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Ancestry Quest - Episode 1x5 - The Discovery and the Sisterhood

[Protected Dimension / Int. Huge island-platform surrounded by the sea, F.O.R.C.E. Skyline at Morning]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Balcony]

Billie is dressed in a dark brown morning coat, as she is leaning on the balcony with her elbows on the light grey horizontal metal rail, as she is gazing out over a huge sea as far as her eyes are able to see while thousands of thoughts are flashing through her mind. She thinks back to the night Christy was taken. And to the day she actually thought she finally found Christy and tried to help Christy by rehabilitating her, and how she was actually manipulated by Denitra and causing so much trouble to the Charmed Ones, and how grateful she was that, she was still capable of human emotions.

While wondering about how she was so cold-hearted and ruthless, then she starts slightly to shake her head, starting to wonder why does she still have these thoughts as she has already worked through them and processed them, as her parents and Christy are alive. She was still especially grateful that she didn't possess Projection anymore without any expression of regret, as she could have with one simple unintentional thought caused a Wiccan Genocide Armageddon. She knew that she wouldn't do that. But she didn't either knew that she almost became a murderous witch, courtesy of Denitra and the Triad.

Billie started to be slightly jealous at Christy's upbringing, while Christy got to grow up in this heaven resemblance sanctuary, after Billie was worried these last 15 years if she would ever see Christy again. Suddenly Billie got the worst sense of guilt. Her sister is alive and nevertheless not evil and her parents were also alive she should be grateful as hell, and what does she do instead? she was complaining about Christy's upbringing. When did she become so resentful?

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Balcony]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

Billie walks in and takes off the bathrobe and fuzzy slippers and lies back into her bed and stands up, she looks at the alarm clock which shows 08:30am. She looks beside her, and opens a bedside drawer and picks up the wizard book.

Billie: (Cheerful) Let's learn about our distantly related cousins.

Billie opens the wizard book, and views the content pages, which is a range of what has been perceived, discovered, or learned about wizards. She sees a unique and distinct section called "Rituals & Holy Artifacts" she shows especially huge fascination as she has notice the section before but never had the time to read about that. She founds the specific section.

Billie: (Reads) The Holy Bliss is an important Wizardry Ceremony, although not necessary as it's left to personal choice, when a pregnant woman is in labor and about to give birth to new life. She would be placed on a bed within a circle with her mate. The pregnant woman is surrounded into a huge circle by the spirits of deceased and also current living ancestors to guide and watch over the newest addition to the family and to their kind, in the ceremony a holy artifact is used called the Goblet of Magic which is placed within its sacred resting place on the center of the island, to also help bless the children with goodness and light and the memories of of their lineage to their offspring by the holy flames,

although not necessary as it's left to personal choice, their past history which will be slowly unlocked when the children come into proper age, making them almost immediately intelligent about their own kind but without making them ego-maniacal or evil, many people with wizardry inheritance says that they can see the memories of their ancestors as if they were there. To provide the pregnant woman physical relief from pain, those who has the authority to perform or administer various religious rites are the Druids who are dressed in light brown ceremonial robes as they are chanting in ancient celtic as a holy ancient artifact causes her to be into a trance-like state of extreme suggestibility and feels the collective warm affection and devotion from her family and ancestors and friends. As the pregnant woman is into the delivery process the holy ancient artifact consumes all of her pain it can cause the holy flames to be more violent and ferocious, thus more pain it consumes.

Billie slightly thinks and she feels that she wouldn't be discouraged as it's been now 1 week later since she met the Charmed Ones, as closes the wizard book and puts it back in the bedside drawer and closing it. While she looks at book on a desk which has a resemblance to the Book of Shadows, she gets up from the bed wearing blue silky pajamas, and puts on fuzzy slippers. And walks quietly to the desk although at this point the book is close now which enables her to see its front cover. She is stunned to see for the first ever the symbol composed of a silver mark of a scorpion with a long segmented tail ending in a venomous stinger. As she with rapid movement is about to touch the book but however, it raised its shield throwing back Billie on the ground, which causes Christy to wake up as she quickly stands up.

Christy: (Surprised) What? What happened?

Billie: (As she tries to stand up.) Ow. Ow. Well that stupid stupid book still rejects me when I am trying to touch it.

Christy: Billie! It's early in the morning.

Billie: (Frustrated) Don't you Billie me, it's my book to. And I am tired for waiting now when my needs and questions are being put aside. I want to have my answers.

Christy: Get the door, somebody is coming.

Billie: (Confused) What? How do you know? Isn't that considered personal gain? You are using your Telepathy to see if someone is at the door?

Christy: No, not really because it's kind of almost impossible to turn off one's Telepathy, it's like holding one's breath under water, however, eventually you have to come up to the surface and start breathing. Well the Ancestral Council can be busy, although you will get your answers today.

