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Ancestry Quest - Episode 3×2 - The Dwelling in the Ambiguous

[Int: Underworld / Demon Marketplace / Hawker Demon's Shop / Depository / 2 Month Earlier]

There are weapons on the walls and on the shelves there are books, ingredients for potions, there are many statues and one has a good likeness of the Crone as the stone crumbles and frees her, she takes some time to retrieve visions of what has happened in the world while she was a victim of petrification, suddenly the flashes of visions slow down for a moment.

[Int: Premonition / Unknown Park / A Month Earlier / Night Time]

Nathaniel pulls out a gun and shoots and hits Christy in the arm causing her yell in pain as she falls down. Christy looks on her another hand as she tries to focus a fireball appears and she slams on the ground sending a shock wave which obliterates the amulets and releases the victims as they run away, Nathaniel while walking towards the defenseless Christy and shoots her again in the other arm and he knees above her and wraps his hands tightly around Christy's throat and starts choking her when Christy was at her final breath, Billie telekinetically thrown Nathaniel off Christy and quickly shields both of them, as Christy's eyes suddenly flash of fire.

Billie: We need to get out of here.

Christy: Billie, run, hide.

Billie looks confused but she suddenly notices on Christy's lower back as the symbol appears as the tattoo is glowing, and a circle is scorching on the ground around them as Billie recalls a memory about the flames not having conscious and there is nothing the Firestarter can do to suppress the flames until it finishes its course, Billie starts to run while Nathaniel and the demons are confused seeing Billie runs away, a ripple effect of thermal energy washes over Christy's body to meet the bullets head on and then swiftly pushing it out all the way through the wounds as the melted bullets seeps out and drips off from her arms, Billie looks confused as the demons and Nathaniel get worried looks on their faces.

Everyone watching unsure as to what is happening, while generating extreme heat from her body, Christy throws her head back and lets out a loud scream to the point where the body transforms what resembles to solidified human form comprised of jet black molten rock and the scream are silenced. Christy gets up like she has turned into a purely instinctual creature she looks at her charred claw-like hands.

Nathaniel: Kill her!

The demons throws energy balls at Christy but it does not hurt her and absorbed into her body, she makes a gesture with her left arm and the demons are vanquished, As Nathaniel starts to run several brute demons appears and goes to attack Christy but molten ground rises from the ground and swallows them as they are vanquished, she walks towards her prey Nathaniel is seen running to a car when it suddenly explodes and he stops as he is fearing for his life when dark smoke flies up and wrap around his legs, then his wrists. Christy creates a fireball which has parts of lava around a flare of fire but then Nathaniel gets engulfed by flames as he disappears, She stares and looks around, when she doesn't sense any danger anymore, she falls to the ground. shortly after her body starts to transform blood and flesh rise up from the within as muscle forms, liquids become solids and her hair grows.

[Ext: Premonition / Unknown Park / A Month Earlier / Night Time]

After the vision has ended more of the visions have started to appear where she sees the battle of Mount Everest, as well as the board members surviving when the Vetalas destroyed the company by hiding inside the bunkers but they were killed by a faction of demons for revealing them to the world, when she was done, she started to fear that she needs allies to help exist in this new world, the Crone waves her hand and Klea and Sid appears, Klea see the Crone less than pleased to see her, Klea steps towards her, arms outstretched.

Klea: My old friend,

The Crone with a wave of her left hand creates a wave which then surrounds the two victims in whirling sand shards, Klea sees it was hopeless as she is making stop gestures with her hands,

The Crone: Was it comfortable with the Brotherhood of the Thorn or was it the Members of the Circle?

Klea: I admit, lapse of judgment,

(As the shards were coming closer.)

The Crone: Almost costed my life.

Klea: I had no choice. We all did, what we had to do, many wanted the twins. It was the only way to stop this. I can help you live in this world. I convinced the witch hunters into thinking they could use the Vetalas as weapons and doing so also destroyed the Members of the Circle with the company.

