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Ancestry Quest - Episode 1x1 - The New Beginning

[Showing Los Angeles skyline at night. This is a Charmed Spin Off from a wizard's perspective, which begins when Billie moves to Los Angeles after the ultimate battle.]

[Int: Los Angeles City College / Billie's Dorm Room]

Billie is sleeping in her bed and seemed wearing a light based silky nightie, she is twisting and turning and talking in sleep, she gets flashes about from the ultimate battle.

[Int: Billie's Nightmare / Magic School / Black Room]

Past Dumain and Future Dumain and Christy, as Billie is standing and sees the moments before Christy's death in her nightmare, Piper blows up Dumain. Christy gasps and steps back. Past Dumain is about to shimmer out, but Piper blows him up as well.

Dream Christy: I don’t understand! How could this happen?

Dream Phoebe: Billie projected us here.

Dream Paige: By focusing on you.

Dream Piper: Paige.

Dream Paige: Ring!

(The cupid ring orbs to Paige.)

Dream Christy: How could you?

Dream Billie: Christy, please. It’s over. Just come home.

Dream Christy throws a fireball at them. Dream Billie deflects it back to Dream Christy. She becomes vanquished. Dream Billie falls to her knees and cries.

[Ext: Billie's Nightmare / Magic School / Black Room]

(Suddenly Billie wakes up and sits up.)

Billie: No!!!

She discovers how sweaty she has become. She turns to look at her alarm clock which shows 04:30am. She gets out of the bed and goes to the door and opens it.

[Int: Los Angeles City College / Billie's Dorm Room]

[Int: Los Angeles City College / Billie's Dorm Room / Bathroom]

Billie opens the door and walks in to the bathroom sink and turns on the faucet, whilst the water is pouring, she is washing her face and takes a towel and drys her face and then sees her reflection in the mirror with a sense of guilt, and randomly says "Forgive me Christy".

(Scene fades black.)

(Showing Los Angeles skyline in early morning on a clear day)

[Ext: Los Angeles City College / Billie's Dorm Room / Bathroom]

[Int: Los Angeles City College / Billie's Dorm Room.]

(Billie is wearing blue jeans trousers and purple top getting ready and trying to get to class as she picks up her back pack and walks out.)

[Ext: Los Angeles City College / Billie's Dorm Room]

[Int: Los Angeles City College / The College Hall]

(Many students are trying to get to class, Billie thought for a second that she saw a young woman in early twenties who had a strikingly unusual resemblance to Christy.)

Billie: (Thinking quietly out loud.) Christy?

Billie started to follow the woman and before Billie caught up front of the woman.

Billie: Christy? Is that you? (It turns out that wasn't Christy at all.)

Billie: I am so sorry, I thought you were someone else.

Female Student: Don't worry. (And continues to walk her path.)

Billie: (Thinking) Could that just be my imagination of seeing Christy?

(The female student goes in a different direction to the women's bathroom.)

[Int: Los Angeles City College / The Women's Bathroom]

And looks around to see if she is alone and then turns around and sees her reflection in the mirror with a sense of disappointment, and randomly says "Yeah me too", And wiccan orbs showers over her face and reveals that she is in fact Christy.

(Scene fades black.)

[Protected Dimension / Int: Huge island-platform surrounded by the sea. Magical Institution]

(Christy is seen talking with some Angelic Beings)

Christy: (Frustrated) My sister saw me today, so I had to glamour my physical appearance to convince her that she just imagine seeing me, if you could imagine how horrible I feel right now.

Council Member: I can understand your frustration. Nevertheless, it was for good purpose. You as well your parents will be reunited with Billie sooner than you think, like we promised 15 years ago.

[Int: 15 years older Past Memory / The Demonic Dungeon.]

Suddenly a something in a cocoon-like state was teleporting down to the ground, when all the aerokinetic webs disappears and showing a female young woman.

Young Woman: (Looks around and notice something.) Is somebody there?