Billie: (Stern Expression) You promise?

Christy: Cross my heart with the good faith and hope to uphold the promise.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Front Door]

(Suddenly someone was knocking on the door. Billie walks to the door wearing her pajamas and fuzzy slippers and opens the door.)

Billie: Hi Adrianna. Come in.

Adrianna walks in carrying the Book of Light, as she is dressed in a long black tub top and red see through blouse over it and black skirt just over the knees. She turns quickly while Billie was looking at Adrianna's legs.

Adrianna: I should really ask you about this before I should forget. (She gets a confused look.) What are you doing?

Billie: Without any leggings, I can see that you have seriously killer legs.

Adrianna: (Laughs) Oh, thanks I am very proud about my legs.

Billie: How come you are wearing leggings so often?

Adrianna: Sometimes because I want to and sometimes because I really don't like shaving my legs, but I love wearing skirts. It's a dilemma.

Billie: You could wax them?

Adrianna: (Cringes) To painful. But not as painful as childbirth.

Billie: Speaking of childbirth. But in your case, you don't have to endure the pain due to the Holy Bliss.

Adrianna: I am impressed that you know about the Holy Bliss. So you will know, actually any woman who don't want to endure the pain can get help from the Goblet of Magic without the Ceremony.

Billie: (Confused) Really? But the book says.

Adrianna: Really. I am sure. So if you should one day want to have children and about to give birth, you can choose to feel the both sides of childbirth. Many magical and mystical species visit the Atlantic Paradise to avoid the pain and give birth to their children due to that maybe they are not capable of enduring the pain or something else.

Billie: (Confused) The Atlantic Paradise?

Adrianna: The Atlantic Paradise is a mystical, harmonious island and the foundation of a new world, which has beautiful grove of oak trees, mountains, seas and rivers, etc, located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, the people are healthy and blessed, happy and content that lived completely cut off from the troubles in the outside world, which was created and colonized and inhabited by the wizards and witches in order to prevent the extinction of the wizard kind from the Source of All Evil, although not all wizards and witches chooses to stay and live there as some of them chooses to live with the mortals and the Magical Community.

Billie: Sounds like a haven.

Adrianna: It is.

Billie: Does every Wizard-Witch possess Photokinetic Orbing?

Adrianna: No, they don't, this is a common confused interpretation on Wizard-Witches, as many have huge comparison us to Whitelighter-Witches. Photokinetic Orbing or Telekinetic Orbing is very rare as while as Shadow Shielding or Shadow Cloaking. and there is an extremely rare and exclusively healing ability to destined Wizard-Witches, The users is called (Signs with air quotes.) "Ancient Healers" there is also possible powers from Wiccan and Wizardry inheritance.

Billie: Is it like possessing Deflection? one single destined witch within every thousand years.

Adrianna: No, not really, They could be mainly 4 destined Wizard-Witches within every existence, as long they are alive nobody else will possess that rare ability.

Billie: Well, warlocks and demons could always steal the healing ability or kill one of the users with an Absorption Athame?

Adrianna: For their sake, they really shouldn't do that. As this power can quickly overwhelm someone good being who is not destined to hold it, due to their humanity it will take much slower process driving them insane. If evil should steal the healing ability they will become more quickly insane and cause a wide area explosion.

Billie: Well it must have some great benefits being an immortal?

Adrianna: I weren't know anything about that.

Billie: (Stunned) What? You don't? But you are a Half-Wizard and Wizards possess immortality.

Adrianna: Well not Wizard-Witches, we possess instead exceedingly long longevity.

Billie: (Confused) Does the Holy Bliss or The Goblet of Magic grant longevity?

Adrianna: No, it's like Handfasting, when in a wiccan and wizardry marriage in all with sincerity and without pretense, when the couple are truly in love, they lives gets tired together, the wiccan spouse will be granted with exceedingly long longevity, as well their children.

Billie: So of they should be divorced, are they still tired together? Will the spouse lose the longevity?

Adrianna: No they wouldn't be tired together, and the spouse still will keep it.

Billie: The Book says that powers from the children of wiccan and wizardry inheritance are mostly associated with bright or dark shadows and orbs?

Adrianna: Well...not always, it was mostly intended on those with wiccan and wizardry inheritance, as me. For making more appealing to read the book.

Christy walks in wearing black trousers and dark red t-shirt with black markings, and Billie feels slightly socially uncomfortable being the only one wearing blue silky pajamas and fuzzy slippers. And says "I will be right back" as she quickly leaves.

Christy: Hi Adrianna. So what's up?

Adrianna: Actually, I am here about your sister, I have something to ask her. It has kind of being slipping my mind.

Christy: (Concern) Oh, really anything I should know?

