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Ancestry Quest - Episode 3x1 - The Mirrors of the Worlds

[Int: Los Angeles / Chroncastle Research Facility / A Week Later On / Night Time]

There is a sign on a small concrete building that reads Chroncastle Research Facility which implies for a possible hidden underground structure a black van stops at the concrete building, then several masked men jump out of the back and disappear into the building.

[Ext: Los Angeles / Chroncastle Research Facility / A Week Later On / Night Time]

[Int: Los Angeles / Chroncastle Research Facility / Underground Containment Laboratory]

After some time has passed a security camera is seen to be mounted above, there is one female surgeon and couple of medical assistants revealed to be wearing surgical gloves as they are examining the unconscious Vetala which is strapped down to the examining table, as they are looking at the body fluids, muscle tissue, as the time has passed some of them can't take the smell as they are seen grabbing their foreheads due to the lack of ventilation in there.

[Ext: Los Angeles / Chroncastle Research Facility / Underground Containment Laboratory]

[Int: Los Angeles / Chroncastle Research Facility / Conference Room]

Above the Containment Laboratory, there is a glass window and the doors open and the board of directors are dressed in expensive suits move to the mahogany conference table and take their seats and they are watching several screens of different angles of the Containment Laboratory below, the guards comes in carrying Elana Dominguez and then they leave, one of the Board of the Directors uses a remote to start the holographic projection as they are looking at the holographic wall.

[Int: Holographic Projection / KCSF Channel 8 / Elana's Office / Next Morning]

There was about a hour before the news was revealed, Elana is seen sitting at her office with her feet on the desk while she was talking on her cell phone, but she hears someone knocks on the office door. Elana ends her call.

Elana: Come in.

Dave: Elana. The District Attorney, Nathaniel Pratt is here to see you.

Nathaniel: Nice to meet you.

Elana: You too.

Dave: He has a private matter to discuss with you. I will let you two get acquainted.

Nathaniel: Thank you.

[Dave leaves.]

Elana: What brings you to my office, Mr. Pratt?

Nathaniel: You are very direct, Miss. Dominguez.

Elana: I report the truth, if you haven't noticed that,

Nathaniel: Because you have a unique way of revealing the most buried secrets, I have a story for you.

Elana: I don't report fictional stories no matter from who they are.

Nathaniel: I will let you decide what it's worth to you.

Then he puts his laptop in front of her and pressed play, Elana did not show interest. But if this gets him out faster out of her office. After some time later on she was glowing as she wants to explode.

[Ext: Holographic Projection / KCSF Channel 8 / Elana's Office / Next Morning]

(As one of the directors turns off the Holographic Projection.)

Board Director: We have much to cover. So let's get right to it. Let's talk about Elana. Has everyone reviewed her file? (All of them around the table starts to nod.) Great. Advice?"

Board Director 3: We should try and negotiate a truce with them. We stop chasing them and they don't expose us.

(Elana starts to laugh as the board of directors turns and looks at her.)

Elana: I am sorry. I didn't expect you to be so naive.

Board Director: Is there something you would like to share?

Elana: You lack of courage, Nathaniel didn't.

Board Director: You escaped for a while, thought we would never found you. What the hell happened?

Elana: You wouldn't gonna listen, you wanted truce with them to save yourself. We took a calculated plan in the hopes of guiding the world toward our way of doing.

Board Director 2: You failed.

Board Director: They tricked you to be radical and caused sympathy to the Magical Community.

Elana: That was not our intention.

Board Director 3: They have turned the table on us. They knew they couldn't stop us. In order to expose us, they had to compromise their secrecy.

Elana: So you are throwing me to the wolves to save yourself.

Board Director 3: We have to assure our own survival.

Elana: The survival of the board of the birectors? Or this company?

(The Board Director 3 looks round to the guards, who puts up their weapons towards Elana.)

Board Director: We tie up loose ends.

Elana: plan to kill me? Because you do not wanna do that. I knew you would try and turn on me. I had downloaded varies copies on flash drives of your online activities connecting you to various actions over the years. If I am dead, they will go public.

(Immediately one of the board of directors gestures to the guards to lower their weapons.)