The sand shards disappears from both of the victims, before Klea is able to react the Crone unexpectedly points her fingers at Klea as particles of energy causing the demon to scream as flames go up and down her body as she explodes, Sid suddenly looks afraid of the Crone, she turns to Sid and walks over to him.

Sid: There was a bounty on you. Everyone would had hunted you.

They two look at each other, as the Crone disappears through glistening, Sid sighs relief when the Crone reappears from behind and decapitates Sid with an axe, his head rolls across the depository as the body falls down to the floor and both parts explodes in flames.

The Crone: Heads up.

(Then drops the axe on the floor as she smiles while disappearing through glistening,)

[Ext: Underworld / Demon Marketplace / Hawker Demon's Shop / Depository / 2 Month Earlier]

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bedroom / A Week Ago / Early Morning]

Rathmere is seen to be sleeping as Billie lies awake in bed. She is in deep thoughts still fearing if she should marry Rathmere. They have been together for a long while, she looks over at Rathmere, who is sleeping, she quietly sneaks out of the bed revealed to be wearing sexy long black and silver nightgown.

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bedroom / A Week Ago / Early Morning]

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Dining Room]

Billie is sitting on a carpet on the floor towards a low table with candles in a circle surrounding her, holding a piece of paper as she remembers seeing the spell in the Halliwell's Book of Shadows, On the paper is says 'Should I marry Rathmere?' she scrunches it up. She stands up and lights the paper.

Billie: (Spell Casting) Where love is strong my spirit weak, it is an answer that I seek, the question burns within this fire, so I may hear my heart's desire.

She puts the burning paper in a bowl and it explodes, but nothing seems to happened as she starts feeling confused, Billie goes and puts things back and goes back to the bedroom.

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Dining Room]

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bedroom]

(Billie walks in and Rathmere wakes up and looks at her.)

Rathmere: Hey. What are you doing?

Billie: Nothing.

Rathmere: Do you smell smoke?

Billie: Well, actually, I, uh...

Rathmere: Billie, what is wrong?

(She undoes her nightgown and lets it fall to the floor revealing Billie's back turned to face Rathmere as he is staring at Billie's naked chest only wearing her black panties.)

Billie: Are you rested for sex?

Rathmere: Is that what you were doing? Waiting to ask me if I wanted sex?

Billie: (Lying) No, I took a morning walk, maybe someone was barbecuing or so.

He opens the covers as she goes towards the bed, after a while the view of their reflection in the mirror where they are passionately having sex under the sheet, moving slowly as she was moaning more provocatively.

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bedroom]

[Int: San Francisco / Unknown Forest Location / Day Time]

A watery tornado with combination of concentrated bright smoke and electricity appears slowly a drawing of the outline of a person is being summoned. As the tornado disappears while it reveals a blond woman lies on the floor revealed to be wearing black blouse and blue trousers, her hair is covering her face, as she stands up and clears the hair from her face who looks exactly like Billie, as Alt-Billie looks confused to see her neighborhood has been replaced with a beautiful rain forest as she was walking down a forest road as she goes further into the deep woods looking around hoping it's just an illusion, after some time of walking Alt-Billie comes out of the denseness of the forest, she is seen standing onto a rocky ledge and is able to see the entire landscape of the wondrous beauty of nature, the waterfalls, varies of birds in the sky.

Alt-Billie: Where the hell am I?

As she was about to go back into the forest again, when suddenly horrid shrieking sounds are heard as three Vetalas are seen from some distance flying towards the forest. Alt-Billie comes in and tries to hide behind trees while looking where those demons are, the Vetalas are able to sense the smell of a witch and start to scream at different tones, clearly talking about something, but two of them flies out of sight Alt-Billie doesn't hear or see anything as she sneaks slowly through the jungle foliage with a sudden movement a Vetala flies through and attempts to grab her by the shoulders from above as Alt-Billie ducks out of the way as the Vetala flies past and into the air as she turns back and flies turns and goes again, but then Alt-Billie stretches out her arms and screams and releases a wave of telekinetic energy that caused great destruction and vanquishing the Vetala, though the two Vetalas in the sky has seen what happened they both gasp and then they make horrid shrieking sounds and disappear out of sight, she feels exhausted while trying to see where they went.