Adrianna: Well you can get a premonition and see for yourself.

Christy: But your mental shield protects from my telepathic gifts.

Adrianna: Don't worry, I will take care of that.

Christy: Lets see what happen.

(Christy places her hand on Adrianna's forehead and closes her eyes, and she gets a past memory in form of a premonition.)

[Int: Telepathic Premonition / Adrianna's Memory / A Week Ago]

Billie appears through water when she was teleported by the Book, she start to walk to a the podium there is very large book, about the size of a dictionary or encyclopedia volume which has a resemblance to the Book of shadows, the book is black and the front cover has a symbol composed of a golden dragon mark, she was at the front of the Book of Light, as the symbol had a quickly glow the book open it self and flips through many pages, then it stopped and when Billie touched the page and after a while Billie disappears through water.

[Ext. Telepathic Premonition / Adrianna's Memory / A Week Ago]

Christy: (Opens her eyes again.) Oh dear.

(Billie walks in wearing black trousers and brown t-shirt with some text writing on it. Noticing they have kind of serious look.)

Christy: Good thing that you are back Billie.

Billie: (Confused) What did I do?

Adrianna: You didn't do anything, at least nothing bad. It depends.

Billie: (Confused) Well, what is it then about?

Adrianna: Do you remember being in my Living Quarter a week ago and looking through the book?

Billie: No. As you remember. I can't even touch our book, nevertheless yours.

Adrianna: I saw you sleep walking in my Living Quarter and looking at something in the book.

(Billie becomes stunned and recalls her dream.)

Christy: (Confused) Billie?

Billie: (Worried) I thought it was a dream.

(Billie was standing some distance away, as Adrianna had the Book of Light on her knees and Christy was sitting with her.)

Christy: Do you have any memories?

Billie: No.

Adrianna: Strange, the Book rejects you, however, a week ago you were touching it.

Christy: (Spell Casting) Book of Light, I wished to see, the page from a week ago my sister did see recalled from her memory?

(The Book glowed prevented the spell to reveal the page.)

Adrianna: Strange. It seems to be for Billie's eyes only.

Billie: Did you ask about the Ultimate Power and the Twice Blessed Child?

Christy: Yeah.

Billie: How? And?

Christy: Through Telepathy. They said mind your own business.

Billie: (Stunned) What? They said that?

Adrianna: You should ask them yourself.

Billie: I guess. Wanna come with?

Christy: I can't, they were very much specific, it's a one Jenkins deal.

Billie: You went with me last time when it was about my Projection and when I got those new abilities and the sword.

Christy: It's weird. I know. But despite anything to the contrary, I can't go with you this time, I didn't go with you when you had your trials, now did I? as you were supposed to go through them by yourself.

(Billie feelings slightly disappointed as she starts to leave, when Billie left them.)

Christy: (Guilty expression) I feel really guilty for acting like that to her.

Adrianna: I hope that they can help Billie. It's horrible that she doesn't really know how dangerous she really is and to herself and everybody else.

Christy: Good, that the Ancestral Council managed to found out that Billie was a sleeper agent for the Triad. the Triad went extreme means to cover up this.

Adrianna: It's ironically weird that they didn't use that to their own advantage.

Christy: it is, but we should be grateful that they didn't.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Long Hallway]

(Whilst Billie was walking she felt easily agitated while thousands of thoughts are flashing through her mind, as she stepped into an elevator.)

[Ext. F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Long Hallway]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

(Billie appears in a room through ice and air in tornado like ways, noticing she is back at Christy's Living Quarter. Christy appears.)

Christy: Billie the Ancestral Council told me about those prophecies.

Billie: (Confused) What? But you said that they didn't? That they said mind your own business. How did I appear here? I just went to them.

Christy: They redirected you back, well they can be odd, they told me the Ultimate Power and the Twice Blessed Child never happened, they were only fictional prophecies. Sure that specific Charmed One does have a son but the Triad really overclouded your perception with things that never actually happened, for example you were never there and the Ultimate Power was just the Triad's creation to create their own equivalent. You will always wonder about these fictional prophecies and if anybody should discredit their existence you will massacre them in cold-blood, and then your memory would be erased and you will start over again. It's was just a fail safe, to make you a sleeper agent for any various reasons.

Billie: (Angered) This is not true! I would have known!

Christy: Sorry, no, you wouldn't,

Billie: So I couldn't be blamed for being so gullible when I tried to vanquished the Charmed Ones?

Christy: You could, because you made that choice by your own free will. The Triad must maybe unintentionally forgotten, or thought you and Denitra would be dead anyway so why bother?

(Suddenly Billie falls to the ground screaming as she has a scorching headache and then Billie's eyes becomes pure black as she went in murderess rage. Billie kicks Christy in the stomach.)

