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Ancestry Quest - Episode 2x3 - The Drop from the Sea of Secrets

[Protected Dimension / Int. Huge island-platform surrounded by the sea, F.O.R.C.E.]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / School Counselor's Office]

The middle sized office with a window has underwent a total makeover with pictures and various things so Phoebe would to feel at home when she is away from home. As she is revealed to be dressed in black top and blue jeans. She is researching something on a computer. After some moments she hears a knock on the door.

Phoebe: Come in.

A caucasian female student with brown hair walks in dressed in pink blouse and white skirt with a little above the knees and sits on a chair with her legs in a cross in front of Phoebe.

Phoebe: Welcome. What's your name? How can I help you?

Female Student: (Upset) My name is Madison Darkwood. Many people sees me like I am a savior. But I am not. I am not comfortable with all that attention. Many Darklighters wants to kill me. I mean those outside this Dimension.

Phoebe: (Confused) Uh. Miss. Darkwood. Why do they want to kill you? Are you a witch or something else?

Madison: (Confused) You are not from around here aren't you?

Phoebe: What makes you suggest that?

Madison: You seemed confused. And some people thinks you are a spy for the Elders.

Phoebe: I am not. I am just trying to do my job.

Madison: Maybe you are not a spy. I am commonly known by the Darklighters who wants to kill me, (Signs with air quotes.) "The witch" But by some others, I am called one of those Ancient Healers. (Phoebe still looks confused, although, she tried to listen and understand.) I am both a wizard and a witch.

Phoebe: So you can orb?

Madison: No, I am more a Healing Wizard-Witch.

Phoebe: Like a Whitelighter?

Madison: More or less. Without having charges. (Madison closes her eyes and concentrates and then opens her eyes and raises her right arm and looks at her pawn while her hand gets engulfed in light based flame.) Its a holy ability and only 4 Wizard-Witches alive possess this power.

Phoebe: Like Deflection?

Madison: Yeah.

Phoebe: That's so cool.

Madison: I thought so too. Until I discovered how it would affect my life. (The flames disappears.) I was surrounded by the weight of the World with massive pressure and responsibility, (Madison breathes in and out.) Sometimes it's too much too deal with.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / School Counselor's Office]

[Outside / Int: 2032 / San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / Early Morning]

The Manor is painted in black and red colors. A black and golden iron fence now surrounds the Manor. An average height young man with the spitting image of a familiar person is dressed in casual dark blue jeans and a dark brown utility jacket runs down the driveway carrying the Book of Shadows, as soon he was of the property, he was able to teleport through in intense aerokinetic form of flames.

[Outside / Ext: 2032 / San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / Early Morning]

[Int: 2032 / San Francisco / Abandoned Building / Early Morning]

The young man appears through in intense aerokinetic form of flames. Chris walks to him dressed in black trousers and dark green shirt.

Chris: Thanks, Connor.

Connor: No problem. Cousin.

Paige: (Voice) Steal my book, would you?

(Through dark orbs Paige appears as a perfect likeness of her Darklighter Counterpart with several demons. She had remained youthful for years.)

Connor: (Confused) What?

Paige: Didn't you think it was odd, after all the protection which was added to the Manor. You managed to get through massive security with the Book?

Connor: A little.

Paige: You never were that bright.

Chris: We only wanted to save you.

Paige: Really? Save me? I am free of all morals. And beside I am saving you. Rather me setting you free or those beings killing you. (Connor felt weird as he starts to look at his hands as he slowly vanishes into nothing. Connor gradually lost all his memories of who he is and vanish into non-existence.) Great, my message got through.

Chris: What message?

Paige: Sorry. Connor. I guess your mother had a second thoughts about you.

[Ext: 2032 / San Francisco / Abandoned Building / Early Morning]

[Int: 2007 / Underworld / Demonic Strip Club]

Kieran Demons are wearing skimpy clothes while they are dancing on the stage, while demonic men watch them close by. Some noise if heard as someone is banging in the front of the reinforced door. One of the Demonic Bouncers approaches the reinforced door.

