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Ancestry Quest - Episode 1x10 - The Neutral Element / Season Finale

[Int: Unknown Island / Christy’s Tree Bungalow]

(Billie and Christy are sitting at the dinnering table and has their each wooden bowls with fruits and vegetables.)

Christy: Well, I tried to keep me hidden from them while I was creating a shelter, and it took me nearly 2 weeks to finish the Tree Bungalow. However, in my third week when I started to gather food when this solar eclipse starts to appear and I started to run I was captured by the Tribe Members.

[Int: Christy's Past Memory / Tribe Community / Jungle]

Christy was deeper into the Jungle. As she was running from the solar eclipse. A Tribe Member catches Christy of guard from behind and savagely smashes her against a tree, cracking a branch. Christy falls to the ground, dazed. Christy, half conscious, bleeding from the head, Christy scratches him savagely across the face with her home made knife, as she tries to run the Tribe Member grunts angrily. He throws a huge extremely sharp and jagged nail, a shortly afterwards Christy screams out in pain, as her hand is nailed to a tree. The Tribe Member slaps her cross the head, instantly shutting her up, then collapses on the ground. The Tribe Members watches her as she falls, and smirks.

[Ext: Christy's Past Memory / Tribe Community / Jungle]

[Int: Christy's Past Memory / Tribe Community / Random Room]

Female Member is watching on the peculiar creature placed on the medical table in front of her. When the Female Member looks to see if she is alone, she starts to rip of Christy's t-shirt revealing her to wear a light based push up bra, the Female Member picks up a device under the table which looks like a black squid tentacle with a green gem as she puts on Christy's chest. The green gem starts to glow while tendrils extend itself from the device start to wrap themselves around her upper body and a red glow appears and it looks like it was charging. She carries Christy into a large, green organic rectangular machine and she goes into the second rectangular machine a huge flash comes from the machines, some minutes later on Christy emerges out the other side, with a large breathing mask attached over her face, as well as being dressed in a skin-tight dark green leather diving suit, but from the another machine, the Female Member is converted into an early twenties attractive brunette caucasian woman dressed in Christy's repaired clothing. She is taken off guard of the sight how beautiful she is. After she placed Christy in storage she disappeared.

[Ext: Christy's Past Memory / Tribe Community / Random Room]

Billie: Oh, Did it hurt you?

Christy: No, it didn't.

Billie: What was it doing?

Christy: From what I saw on my Telepathic TV, She wanted to copy my genetic makeup. So she could use the device to convert her into the person she would have been if she was born as a human. As I was to no more use she left me in a storage.

Billie: Alright, but see it from a bright side? At least she didn't get you naked. Haha.

Christy: Really? There is a bright side to being examed by a weird creature and trapped in a water tank in nearly a month?

Billie: Yes, they could have done much more worse. Considering how many horrible movies we saw together. For example when we saw that movie, when that chick met that guy and they had sex and she was pregnant with his monstrous spawn, and the whole birth scene was seriously messed up.

Christy: Dear Gosh, I forgot about that movie, I supposed you are right. I couldn't sleep well for 2 days after I saw that movie.

Billie: Have you been a vegetarian all this time?

Christy: I had to. There is really not much to eat here.

Billie: How did you escape?

Christy: Well they had a public auction and I was bought by the highest bidder. And when they were about to brand me, I fought my way out. If you don't mind, I would like to get away from this island.

Billie: (Laughs) Really? But aren't you gonna miss your friends?

Christy: So the joke is on me?

(And pinches hard on Billie's arm.)

Billie: (Holding on her arm.) Ouch! Mom and Dad told you to stop pinching me.

(Christy pinches hard on Billie's arm again.)

Billie: (Holding on her arm.) Ouch!

Christy: Yeah, they did. but Mom and Dad aren't here. Now make with the portal.

Billie: Or what? (Christy is threatening to pinch her little sister again.) Sorry.

(Billie looks at her left pawn as the Key of Life appears through a light based glow.)

Christy: (Stunned) What is that?

Billie: Its called the Key of Life, it was a hell to gain this artifact.