Board Director: You are a piece of work, Miss, Dominguez.

Elana: I know, that's what people tell me. (She sees the Vetala on the screens and then noticed the arm of the Vetala is moving while unnoticed by the board of the directors.) So the plan is to use these things to hunt witches? If they fear them, I would assume you would too.

Board Director: We have them under control.

Elana: Do you really? My concern is that I want be left alone. I will keep my flash drives, that's my insurance, if I am watched, I will go public.

Board Director: In exchange for your life?

Elana: Yeah. Just like that.

Board Director: Sure, you are free.

Elana: Have a nice life. (She turns and leaves.)

Board Director: Keep a close eye on her. Until we know more, we need to proceed with caution. (And the other board of the directors nods.) This may just be the start of our problems.

[Ext: Los Angeles / Chroncastle Research Facility / Conference Room]

[Int: Los Angeles / Chroncastle Research Facility / Underground Containment Laboratory]

Unseen by anyone the eyes open, a horrid shrieking sound is heard all of them begin to scream in pain as the creature regenerates. They all cover their ears with their hands and fall to their knees, the Vetala suddenly springs up, the restraining straps snapping.

Before they can get up one of the Vetala's wings smashes one of the assistants across the face and sent sprawling backwards. The creature clamps her fangs onto throat of the surgeon, as the blood rushes out, the creature is disgusted to discover the company smells of wiccan genes while the victim is mortal and slamming her back against the wall and falls down and dies, the assistants rushes to the door as they try to open it. The Vetala reaches for a assistant and lifts the victim up and flings the body to smash the lights as well the security camera above.

The Vetala begins to scream at different tones to telepathically reach out that she needs help and then reads that other Vetalas are coming from distant parts to her location, the assistants have seen that the creature don't seem interested in them anymore.

Medical Assistant: What is she doing?

Medical Assistant 4: I think she is calling others of her kind.

Medical Assistant 2: It must have been captured on a purpose.

Medican Assistant: Captured on a purpose? For what reason?

Medical Assistant 3: So it could find this facility.

[Ext: Los Angeles / Chroncastle Research Facility / Underground Containment Laboratory]

[Int: Los Angeles / Chroncastle Research Facility / Underground Hallway]

Many of the people have heard screams and horrible noises coming from the laboratory, as many of the guards draws guns and looks to the security monitors with alarm. The screens are out of service and the door are heard taking in blows and starts to bend and melt and sees the Vetala as the guards start to fire with their guns, after a while they notice it doesn't work then another guard comes starts to unload the shotgun on the Vetala as it staggers back, everytime the guard fires the creature, and it staggers back and the guard through the hole with each shot and pushes back the Vetala. But suddenly, the shotgun is empty. Then a few seconds goes the creature has healed, many people turns and runs even as the door is tearing off its hinges.

[Ext: Los Angeles / Chroncastle Research Facility / Underground Hallway]

[Int: San Francisco / Homeland Security / Agent Murphy's Office / A Week Later On / Day Time]

Agent Murphy is sitting at his desk as he was watching on varies TV Screens where there is news montage about the battle of Mount Everest, as there are various reports of what happened. Some people just in public talking to each other about magic. and some of them happy that the Magical Community are protecting the world and then the TV is turned off as Agent Murphy turns to the TV monitors he is shown to have meeting with the US Congress via satellite feeds.

Congressman 1: What are we dealing with here? Do we have any countermeasures or defense?

Agent Murphy: Making them the enemy is not the answer, before the battle we were asked to stay out of their way, but we were given some information from their authorities.

Congressman 1: The District Attorney, Nathaniel Pratt was killed.

Agent Murphy: Not by them. Remember Project: Rebirth.

Congressman 2: That project was shut down long ago.

Agent Murphy: No, it never was. Nathaniel Pratt just transferred it to a company called Chroncastle Research Facility. He spend years setting his plan up and having financial resources provided to make his project possible and his army who disguised as soldiers. Like it or not. He caused an unprovoked a biological weapon attack, the Magical Community saw this as act of war. Lucky, I was able to help them to find a cure otherwise, it could have caused a dark future.

Congressman 4: What is the status of the Facility?