He slides open a viewing slot and peers through to see that nobody is outside, before the Bouncer can even turn back reveals Michelle who is disguised in orangish white robe with golden straps and a hood and covering the hands within the large sleeves. As she pulls out her hands and makes gestures with both hands in the air releasing dispersive wave of energy ripping him apart on a molecular level. After some seconds two Demonic Bouncers are shoved forward before they fall on the floor in front of everyone, they were ripped apart on a molecular level, there is sudden silence while the whole club visitors are gazed on Michelle. She turns around and looks back at the crowd. What happens next happens very fast.

Brute Demon: (Shouts) Chop her wings off!

Michelle strides silently to the first demons attacking her and telekinetically levitates slamming her feet into their faces, then knocking them both unconscious as some of the demons are turning, Michelle creates energy balls of photokinetic light and sweeps across over vanquishing several demons who were fleeing and pushing forward, Michelle is taking out a group of 6 demons, as she high kicks them with perfect precision. Some of them gets up and from all sides firing powers and weapons. she does an impossibly perfect split while swinging with her legs in the air causing them to vanquish each other. Michelle was moving efficiently fast than anyone can, trying to come close to her as there were scorch marks of vanquished demons already, as she is very focused, when she has vanquished the final demon, revealing her, standing alone, while demonic blood is covered all over the Strip Club.

[Ext: 2007 / Underworld / Demonic Strip Club]

[Int: San Francisco / Mitchell-Matthews Apartment / Bathroom / Early Morning]

Paige walks into the bathroom and she is wearing a pink towel, preparing to take shower. She turns on the shower and checks the water temperature, then turns away and starts to undress herself. The water pouring from the faucet changes to water based slime and settles at the bottom of the shower. Paige reaches over and turns off the water without looking down into the shower. When she turns away, both taps start to spin by themselves in the shower, She is just about to step into the shower when the water starts to close up around her like a huge mouth. Paige screams, orbs away and from the room clutching a blue bathrobe with her.

[Ext: San Francisco / Mitchell-Matthews Apartment / Bathroom / Early Morning]

[Int: Los Angeles / The Museum of the Ancient Artifacts / Dark Room]

Mr. Drawson is wearing yet another embarrassingly stingy purple suit, as he goes to the place where he first summoned the Soul Traders. He knees down on the sheet on the floor with a circle of dark red candles on it, everything is already poured into the cauldron and the piece of paper with a spell written on it. While he is still kneeling. The Museum starts to shake as the whole summoning entrance starts as once before. As several tall shadowy shrouded figures appears with a jagged toothed mouths which are reminiscent to the demon Masselin.

Soul Trader: (Hissing Voice) Why have you summoned us. Mortal?

Mr. Drawson: I need answers.

Soul Trader: (Hissing Voice) That wasn't a part of the agreement.

Mr. Drawson: I had done everything you asked me for.

Soul Trader: (Hissing Voice) And you will do even more. It's sad how you betrayed the one true friend you had. (Mr. Drawson is confused.) Miss. Warrendoff was your only and true friend. She worked so hard and before she would leave, she wanted you to become the new Curator.

Mr. Drawson: No. You are lying. She never cared for me.

Soul Trader: (Hissing Voice) They say ignorance is bliss, but you are just an idiot. You are not the only one, Mr. Drawson. This is our Bread and Butter.

Mr. Drawson: Tell me, why is this woman so important to you?

Soul Trader: (Hissing Voice) Long ago, three women with wizardry lineage imprisoned some of our friends, which severely diminished our power. After being reduced in power we had to escape. As we began to fear for the future of our survival. We discovered of a prophecy with the simple words. "When the World cries. While the Nephilims bathes in innocence." Which is said that a human daughter would be born with angelic blood who will release our friends and she will later on bear children who would be important to us. We have set out to ensure the truth of that prophecy. But the Elders also knew about this so they did everything to prevent this.