But then one of them lands and sneaks behind her as she turns the Vetala pushes Alt-Billie towards some of the foliage and grabs her by the shoulders and takes her into the air and she falls out of the Vetala's grip, she was grabbed by another Vetala, Alt-Billie takes out her athame from her left boot and slicing the creature's right foot as it cried in pain and released her and falling into the river, she surfaces, immediately swimming to shore she sees the Vetalas diving down from above in savagely trying to hunt down their prey. Suddenly, the Vetalas starts to get vanquished by particles of energy and shards of sand as Alt-Billie turns around to see who saved her as the Crone slowly puts down her arms and rolls with her eyes.

The Crone: Inbreed misfits.

Alt-Billie recalls seeing her in the Book of Shadows. She throws the athame at it but then the Crone waves with her hand as everything slows down before the athame can hit her, disappears through glistening and then reappears in front of Alt-Billie when the time unfreezes and leans over her and blows some bright smoke on the face as Alt-Billie falls asleep.

The Crone: The young, always in hurry.

(She puts her right hand on Alt-Billie and as they disappears through glistening.)

[Ext: San Francisco / Unknown Forest Location / Day Time]

[Int: San Francisco / Unknown Cemetery / The Crone's Mausoleum]

Inside the mausoleum. Alt-Billie is lying on a large rock with her arms above her head which are handcuffed which the chains are attached to the rock and so are her ankles, The Crone is standing beside her and has her hand held out above Alt-Billie's head, a red light shines around her hand as she is reading the past and the present of the witch after a while she stops.

The Crone: Impressive.

Some moments as Alt-Billie through half closed eyes, when she slowly becoming aware of her surroundings, She tried to get up but could not. She tries not to worry but her breathing had gotten a little more intense when she sees the Crone.

Alt-Billie: Who are you? What do you want?

The Crone: Try to be calm, I am not gonna hurt you?

Alt-Billie: Where am I?

The Crone: Somewhere safe for now.

Alt-Billie: (Confused) What do you mean?

The Crone: Do not overload your pretty mind with unnecessary facts. You are not who I was after, I did look in your past and present to see that your world is definitely out of the ordinary and unexpected and Magic is still a secret. You are dating a man, to my knowledge to which a creature couldn't be possible to survive.

Alt-Billie: (Confused) Who?

The Crone: One with warlock and witch lineage,

Alt-Billie: (Confused) Why not?

The Crone: Because in this world, I saved you from what you get when warlocks and witches trying to breed if a special potion is used.

Alt-Billie: (Confused) If not?

The Crone: The female can die if she is a warlock or a witch.

Alt-Billie: Good to know.

The Crone: But of course I can't with good conscious say that I did actually save you. They knew once you stepped in this world and you were not in an innate danger because they knew I would save you so we could help each other without them being the first to ask.

Alt-Billie: Who is they?

The Crone; You will see, I see that you have feelings for a reformed witch hunter turned a genie, two men who tried to kill you into the past.

Alt-Billie: What do you mean my world?

The Crone: You are the alternate reality version of the Billie Jenkins who lives in this reality.

Alt-Billie: Oh yeah that's...nice, and keeping me chained and you thought replacing her with me, that was a bold plan.

The Crone: No, I am simply taking precautions, simple matter of self-preservation. If you are looking for the truth, go back to your side and see it for yourself.