Christy: (Stunned) What are you doing?

(As she quickly stands up. Billie kicks Christy in the face and she falls onto a chair, Christy teleports and stands up again and she tries to counteract Billie in a battle.)

Billie: This time to kill you for good.

Billie throws Christy onto a small table, smashing it. Christy lies there with cuts and bruises all over her. Billie calls for her samurai sword but it scorched her hand forcing her to drop the sword on the ground as the sound can be heard from a blade falling down on the ground. Billie telekinetically grabbed one of Christy's athames off the floor and stabs Christy in lower ribcage and Christy is gasping for breath with a heavily bleeding stab wound in her lower ribcage, then some kind electrified energy is making an appearance within Billie as it was raising out of her, forcing her to scream violently.

Billie falls to the ground as her eyes return to normal as she is forced to face to her greatest horror what she has done as her hands are covered in her sister's blood, while Christy lying there unconscious. Which caused Billie to make an unrestrained expression of emotions. The illusions disappears and reveals a resemblance to a courtroom having pillars and also huge windows which brings a lot of light and a beautiful ancient Greek interior design. And the illusion of Christy disappears.

Council Member: Tell us what you are afraid of?

Billie: (Randomly) I am evil.

Council Member: What? No, you are not. You have been mentally reprogrammed by the Triad, it's was just a fail safe, to make you a sleeper agent for any various reasons, when exposed to a trigger, you are cured now.

Billie: (Doubtful) But...Dark Billie said that you are forced to have me here, because I am Christy's little sister.

Council Member: Do you believe in that?

Billie: I don't know, what to believe in.

Council Member: Dark Billie was just a manifestation due to you were punishing yourself. Because you felt guilty when you redirected that fireball.

Billie: (Doubtful) What if.

Council Member: No, we have been watching over you since you came here, we weren't sure about you.

Billie was looking at her sword on the ground whilst experiencing huge pain on her severely burned left hand, a water sphere appears wraps around her left arm and heals her arm which relieving her from the pain and restoring her hand to normal.

Council Member: Pick up your sword.

Billie: Thanks for healing touch, but...

Council Member: Go, pick it up, and another thing, before you visited F.O.R.C.E. We were concern about what the Triad did to you, as we only sensed a dangerous anomaly considering you.

Billie: (Suspicious) Did you take my Projection because of that?

Council Member: No, don't you remember, that you were the one who chose that? Some of us wanted to make you a temporary ordinary mortal for your and your sister's safety once you were cured.

Billie: (Curious) What changed your mind?

Council Member: Christy did.

Billie: (Surprised) What? She did?

(Water based spheres appearing and viewing flashback from the past.)

[Int: Premonition / Past Time / F.O.R.C.E. / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

Council Member: You can't help yourself, can you Miss. Jenkins? Always the stubborn and rebellious one.

Christy: Well if you talking about renouncing my sister from her gifts because something she isn't aware of. Well then you are right, I guess I can't. If you don't give my sister the same opportunities as I was given, so she will have a sanctuary and express herself,

then you are going to be physically and spiritually devastating her spirit and forcing her to abuse her magic and in fact maybe even turning her evil, because she has nowhere else to turn. And if you don't listen to me. I will then, (Christy is confused where she was going what this.)

Council Member: You will what? You love it here.

Christy: (Snapped) Damn it! I am so sick of this crap! Demons have it so, so much easier! Dude! seriously think about it, no rules, no personal gain, no consequences, no guilt feelings, well great that really helped to clarify this issue. I figured it out, that I might as well become a demon, to think that our side has to always be all goody-goody as for what?! Seriously tell me?! For what?!

Council Member: Demon? Aren't you being kind of dramatic? We think you've made your point. Well if you are gonna be a demon, there is a high chance of getting vanquished.

Christy: (Thinking to herself.) Great! Just great! Now you done it, you are gonna get vanquished. You had to snap in front an extremely powerful Council and talking about being demonized so they would vanquish you.

(Council Members were sensing strong positive emotions of regard and affection when she was talking about her sister, and how stubborn she was talking back to them in the heated matter.)

Council Member: Alright, she will remain as a witch. Well we can't risk you becoming a demon. Now can we?

[Ext: Premonition / Past Time / F.O.R.C.E. / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

The water based spheres disappears, Billie was stunned to see her sister having so much strong positive emotions of regard and affection to her, as Billie disappears through ice and air in tornado like ways.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Kitchenette]

Billie appears whilst the aerokinetic webs disappears, there are various breakfast food supplies on the kitchen table 2 loafs of bread, and butter and smoked turkey and salad and milk and cereal, and some turkey burgers and huge bowl of chicken salad.

Christy: (Sarcastic Comment) Still evil?

Billie: (Stunned) You knew? Grrrrr For the record, I hate you and I am gonna kill you!