And she then sees it’s a dirty girl dressed in rags. The Young Woman feels horrible when she sees Christy. She tries to come close. Christy cringes and steps back.

Young Woman: It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you. (Christy steps forward.) I am here to take you back to your parents, you do want that? do you?

Christy nods and reaches her hand, before they teleport away, the young woman becomes aware of a conversation from the Triad Members before creating an exact duplicate of the young Christy to be sustained for short period of time.

Triad Member 1: She is the perfect image with the soul of a the life essence, assimilated in every detail for the initial purpose of replacing the actual counterpart.

Triad Member 2: Guard! Kill the young witch, she has outlived her usefulness.

[Ext: 15 years older Past Memory / The Demonic Dungeon.]

[Ext. Protected Dimension / Huge island-platform surrounded by the sea. Magical Institution.]

[Int: Los Angeles / Down Town Alley]

There is a caucasian brunette female innocent who is dressed in white blouse and black skirt and wearing golden brown sandals and a male Darklighter.

Darklighter: Dear Madison, I love you.

Madison: Love? you are not even human, leave me alone.

Darklighter: (Angry) Don't make me regret telling you who I really am. (Then he conjures a crossbow.)

Madison: (Scared) Please, don't kill me, if you ever loved me.

Darklighter: If I ever loved you what? You think I could just get over you? Move on, find somebody else? There are consequences for when someone breaks a Darklighter's heart, and now I am the last man you will ever leave.

[Ext: Los Angeles / Down Town Alley]

[Int: Los Angeles City College / Billie's Dorm Room]

(Billie was on the floor in a meditation position, she was happen to sense a witch in danger, Billie teleports in a fading manner.)

[Ext: Los Angeles City College / Billie's Dorm Room]

[Int: Los Angeles / Down Town Alley]

Billie: (Fades in.) Hi.

(Both the Darklighter and the witch are surprised to see Billie.)

Billie: (Sarcastic Comment) Dark Dorklighter. Gee, get over yourself didn't anybody teach you manners?

Darklighter: Miss. Jenkins. You have been expected.

Billie: How do you know my name?

Darklighter: (Maleficence smile on his face.) It's the least of your problems.

And then several Darklighters orbs in surrounding the two witches with crossbows each in their hands instantly fires several arrows at Billie and Madison. Billie opens her eyes widely as she is also gasping in fear, in the last few seconds a shield of bright smoke appears deflecting all the arrows,

Darklighter: (Looks around.) She is here, where are you?!!!!

Unexpectedly the male Darklighter starts to sense pain and his skin starts to welt up and explodes. Through a combination of bright light and orbs a very pretty and attractive caucasian young woman appears with green eyes and beautifully long dark hair, and dressed in black blouse and blight grey skirt and black leggings and black knee-high boots.

Adrianna: (Innocent look.) Hi my name is Adrianna, check me out boys I am really grown up, did you miss me??

Second Darklighter: You!! Get her!

All the Darklighters fired their arrows at the woman, but she appears in orbs and the arrows goes throw the orbs. Billie noticed that all the Darklighters has lost their interest in her and Madison even so far as being pushed aside by a Darklighter.

Random Darklighter: (Mumbling to himself.) Get lost witch!

Madison: (Goes and helps Billie up.) Let's leave, while the Darklighters are busy.

Billie: (Ironically) Wow I feel so neglected.

Madison: Be grateful that you are for the moment, but now lets go and hide while she is distracting them.

They go and hide behind a dumpster as they are viewing the battle, they are suddenly surrounded by invisible gust of light smoke, as many Darklighters attempts to shoot down Adrianna.

Adrianna: (Calls and reaches out her hand in the arrows direction.) Arrows! Duplicate!

Several arrows are surrounded by photokinetic orbs and orbs back to twice as many arrows, vanquishing 3 Darklighters whilst the other ones dodges the arrows, then she orbs back in front of the two Darklighters.

Random Darklighter: Where are the witches? They couldn't escaped far.