(Billie has an intense concentration of attention with strong emotions and vivid imagination of Rathmere, although, when she opens her eyes, nothing happens.)

Christy: What happened, what went wrong?

Billie: I don't know. It suppose to create a portal.

Christy: Let me try.

Billie gives Christy the sphere and it sparked a tiny indistinct white beam begins to form around the artifact, starts to rise. After a short moment the beam loses its intensity and disappears.

Billie: What did you do?

Christy: I didn't do anything. (Christy looks at Billie's facial expression) Maybe this has nothing really to do with me, but instead to do with you?

Billie: What?

Christy: Even without my telepathic powers, I still know how to look into a person’s heart. And you have a tell. When you are worried or something like that.

Billie: Do I have a tell? What is it?

Christy: (Smirks) Did you really think I would tell that?

Billie: Come on.

Christy: Sorry. Leverage. So talk or we could stay here forever.

Billie: You are not giving me much of choice here.

Christy: (Listens) Oh dear.

Billie: (Confused) What?

Christy: Don't you hear that?

Billie: (Confused) Hear what?

Christy: It's gonna rain.

Billie: So?

Christy: It's commonly safer, when it rains at light weeks, but when it rains at night and removes the gel.

Billie: But the gel cloak this place?

Christy: Yeah.

Billie: So when rain washes it off, we are exposed to those flying creatures?

Christy: That's right.

Billie: Well, let's talk. when you were shoved into the portal, I didn't think anything. I just jumped in. Every time I found you. You disappeared. When I discovered you were alive. I started to open up. But you disappeared again.

Christy: Didn't mean to.

Billie: I know. You didn't. It's basically the story of my life. I met someone and then they leave.

Christy: Who?

Billie: I met this great guy named Rathmere.

Christy: (Confused) Rathmere?

Billie: He is a wizard, Did you know that Merlin is real, he is actually real. No myth, But real. I met him. He is totally awesome dude.

Christy: You are started to date? In ancient times? Tell me little about him.

Billie: He is that kind of guy, I can see myself having a serious relationship, maybe getting married one day and have children with. But now.

Christy: You are afraid, when we are back in our time. You will never see him or meet a guy like him.

Billie: That's right.

Christy: Billie. I know how you feel. But consider that wizards are immortal. So you will meet Rathmere again.

Billie: You are such a liar.

Billie and Christy starts to laugh, the sphere glows and sends out highly concentrated light based beam of bolts which opens two portals nearby. Through one portal its to Avalorianna and to the other one the Dark Palace as both of the sisters could see into the Throne Chamber.

Christy: That's my kind of girl. Let's go.

Billie: I need to go and stop Aeromos.

Christy: We won. you don't have to.

Billie: I have to.

Christy: Billie.

Billie: You know, that I have to.

Christy: Really, because some ridiculous prophecy says so?

Billie: It's not ridiculous. If it were, I would have never found you. That's why Denitra was so messed up, even due she was a copy of you, she was never found.

Christy: I don't care. You are not going.

Billie: Yeah, I am.

Christy: No. You are not.

(Christy tries to take on Billie's hand, but there is a shield holding her in place. Christy punches on the shield.)

Billie: Sorry, Christy. What makes you think you have a choice in this?

Christy: (Gritting her teeth) Let me out.

Billie: If I don't follow through this, what do you expect to do in our time? He is merged with the Hollow. Only this Goddess can stop him. You know the Hell I went through thinking I vanquished you and the Noxon Demons killed our parents? Tell me, do you really wanna go through that?

(Billie makes a hand gesture and the shield disappears. Christy still upset.)

Christy: You are right, but come back. Promise me, that you will come back.

Billie: Promise.

(Christy is very concerned and worried, and Billie notices this and goes and hugs Christy,)

Billie: Christy. It's okay. You shouldn't worry so much, I will be fine.

Christy: I can't help it.

Billie: You can get wrinkles.

(Christy disconnects the hug and the Jenkins sisters smile at each other as, they started to step in their each portal.)