Agent Murphy: It has been destroyed and left many lifeless remains when those pale creatures began targeting everyone which was seen at the battle of Mount Everest.

Congressman 4: What about the another magical beings? Could they be considered hostile?

Agent Murphy: It should be depend how we negotiate with them. After the impact of the virus did on the Magical Community.

Congressman 3: Why didn't they tell us?

Agent Murphy: What's the point? Would you have believed them anyway? Nathaniel Pratt doesn't care either way, he wants them dead even if many are living here peacefully. Most of them are decent enough, just trying to make a living. He was working with a demonic fraction called Members of the Circle and an ambitious reporter searching for fame. Miss. Elana Dominguez. She was waiting for the Halliwell Manor to explode and blame it on a gas leak. He just wants a reason for humanity to fear and hate them. In all honestly would you always feel anything beside fear and consider all of them hostile?

Congressman 2: Where is Elana Dominguez now?

Agent Murphy: She has been torn apart by the creatures, there was nothing except her head and one arm remain.

Congressman 2: What would you suggest?

Agent Murphy: If we should appointed one of their representatives which could give us some diplomatic leverage. We need to get some of those magical people on our side. I hope we will be more diplomatic when we meet them. And remember the stakes here.

Congressman 1: How can we be sure they could be trusted?

Agent Murphy: I don't think they are the issue, but the issue could we be the one they could trust?

Congressman 4: What do you mean?

Agent Murphy: (With no emotion in his voice.) They really don't trust us, but it was not a matter of choice. It was instinct, any means to survive. during our alliance with the Halliwells, I was given a very rare perspective among their kind, I have seen them providing unparalleled prosperity to the world for centuries to protect all of the humanity from demons and all the hell spawns without any recognition at all. They are a lot more like us than we allow ourselves to believe. While be hunted by serial killers. Demonic Judges like the Honorable Judge William Hamilton.

Congressman 1: (Surprised) William Hamilton? I once invited him to dinner. We watched a game at my house.

Agent Murphy: He would released criminals and assign them to murder innocents.

Congressman 3: No wonder he was called Free Willy.

Agent Murphy: There has been descendants of the colonial witch hunters disguised as authority figures like FBI Agent Jackman.

Congressman 2: Did they kill him?

Agent Murphy: No. (He looks through a folder which says "Agent Jackson"as he looks surprised.) from some information from their authorities a demon appeared and used his powers from the Demonic Afterlife switched their places, causing Jackman to be shot with his own bullet and killed instantly.

Congressman 3: We have heard all we need. We have questions that need to be answered. The meeting is now adjourned.

(The TV monitors go black as the meeting ends, Agent Murphy starts to look worried while can't help but have a relieved sigh as he starts going through some paperwork.)

[Ext: San Francisco / Homeland Security / Agent Murphy's Office / A Week Later On / Day Time]

[Int: San Francisco / Phoebe's Condo / Living Room / Next Morning]

Phoebe is on a couch seen wearing silky pink pajamas watching a TV, there is a knock on the door she gets up and goes to through the peep hole and sees Agent Murphy standing outside and opens the door.

Agent Murphy: Hi.

Phoebe: Hi. Can I help you?

Agent Murphy: Yeah, Can I come in?

Phoebe: Do I have a choice?...... (Smiles) Sure.

(Agent Murphy steps in and Phoebe closes the door and goes back to the couch and turns off the TV.)

Phoebe: I get the distinct feeling from you?

Agent Murphy: Are you using your powers on me?

Phoebe: No, I don't need powers to know that you don't want to be here.

Agent Murphy: Is that so?

Phoebe: I thought Agent Keyes would come,

Agent Murphy: He was meant to. Although, It was the opinion of the both Councils that I should be left in charge, while the continued cooperation with them is not determined on that, It's more desirable.

Phoebe: (Laughs) You were more desirable....

Agent Murphy: (Concerned) How is that funny?

Phoebe: It is not. It's just I never figure them to be picky. What can I help you with?

Agent Murphy: I think you know why.

Phoebe: Which part? The World knows about the Magical Community, or why they are so calm about it? I would love to tell you, but I am not too sure about that either.

Agent Murphy: I don't want to step on any toes here. My superiors have asked me to file a mission report on this matter personally, You understand.