Christy: Or really? still? Well, it can't get any worse, then, can it? what's up with killing your own sister, am I actually that bad?

Billie: Oh, no. I am rapidly working up to despise, speaking about being bad, not like you were the voice of reason, you wanted to be a demon and you snapped. Wow, what's up with a lot of food? What are you? pregnant?

Christy: (Gasping holds her hands to her chest.) They didn't! and no I didn't snap. I am very calm young woman. And no I am not pregnant, but I could be by my possible future husband, you know the old saying, any fool can be a Father, but it takes a real man to be a Dad.

Billie: (Mocking) Yeah, they did. Damn it! I am so sick of this crap! Demons have it so, so much easier! Dude! seriously think about it, no rules, no personal gain, no consequences, no guilt feelings, well great that really helped to clarify this issue. I figured it out, that I might as well become a demon, to think that our side has to always be all goody-goody as for what?! Seriously tell me?! For what?!

Christy: (Embarrassed) I can't believe they shown that. So glad that this isn't awkward.

Billie: Oh, think about it, that you snapped.

Christy: Shut up.

Billie: Oh, Christy is mad, better not get Little Miss. Flame angry.

(Playfully pushing her.)

Christy: (Annoyed) Don't push me.

Billie: Or what?

Christy: You know, I always wondered about how it feels to be the only child, after I (Signs with air quotes.) "Unintentionally" incinerated my only sibling, it would be kind of awkward telling our parent's for example Mom. Dad. not to go into all specific details. I kind of unintentionally incinerated Billie, can I get a new sibling? preferably a brother?........Wanna eat?

Billie: Yeah, I am so hungry, alright, I will stop. (Sits at the dining table takes some of the silverware and a plate and adds some food to eat.) the Ancestral Council didn't trust me, did they?

Christy: Well, trust is something that you have to earn with them. The Ancestral Council is more concerned with distrust.

Billie: So, why did they help me?

Christy: Well, it's the only way you make new friends. Take a chance on someone and hope they don't make you regret it. Billie, you are okay?

Billie: I have been better...physically fine, I was wondering about something long time ago.

Christy: What?

Billie: Well through my time here, I have seen Vampires and Dhampirs and Wizards and Sorcerers and Half-Darklighters and even some demons and many others.

Christy: Yeah, it's pure pretty collection of nuttiness.

Billie: Are there any warlocks at this school?

Christy: No, not even one.

Billie: (Shocked) Seriously?

Christy: You are safe.

Billie: No such thing as good warlocks?

Christy: No.

Billie: What if they are half-warlocks who are half-humans?

Christy: Still no. Look warlocks are classified as very fickle and dangerous.

Billie: You could say the same thing about any species.

Christy: The Ancestral Council are very specific which species are allowed to be here.

Billie: I am confused how some are allowed while others are not?

Christy: Many species started their own campaigns for their own rights and beliefs that some of them can be good despite their demonic inheritance, and trust me on this it was long from easy.

Christy: (Looks at Billie.) Sis?

Billie: Yeah?

Christy: I personally don't believe that we are born one extreme way or another but we do have different natures and nurture and characteristic tenancies which will always have two sides with no clear victory. I beyond doubt remember having some dark thoughts and doing some senselessly mean things as a kid, fortunately due to positive attributes and a conscience to keep us relatively balanced.

Billie: You mean, when we were playing and you "unintentionally" pushed me on the playground, and then you were forced by mom to say that you are sorry, which you didn't mean it, even though you thought that I totally deserve it?

Christy: You're really not gonna let that go, are you? But to my point. We are all born with the choice of doing good, but it's sometimes really difficult to choose to do what is good, as evil allows us to comfort ourselves. How evil we allow ourselves to become or how good is within our capacity, but doing good is also a struggle against our own desires and needs.

I believe that there cannot be good without evil inside each one of us. When we are able to reason by understanding that there are consequences as a direct result to our actions, we constantly choose how we will react to any given situation.

Billie: (Teasing) Thank you Mrs. Albert Einstein. Mensa called, they were wondering when you are gonna be a member.

Christy: (Unfunny look.) Albert Einstein was a physicist, who formulated the special theory of relativity and the general theory of relativity. Get you particular branch of scientific knowledge right, and I don't have to as there is already a Mensa Chapter on F.O.R.C.E. Which I am already a member.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Kitchenette]

[Int: Underworld / The Cave of The Dark Vessel / Main Arena]

The Cave is dark and there are several torches on the walls. There is a huge gathering of several various demonic species, surrounding around a huge stage as the Woogyman appears and all demons stands on one knee and bows down.

Every demonic species: (Shouts) Our Dark Master! and our Dark Lord! we are powerful and protected by your generosity, we swear our loyalty in and beyond. We live only to serve. Our lives are yours by cleansing us in your glory and victory.