Mr. Drawson: So she is born?

Soul Trader: (Hissing Voice) Of course she was. We searched for a young woman from a powerful bloodline, which turns out to be the Warren witch named Patricia Halliwell. We send some demons to capture the witch with the knowledge that her Whitelighter and her mother would come after to save her. About three weeks later on She and her Rescuer became Lovers, as much she loved her husband, he wasn't there for her, he had no powers. He was just a Mortal. After a few months later on after the Whitelighter and the Charge won each other's hearts and conceived a child together, after the child was born our friends were freed from their prison. That's why there were many things that had to be manipulated in the right direction to come across in order for the woman to be conceived.

[Ext: Los Angeles / The Museum of the Ancient Artifacts / Dark Room]

[Int: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / The Attic]

(After some time has passed Patty is dressed in pink blouse and white trousers while she is sitting on a couch with Michelle as she reveals her identity but some boxes are covering her face.)

Michelle: (Confused) How did you know who I was?

Patty: Did you really think that you could fool me with your disguise?

Michelle: Well it worked on them?

Patty: Maybe. But I was there when you were being born. And I was the one with the suggestion on the middle name Michelle.

(Suddenly bright wiccan lights appear in whirling manner, when the wiccan lights disappear and the body becomes tangible, reveals Grams with dressed in long light brown dress.)

Grams: Thanks for adding that spell to the book. My dear.

Patty: (Surprised) You put that spell in the book?

Michelle: Yes, the book didn't trust me at first.

Patty: You saved them.

Michelle: Actually, you did the saving, I just showed you a different set of tools. Are you gonna tell them who I am?

Patty: No, I am not. You are doing good job in helping them.

Michelle: I want to have relationship with them. Not as charges but as sisters. I miss them. Yeah. Paige, I am more worried about Paige. We never did met face to face.

Patty: You did, but as Michelle.

Michelle: (Annoyed) Really? Making jokes now? I have a life outside of magic, but I still have to disguise my face.

Patty: Paige is a grown up woman. She can handle it.

[Ext: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / The Attic]

[Int: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / The Conservatory]

(Paige orbs in still wearing the blue bathrobe as she is standing there looks around somewhat embarrassed to be there.)

Paige: (Shouts) Mom! Michelle!

(Michelle teleports through aerokinetic webs when the webs disappear reveals Patty and Grams surprised to see her.)

Michelle: You called me.

Paige: My shower tried to eat me.

(Everyone looks at her for a long moment and then started to chuckle.)

Grams: (Sarcastic) You know, if anyone else told me that, I would have seriously doubted. But coming from you, I am surprised.

Paige: (Annoyed) I can really feel the love from my mother and my grandmother and from a.

Michelle: (Interrupts) A sister.

(Paige is shocked at the word sister as Michelle slowly raises her face to Paige. She draws back her hood to show her face to be Prue, while Paige's eyes gets wided.)

Paige: (Shocked) Prue? No it can't be you. You are dead.

Prue: Funny thing about that. Sometimes it doesn't stick. (Grams and Patty are looking at each other.) So your shower tried to eat you. Never heard that one.

Paige: I say. I always wanted to meet you. (Looking at herself.) Never thought I would meet you being naked.

Prue: You are seemed to getting over the shock incredibly well.

Paige: I guess, as we didn't grow up together. I can't wait until Piper and Phoebe finds out about this.

Prue: Yeah, well. You shouldn't tell them just yet.

Paige: (Confused) What? Why? You told me.

Prue: Yes, but Patty and Grams told me to give it a chance on you. I was mostly concern about your reaction.

Paige: Where are my lovely sisters?

Patty: Phoebe is at her work and Piper is spending some time with Billie and later on to get to know Christy.