Phoebe: Of course.

Agent Murphy: So what are those pale white creatures?

Phoebe: Before we start doing this. Were you not given files about varies demons and evil spirits?

Agent Murphy: We were. But they were transferred to a newly formed governmental agency.

Phoebe: Authorized by?

Agent Murphy: My superiors.

Phoebe: But didn't they want to know?

Agent Murphy: After reading what happened to FBI Agent Jackman. Homeland Security has decided that they doesn't need to know that. (Phoebe is stunned while looking at him.) In fact, they don't wanna know that.

Phoebe: You have the luxury, ignorance is bliss.

Agent Murphy: They want more pleasant cliff notes version. On certain occasions, it's vital to the resolution of a crisis. Not to let inconvenient facts get in the way of the greater good. You should continue what you are doing (Phoebe stares at him, surprised) For the moment. Although. We can't just have civilians or magical or non running whenever to vanquish demons when they feel like it.

Phoebe: Let me get this right, the Goverment wants us to vanquish demons?

Agent Murphy: They are not looking down on the value of a person's life like yourself. It would be a cold fact that, if we would be doing this by ourselves, this would be costing millions of dollars to train mortal groups to do what the Magical Community has been doing for centuries, and the funds being subverted by various sources, which would be reprehensible that the tax payers would be paying enormous sums of money, about something they know nothing about and getting killed or enslaved.

Phoebe: What branch of the government do we report to?

Agent Murphy: Department of Paranormal Affairs and Defense.

Phoebe. What if they start asking too many questions.

Agent Murphy: I would try give as many answers as you can.

Phoebe: Then my first answer is that they are called Vetalas.

[Ext: San Francisco / Phoebe's Condo / Next Morning]

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Moss Covered Mountain View / Afternoon]

Phoebe is on the top of the mountain and enjoying the view and the air she is revealed to be five months pregnant, from a large distance, there is a large palace sitting on a hillside, which was showed when Thalia and Henry was hiking. Phoebe has a thought as she says it to herself.

Phoebe: Atlantia.

(As she disappears through aerokinetic webs.)

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Moss Covered Mountain View / Afternoon]

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Atlantia / Palace of Lineage]

Phoebe walking into the Palace, a dark skinned man dressed in brown robe with a hood seeing the pregnant woman, he looks at a picture of Phoebe and walks to greet her.

Phoebe: Hi. Are you a Druid named Mardred?

Mardred: Yeah, That's me. Welcome to the great Palace of Lineage.

Phoebe: I was told that my Book of Shadows was here.

Mardred: I can assume that you must be a descended of Melinda Warren. We were told by a mermaid to keep your book safe until you came.

Phoebe: Yeah,

Mardred walks to a bookshelf and he was browsing through many books and he then takes the Halliwell Book of Shadows and walks back to Phoebe and hands her the book.

Mardred: Here you are. Is there anything more I can help you with?

Phoebe: At F.O.R.C.E. I am a School Counselor and in the outside world. I am an Advice Columnist. It's called Ask Phoebe. Maybe you heard of it? (The Druid nods a friendly no.) I was reading from a book called the Evolutionary History of Wizards. But I also heard of...

Mardred: You want to have a painless delivery?

Phoebe: I am not trying to be disrespectful or anything.

Mardred: Don't worry. Would you like to see the place?

Phoebe: Sure, I would be happy to.

(As Mardred is seeing walking and Phoebe is following after him.)

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Atlantia / Palace of Lineage]

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Atlantia / Palace of Lineage / Maternity Ward]

The chamber is spacious, which impressive stone edifice with glass-paned, iron-worked windows and a large group of hooded Druids are dressed in light brown ceremonial robes are standing in a circle on something having the same characteristics of a maternity bed

Phoebe: It looks beautiful. Where is the holy artifact which takes the pain away?

Mardred: You mean the Goblet of Magic?

Phoebe: I don't know the name of it.

Mardred: Its on a sacred resting place on the center of the island consumes all their pain, which causes the holy flames to be more violent and ferocious, thus more pain it consumes.

Phoebe: Wow.

(As she couldn't stop looking around the wondrous design and construct of the Maternity Ward.)