[Ext: Unknown Island / Christy’s Tree Bungalow]

[Int: The Dark Palace / The Throne Chamber]

Billie steps out of the portal as the portal closes up behind her. Aeromos is sitting on his throne chair and dressed in the same clothing, Aeromos stands up and walks from his throne. As he is surprised to see Billie as he looks at the display case, discovering it was an illusion of the sword.

Billie: Hi Idiot.

Aeromos: My Seer went to see how you were doing, and she didn't come back.

Billie: I killed her. I wanted to shut her up.

Aeromos: Really. Now, give me the artifacts.

Billie: (Cocky) Gee, I so don't see that happening.

Aeromos: It's a rare opportunity to kill you. I can't tell you how long I have waited for your return. You are here to face your end, brave warrior. It pleases me to eliminate you.

Billie: You would be surprised to see what a little girl could do. You want me. Then come and take me, I bet you are acting like you are all strong and powerful, but when you come to it, you are just weak.

Aeromos: Wanna test your sword against mine?

Billie: Sure.

Billie's shield expends throwing everybody from her. Billie walks to toward him and begins punching him in the face. Aeromos grabs her hand, and unleashed a powerful gust of dark energy that resemble smoke through with his left hand throwing her into the wall. Aeromos stands up and reaches out his arm and grabs on his samurai sword from the scabbard from his back, as he comes back swinging with his sword as he tries to stab Billie and he misses as she punches him in the face. He attacks and then their swords connects and sparks appears, Aeromos attacks by swinging with his sword in various stabbing and cutting gestures as Billie anticipates his every strike and avoids them easily. Aeromos fires a fireball at Billie, but she generated her shield which reflects of the shield and throws him backwards.

Aeromos: You little witch, you will pay for this.

Billie: Oh, did you hurt your arm?

Aeromos: Did you really think that I raised to power by playing fair.

Aeromos unleashed a powerful gust of dark energy of smoke which was spreading through the whole Throne Chamber preventing Billie from seeing. Billie was holding her sword with both hands as it was glowing as she closes her eyes with an intense concentration of attention, as he attacks in the darkness and Billie avoids his attacks and with her mind she launches a telekinetic blast and punching him in the face as he falls and rolls over on the ground breaking his cloak. Aeromos while getting up he is stunned to notice that his army is escaping by teleporting away and disappearing to various ways to the Underworld while he is fighting with Billie.

Billie: (Cocky) Gee. Talk about having loyalty issues.

(Suddenly Aeromos's eyes are completely covered in dark shadows. Billie is surprised to discover this.)

Billie: (worried): The Nexus. But this must mean....

Aeromos: That's right. My sword is almost like yours. However, mine is embodied with the Nexus.

The irises on Billie's eyes glows making her gasp as both entities are in full consciousness and control. As he levitates in the air and attacking with his sword towards Billie their swords connects again while holding against each other, shards are starting to appear on Aeromos's sword which causes his sword to explode and unleashing the Nexus. As the Nexus rises out of the shards of his broken sword. The Nexus looks at Billie and then it looks at a terrified Aeromos and attacks and swirls around him as it disappears with him, as Billie's eyes return to normal again. The Dark Palace is starting to shake and which is being sucked into the ground by the Source Of All Evil for Aeromos's failed attempt on the Source's throne. The Key of Life sends a scream to alert Billie as it appears in her left pawn. Three-dimensional holographic map of the location of the Cradle of Time appears from the Key of Life in front of her. Instantly Billie disappears through combination of concentrated bright smoke and electricity.

[Ext: The Dark Palace / The Throne Chamber]

[Int: Resting Place of the Cradle of Time]

Billie appears and she rolls on the ground and stops on her track. The lava flows around the vast room. Architecture definitely indicates this was built for the holy artifact, the ceiling is very high, pyramid-shaped. In two corner of the room, there is two vessels contain two different shaped key holes for the Key of Life and the Ethereal Sword. In the middle, resting above a pedestal the holy artifact as it was slight rotating. When Billie gets on her feet as all of her artifacts flows and carefully joins it together in their respective key holes as it starts to glow and a silver beam from the sword and orange from crystal causes the Cradle of Time to glow. The atmosphere is seen to be safe, as Billie is still able to breathe, she is confused on what she needs to do.