The Woogyman: (Shouts) Cross!

Cross stands up and quickly opens her eyes as she looks at a sentient cloud who whirls a reforms into an grey skinned wrinkly elderly man dressed in a black rode with a hood having a satisfied expression on his face.

The Woogyman: Cross, take several Dark Wraiths with you and extend your kind.

Cross: As my liege wishes. (Stands on one knee and bows down again.) Before I leave, may I ask something?

The Woogyman: You are.

Cross: How come you came to be? Didn't the Charmed Ones vanquish you when they banished the Nexus?

Old Female Poltergeist: (Angered) How dare you offend, our liege?! You unclean creature! I will make you pay for that insult.

Cross: Put a sock into your mouth, old lady.

The Woogyman: Let her speak. (Projects a hologram and narrates the events seen within.)

Powerful Collective of Demons performed a resurrection ritual wanted to use my powers for their own evil purposes, I eviscerated them all with my thoughts.

(Some demons are dressed in dark brown robes covering their faces and throwing white dust on the ground in a circle as another demons are chanting in unknown ancient language, and then an outburst of fire appears and an grey skinned wrinkly elderly man dressed in a black rode with a hood having a satisfied expression on his face, who whirls a reforms into a sentient cloud without hesitation and attacks.)

when Cole briefly possessed the Nexus I managed to quickly permanently copy several abilities from the Nexus and Cole and Zankou, and when the Nexus choose Leo as a neutral side I managed to quickly permanently copy several important information. It's time to put my plan into action.

(Cross stands up and quickly opens her eyes before she teleports.)

Cross: As my liege wishes.

The Woogyman: Wolves!

(Several wolves in grey dust and black dirt appearance are noticed.)

The Woogyman: Devise a plan to capture one of the Jenkins sisters and contain her. And the other one will be more cooperative to save her sister.

(The wolves disappears through fading manner.)

[Ext: Underworld / The Cave of The Dark Vessel / Main Arena]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

Billie: I want to try to touch the book.

Christy: (Worried) Are you sure you want to be playing around with it? Do you think you are ready, and you did eat recently?

Billie: (Confused) Why wouldn’t I be? It's just a book. No harm ever came from reading a book.

Christy: Alright, clear your mind.

Billie: (Interrupts) No offense, it's just a book, I am cured from the Triad manipulation.

(As soon the book sensed Billie's presence it raised the shield and Billie was stunned.)

Billie: (Frustrated) For cry out loud! What? What now?!

Christy: (Kidding) Yeah, like you said... Just a book.

Billie: (Looking at Christy.) What am I doing wrong?

(Christy was quiet while she was on a sofa and performing beauty treatment on her nails and toes by cutting and shaping etc, while she has cotton balls between her toes.)

Billie: Didn't you hear me?

Christy: Yeah, I heard you, what I didn't hear was please.

(She continues the beauty treatment on her nails and toes. Billie breathes in and out.)

Billie: Don't be like that.......(Rolls with her eyes.) I am sorry. Please tell me what am I doing wrong?

Christy: That was better. Clear your mind from all thoughts and concentrate. One important thing, don't have any personal gain thoughts.

Billie: Huh, I haven't had this problem with the Halliwell's Book of Shadows.

Christy: Yeah, I see that. No wonder they have many personal gain issues. Nevertheless that the Angels of Destiny was ultimately forced to temporary disempower the Charmed Ones due to their misuse of their powers which was disturbing the Grand Design. So you need to drop that attitude.

Billie: Really, but they seemed to have all their powers when I visit them about those pregnant women.

Christy: That was special occurrences.

Billie: How was that special occurrences?

Christy: It was a cornerstone where the Dark Vessel would create his own hell. Real enough for you?

Billie was stunned and closes her eyes and clears her mind of all thoughts, and Christy looks at the podium as while the book's shield was still active and after some minutes then in which the shield disappears and Christy smiles and while Billie's eyes are still closed she walks slowly to the podium and slowly picks up the book and opens her eyes and looks at the Book of Shadows, Billie is shocked and gasps as she can't believe it.

Billie: I am good and I am able to touch the book! I am gonna try to do something outrageous. I am gonna look in the book.

As she starts to open the book it was glowing, when Billie opens to the first page, as it was glowing brightly and reveals the first page, On the top of the page it says "The Book of Shadows" and in the middle the symbol composed of a silver mark of a scorpion with a long segmented tail ending in a venomous stinger, and down on the page is says "of the descendants from the Darrow line of witches started in the year 1400." suddenly it was flipping to the ancestry chapter and an image of Billie produced by scanning and her name and last name appeared Billie noticed Christy's picture as well and looked and saw a picture of another woman.