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Atlantia / Palace of Lineage / Maternity Ward]

[Int: San Francisco / Unknown Secluded Street / A Month Later On / Night Time]

There are a few young women who are party dressed are staggering down the street, they are seen to be intoxicated. When someone teleports through dark orbs as the orbs disappear reveals a male Darklighter. Their eyes meet. the witches stares at him, frightened. He talks to them in a quiet, gravelly voice.

Male Darklighter: Don't you know that all good witches are in bed by now?

And then they are surrounded by several male and female Darklighters with crossbows. However, no one seems to see a figure coming at them from out of the shadows, suddenly three Darklighters are vanquished by unseen figure, and then two more explodes.

Male Darklighter: What is this? What is happening?

But then a Darklighter gets impaled by an elastic tongue and pulled into the shadows when screams are heard and then silenced. Everyone shivers and looks around nervously and then one Darklighter gets impaled through the stomach with two arms and torn apart before explodes, which reveals a Vetala as she fires acid on the rest of the Darklighters as she looks on the traumatized witches, the Vetala notices far into a distance that there are other Vetalas making their way and scares off the witches to use a teleportion potion while she then leaps in the sky and flies off.

[Ext: San Francisco / Unknown Secluded Street / A Month Later On / Night Time]

[Int: San Francisco / Golden Gate Bridge / Night Time]

As she was flying above the bridge, when suddenly out of nowhere when the second Vetala crashes on her as she then falls onto the ocean, as it is circles around where the first one fell as it was waiting to attack. She leaps out from the ocean and the second Vetala goes to attack, although, she manages to defend herself as the Vetala grabs hold and throws her down as she was falling through the air, heading fast towards the ground as she was getting weaker she manages to retract her wings and tries to escape, but the second one catches her again and was injuring her badly as she manages to grab hold of the second Vetala and deliver some heavy blows and then she impales the second Vetala through the chest and tears it in two with her arms as but then she seen that another is coming towards her, she is too weak to fight so she flies away.

[Ext: San Francisco / Golden Gate Bridge / Night Time]

[Protected Dimension / Int. Huge island-platform surrounded by the sea, F.O.R.C.E. Skyline of several clear clouds.]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / The Medical Division / General Infirmary / Random Procedure Room / Next Morning]

Phoebe is wearing a hospital gown as she was lying on her back on the exam table with knees bent, revealed to be sixth month pregnant. Dr. Edwards has attached the blood pressure cuff and pumps it up.

Dr. Edwards: How does it going now that the world knows about the Magical Community?

Phoebe: I am scared, although I am forcing myself to believe in a beautiful and utopic future for the sake of my son.

Dr. Edwards: I understand. I want that for my family as well.

Phoebe: It's weird how things are calm. Right? Not that I am not grateful.

(He deflates the cuff, then pulls it off, and writes it down in his chart, as Phoebe has a worried look on her face and Dr. Edwards sees it.)

Dr Edwards: You and your son are in good health, and for what you said, I agree with you.

(And helps her off the exam table as she goes to get dressed.)

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / The Medical Division / General Infirmary / Random Procedure Room / Next Morning]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / School Counselor's Office]

Some time has passed, Phoebe is reading something on a computer about magical news where is says that 60 Darklighters and 46 demons have been mutilated before they were vanquished, she is revealed to be dressed in a dark red maternity dress. There is a light based crystal hovers as it was projecting a holographic pin board with all bits and pieces pinned to it. she hears a knock on the door.

Phoebe: Come in.

Without even looking as someone walks in dressed in light green dress and sits on a chair with her legs in a cross in front of Phoebe, as she turns around she sees Piper is wearing a necklace with a red ruby in the center.

Piper: Are you busy?

Phoebe: No, I am not.

Piper: You looked like you were doing something.

Phoebe: No, it's okay. What are you doing here?

Piper: I wanted to visit and see what you were doing. After I got some prescription for my insomnia.

(She shows a little blue bag.)

Phoebe: Still having trouble with sleeping?

Piper: Yeah.

Phoebe: Have you tried having sex?

Piper: (Shocked) How will that help?