Random Darklighter 2: I don't know, I couldn't sense them anywhere. The witch must be hiding their presence.

Billie: (Confused) What?

Adrianna: (Orbs between 2 Darklighters.) How you doing?

(She orbs back out. One of the Darklighters fired an arrow vanquishing the other Darklighter. She orbs in front of them within a distance from them.)

Adrianna: I certainly hope, I didn't break your (reaches out her hands in their direction.) HEARTS!

(They gasped and fall down on the ground and becomes vanquished. Suddenly she is hit by 2 arrows in her back and falls on the ground.)

Billie: (Worried) But she looks to need help.

(And Billie starts to walk to Adrianna, but Madison stops her.)

Billie: What are you doing? She is dying.

Madison: (Confused look on her face.) Are you kidding? Are you new to the city? Watch and learn.

Billie: (Stunned and nods.) Yes. Is that your Whitelighter?? (Looking at Adrianna.)

Madison: No. She is not. She is a wizard.

Billie: (Confused) Wizards can orb??? I thought they supposed to be extinct.

(Darklighter uncloaks himself and walks slowly over to the presumable corpse.)

Darklighter: Cocky little witch, aren't you? but not cocky enough, you didn't seemed to be expecting, that you would have 2 arrows in your back.

When the Darklighter leans over to take his arrows, and looking down and feeling pleasurable satisfaction over his latest kill, she passed on and disappears by disintegrating, Adrianna orbed behind and stabs him in the back with an electrified arrow and vanquishing him.

Adrianna: (Chuckles) Dark Dorklighter? That's clever.

(Adrianna concentrates little while and invisible gust of light smoke disappears reveals Billie and Madison and walks to them.)

Adrianna: Hi.

Billie: I am confused, how did you survive? and you cloaked us? Right?

Adrianna: I used a spell to astral project a sustainable clone of myself for limited period of time to confuse the demonic enemies, then I regained my consciousness and conjured my own arrows of electricity, and yeah I cloaked you.

Billie: That was amazing. What are you really? (Looking at Madison.) She says that you are a wizard, what I can recall from memory about Harry Potter, wizards can't orb and Darklighters called you witch and you can orb?

Adrianna: (Rolls with her eyes with annoyance.) I am neither, I am both.

(Madison cringes with her eyes.)

Billie: (Confused look.) What?

Adrianna: Nothing.

(She establishing a physical contact and orbs with them.)

[Ext: Los Angeles / Down Town Alley]

[Protected Dimension / Int. Huge island-platform surrounded by the sea. Magical Institution.]

(Christy and her parents are nice dressed and waiting with some Angelic Beings. A huge gust of photokinetic orbs teleporting down to the ground, when all the orbs disappears and showing Adrianna and Madison and Billie.)

Billie: (Gasps and opens her eyes widely.) Mom. Dad, Christy.

She becomes overwhelmed and faints on the ground and everybody walks to Billie. and Christy knees down to her sister holding Billie in her arms and then looks up at an Angelic Being.

Christy: Can you send her to my Living Quarter??

Council Member: As you wish, (And snaps with the fingers and Billie disappears.)

[Int: Magical Institution / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

(Billie appears lying on a bed, Christy and her parents walks in.)

Christy: Lets see what happen.

(Christy places her hand on Billie's forehead and closes her eyes, and she gets a past memory in form of a premonition.)

[Int: Telepathic Premonition / Billie's Memory / Christy's Death]

Christy sees the life essence counterpart of herself feeling betrayed by Billie, as Billie is trying to save her presumable sister. Life essence counterpart throws a fireball at them. Billie deflects it back to the life essence of Christy and vanquishing her. Billie falls to her knees and cries.

[Ext: Telepathic Premonition / Billie's Memory / Christy's Death]

Christy: (Opens her eyes again.) Oh dear.

[Ext: Magical Institution / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

(Scene fades black.)