(She makes a hand gesture as the handcuffs around her wrists and ankles vanish while disappearing through glistening,)

[Ext: San Francisco / Unknown Cemetery / The Crone's Mausoleum]

[Int: San Francisco / Harding Park / Day Time]

Alt-Billie is walking through the park, then stops see in the distance a park bench and sits to rest after walking almost through the whole day, there were many thoughts that were gone through her mind, she tried to go to the Halliwell Manor, but it was reduced to a pile of burning wood and rubble and much were destroyed furniture, she had seen a witch use magic in public to stop an accident and a crowd of people some were clapping and cheering and some were only staring and then it was like nothing out of ordinary, after checking out on a computer at a public library the Billie from this world likes to visit the Harding Park so she is taking a chance and hopes that Billie will do that today, because she is getting hungry but what can she do, some time had passed as Christy walks out from behind a tree revealed to be wearing red blouse and dark green skirt and black boots.

Christy: Hey!

Alt-Billie: How...How...

She turns around to see Christy and recognizes her as something from her worst nightmares as her eyes wides in fear and loses all of her courage and Christy instantly knows what has happened.

Christy: (Shouts) Wait! I can explain!

Alt-Billie doesn't hear Christy calling her as she is in hurry to escape her nightmare, Christy looks around and then gets engulfed in intense thermal flames and reappears in front of Alt-Billie as she is making stop gestures with her hands,

Christy: Stop! (Alt-Billie stop.) if I was evil.....

Long before Christy was finished, Alt-Billie has started again to run beside her, Christy raised her right arm towards Alt-Billie and makes a hand gesture causing Alt-Billie to stop running, as she stands there, motionless, Christy lowers her arm and walks to Alt-Billie and stands in front of her.

Christy: Okay, I am gonna make this really easy. Think about it. If I wanted you dead, Why would I let you see me? Why not just throw a fireball at you and be done with it?

Alt-Billie: Maybe, you wanted to just torture me instead.

Christy: No, I don't, I had been through this before with my sister. At least you didn't faint. But if you want to run, where can you go? You are not from here.

As she releases Alt-Billie from her control, Christy goes behind the tree and takes out the picnic basket and goes to the round, wooden table and sets down the basket, and pulls out a blue linen tablecloth and spreads the cloth over the table and takes out some turkey burgers and soda cans and starts to eat while Alt-Billie just stands there and looks at Christy,

When she pulls out the IScry from a pocket on her skirt and looks at her messages, but after some time had passed as Alt-Billie is still watching as Christy has packed all in the picnic basket but she leaves a can of soda and 3 remaining turkey burgers for Alt-Billie to eat and then turns off the IScry and puts back in her pocket.

Alt-Billie: (Confused) What are you doing?

Christy: Going home, but you are remain suspicious of me so why bother trying to convince you.

Alt-Billie: I have no reason to. If you had lived my life and experienced what I did. You would understand, At least I hope you will.

Christy: Billie.

Alt-Billie: How can you be here? How did you find me?

Christy: Billie was supposed to come, but she is busy, so the Ancestral Council send me instead.

Alt-Billie: (Confused) Wait, what?

Christy: They are some what equivalent to the Elders. But essentially a different and more rougher on the edge.

Alt-Billie: This old crone said that she saved me so she could get in touch with them. I assumed they were evil.

Christy: They aren't, they saved me and my parents when I was taken. They are the only reason me and my parents are alive. But you are likely filled with distrust. So if you don't mind...

(She starts to get engulfed in intense thermal flames.)

Alt-Billie: Wait.

(As the intense thermal flames disappears.)

Christy: What is it?

Alt-Billie: Flaming is a demonic power, and you are claiming to be good.

Christy: Yes, Flaming is a demonic power, But I have thermal flames because my powers has growed to allow me to teleport.

Alt-Billie: How can you be so much different then my Christy was if your Billie has experienced as I did.

Christy: I can assume the Ancestral Council doesn't exist in your world, and the Triad warped her mind.

Alt-Billie: Just answer the question.

