spy.

Sandra: (Chuckles) And you are sure that would work?

(Phoebe puts her hands on her face.)

Phoebe: Oh, dear gosh. I am gonna be so fired.

Sandra: It can't be that bad?

(Phoebe looks at Sandra.)

Phoebe: I really like that job. And many of the students, many great students don't really have much good to say about the Elders, since we have history together, which caused many of the parents and students to distrust me.

Sandra: Well. Good has many different sides. I hope all will work itself out.

Phoebe: So you are not gonna help me?

Sandra: I wish I could.

(As Sandra disappears through orbs. The IScry starts to make an alerting sound as Phoebe starts to panic and Billie starts slowly to wake up and grabs the IScry and turns off the alarm.)

Billie: Don't worry. It's just the alarm to wake me up for school.

Phoebe: I thought some Demons would appear.

Billie: Sorry.

Phoebe: Don't worry, thanks for staying over last night.

Billie: It was a special reason. It's not every day you get to discover that your son is alive after thinking he was vanquished.

Billie gets up from the air mattress and stretches as Billie is revealed to be wearing sexy long black and purple nightgown which seductively shows off her thighs. Phoebe is surprised and very fond of the sexy nightgown. Phoebe looks blankly at Billie.

Phoebe: Billie, I saw that nightgown at a store, its pricey. How can you afford it being a College Student?

Billie: (Stunned) Is it called Dawn of New Fashion?

Phoebe: Yes.

Billie: F.O.R.C.E. owns that store. All Students and Employees gets 50 % off on all purchase.

Phoebe: (Confused) What? Are you serious?

Billie: Yes. How did you think I could afford it? Don't forget to take your ID with you.

Phoebe: Why wasn't I told about this?

Billie: (Confused) I don't know, did you ask?

Phoebe: Well, I didn't even know that F.O.R.C.E. owned things.

Billie: They own Hotels and Stores etc. If you are gonna stay hired at F.O.R.C.E. You have to contribute a lot. But you do gain much more back.

Phoebe: How did you sleep?

Billie: I have slept better before. I guess, I miss the sounds of the ocean.

Phoebe: Do you ever miss your Projection? If I had that power. I would never gave it up.

Billie: Well. Looks can be deceiving. I love to wake up and know that I don't have to worry about that power. It was always made me feel uneasy.

Phoebe: (Confused) How do you mean?

Billie: For example. Like with different words. You look really hot, or you are on fire. But you do see the point.

Phoebe: I see. I can relate, I had much issues when I became a Empath. But not that big of things to deal with.

Billie: But it wasn't a total lost. I did gain two weapons in return.

Phoebe: (Confused) Two? I only saw your Crossbow appear on your arm. When we were battling with Nanta's Forces.

(Billie looks at her right arm and concentrates. Instantly a black and grey medium sized crossbow appears and tendrils start to wrap themselves around her arm. They tighten as a ripple effect runs over the crossbow and lights up in a flash as an energetic arrow in bright light appeared.)

Phoebe: What's it called?

Billie: Its called the Emperor Crossbow.

Phoebe: (Confused) Why?

Billie: I have no idea. And who cares. I got a Mystical Dagger. I never used it.

(The dagger appears with black handle on Billie's right pawn. she draws the dagger from its sheath. It’s a ceremonial dagger, with a curved crystal blade.)

Phoebe: What does it do?

Billie: I don't know. I am afraid of using it.

Phoebe: They wouldn't give it to you. If they weren't sure you could use it.

(Both of her weapons disappear.)

Billie: So how does it going with your job?

Phoebe: I met this student, she is like a very hormonal teen with fangs.

Billie: Is it Vampire or Dhampir?

Phoebe: What's the difference

Billie: A Dhampir is Half-Human and Half-Vampire.

Phoebe: (Confused) People date Vampires?

Billie: I don't know. I guess.

Phoebe: Should I be worried?

Billie: (Confused) On what?

Phoebe: That one of these Dhampirs would feast on me?

Billie: I don't think so, many recent Dhampirs are hormonal. They are born as normal human children, but in their teen years. Vampiric nature starts to come. So it takes some time for them to control that. But the fangs comes later, and it's also painful due to the lengthen of the teeth and cranium trying to adjust when they are in a facial predatory expression. But after some time adjusting to the change. It wouldn't hurt anymore.