Billie: Nobody told me how all this works. Theoretically, yes! I supposed to found these artifacts to save some lives which are needed. I don't have the reference book. I have never seen the artifacts work before!

She sighs really depressed. As Billie started to remember of her parents and Christy, a yellow beam pops up like a ray of sunlight.

(Vision: A hydrokinetic screen appears viewing a vision when Past Billie discovered that her real family is alive.)

Billie can't believe her eyes that she has discovered how the artifacts work. Suddenly the vision dissolves and changes into a much different vision.

(Vision: A hydrokinetic screen shows viewing a vision of a much different Billie and one brown haired guy and a red haired girl she never met before, they seemed all to be very close together as Mikelle orbed in from nowhere.)

Bilie: Alright. Which are the life I suppose to save?

(Vision: A hydrokinetic screen shows viewing a several visions of the images of Melinda Warren and Patricia Halliwell and the town of Avalorianna and herself.)

Billie: What now?

(Instantly Billie disappears through combination of concentrated bright smoke and electricity.)

[Ext: Resting Place of the Cradle of Time]

[Int: 1891 / Salem / Massachusetts / Downtown / Farmers Market]

The street is full of people walking around. Melinda Warren appears walking right in the middle of everyone. Matthew Tate is seen looking at her, as Billie appears behind a house. As Matthew attempts to approach to Melinda, Billie hurries in.

Billie: You are Melinda Warren. Right?

Melinda; Yes. And who might you be?

Billie: Let's say, I am a close friend.

(As soon as Billie joins hands with Melinda and close their eyes. Melinda starts shaking. The shaking stops and both of them opens their eyes. Billie sneaks an Absorption Athame inside a pocket on Melinda's dress and lets go of Melinda's hands.)

Melinda: Thank you, blessed be.

(Billie goes behind a house as she slowly disappears through combination of concentrated bright smoke and electricity.)

[Ext: 1891 / Salem / Massachusetts / Downtown / Farmers Market]

[Int: 1975 / Camp Skylark / Early Morning]

Billie appears as she notices where she is, Billie smiles as she remembers how fun she used to have at Camp Skylark, her golem parents used to send Billie there while they were searching for Christy, Billie remembers how sadden she was about Mrs. Johnson. She was like a grandmother to Billie, but she started to questioned if she still had some false memories. She starts walking towards the dock. She stands on the edge of it, the water starts bubbling next to it.

Billie: Listen here you water bastard. Your demon days are over. Because this witch is gonna make you sorry.

The water demon rises out from under the water, as it was about to sweep over Billie like a wave to enter her body. She telekinetically propelling herself into the air moving backwards through the air slightly avoiding his attack. Billie telekinetically shoves the power cables inside in the Water Demon as the power turns on and the water demon gets electrocuted and dehydrated. Billie noticed that the lights went on the cabin, as Billie slowly disappears through combination of concentrated bright smoke and electricity, as Mrs. Johnson comes out to see what's going on at the dock.

[Ext: 1975 / Camp Skylark / Early Morning]

[Int: 1904 / Hidden Forest]

The female Spider Demon appeared from her cave, as she was sensing a powerful being. A young Rathmere appears to look at the door and sighs with relief. He turns to face with the spider demon, plunging her hand onto his chest and starts to feed. She moans as Rathmere starts to crumple to the floor as his life energy is sucked out of him. The Spider demon is kneeling over him. It finishes feeding, as she lifts her hand clear and looks down at him. He isn't dead, although, very elderly.

Spider Demon: Before I take you to my lair. How many more are after me? It would be better if you told me. This is your last chance. Tell me ... (she raises her hand threateningly) ... how many more?

Billie has arrived and glances quickly around a tree behind the Spider demon before ducking back out of sight. Billie has come up behind the tree and now, Billie snatches out a knife, runs up behind the Spider demon and holds it against Spider demon's throat.

Billie: One wrong move, if you try to disappear as a spider. I will pull off each leg until you behave. It's amazing what you can read about your species.

Spider Demon: What do you want?