Christy: I prefer lying the Triad didn't do anything because I had many bad memories and PTSD from the event, But the truth was they managed to partially absorb my soul, it caused my inner goodness to always think with my heart instead of both of them, while the other part became the physical embodiment of inner darkness who supposed to think with both too, but it caused her to make cold, calculated decisions without being affected from feelings and emotion. We were always able to sense each other.

Alt-Billie: So she was inherently evil. I mean if she comes from you.

Christy: No, it's not that cut and dry. Both good and bad exist in every person, but there must be a balance between those two, I had a conscience and because of that she didn't.

Alt-Billie: So you let her do those dreadful acts?

Christy: I tried my best.

Alt-Billie: Clearly, not best enough.

Christy: Excuse me?

(Starting to get angered.)

Alt-Billie: I am trying to state the fact, it's not like I thought there were any alternative realities where you didn't go evil.

Christy: Right. But a firestarter could, huh?

Alt-Billie: Christy, stop it.

Christy: Let me ask you a question, are you afraid of me?

(Suddenly, the irises in Christy's eyes go from hazel to swirly flames in a second, Alt-Bille’s eyes grow wide and worried. Christy realizes that half of her right arm slowly beginning to change into solidified human form comprised of jet black molten rock causing her to become more and more like she was once before, but she closes her eyes and breathes in and breathes out and then opens her eyes as she managed to calm herself down before it went too far as her eyes and the right arm returns to normal.)

Alt-Billie: (Worried) What was that?

Christy: I can't handle this right now, Billie will had to get you by herself. It's more safer.

Alt-Billie: What? You can't leave me here.

Christy: I am sorry. I don't want to hurt you.

(Christy gets engulfed in intense thermal flames and disappears.)

Alt-Billie: Great, that's just great.

[Ext: San Francisco / Harding Park / Day Time]

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bathroom]

The bathroom is being full of steam and the mirrors are clouded, behind the curtain there is an indistinct shape, moving about in the hot water as time had passed, Rathmere and Billie are each only wearing towels as the nuzzle against each other, she giggles and out of breath, they were interrupted when the IScry starts to get a message and Billie goes checks her message.

[Int: IScry Messenger]

Christy: Go to the Harding Park now.

[Ext: IScry Messenger]

(Billie shows the message to Rathmere.)

Billie: Could you help me get to the Harding Park?

Rathmere: Let's get dressed first.

Billie: (Giggles) Good Idea.

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bathroom]

[Int: San Francisco / Harding Park / Day Time]

Alt-Billie is sitting at the round, wooden table and eating the turkey burgers and drinking the soda, when Billie and Rathmere appears through a combination of swirling blue spirals, she is revealed to be wearing pink t-shirt and blue jeans skirt little above the knees and white jack and he is wearing dark red sleevless vest and black trousers. Alt-Billie is looking at the cute guy didn't even noticed Billie for a moment.

Alt-Billie: Whoa!

(Suddenly, Billie has a confused look on her face as she gasps look at her doppelganger,)

Billie: This is very weird. (She looks at herself again.) Looking at yourself.

Alt-Billie: Yeah, I know.

(Rathmere turns to Billie.)

Rathmere: What did you do?

Billie: Me? Why do you think I had something to do what happened here?

Alt-Billie: The Beefcake Guy is right, you must have done something, because I don't think I am supposed to be here.

Rathmere: (Confused) The Beefcake Guy?

Alt-Billie: Oh my goodness. his eyes are so beautiful.

Billie: Hey! Stop it!

Alt-Billie: Well.

Billie: Alright. I could had used a spell. But nothing happend at that time, so it was not worth mentioning it.

Alt-Billie: What spell did you use?

Billie: To hear my heart's desire.

Alt-Billie: Do you have doubts?

(Before Rathmere is able to say anything.)

Billie: You got to have sex with a really hot blonde, do you have any complaints?

(Rathmere seems to realize, he shouldn't go further in that discussion as the Alt-Billie is giggling.)

Rathmere: (He turns to Alt-Billie.) Are you from the past or future?