[Int: Underworld / A Demonic Cave]

The Cave is dark and there are several torches on the wall. A woman is lying on a rock table dressed in native clothing which has a unique combination clothing resemblance of Valkyrie and Fury but essentially a different as she is in pain while giving birth to a child. A demon shimmers.

Demon: Hi Cross. Long time no see. I see that one of your daughters has blessed you with yet another grandchild.

A woman appears dressed in the same clothing.

Cross: (Angry) Trace! Why are you here? Last time we met, The Dark Elders almost wiped out my species.

Trace: You don't suspect me. Do you?

Cross: I don't know why.

Trace: Don't you recall that Darklighter Darok? Wouldn't he wanna get his revenge on you after all you used him to conceive children.

Cross: Darok was vanquished I made sure of that.

Trace: (Doubtful Look.) Made sure? Because the Dark Elders thought they made sure that all Dark Wraiths were extinct.

[Int: The Past Unknown Time / Underworld / A Demonic Cave]

Darok: (Aiming his crossbow.) I know you are here.

(A woman steps forward.)

Darok: Disgusted abomination.

Cross: Why so rude? We only wanted to serve our own purpose instead of yours.

(Cross walks slowly to Darok.)

Cross: You want me?

(Darok starts to lose focus.)

Cross: You need me. Oh, don't fight it, let the gratification take you.

(Cross holding her arm to the crossbow as it starts to shake and then disintegrates.)

Cross: You want me to protect me as well bearing your children.

Through the months Darok helped to take care of her. When Cross gave birth to their children she vanquished Darok with powerful pyrokinetic beam.

[Ext: The Past Unknown Time / Underworld / A Demonic Cave.]

[Ext: Underworld / A Demonic Cave]

[Int: Magical Institution / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom.]

Billie is lying on a bed and after a while she starts to open her eyes, she has notice the bedroom is full of various pieces of furniture, bedside table, desk, chairs and bookcases and a TV. She happens to hear Christy and her parents talking in the kitchenette.

[Int: Magical Institution / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Kitchenette]

Christy: While that went well? Of course not seeing her family so long would do that.

Carl: Hopefully. She will be able to meet us without passing out second time.

(Christy is sensing with her Telepathy.)

Christy: Hi Billie. Good to see you are awake now. Come and join us, surely you must have numberless questions on how we are still alive.

Billie gets out the bed and goes to the kitchenette. Billie is still confused.

[Ext: Magical Institution / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom.]

[Int: Magical Institution / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Kitchenette]

Billie: (Confused look.) Am I dead?

Christy: Nope, you are very a much alive. (And pinches hard on Billie's arm.)

Billie: (Holding on her arm.) Ouch! Why did you do that for?

Christy: To prove that isn't a dream either. Good thing Billie that you did incinerate that blonde bimbette imposter, she was really getting on my last nerve.

Billie: I see what's going on, this has happened to one of the Charmed Ones and it's happening now to me, powerful demon is attempting to trick me to relinquish my powers by sending me to an alternate reality created by illusions where my sister and parents are alive.

Christy: (Holds her hands to her chest and gasping.) Oh really you think so. (And pinches hard on Billie's arm again.)

Billie: (Holding on her arm.) Ouch!

Christy: That's for questioning about my existence.

Helen: Christy, don't pick on your sister.

(Christy smiles and stands up and hugs her sister, and then lets go.)

Billie: But how did you know about the other Christy and how are you all alive.

Helen: Very advanced golems.

Billie: And you (Looking at Christy.)

Christy: Well I have taught myself ways to enhance my Telepathic & Pyrokinetic gifts to be able to see memories in form of premonitions, which enables me to see you incinerating that bimbette rip off. And to teleport through intense thermal flames. And much much more. And I was actually kidnapped by a demon named Reinhardt, but I was later on saved by Celestial Paladin. It's an equivalent to a Whitelighter.

Billie: (Upset) So while you all have been constantly living in here, (Signs with air quotes.) "my adoptive family" was combination of two very advanced golem parents and life essence big sister?