Phoebe: You get a good exercise and you get exhausted and fall to sleep.

Piper: Tried that. But it can only help so much.

Phoebe: Did you see this?

(As Piper goes to Phoebe to look at the computer.)

Piper: Mutilated Darklighters? No, what happened to them?

Phoebe: The past time some peculiar Vetalas has been vanquishing anything demonic while saving the innocents and witches.

(Piper goes back to her chair and makes a chuckle.)

Piper: That doesn't make sense, Vetalas eats witches like fast food and killing innocents. Are you worried the students could be in danger to be possible targets?

Phoebe: I am, but what's scares me is why these are remarkably different from their race?

Piper: Who cares? they hasn't hurt anyone good. Keep on the good coming.

Phoebe: (Stunned) How can you say that?

Piper: Don't get me wrong. I would never wanna meet one, but if they killed many demonic beings. Don't mess with something good.

Phoebe: No, not for the time, they have not.

Piper: How are you doing? It's about a month now and no one really seems to care that we are witches.

Phoebe: I don't know how to feel. I used to think they were just tolerant but it's like they barely care. You can't just be this tolerant over the short time, these kind of things takes years before it's truly peaceful.

Piper: Stranger things has happened if you should think about it?

Phoebe: Nothing like this.

Piper: Really? This school? Your son? Prue? Should I go on?

Phoebe: Fine, but it doesn't feel right?

Piper: Do you think it's something mystical?

Phoebe: Maybe. Like why isn't Henry suspected for the disappearance of his wife and infants?

Piper: I have checked the book, but it didn't help.

Phoebe: Why are you wearing the suppressor necklace? You were cured, I remember you stated completely, utterly human.

Piper: Relax. I am. But they didn't say that I was cured, they just turned me back as the transformation has some lingering effects, while the necklace suppresses the telepathic connection so I could sleep. It will disappear eventually.

Phoebe: You didn't tell us about that.

Piper: If you should consider what was at the stake, it was good that I didn't.

Phoebe: When did it start?

Piper: About some time ago. They did warn me that would be a side effect.

Phoebe: So if a Vetala would attack someone. You can use the connection to read their minds?

Piper: It's dangerous. If I would connect, it's a two way street. It would create an anomalous energy reading. (Phoebe looks confused.) They would try to find me.

Phoebe: I was wondering about the witch who became the first Vetala.

Piper: What about her?

Phoebe: Let's assume she was an evil witch,

Piper: (Annoyed) Please, let's do that.

Phoebe: What if the Ancestral Council intended to cause your goodness to change their way of thinking through the telepathic connection to create an aversion to attack Good People.

Piper: What do you mean?

Phoebe: I don't think they chose you for the sake of destroying Nathaniel's credibility. I believe there is more to it.

(She writes something the computer and the crystal updates the board.)

Piper: What do you think?

Phoebe: I don't know.

Piper: Whatever it is. They are keeping it from us. Shouldn't you go on maternity leave?

Phoebe: Yeah. You aren't the first to ask me, but I have been little bored due to lack of the students visiting me, so I thought I should investigate this.

Piper: (Concerned) Phoebe.

(She turns back to Piper.)

Phoebe: I know, and I should.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / School Counselor's Office]

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Atlantia / Palace of Lineage / Maternity Ward / 3 Months Later On]

Druids are dressed in light brown ceremonial robes are standing and chanting in their language. Along one side of the room is two female druids have a hold of Phoebe's arms, helping her walk and kneels on her down in a circle on something having the same characteristics of a maternity bed with a blanket over her, Phoebe feels strangely calm like all the pain and discomfort has disappeared.

The circle is surrounded by friends and the Matriarch spirits from different time periods appear as well as the spirits of deceased and also current living ancestors to guide and watch over the newest addition to the family, Grams wasn't too happy about Phoebe's choices in life with having Cole's son and having her delivery here. But she feels that Phoebe is grown woman and respects that,

After Phoebe has given birth to her son a female druid takes the baby and wraps him in a blanket and gives him to her as Phoebe looks at her newborn son. Grams is waiting until it's her turn to perform the wiccaning.

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Atlantia / Palace of Lineage / Maternity Ward / 3 Months Later On]

The End.

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