Billie: You are gonna give back what you took. Then you are gonna leave.

Spider Demon: If I should restore him back, how can I be sure, you would go back on your word and killing me anyway?

Billie: But witches do save the innocents. But if you don't, I will rip you apart.

The Spider demon begins to reach towards Rathmere. The Spider demon gently puts her hand onto Rathmere's chest as he begins to regenerate, after short moments, Rathmere is back to his normal handsome self as the Spider Demon lifts her hand exhausted. Billie gets off her as the Spider demon leaves.

Billie: Are you all right?

(Billie disappeared, before Rathmere sees her.)

Rathmere: I don't know. That was so strange.

The Spider demon attacks taking a lunging sweep at Rathmere, but Rathmere turns around hand gestures causing the Spider demon to immediately encapsulating her in ice, as it easily shatters against a stone.

[Ext: 1904 / Hidden Forest]

[Int: Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bedroom]

(Christy starts to look around Rathmere's bedroom. As she is confused on where she is.)

Christy: (Confused) Where am I?

Christy is standing in the bedroom, when Rathmere walks out of the bathroom with his brown towel wrapped around his waist. Christy is shocked at the sight of Rathmere as her jaw dropped, Rathmere looks at Christy and confused as Rathmere is embarrassed.

Rathmere: Excuse me, who are you?

(Christy has it hard to start to speak as no sound is coming from her mouth, as she finally snaps out it. )

Christy: I am Billie's sister.

Rathmere: Let me guess. She thought of me and the Key of Life send her to me.

(While Christy is is embarrassed she is nodding with her head.)

Christy: Could we not tell this to Billie?

Rathmere: I think it would be wise thing to do. Excuse me, while I go get changed.

(Rathmere was about to walk into the bathroom again to get changed.)

[Ext: Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bedroom]

[Int: Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Kitchen]

Christy leads out the door, as she is still shock of sight of Rathmere. But she knows that he is Billie's boyfriend. If Christy does anything, Billie could send her back to the Island. She hears someone walks to the door she quickly walks away from the door. As Rathmere comes out from the bedroom being dressed in black trousers and light grey sleeveless vest.

Christy: Do you mind if I take a shower and change into more fresher clothes?

Rathmere: No, I wouldn't mind. Go a head. We can then all eat.

Christy: Thanks. I thought you would never ask.

Rathmere: (Confused) What?

Christy: It's just an expression.

Rathmere: Well, I have things to do. So have a nice day.

(As Christy walks in the bedroom and closes the door.)

[Ext: Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Kitchen]

[Int: Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bedroom]

A portal opens above the bed as Billie falls through the portal and lands on the bed. Christy is wrapped into a white bathrobe on and a grey towel in her hair. As Christy is looking in the wardrobe with rails and hooks for hanging clothes. She sees a various different clothes and from vests and tops and dresses as well as shoes.

Christy: Billie?

Billie: Yeah?

Christy: What are you doing here?

Billie: I am done with my part of the Prophecy.

Christy: This is little embarrassing but you have any bras I can borrow? preferably a push up bra? Like you know. Gravity is a bitch, especially when you are running for your life. (As Billie gets of the bed and gives some clothes to her sister, as Christy walks behind a the dressing screen, she throws the bathrobe on the top of the dressing screen. After some time, Christy comes out wearing a long light grey dress.) I feel great, it was a long time since I got to take a good shower and actual comfortable bra. Nice dress.

Billie: Thanks, I wore it after my injuries were healed, and I was strong enough to walk.

(Billie and Christy go and sit on the bed.)

Christy: So tell me a little about this Prophecy.

Billie: It states that a Warrior will appear from a different time who is able to weld the Ethereal Sword, she will gain the Key of Life to locate the Cradle of Time.

Christy: (Sarcastic) Who names these things?

Billie: Yeah. I know! Right?

Christy: Billie, can I ask you one thing? And can you answer me honest?

Billie: Sure, what is it?

Christy: If Denitra would intending to redeem herself at the end, would you ever accept her as your sister?

Billie: Why?

Christy: I have been asking myself that same question. Beside what she had done, she wanted a family and someone to love and care for her. But she wasn't capable of having love or care for anyone.