Phoebe: (Surprised) Wow. You sure do know a lot about them.

Billie: It pays to have attention in classes and have a really brainy sister.

Phoebe: So how is it with Christy?

Billie: She is good, but it can sometimes be difficult for her being gifted child with over average intelligence.

Phoebe: (Stunned) Christy is over average?

Billie: Yes. She got 170 on a IQ Test. She doesn't like being called a gifted child, It's like a curse rather than a gift to her. Mom and Dad wanted to send her to a fancy boarding school to help her. But after talking to Christy. They helped her to have a normal life and be a normal child.

Phoebe: (Sarcastic) Yeah, normal.

Billie: Being normal is overrated.

(They both starts to laugh.)

Phoebe: She could be a Scientist or a Doctor or something like that.

Billie: She could. But it's up to her. What are you gonna do about your son?

Phoebe: I don't know. Really? I am happy about the news. I am not sure. Being a single parent is hard work.

Billie: You have two sisters and don't forget friends. Who can help you either way.

Phoebe: But they have their own families. Paige is still baking.

Billie: You need to think what is best for you and your son.

Phoebe: I felt much more happier not knowing.

Billie: You could always adopt him away.

Phoebe: I know. What a good mother figure I am. First I wanted to have him back. And now that I can. I am having doubts.

(Billie goes to the couch and puts her arms around Phoebe and squeezes Phoebe tightly in her arms.)

Billie: You are anything. But a bad mother figure.

Phoebe: You think?

Billie: Of course, I know.

(Billie disconnects the hug.)

Phoebe: So did you meet anybody?

Billie: (Confused) What do you mean?

Phoebe: Any special guy?

Billie: Yeah, a wizard? Did Piper tell you about that?

Phoebe: (Awkward) I was just guessing.

Billie: I was avoiding him. Wasn't so damn funny, I can tell you.

Phoebe: Don't you like him?

Billie: I do.

Phoebe: But why are you avoiding him? Did you know that even guys has feelings and emotions.

Billie: Shouldn't guys ask the girls if they are interested, not the girls? Isn't that the relationship rules?

Phoebe: (Chuckles) well these days, even the girl has to pull herself by the bra straps and try her luck. You can't always wait for the guy to do all the work.

Billie: (Awkward) What if he is not interested in me? Then I will be humiliated, and have to see him in this school.

(Phoebe rolls her eyes with much amusement.)

Phoebe: Yeah. Love is a Bitch.

Billie: I felt so empowered. But now I feel stupid.

Phoebe: No one said it was easy. Now get dressed so we can leave.

[Ext: 2007 / San Francisco / Phoebe's Condo / Living Room / Next Day / Early Morning]

[Protected Dimension / Int. Huge island-platform surrounded by the sea, F.O.R.C.E. Skyline at Morning]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Michelle's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

Paige is seen waking up in a bed with silky black sheets. She turns around and seen the alarm clock. It’s 10:28 am. Paige pushing herself up and pulls the sheet on the side and stares at her pregnant belly.

Paige: Did you two get any sleep last night?

As she slides her legs of the bed, revealing that she is dressed in blue nightgown. She starts to look at the pictures of all the four sisters as well as Patty and Grams all over the room.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Michelle's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Michelle's Living Quarter / Kitchenette]

Some time has passed and Paige is dressed in a light blue maternity dress as she is sitting at the light wooded dining table with light wooded chairs as Prue is dressed in white top and light brown skirt little above the knees as she is cooking some food to eat. As the table is covered by many types of food which are accompanied by desserts. The effects of Paige's pregnancy can be seen on her facial expression as she tried to hide it. Although, Prue tries to pretend not to see it as she is making food.

Paige: So what do you prefer me calling you? Prue or Michelle?

Prue: They are both my names.

Paige: I know. But many seems to know you as Michelle.

Prue: Yeah. When I became an Angel. I felt that where Prue couldn't help, Michelle was able. How did you sleep?

Paige: Better than I have in a long time.

Prue: The sounds of the ocean has a soothing effect. So how does it going with your pregnancy?

Paige: It has its ups and downs. But you do get a free boob job. Do you want to know how it happened?

Prue: (Confused) What?

Paige: How I got pregnant?

Prue: (Confused) Through love making?