[Ext: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / The Conservatory]

[Protected Dimension / Int. Huge island-platform surrounded by the sea, F.O.R.C.E. Skyline at Afternoon]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

Billie is seen wearing a black bra under slightly shredded one-shoulder top and black trousers, as she is lying on the top of the sheets on her bed sleeping as a diversity of open books are surrounding her.

[Int: Billie's Dream / Bathroom]

Inside a steamy shower behind the curtain there is an indistinct shapes, moving about in the hot water. At first, all Billie can see are bare female legs and feet. The woman continues to move and Billie sees that the woman has blond hair down to below her shoulders. Billie did notice that from the back of the woman and she isn't wearing a shirt. She is completely naked and continues to move. As the move of the steam clears, Billie is shocked to see herself who is wet and naked with Rathmere who are wrapped around each other in ecstasy legs, arms, hair, mouths. She hears herself whisper and then giggle.

[Ext: Billie's Dream / Bathroom]

Billie wakes up, and quickly checks to see that she has clothes on her. Billie is embarrassed because she had a sex dream about a guy and they weren't in a relationship. She is seems to expressive of gratitude and really glad she never slept with him, though. But yet again she feels frustrated to a moderately sufficient of degree that it was merely a dream. She felt very empowered when she was initiating the first move. When he was rubbing her bare back. But now he barely said anything after that, making Billie feel very awkward. Piper teleports in whilst being engulfed in intense thermal flames, as she is dressed in a black and red dress with black flip flops.

Piper: (Surprised) Whoa. Nice place.

(Billie turns around as she is stunned to notice Piper.)

Billie: (Stunned) Where did you come from?

Piper: Hi, to you too.

Billie: Yeah, Hi. You can teleport?

Piper: No, Christy teleported me here. She had homework to do. (Piper looks at the books.) Are you busy?

Billie: No. I been studying enough, I need to take a break.

Piper: I can't believe it took me a half of year to visit your place?

Billie: Time flies.

Piper seems a book on Billie's bed which seems to remind her of her own Book of Shadows. Although, this one has the symbol composed of a silver mark of a scorpion with a long segmented tail ending in a venomous stinger. Piper walks to the bed as she is about to touch the book but however, a raised shield appears preventing Piper from touching it.

Piper: (Stunned) What the hell?

(Billie goes in from the kitchenette as she is caries two fruit salad bowls, she has notice a slightly worried Piper and the book protecting itself.)

Billie: Don't worry, Piper. You are not evil. It took me about 3 weeks. the personal gain thing here is hardcore. Got some fruit salad for you.

Piper: I shouldn't.

Billie: Why? Come on, its just fruit salad. You like fruit salad.

Piper: I do. I do like fruit salad.

(And Piper takes one of bowls with the fruit salad.)

Billie: Magical books are blessed differently, and beside the protection from evil, they are also based on preventing any personal gain thoughts, even from the forces of good, since the knowledge wasn't supposed to be used for that kind of intentions.

Piper: (Confused) Oh, really? But it's kind of the human nature to test new grounds.

Billie: I did read something markedly different in the Darrow Line Book of Shadows.

Piper: (Confused) Darrow what now? Darrow is you mother's maid name?

Billie: Yes, and my grandmother Demetria Darrow. You are lucky that you didn't get pregnant by your ex-warlock fiance.

Piper: (Surprised) Jeremy? How do you know about him?

Billie: You told me about him?

Piper: (Surprised) I did?

Billie: You have.

Piper: (Curious) When did I tell you about him?

Billie: You were drunk.

Piper: Alright, I didn't do anything stupid, right?

Billie: No. I felt bad If I should try and make you reveal personal things.

Piper: Thanks. Is it just because he was a warlock?

Billie: Yeah, but this is on a more serious issue, witches can crossbreed with many different species, which would create hybrids. But witches and warlocks can't crossbreed, as they are to incapable species.

Piper: (Worried) Why not?

Billie: I checked in the book about warlock pregnancy. I can show you.