Helen: No, we have always watched over you and even met you now and then, believe it or not we do have lives.

(Billie becomes overwhelmed and Carl and Helen goes and hugs their younger daughter.)

Christy: Calm down. Don't faint again. (And Christy takes out a chair.) sit.

Billie: No, tell me.

Christy: Sit.

Billie: No.

Christy: Well then. (Then thermal flames a chair under Billie.) Breathe in and out, (Billie starts to calm down.) they are called the Ancestral Council, they are some what equivalent to the Elders.

But essentially a different and more rougher on the edge. They intervened and saved us, they do things like that as long as it's not destined to happen than they don't intervene, preventing possible time ripples, as it would have been pointless and certainly not a destined event for us to happen, it didn't send any ripples through time.

Although the other Christy was meant to be born so you could be in that battle. And I was needed to stay in secret so the Triad wouldn't become suspicious. And I have myself intervened numerous times and done all I could to the innocents and to you as well.

Billie: Don't take this the wrong way, (Christy looks odd at Billie.) You seemed to be much more different and much more friendly and with a tender nature. Aside from the other Christy.

Christy: (Starts laughing) Well not being raised by demons helps. Wanna check out the institution?? Know what?

Billie: No, what?

Christy: Don't use any Harry Potter reference, it's kind a some what a sensitive subject area amongst the wizards.

Billie: (Worried) How sensitive? I thought they supposed to be extinct. And since when does wizards possess Orbing?

Christy: Due to the popularity of Harry Potter and the wizards being in hiding. The Magical Community were clueless about the wizards, so they happen to relate to the logic of Harry Potter. The wizards were (Signs with air quotes.) mercilessly tortured with fictional questions. And about the extinction issue well they were close, but they pulled an act of bluffing in poker, and the Orbing issue.

Wizard-Witches possess magical traits and abilities from both species and they are able to practice both wizardry and witchcraft and can develop unique hybrid abilities, their powers are mostly associated with bright and dark shadows and orbs of their double inheritance.

Billie: What is the difference between the good and evil ones? Does the evil ones also possess Black Orbing?

Christy: No, the are many kinds of orb diversity. Whitelighters and Darklighters have their own, and Wizard-Witches are divided into Photokinesis and Umbrakinesis and shadows in their respected manner.

Billie: Oh crap, If I only knew before about the sensitive subject? how come that you know so much about the wizards?? Do you study Wizards 101.

Christy: (Laughs) No, but close enough.

(Christy goes to a drawer and puts up a thick book and goes to Billie and shows the cover on the book.)

Billie: (Reads) The Evolutionary History of Wizards, is it good?

Christy: Yeah, it is. I didn't know that wizards and witches and sorcerers were related, well, let's take care of that sensitive subject. How does she look like?

Billie: Green eyes, long dark hair, and dressed in brown blouse and blight grey skirt and black leggings and black knee-high boots. And she goes by the name of Adrianna.

Christy: Oh, I know her. Her Living Quarter is some blocks away.

[Ext: Magical Institution / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Kitchenette]

[Int: Magical Institution / Living Quarters / Long Hallway]

(Whilst Christy and Billie is walking Billie looks around into separate divisions with huge amazement.)

Christy: It's overwhelming, isn't?

Billie: What's the school's name?

Christy: F.O.R.C.E. But people just say Force.

Billie: (Confused look and stops for a moment and looks at Christy.) Force??

Christy: It's short for Freedom Organization of Rare Circle of Environment.

Billie: I have never heard about this school, even mentioned about it.

Christy: Well not many in the Magical Community approves this form of school, so they probably kept that a secret. Making F.O.R.C.E. some what ostracized.

Billie: That's horrible.

Christy: (Shakes her head slightly.) Yeah, it is.

Billie: (Thinks) I saw you in the college hall, didn't I?

Christy: Actually, you did see me.