Paige: Well. I was on an archaeological dig, but the nights are cold there. When I am in my tent, mostly warm in my bed. Henry was visiting me as Adrianna helped him so I could meet my husband. However. It all kind of got confusing and before I knew, I was naked and making love with my husband.

Prue: Yeah, cold nights are known to make people seek for alternative heat. When did you found out you were expecting babies?

Paige: About 6 weeks ago. I was looking very pale and was visibly shaking, and the hair was messy and plastered on my face with sweat. I was puking out my guts out practically all night. When I groaned. Before making a run to a bathroom or plastic bag. I could spent time in various places, throwing up what little I had left in my stomach. Once the stomach spasms stopped, I recalled that my period was late. I knew that I was pregnant.

Prue: Do you ever have regrets?

Paige: Never. I have not been the conventional woman. I am happy that it was unexpected than planned with my husband.

Prue: If you should need to go with someone for a check up. They are free at F.O.R.C.E.

Paige: (Confused) Really? to all or those who works here?

Prue: To all.

Paige: Thanks, but no thanks.

Prue: I understand.

Paige: Are you judging me?

Prue: No. You are an adult woman, you are free to choose what's best for your children. Matter of fact I would react just as you.

Paige: Thanks.

Prue: So how did Henry react when you told him about F.O.R.C.E.?

Paige: I didn't tell him the whole truth. He could have lost his mind if he knew. He had it hard dealing with that his pregnant wife is an angelic witch. So what's the deal with the robes, do you all wear those robes?

Prue: No. It's not mandatory. But we do wear them sometimes.

Paige: The Michelle thing is still active?

Prue: I can't really tell them about who I am. It's hard for me to pretend and not tell them.

Paige: Piper and Phoebe miss you.

Prue: I do miss them too. But they can't know for now.

Paige: If you should give some hope for Piper about you. I could consider go for a check up at this School?

Prue: Why would you do that? If you don't want to. I don't wanna force you into something you don't want to.

Paige: Piper is trying to be more open minded. Phoebe loves her job here. I got to finally meet you. I would be seen as a hypocrite. If I didn't make an afford to trying to be more open minded.

Prue: I don't know. You know how they would react.

Paige: I can. What do you say?

Prue: I will try.

Paige: I need more confirmed answer.

Prue: (Reluctant) I will give her more hope.

Paige: Good. If it's free. Why not go for a free check up? I shouldn't have eaten first. Shouldn't I?

Prue: Don't worry. But it depends which kind of check up you want? If it's just for the twins or you and your babies. Do you need Henry with you?

Paige: Not now. What do you think I should try? Please?

Prue: If you want my opinion?

Paige: I do.

Prue: I would choose the complete check out. Having every necessary issue checked out.

Paige: Still free, right?

Prue: Yes.

Paige: Just checking, I don't want to be stuck with a pricey bill.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Michelle's Living Quarter / Kitchenette]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / The Medical Division]

After some time, two glass doors slides open to the Medical Division as Prue and Paige walks in and see whole several of people and pregnant women sitting on chairs and seems to wait for something, as the sisters enter and arrives at the reception. As they can see a caramel skinned nurse dressed in hospital scrubs.

Receptionist: Oh. Hi Mrs. Mitchell. You came just in time for your appointment.

Paige: (Confused) Appointment? And it's Miss. Matthews.

Prue: I called ahead.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / The Medical Division]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / The Medical Division / General Infirmary]

(A olive skinned nurse with blond hair appear hands over a black blanket to Paige.)

Paige: (Confused) What am I gonna do with this?

Nurse: Go to the changing room, undress and wrap that blanket around you.

Paige feels awkward, but she considered many people are waiting, so she still does what she was told to do. After a while she comes out wearing the black blanket, Prue helps Paige up on a hi-tech scanning-table as she lies on gently on her back with knees bent. Paige feels very nervous as she looks at Prue.

Paige: (Worried) I changed my mind. I don't wanna do this.

Prue: Piper has already tried this before.

(Paige becomes more calm.)

Paige: (Confused) She did?

Prue: Yeah, she had. She was worried about Melinda, and she wanted to ask some things which she couldn't ask a mortal doctor.

Paige: Did you show her?

Prue: No. She came here by herself. Everything will be okay.

Paige: (Worried) What is gonna happened?

Prue: It's just a check up it will be over in a few minutes. And you will sleep through the whole thing.