Alt-Billie: No, believe it or not but I am actually from an alternative reality.

Billie: (Confused) Wait, what?

Alt-Billie: I know, it explains why Christy is alive and not a witch poltergeist?

Billie: (Confused) Witch Poltergeist?

Alt-Billie: Never mind.

Billie: What happend with you and Christy?

Alt-Billie: I could have projected some kind of latent hostility towards her. But then she started to turned into some kind of thing, but likely she managed to handle that by calming herself down.

Billie: Yeah, she had been having issue with that since a witch hunter tried to strangle her to death.

Alt-Billie: I am sorry, I didn't know.

Billie: It's okay.

Alt-Billie: She said that her soul was split into two parts.

Billie: Yes, it was. She had to be hidden because many bounty hunters waited to get both parts to join back together, but a spirit-like demon called Charon, who preys on the souls of good witches stole the other part.

Alt-Billie: Didn't the Charmed Ones had a issue with her?

Billie: They did. She was trying to have both parts to take Christy's soul to Purgatory, but since nobody wanted to negotiate with her with a half soul, she felt desperate to bargain with the Ancestral Council and in terms she would release some of her souls as well.

Rathmere: Can I leave or do you want to come with?

Alt-Billie: I want to leave.

Billie: Sure.

(Both of the two women are establishing a physical contact with Rathmere as they disappears through a combination of swirling blue spirals.)

[Ext: San Francisco / Harding Park / Day Time]

[Int: Burlington / Vermont / Jenkins Household / Random Bedroom / A Month Later On / Early Morning]

Alt-Billie is lying on the bed as covered in a silky dark red sheets, she is awake and in deep thoughts, because a month ago she declared that she will never leave this reality and stay here, but now she is concerned that it can be considered as selfish, sure, she wants to have the life she was never allowed to have, but she is betraying those who depends on her, but then pulls the sheet on the side as she slides her legs of the bed, revealing that she is dressed in pink nightgown, she sees there are pictures of Billie and Christy as well as mom and dad, after some time, Alt-Billie is standing in front of the mirror as she is revealed to be dressed in black top and trousers.

[Ext: Burlington / Vermont / Jenkins Household / Random Bedroom / A Month Later On / Early Morning]

[Int: Burlington / Vermont / Jenkins Household / Dining Room]

(Alt-Billie have sat down at the dining table for breakfast with Carl and Helen. she looks impressed at the varies of food, when she looks at the people who resemblance her parents, she remembers how overwhelmed her became when she saw them, and how hard it was to call them mom and dad.)

Alt-Billie: It is weird that I was here. I know it has been a month, but it can still have lingering side-effects.

Carl: No, we are happy to see a version of our daughter, she tries to visit how much she can, but she has much to do.

Helen: Do you miss your life in your native world?

Alt-Billie: I don't know how I feel. I was so sure a month ago that I wanted to stay in this world, but now I feel more and more like I have been selfish towards everyone.

Helen: Yeah, but sometimes the whole maturity can rub the wrong way.

Alt-Billie: Ever since the death of my parents and Christy. I always wanted you back and I wanted my family back, and I was hoping and wishing that somehow and someday that would come true and I would never wanna leave.

Helen: How can we help you?

Alt-Billie: I need to talk with Billie.

Carl: I can call Christy to help you.

Alt-Billie: (Concerned) I don't know. How is she doing? I visited her last week.

Helen: She is during better now. Thanks for asking.

[Ext: Burlington / Vermont / Jenkins Household / Dining Room]

[Protected Dimension / Int. Huge island-platform surrounded by the sea, F.O.R.C.E.]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Athletic Division / Random Gym]

Billie is seen dressed in a blue jogging bra, black shorts, white sneakers as she is jogging on a treadmill, as she gets off it, being very sweaty and trying to catch her breath, and then she walks over to a fridge, takes out a bottle of water, and begins to soak herself. Intense thermal flames appears when they disappear, reveals Alt-Billie in the same clothes she was in when she came to this world goes towards Billie.