Billie: Who is Demetria Darrow?

Christy: It's our grandmother's name.

(Billie starts to laugh hysterically as she pulls up Christy from the sofa so Christy had to stand on her ankles and they hug and bounces around to celebrate.)

Billie: Oh does that feel good! I am made it I am made at last!

(Wiccan orbs appears reveals a ghost image of a young brunette, mid-twenties, absolutely stunning woman which reveals to be the image of Demetria Darrow.)

Demetria: That's right. You have certainly proven your worth as far as I am concerned.

(They stopped bouncing around and stopped hugging Billie was surprised to see her grandmother for the first time ever.) You aren't gonna faint, now are you?

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

[Int: Underworld / Unknown Location]

(Cross appears through smoking in fading manner and several Dark Wraiths appears through various teleport methods.)

Cross: Turn the strong and kill the rest! Take no prisoners!

Cross and other Dark Wraiths starts to lengthen their canine teethes revealing them into fangs, giving them more facial predatory expression and a huge gust of purple mist appears from their bodies, which caused a trembling panic between many demons. Before the Dark Wraiths started to attack, as many demons are trying to get out while others are vanquished or bitten and feed on or trying ineffectively to vanquish a numerosity of Dark Wraiths.

[Ext: Underworld / Unknown Location]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

(While Christy's nails and toes are drying, she is holding a black device which has resemblance to a touch screen phone.)

Billie: I didn't know that you bought a new touch screen phone.

Christy: It's not.

Billie: What is it then?

Christy: Well. It's called IScry, it's the latest in high tech stuff for the Modern Day Scrying.

Billie: Can I see it?

(Billie tries to touch it, but Christy pulls it away.)

Christy: See it with your eyes, not your hands.

Billie: Come on, I wouldn't steal it.

Christy: (Stern voice) No! It's mine! Leave me alone!

Billie: Gee relax, fine, keep your stupid toy.

Christy: Oh, it's stupid? That's a shame, because I bought one for you as well. But if you think they are stupid, I can return it and get a refund.

Billie: (Stunned) You did? What? Seriously? Where is it?

Christy: Well, what can I say? You did exceptional work today, sis, and I am proud of you. It's in that black fabric bag.

Billie goes and opens the bag as her eyes are wide open in focus with a fixed gaze of attention, at the black paper package which says IScry in light blue words with a picture of a black touch screen device.

Billie: (Shouts) Sweet!, you are like the best sister ever!

Christy: Hell, yeah! Oh, it's kind of really obvious! one of my specialties is to enlighten and amaze. Surprised that you didn't already knew that.

Billie takes out the package from the black fabric bag and opens the package and takes out the black IScry touch screen device. She presses on the start button, the IScry turns on and a screen shows "Welcome to IScry Systems! - Your Digital Scrying to go. Where Magic meets Technology" Please state your name.

Billie: Billie.

(Instantly the screen clears and it just says "initialization" and then some new texts appears on the screen. "Welcome Billie.!".)

Christy: The IScry is designed to be very user-friendly. It has features as. Data storage and retrieval and Voice recognition and virtual reality interface. 8-megapixel camera to record and take high quality picture and video and audio. The IScry is equipped with its own power source that will not infringe on the constantly recharging. And a user could instruct the IScry to perform a very broad function without requiring a detailed knowledge of the specified function, the IScry would fill in the blanks. And many more features.

Billie: Christy? I have another wondering about something?

Christy: What?

Billie: Do Cupids really exist?

Christy: (Laughs) Do you mean if they are (Signs with air quotes.) "Very huggable" babies who are flying with angelic wings with a bow and arrows?

Billie: (Unfunny look.) No, if there are cupid rings then has to be Cupids, right?

Christy: No, not really. Although the cupid rings are actually neutrally created by the Angels of Destiny and to be assigned to the Elders and the Ancestral Council to assign some of their servants to spread love and create destined relationships. But the Ancestral Council didn't want to be responsible for tampering with such events and the free will and took no part of it.

Billie: So that means that Whitelighters who possess a cupid ring have also the title to be a cupid to?

Christy: Pretty much.

Billie: So Darklighters are?

Christy: Some Darklighters are counterparts, they want to steal the rings to undo everything. It says that it's more painful then being shot by 10 darklighter arrows. Anything more you want to know?

Billie: Actually.

Christy: What?

Billie: You are a witch and a firestarter which are two very much different species. But you are still not considered to be a hybrid.

Christy: Pretty much.

Billie: What's the difference? Are all magical beings considered to be Firestarters who possess the gift of Pyrokinesis?

Christy: No. There is a difference. Not that big difference, but still however, a difference.

Billie: Which is?

Christy: Males have a pyrokinetic symbol on the backside of the shoulder and the Females have the same pyrokinetic symbol lower down on the back.