Paige: (Worried) Sleep? Why do I want to sleep through that?

Prue: It's nothing to worry about, there is a gel-like substance which would cover you and exams your vital organs and body and your babies. Nothing to worry about. Trust me.

Paige: (Worried) You better hold you end of the deal. If you don't.

Prue: I will.

Doctor: Are we ready?

Paige: We are ready.

Prue: I will be right back when you wake up.

Paige: You promise?

Prue: I promise.

Prue leaves and as the hi-tech scanning-table begins to glow and makes Paige to fall to sleep, a hovering holographic schematic of Paige's vital organs and babies appears beside her, as a shield surrounds the table and gel-like substance covers Paige and begins to glow, bathing Paige within. After some minutes has passed the gel gets withdrawn by a vacuum as the shield disappears, Prue walks to Paige and starts to nudge her. Paige's body jerks, her eyes flutter open. Paige is awake and she quickly takes on the blanket while holding with her right hand the blanket which is shielding her upper body, and sits up as she looks down at her body, as some of the gel dripping off her. Paige looks up. Finally she smiles. An attempt to be nice.

Doctor: Vital signs are normal and strong.

(Prue helps Paige of the table.)

Paige: I feel really gross. Like a big loogie!

Prue: You are fine. You need to take a shower and get dressed. And then you can look at your test results.

(Some times has passed and Paige is showered and clean and still wearing her light blue maternity dress. A caucasian Doctor with brown hair and hazel eyes dress in white robe comes to the sisters.)

Doctor: Everything looks great, Keep on eating your vegetables.

Paige: (Thinking) It's yucky.

Doctor: I have noticed that you have a new power?

Paige: (Confused) Do I? Can you see that?

Doctor: Yes. You have become Telepathic.

Paige: I thought one of my unborn babies possessed that.

(The Doctor shows Paige his chart. She is stunned to see how much information is listed there about her. She looks down on the chart at a section called "Analysis for DNA & Power Development" Smiling as she was seeing what powers her unborn daughter and son are capable of possessing.)

Doctor: Have you and your husband settled on names yet? It’s the hardest part for a lot of people.

Paige: Annabeth and David. My birth mother's middle name and after my Uncle Dave.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / The Medical Division / General Infirmary]

[Int: Underworld / Unknown Cave]

The Cave is dark and there are several torches on the walls. Several wolves in grey dust and black dirt appearance appears through fading manner in a deep narrow, dark and sinister cave. A howling wind is heard whipsing dust into a sandstorm, reducing visibility to almost zero. One of the Dirt Wolves makes a caution to his pack. Thus armed, they move cautiously ahead as they are not taking chances. One of the wolves pauses, scanning the area. As the Dirt Wolf is pre-occupied with the task, he didn't see a hideous decaying corpse lifts up the Dirt Wolf with grossly rotten hands and throws him against a wall as the Dirt Wolf shatters against the wall.

One of those demons has clearly started to decay, and another demon is far more decayed than the others. His face is raw and bloody, but he is also still recognizable, as the last one of the demonic group is in an advanced state of decay, and so is in much worse shape than the others. His face is beyond recognition, having lost much of its flesh, exposing parts of his skull. All of the decayed demons respond by pulling spears and swords and stabbing the Dirt Wolves straight through them which caused many Dirt Wolves to disintegrate into piles of dust. As they started to celebrate their victory unaware of the dust swirls through the air as the Dirt Wolves was flying around in a circle, and then the wolves were pulled back together. Then one of the decayed demons are telekinetically pulled apart, as he is splattered across the cave as the demonic group is surprised. They don't have no time to come to his aid they themselves are set upon by a dozen of wolves looking as the carnage is swift and terrifying, like a blur of motion, after the battle is over the Crone appears through glistening.

The Crone: Impressive.

(The Wolves stares at face her in a defensive stance and rest of them starts to surround her.)

Dirt Wolf: (Telepathically) The Crone! We thought you were vanquished by the Charmed Ones long time ago.

(One of the wolves fires blast of thick sticky webbing from its mouth to wrap the Crone into webbing, but the Crone disappeared and reappeared through glistening. Trapping instead one of his own.)

The Crone: Didn't you know that I wouldn't see that coming?

Dirt Wolf: (Telepathically) What did you expect? We are after all wolves.

[Ext: Underworld / Unknown Cave]

The End.

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