Alt-Billie: Billie, talk to you for a second?

(The two of them walk away from the others and sits on a bench facing each other.)

Alt-Billie: I know, I have been avoiding this, because I envy you. A lot, I could only imagine the freedom you must have, not caring how people would react if they saw you using magic in public. But you can't blame a girl having a taste of your world. I really didn't wanna to leave. I still don't, I mean this is awesome, no secret to worry about, Our parents and Christy is alive, and official government department which actually wants to help magical beings instead of trying to hunt them.

Billie: It's peaceful, isn't it? Hard to believe, but it wasn't always this way.

Alt-Billie: I had been talking over a breakfast date with Rathmere.

(Billie's mouth hanging open in shock, Alt-Billie making stop gestures with her hands.)

Alt-Billie: Nothing happened. Or I would had never been allowed to leave. Sort of had to trick him to come, he noticed right away it wasn't you. But I needed his help to talk about your relationship.

Billie: And?

Alt-Billie: My world isn't like this at all. Magic is still a secret. You are still forced to hide who you really are while saving the world from evil, and having feelings for a reformed witch hunter turned a genie and a warlock witch who both tried to kill you into the past.

Billie: How is this gonna help me?

Alt-Billie: I am getting to that, all I am saying. If you love him and you are happy with him, then this shouldn't stop you. If your marriage works out or not, you will know. We all think we know how it's all gonna turn out, our future, moves and decisions that lead us into a future waiting for us. Right now, a profound regret is what waits for you. You can always relinquish your Longevity.

Billie: Aren't you gonna miss being here?

Alt-Billie: (Laughs) I likely will do that, So much. This is not my world, my parents and sister is in the Afterlife, I have my life in my world and I miss my friends.

Billie: Like they say, There is no place like home.

They both smile and hug each other in the middle of the hug, a watery tornado with combination of concentrated bright smoke and electricity appears and Alt-Billie disappears, after a while Rathmere comes revealed to be wearing brown trousers and dark green sleeveless vest.

Rathmere: How are you?

Billie: I am good, I am just thinking about the Other Billie.

(Christy walks in revealed to be wearing red dress, and see Billie and Rathmere talking she walks over to them.)

Christy: What are you talking about?

Rathmere: We are just talking about the Other Billie.

Christy: Oh, yes. Well, of course you are.

Rathmere: Did she go back to her reality?

Billie: Yeah. Doubt she will ever come back.

(Both Christy and Rathmere sighs relief, as Billie looks weird at them.)

Rathmere: Don't get us wrong.

Christy: We found her a little,.....handful.

Billie: Well, she wasn’t that bad.

Rathmere: She kept calling me, Rath. I can’t stand being called Rath.

Billie: That’s kind of nice to hear. I started to think you got stuck with lesser quality girlfriend. Aren't you gonna work out?

Christy: No. We were little worried about you, after spending so much time with her. We wanted her to have a pleasant time while she was here.

Rathmere: Go and get ready, I planned something romantic to do.

(Billie goes and kisses him as she leaves to get ready.)

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Athletic Division / Random Gym]

[Int: San Francisco / Mitchell-Matthews Apartment / Bedroom / A Month Later On / Midnight]

Suddenly a large column of pure angelic energy appears as it was glowing above the bed waking Henry up as he is shielding the eyes with his hands as the excitement brings a smile to him again, as the lights starts to disappears and reveals Paige is lying on the bed on her back covered by the sheet next to him, while the babies besides her in the bassinets as all of them transforming into human form again as the babies are sleeping,

Paige slowly opens her eyes Henry looks her and she lovely touches his left cheek and telepathically shares her memories of where she has been as she closes her eyes and falls to sleep, Henry looks at her for a moment until he goes back to sleep as well.

[Ext: San Francisco / Mitchell-Matthews Apartment / Bedroom / A Month Later On / Midnight]

The End.

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