(In Piper's surprised expression the book glows and opens itself as well reacts to suddenly looks through many pages and reveals 2 pages.)

Piper: (Confused) Why does it do that?

Billie: (Concern) What?

Piper: You didn't even touch the book.

Billie: I don't need to, I wanted to show you something specific, it sensed and telepathically expressed my desire for knowledge.

Piper: Cool, maybe I should add that to mine as well.

Billie: Due to this information isn't classified. You will be able to see it.

Piper: (Reads the entry) If a female witch or warlock should get pregnant by the male counterpart, the women wouldn't be carrying a developing offspring within her body, it will be instead a biological parasitic infection it will at first slowly be absorbing all energy from a living being, drying them out and killing them. Which would cause the women to puke up blood.

(Piper is suddenly afraid as the knowledge made an impact on her.)

Billie: But luckily there is a spell which would drive away the infection and restore the woman to the healthy state. See it from the bright side?

Piper: Yeah? What?

Billie: At least, you don't have to be a single parent and raise his hideous and frightful warlock child, to one day for him to start and kill witches for their powers.

Piper: But it doesn't make any sense on why it wouldn't work? Phoebe got knocked up by the Source of All Evil. Although, that evil brat almost killed her if the Seer didn't stole the child.

Billie: It says that many beings have the ability to switch sides between good and evil. However, full blooded warlocks can never become good, and if you mix up a drop of blood from a witch and a warlock it will explode.

Piper: Good to know about warlock breeding. How about telling me. Why was I and my sisters were saved by this Council? Sure. I am grateful for saving our lives. As many thinks that we could be spies for the Elders?

Billie: From what I know, a Celestial Paladin named Michelle teleported you and your sisters and me and Christy. Some may think you are spies, but some don't think so. Either way you are still considered to be good.

Piper: I been here before and took my children with me.

Billie: (Confused) Although?

Piper: It's weird.

Billie: This school being filled with students who has more or less evil and demonic lineage? (Billie sees that Piper slightly nods.) I know, I felt the same way. But after a well you get used to it.

Piper: Really? on another topic, does Christy like us?

Billie: No.

Piper: Is it still because Phoebe knocked her unconscious? it was a half year ago. She thought Christy was evil.

Billie: She doesn't trust you, to gain someone's trust could be hard as she is blamed by the Magical Community for things she never did.

Piper: There is no way, either of us could have known.

Billie: She knows that. But some believes that Christy is trying to pull them by the nose again.

Piper: She is very friendly, and open minded to give us a chance.

[Int: Quick Flashbacks / F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Earlier]

Christy was in the bathroom taking a shower, she comes out with white long towel wrapped around her while slightly little warm steam emits from her body, before she got dressed she hear the door bell ring. sensing that Billie isn't around Christy takes a pink bathrobe over the towel as goes to check it out. Christy is outside her living quarter looking at both sides, as the door closes and locks. Christy is worried as she tries to open.

Christy: Oh, come on. Stupid Door.

(When Christy tries to teleport, She was engulfed in intense flames of fiery thermal heat energy in few seconds and then the thermal heat energy vanished, leaving Christy still outside. But she is surprised that she can't.) Oh no! Oh no!

Billie: (Voice) Isn't this awkward?

Christy: Hey Billie. Help. Open the door.

Billie: (Voice) What are you doing out there?

Christy: What do you think? Naked Magazine Cover Shoot? I got locked out.

Billie: (Voice) Did you really think, I would forget when you threw ice cold water on me.

Christy: You did this?

Billie: (Voice) Actually yeah.

Christy: (Annoyed, through gritted teeth.) Open the door Billie!

Billie: (Voice) Do you know who is nice?

Christy: Uh... Who?

Billie: (Voice) The Charmed Ones. They really want to meet you. I think you should give them a chance to get to know you.

Christy: To be blamed by them as well for things I never did. Why should I give someone a chance while I don't get one myself. Open the door. If this was a TV show, I would have been especially unpopular.