Billie: (Curious) Similarities to the Phoenix Witches?

Christy: Yeah, although not in the same way.

Billie: Do you have that symbol on your back?

Christy: Non of your business.

Billie: You do, don't you? Can I see it? Please.

Christy: No.

Billie: Come on, are you embarrassed?

Christy: No.

Billie: Then what?

Christy: (Irritated) Fine!

Billie: Sweet.

Christy: Help me up.

(Billie helps Christy to get up from the sofa to stand on her ankles, while she has cotton balls between her toes. Christy turns around pulls slightly her shirt up revealing her bare lower back. As a pyrokinetic symbol appears which shows a trident surrounded by a chain weapon.)

Christy: (Irritated) Happy?

Billie: Very much. Thanks.

(And then the pyrokinetic symbol disappears.)

Christy: Anything else?

Billie: I am fine for the time being, so far as I know. When is Adrianna coming for her magical book?

Christy: Later on, she left the Book of Light in case you would get any of your visions again. Are you gonna try?

Billie: (Uncertain) I just learn to try to touch our book, and it really hurts falling down.

Christy: (Rolls with her eyes.) This could be painful. Let me help you.

When Billie and Christy touched the Book of Light, which suddenly went through many pages and finally appeared on the page about "Holographic Crystals" which then a three point light based crystal appeared from the page suddenly hovering, and projects an astral holographic image of their alternative selfs. Astral Billie was dressed in light brown dress with white sleeves and Astral Christy was dressed in dark brown dress with white sleeves appeared from the Holographic Chrystal. Billie and Christy looks stunned and speechless in disbelieved after noticing what is happening.

Christy: (Stunned) How did I?

Billie: (Stunned) Get so old fashion? What are you?

Astral Christy: Billie? Is that really you? You have no idea how much I miss so many people, and to see you all again.

(Both the living set of the sisters were looking at Astral Billie.)

Astral Billie: Its okay, I understand what she means.

Astral Christy: Oh, Billie, I didn't mean it like that. I am sorry. It's just that I am not…

Astral Billie: Really Christy, its okay, (Smiles weakly) I understand. You had a very different life met many different people which you have grown up with, before you met me. I am over it.

Billie: (Sighing in relief) Christy?

Astral Christy: I can't believe it! It actually worked!

Billie: What are you talking about? What the hell's going on here?

Astral Billie: I imagine you are a little confused right now. look, I understand this is hard for you both. Just do us a favour and listen. We can't tell much about the past due to changing the future, but however, we can share some shards of the past.

Billie: (Stunned) What are you?

Astral Christy: (Snaps with her fingers.) Hey there, stay with us now. You're really not gonna let that go, are you? We are cloned consciousnesses to mimic the exact response and appearance of the Jenkins sisters, so to speak as we possess the memories and the feelings, one of the cornerstones of the actual foundation of what makes a person who they are.

Billie: So if we are still in our time.....Then.

Astral Christy: Dead and buried and turned to dust a long, long time ago.

Christy: You look, (She reaches out to touch Astral Christy's shoulder. Her fingers sink straight into the shoulder of the hologram counterpart.)... odd. Am I a victim of a freakishly weird practical joke? Or some kind of living hell? Because this is a whole new extraordinary level of weird.

Astral Billie: No, I wouldn't consider that. Freak accident. Sorry. It is kind of cool when you think about it, isn't it?

Christy: No, this is not cool!

Astral Billie: All right, calm down. All these young people, When I was a young woman, we had more respect for the Elderly.

Astral Christy: Billie.

Astral Billie: When Denitra managed to stab me in the stomach she took my sword and before she became vanquished by the sword she managed to stab through the Cradle of Time, but I managed to survived and pulled my sword before it destroyed the box. However, the Cradle of Time caused a time and reality shift which prevented us from ever returning to our timeline without causing any consequences. So we were forced to stay here.

Billie: (Confused) The Cradle of Time?

Astral Christy: Its an ancient artifact, which looks like a box which has a golden glow. There is an infinitely great number of different realities out there, with every possible variation, which also means there is an infinitely great number of different Billies and Christys. You know. The Quantum Theory.

Christy: Oh, I understand.

Billie: Whoa! We are not all fierily brainy sister witches, I am still freaked out.

Astral Christy: When we were send back in time, which proves that the universe is in fact split into an infinite number of copies of itself in which every possible outcome to every decision ever made all exist somewhere in this infinitely layered multi-universe.

Billie: (Confused) Ahh?

Astral Billie: I am you who time traveled and got stuck in time.

Billie: Oh.

Astral Christy: We love our husbands and children, but the timeline isn't supposed to go this path. Under no circumstances don't underestimate Denitra and watch out for a dangerous rebel wizard named Aeromos.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

The End.

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