Billie: No, I would never accept her as my sister. As you can never trust a Life Essence.

Christy: That's not really what I ask?

Billie: I rather be called biased, either way, I would still vanquish her in a heart beat.

Christy: What if I was like her?

Billie: I would tried to dis empowered you, and find a really good psychiatrist.

(Christy started bursting out laughing and they hug again and after a while disconnects the hug.)

Christy: Good thing that you wouldn't give up on me.

Billie: Just a heads up. Rathmere will try to stuff us with too much food so we don't get hungry almost through the day, but he means well.

Christy: Great, I am looking forward to it, as I haven't had a good dinner for a long time.

[Ext: Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bedroom]

[Int: Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Kitchen]

At the dinnering table with full of fruits and food and another rare delicacies, Billie is eating seductively her ice cream sundae while having an eye contact with Rathmere, as Christy is next to her almost devouring an enormous amount of food, without having the most atrocious table manners ever seen, Billie and Rathmere couldn't withstand just watching each other so they went to the bedroom as Christy pretends like she has no idea.

[Ext: Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Kitchen]

[Int: Avalorianna]

After some time Christy is seen outside and walking she can see a beautiful landscape and within a very quaint and attractive town with heavy on stone and brick construction. While another parts of the town are constructed with wooden huts roofed with straw, Theodora has a line has been strung from one of the uprights of the fence and many sheets and clothing are draped over it. She notices Christy walking around and she walks to her.

Theodora: Are you lost, my friend?

Christy: (Stunned) No, I am not lost.

Theodora: I heard you are the Savior's sister?

Christy: Yeah, I am.

Theodora: Where is she?

Christy: She is busy with her love.

Theodora: She never gave up on you.

(Billie appeared running really fast with Rathmere towards Theodora and Christy.)

Christy: Hi.

Billie: Well I found the Cradle of Time, and I saved many lives, however, this town needs to find a different place.

Theodora: Why?

Billie: I had my last vision, according to my vision the Source will find us. (Billie turns to Rathmere.) Rathmere! Before you leave. I am so sorry. (Billie walks close to Rathmere and gives him a real passionate kiss, and hugs him and then Theodora.) I don't know what I would have done without you two.

Theodora: Our pleasure.

Rathmere: Who knows, maybe we will meet again.

Billie: I hope so.

(As Rathmere and Theodora leave to warn others. Christy goes close to Billie.)

Christy: Where is your artifact, so we can finally go home.

Billie: I don't have them anymore.

Christy: What?

Billie: I am not the Warrior anymore.

(A vortex opens and the Jenkins Sisters get sucked into it.)

[Ext: Avalorianna]

[Int: San Francisco / Golden Gate Park / Night Time]

It's pouring down with rain from the sky at night as the world seems to be in ruins, as the mystical boundaries are gone, Billie remembers what's gonna happened. However, she is separated from her sister, as Billie starts to look around the Woogyman appears as a sentient cloud.

The Woogyman: I see that you have return, Warrior.

Billie: Which is it now? Aeromos or the Dark Vessel.

The Woogyman: (Angry Roar) I should have known it was you.

The Woogyman used his power of Energy Projection which he manipulates a very powerful a kinetic blast out directly at Billie as death was near. Christy appears quickly pushed Billie aside the kinetic blast had massive strong effect on Christy making her soar through the air and slammed through a wooded wall. Billie runs to Christy as she falls to her knees, wet and trembling Billie is crying as tears rolling from her eyes down to her cheeks, which is meeting the raindrops as she is slowly getting drenched in rain as she lifted Christy's head and began to cradle her. Billie crying in the pouring rain as she is hoping and waiting for a reply.

Billie: Christy, Why did you risk your life? Why would you do something stupid like this? I love you! don't you understand that? I love you, Christy! I love you! I can't be without you!

Suddenly Christy's body glows brightly as it dissolves, and the soul floats out and goes up in the sky and five extremely powerful and violent and destructive elemental twisters appears that shatters everything in its path, surrounds the soul and mixing itself together into single different element. When they disappear, revealing Christy as the Goddess of Neutrality in ancient toga clothing, hovering high in the sky and glowing in bright holy light, with single look with her eyes sends a wave of destruction wiping all of the Dark Wraiths.