Billie: (Voice) So you will know. That's not really a bathrobe or towel, only two cloaking devices.

Christy: You are lying. (Christy screams when suddenly the bathrobe disappears leaving Christy in a towel.) You are not lying! (The bathrobe reappears.)

Billie: (Voice) So? Do we have agreement?

Christy: Oh, you are so dead.

Billie: (Voice) No, that's not good enough. I want details.

[Ext: Quick Flashbacks / F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Earlier]

Billie: You will be surprised how nice and friendly someone can be when they are given a chance to pour out their heart and soul.

Piper: I hope you didn't have to go to so much trouble. So are you seeing anybody?

Billie: When I was at the Starbucks Cafe Shop. J.D randomly walked and sat on a chair next to me. The Elders sent J.D. down here to speak with me, they were hoping to see if a connection would form. Talk about how embarrassing that felt.

Piper: But I thought I sensed a connection between you two before?

Billie: That was just merely physical attraction. Nothing real. Although, about two weeks ago I met a male wizard named Rathmere.

Piper: What's it like dating a wizard?

Billie: I don't know, I haven't really ever dated one, if it's true love in a wiccan and wizardry marriage, the wiccan spouse will be granted with near immortality, as well their children.

(Piper start to chuckle as she think that Billie is being funny, when she notice that Billie isn't laughing, as Piper starts to look at Billie with an expression that seems to say "are you kidding me?".)

Piper: (Shocked) What?! Are you kidding with me? Are you kidding with me?

Billie: No, it's like Handfasting, they lives gets tired together, if they should be divorced, they wouldn't be tired together, and the spouse still will keep the near immortality.

Piper: It would have come in handy if someone ever told me, before I got happily married and had children with a Whitelighter.

Billie: Consider this, would it been true love?

Piper: Could a person learn to love someone, in exchange for forever youth and wrinkle free skin complexion?

Billie: No, either you do, or you don't. Do you really think any wizards would have been single? (Thinks) Note to myself, don't tell her about the Ancient Healers.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

[Int: Los Angeles / The Museum of the Ancient Artifacts]

After some time has passed the several tall shadowy shrouded figures with a jagged toothed mouths which are reminiscent to the demon Masselin are in the walls. They are watching over all the possible targets. Piper is walking in as Paige followed as she is revealed to be dressed in black blouse and trousers and with black shoes are walking with Christy who is dressed in blue jeans with black top. As one of the demons are looking at Paige's pregnancy, as several of the demons miraculously turns their head and looks at Paige. Neither Paige or Christy notice the powerful evil presence. When the IScry starts to sound like a text message in Christy's front pocket. She pulls out the IScry and she is shocked.

Paige: Don't you feel great that you came?

Christy: I am. I like going to Museums.

Paige: Did you get a text message?

Christy: No, not really.

(Paige looks at the IScry as she is stunned while Christy is shocked that the IScry sensed the evil presence.)

Piper: Is this a new Touch Screen Phone?

Christy: Its called IScry. High tech device for the modern day scrying,

Paige: Wow. That's so cool. Where can I get one?

Christy: I bought for one for Billie and myself at a high tech store at F.O.R.C.E.

Christy pressed a button on the IScry as a virtual image of a crystal pendant swings around and reveals an image of the Demonic Soul Traders. As some information appears beside the image. Suddenly, everything at the Museum freezes.

Christy: Why is everyone frozen? (Christy goes over to a random man and waves in front of his face as she is looking at Piper and Paige.) Did you do this?

Piper: (Surprised) Not me.

(The three women are surrounded by aerokinetic web in to be completely preserve in cocoon-like state while they disappear.)

[Ext: Los Angeles / The Museum of the Ancient Artifacts]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

The three women reappears in a room through ice and air in tornado like ways, which has a resemblance to a courtroom having pillars and also huge windows which brings a lot of light and a beautiful ancient greek interior design. Paige is surprised to see her sisters and the Jenkins Sisters and Chris is standing there.