Billie: (Gasping) You little liar, I knew it.

Christy: (She lowers her eyes guiltily.) I had to, you noticed me to quickly. Although, I did felt horrible for lying to you.

Billie: (Confused) Noticed you to quickly?

Christy: Accordingly to the Ancestral Council. You weren't supposed to see me just yet.

Billie: But how did you manage to glamour yourself in front all those students.

Christy: A glamouring spell and a touch of Telepathic Compulsion.

While walking Billie with Christy are in the long hallway, Billie notice a young female student starts to lengthen her canine teeth revealing them into fangs, giving her more facial predatory expression and then tries to scare her friend. Billie pushes Christy slightly and views her sight at the young female student.

Christy: Its more unique magical institution.

Billie: But she is.

Christy: Not your concern. Moving on.

Billie: What kind of school is this anyway??

Christy: Its main purpose is for the relief efforts for the Good Demonically Impaired Beings and for those with unstable extraordinary magical abilities. However, some beings have different reasons while others have been ostracized for what they are.

Billie: (Worried) Aren't you worried about that vampire drinking the blood of the living residences.

Christy: Actually no, they are on a different section of the institution, and that student was a Dhampir.

Billie: (Surprised and stops and looks at Christy.) What?

Christy: Well Dhampirs are Vampire-Human Hybrids.

Billie: (Confused) What? Half-Human Vampires? Never mind? I mean you are not worried?

Christy: Consider this, they aren't allowed to do that.

Billie: (Upset) And we supposed to trust them?

Christy: Calm down, no need to be upset. Well, not to be difficult or judgmental, become so gullible that you tried to vanquished the Charmed Ones like maybe a month after you met the other Christy, for some being captive in a demonic dungeon, she has highlights in her hair, manicured eyebrows, flawless skin, white teeth, and manicured nails.

Billie: Why are you defending them?

Christy: You shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Can we go now?

(And they started to walk again.)

[Ext: Magical Institution / Living Quarters / Long Hallway]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Adrianna's Living Quarter]

Christy: Hi Adrianna.

Adrianna: Hi. I see Harry Potter Girl has regain her consciousness.

Billie: So sorry for the remark before, I have nothing against wizards it was just a simple joke. I was just so stunned seeing you orb. I was more used to seeing beings with Whitelighter or Darklighter inheritance.

Adrianna: That's fine. If you really want to know about wizards, there are books about the wizards at the Library. And there is a funny story about Christy through her cheerleadering phase.

Christy: (Embarrassed and opens her eyes widely.) Well I and Billie need to go bye, (and pulls Billie with her.)

Billie: (Confused look) You were a cheerleader?

Christy: Another time Billie, it was another time.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Adrianna's Living Quarter]

[Int: Los Angeles / A Witch's Apartment / Bathroom]

Cross appears in smoke and fading manner in a bathroom where a witch with newly shaved legs reaches her hand through the shower door to take a towel and wraps it around her and comes out and sees Cross before the witch could do anything, Cross waves her hand forcing the witch to sleep before falling on the ground from the shower, Cross transport the witch with apportation and puts her on the bathroom carpets.

Cross: (Looking at the sleeping witch.) You get to live your life witch, but your boyfriend gets not.

(As she shapeshifts into the witch and takes a towel from the towel shelf rack and wraps it around her and she glows quickly and her clothes disappears.)

[Ext: Los Angeles / A Witch's Apartment / Bathroom]

[Int: Los Angeles / A Witch's Apartment / Bedroom]

(She leaves the bathroom, she noticed the boyfriend waiting for her. Cross turns off the lights and goes and gets in the bed.)

Cross: (Seductive voice) Wait! Tell me you want me.

Boyfriend: I want you.

Cross: Tell me you love me.

Boyfriend: I love you.

[Ext: Los Angeles / A Witch's Apartment / Bedroom]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

Billie and Christy were on their stomachs with legs in the air on the bed, as Christy was watching tv with the remote in her hand at the same time Billie was reading the wizard book.