Billie: (Surprised) Christy?

Christy: Yeah. Billie.

Billie: (Stunned) You. You. You are.

Christy: A goddess? Yeah, I am. I am gonna remake the world Billie.

Billie: (Stunned) Whoa, whoa, Christy that's not you who are talking.

Christy: The Dark Wraiths are a mistake in the Grand Design.

The Woogyman: I will destroy you all.

(The Goddess of Neutrality turns around and looks at the Woogyman.)

Christy: You tried to destroy the Grand Design, and doing so you have destroyed the lives of magical and non magical lives. How do you justified yourself? Don't you feel any regret for things you have done?

The Woogyman: I don't have to explain myself for anybody, I did something nobody dared to do.

Christy: It's time for you to leave both worlds for good.

The Woogyman makes angry roar, as he render him self intangible and generates and manipulates shadows into very strange fierce looking claw-like instruments and attacks, Christy launches herself as bright energy at the Woogyman. The two beings rush at each other and colliding with together with resulted with a huge blast.

The Woogyman: Die. Goddess.

Christy: No, I am forever.

As both entities are battling with each other, with her hands, Christy blast him from herself, as he gets shoved into the ground, she follows after, as they continue to battle with each other under ground. It's like a major earthquake, as the Woogyman flies out of the ground and falls and rolls over the ground, who whirls a reforms into an grey skinned wrinkly elderly man dressed in a black rode with a hood, Christy hovers from the ground.

The Woogyman tries to attack her, but she blocks every punch. She grabs his head.

Christy: You picked the wrong goddess to mess with, you could never hope to prevent my return.

She picks him up and kicks him against the wall. She shoves her right hand into his chest, he holds with his hand as he is gasping for air, as she finally rips out his heart. The Woogyman groans as he falls to the ground, and vanishes through dark shadows, and the Hollow floats out of him. Christy moves her hand and the Hollow moves toward her. As she looks at it.

Christy: This little thing has cause so many problems. Let's return it to its home.

She moves her hand, as a light appears and a hole opens in the sky. as a turbulent, dark red sky, as she moves her hand and the Hollow moves toward the portal and disappears from view. Billie looks at her sister.

Billie: Will I ever see you again?

Christy: Have faith.

(She looks up as she has her hands down and screams and the flow of time starts to rewind itself.)

[Ext: San Francisco / Golden Gate Park / Night Time]

[Int: Unknown Place / Clouds all around]

(Christy and Billie has notice that they were dressed in white dresses with white shoes.)

Christy: Can anybody help us? Why are we here?

(Some sparks appears reveals an Angel of Destiny.)

Christy: Who are you?

Angel of Destiny: Hi both of you, I am here to tell you, that you have fulfilled your destiny as the Goddess of Neutrality and as the Warrior by fixing a great flaw on the Grand Design. The Triad some how discovered that it was Billie's Destiny to be the Warrior, as they never suspected Christy to be the Goddess of Neutrality. So in the way to gain Billie's trust, Christy was kidnap to create Denitra and turning you into a sleep agent, if you should ever find the second child, you would kill her. So they could gain a foothold on your Projection and prevent the return of the Goddess of Neutrality.

Christy: (Confused) I thought I was going to remake the world? That felt good. I felt so complete and universal, nothing could have put me down.

Angel of Destiny: You did, Billie managed to find the most powerful magic of all. Love, by the way, thought you would like to know, just a heads up for things to come in the future that you two will have some surprises.

Christy: Surprises? Which kind of surprises? I just wiped out the Dark Wraiths and the Dark Vessel to extinction, I think we deserve to know. Where are we?

Angel of Destiny: (Laughs) Free will and all. Which means you have to take the good with the bad. You will find out soon. All in good time Christy, all in good time. Just have faith.

(Then the Angel of Destiny disappears in sparkles, and everything turns into bright clouds.)

[Ext: Unknown Place / Clouds all around]

The End.

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