Paige: (Stunned) Where am I?

Chris: (Tearful) It's so great to see you Paige.

(Paige is concerned and worried, and Chris goes and hugs his aunt.)

Paige: So what happens in the future?

Chris: You got insane and killed almost the whole family?

(Paige disconnects the hug and she looked shocked at Chris.)

Piper: (Terrified) What? How would she do that?

Chris: Something took Paige's children when she was forced to give birth to them. Paige was saved but she wasn't the same. (Looking at Paige.) You became a Darklighter-Witch. Fearing that you would go through that again. You started to kill anybody close to you. Thinking you were saving them rather killed by those beings which stole your children.

Paige: Something did try to eat me today.

Chris: It didn't try to eat, rather to have you captured and wait for you to give birth to your children. I can't stay long, as the spell wouldn't last long. (Chris reveals a the light brown rectangular box.) Aunt Phoebe. Inside there is a rectangular crystal which are called "Memory Crystals" They are able to copy and store or restore memories. You told me to give this to you. It has many of her memories and emotions and feelings, and about your son. He vanished into nothing due to Aunt Paige's involvement.

Phoebe: (Confused) My son? I have a son?

Chris: Yeah, It's the one you had with Cole Turner.

(Everyone looks in shock for a long moment. Phoebe almost bursted into tears upon hearing about that.)

Phoebe: No. It can't be. That's impossible, He was vanquished along with the Seer. The Prenatal Tonic destroyed his soul. (The spell starts to withdrawn as Chris starts to vanish. Phoebe looks at everyone.) My son is alive. (Unexpectedly Phoebe faints and falls down on the ground, as her sisters runs to her.)

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

[Int: San Francisco / Phoebe's Condo]

(Few hours later on Phoebe slowly wakes up as she opens her eyes as she sees that Billie and Paige are watching TV.)

Phoebe: Billie, Paige.

Billie: (Sarcastic) Welcome back. How are you doing? Major News. Uh?

Phoebe: You could say that. What happened?

Paige: You fainted, so I orbed us here.

Billie: And I took the box with me.

Phoebe: I don't know if I should. I don't know if I am strong enough. Once, was already hard to go through.

Paige: See it from the bright side.

Phoebe: What's that?

Paige: Now you have a chance to see, while before you didn't.

Phoebe: (Chuckles) I am surprised to hear that from you. You hated Cole.

Paige: I will most likely always loathe and despise him. But you are my sister and I am need to be supportive. And beside You know what? I am turning over a new leaf with the new kid, No more mulligans.

(Billie picks up the box and opens it as Phoebe takes the crystal and concentrates as the crystal starts to glow.)

[Int: Memory Crystal/ Halliwell Manor / Phoebe's Room]

Phoebe is asleep in bed with Cole. Michelle teleports through aerokinetic webs, as she walks to Phoebe, and opens her mouth, and takes a silver and golden glowing potion from a pocket inside her robe, and opens and then pours the potion in Phoebe's mouth. Phoebe's body starts to glow in gold and silver light in some seconds before Phoebe returns to normal.

[Ext: Memory Crystal/ Halliwell Manor / Phoebe's Room]

[Int: Memory Crystal/ Penthouse / Bedroom]

Some time has past after Cole has impregnated Phoebe, Michelle appeared again and pours the same potion in Phoebe's mouth, and a bright glowing sphere appears as it was levitating from Phoebe's womb and then Michelle takes the sphere as she teleports away through aerokinetic webs.

[Ext: Memory Crystal/ Penthouse / Bedroom]

(A smile appears on Phoebe's lips.)

Paige: (Concern) What? What did you see?

Phoebe: His soul.

Billie: (Confused) What did she say?

Phoebe: His soul was protected from the effects of the Dark Wedding, and rescued before the effects of the Prenatal Tonic.

[Ext: San Francisco / Phoebe's Condo]

The End.

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