Christy: (Puts her hands on her temples.) Billie. The Ancestral Council has a proposal concerning your powers.

Billie: Me? Do you know why?

Christy: No. I don't. They just asked for you? Remember look them in the eyes. And don't worry some of them can be easy going. Try to be truthful what you want to say.

Billie: Can you come with? As a moral support? I don't really know them.

Christy: Sure. Why not?

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Long Hallway]

(Whilst Billie and Christy are walking, Billie stops and breathes heavy.)

Christy: Are you well?

Billie: Yeah, just little tired. How can you all just walk all the time in these halls it's exhausting, why can't you just teleport us.

(Christy pulls her sister into an elevator.)

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

Billie and Christy appears in a room through ice and air in tornado like ways, which has a resemblance to a courtroom having pillars and also huge windows which brings a lot of light and a beautiful ancient greek interior design.

Billie: Wow. (Looks at Christy.) I know. It's overwhelming.

[In a way that was not expected Billie hears an invisible voice.]

Council Member: Hi Miss Jenkins.

Billie: (Stunned and looks around.) What the? Where are you?

Council Member: We are here.

(Billie wanted to ask something else but Christy sensed with her Telepathy.)

Christy: Get to the point of why we are here.

Billie: Sure. I wanted to have Christy with me. Hopes it's fine.

Council Member: If you should think you need that. Do you know why you were called?

Billie: Concerning about my powers?

Council Member: How fond are you with your Projection power?

Billie: Well. I have issues on controlling it. Feeling mostly fear I would sooner or later hurt someone. (When Billie started to recall specific memories water based spheres appearing and viewing Billie's thoughts.)

Billie: When I killed a plant and when I turned my presumed parents into assassins. (Christy starts to giggle and sensed that the Council Members were looking at Christy in a serious manner, and Billie later noticed her sister.)

Christy: Sorry.

Billie: I have also done good things. Which requires a lot of focus to get the wanted desires.

Council Member: Which is forcing you to be depended on your Telekinesis. (Billie nods in an agreement.)

Council Member: Would you consider to relinquish your Projection ability in exchange for several new abilities which would be more manageable?

Billie: (Cheerful) Which kind? Can I pick them myself?

Council Member: No.

Billie: What if I choose not to relinquish my Projection ability?

Council Member: Then if you so chooses.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

[Int: Los Angeles / A Witch's Apartment / Bedroom]

(While Cross and the witch's boyfriend are still lying in bed sweaty and warm.)

Cross: That was amazing Darklighter.

Boyfriend: (Stunned) What? (Cross conjures a athame and stabs and vanquishing him.)

Cross: (Touching her stomach, and feeling the change.) Now when I have the immunity against the Dark Elders and Darklighters. First them then the rest of the Magical Community.

(Then Cross disappears through smoke in fading manner from the bed.)

[Ext: Los Angeles / A Witch's Apartment / Bedroom]

[Int: Los Angeles / Unknown Succubus's Apartment]

(Cross appears through smoke in fading manner in front of a Succubus in her native clothing.)

Succubus: What the?

Cross: It's ironic that your species gets stay alive whilst my wasn't.

Succubus: Well. (Attacks Cross with her elastic tongue Cross defends herself with Telekinesis splitting Succubus elastic tongue widely.)

Cross: (Angrily) Try to tongue me, will you?! (The Succubus tries to run mid while her mouth is bleeding, but Cross uses her Telekinesis to stop her and pulling her back.)

Cross: I am gonna burst one of your ribs every time I don't get an answer.

Succubus: You are gonna pay for this treatment.

Cross: Wrong answer.

Cross then moves with her hand and makes a rib burst in Succubus's chest making her scream however, Cross muted the Succubus's voice. Before the Succubus tried to say something a mysterious shadow appeared and threw a fireball vanquishing the Succubus and then mysterious shadow disappears. Cross disappears through smoke in fading manner.

[Ext: Los Angeles / Unknown Succubus's Apartment]

[Int: Underworld / The Demonic Strip Club]

Women are in bikinis or strip outfits or sexy lingerie are dancing on the stage, while demonic men watch them close by, while amongst other demons are sitting on seats getting lap dance from Kieran Demons. And looks like everybody’s enjoying themselves.

Suddenly huge of mist appears through the entrance and Cross appear dressed in a revealing black dress and a pinup hair so she looked like a femme fatale and also had black shoes. Cross was walking to a specific demon. And a Brute Demon crossed her path.

Brute Demon: (Creepy look.) A Dark Wraith? Aren't you supposed to be extinct?

(She walks beside him. He turns around.)

Brute Demon: Demonic toy got a backbone.

(Cross stops and turns around and walks to the Brute Demon.)

Cross: (Seductive look.) Oh. Brute Demons. All muscles. (Shoves her fist through his body and holding his heart and vanquishing him.) No brain.

(Cross walked to the bar where a demon is sitting, and sits on a bar stool next to him.)

Cross: (Seductive look.) Hi, my name is Cross, you do possess Portal Creation, do you?

Demon: Yeah.

Cross: (Seductive look.) Those demons are generally very hot.

(The demon tries to get fresh with Cross, but she reaches into the demon's chest and absorbs his powers. The demon becomes vanquished.)

Cross: Now I possess the same ability.

(She starts to walk out of the exit before stepping out from the Demonic Strip Club, fire images show in Cross's eyes. the mist causes all demons to burst into huge flames.)

[Ext: Underworld / The Demonic Strip Club]

[Int: Los Angeles / Down Town Alley]

(A group of masked burglars pushes young man and woman against the wall. And holds a knife to their throats.)

Masked Man: If you say anything, your throats are gonna be slit off.

Four furies come up behind two of them and one fury scratches his back. They spins around and the two innocents runs away. The marked groups hears voices in their heads and disarming them and falls to their knees. The furies blows smoke in their mouths through the masks. They starts to cough and is engulfed in flames and disappears.

A dark smoke noticed 4 furies and vanquishing 3 of them, and duplicates the fourth fury's physical appearance by surrounding the fury with dark smoke and vanquished the last fury as well. And randomly says " It's good to be back" and goes teleports through smoking.

[Ext: Los Angeles / Down Town Alley]

[Int: Underworld / Cross's Lair]

(And appears through smoke.)

Unknown Being: (Looking at Cross.) Have you lost your mind pathetic ingrate? Why are you attracting attention to yourself?

Cross: A Fury? Who are you?

Unknown Being: My name is Denitra. I didn't free you from your eternal prison to draw attention to yourself.

Cross: Kill her!

(Denitra fires powerful beam-like blasts of flames instantly vanquishing several Dark Wraiths. Then using telekinetic force to choke Cross and lifting her up.)

Denitra: (Serious look.) Look here. To make my plan work, we can not draw attention to us, although you are fading all over and making it harder for me when you are trying to get seen by Beings of the Light. As we are not ready to face them.

Cross: Furies don't have these powers.

Denitra: I am not a fury. I just duplicated a fury's physical appearance and powers.

[Ext: Underworld / Cross's Lair]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Entertainment Division]

(Christy and Billie was playing Wii Sports Resort, and suddenly she starts to hear thoughts.)

Guy #1: Check out Christy wow she is freakishly hot what a perfection dynamite!.

(Some minutes later on Christy and Billie walks to those guys.)

Christy: Hi, Thanks I guess, one of my abilities is that I am an Telepath.

Guy #1: Oh, Mm.

Christy: So my boobs or my body aren't your concern. and please, strongly consider this, me and my sister are so out of your league, it's ridiculous.

Billie: That's an understatement of the century.

(The other guys starts to laugh at Guy #1 gets embarrassed. and Billie and Christy both walk away.)

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Entertainment Division]

The End.

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