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Ancestry Quest - Episode 1x6 - The Birth of the Dark Frontier

[Int: Unknown Forest Location / Night Time]

Denitra appears through smoking in the centre of the circle of trees who are surrounding her. Suddenly, an energy ball flies out of nowhere and hits Denitra in the chest but she was able to withstand the force. Two demon guards literally walk out of two trees.

Demon Guard #1: Hi Denitra. Nice to see you.

Denitra: What's with the energy ball?

Demon Guard #2: We can't play favorites with anybody, since the Charmed Ones almost destroyed the whole market last time.

Denitra: (Sarcasm) How can that be? After all that security, and you are two such muscular and powerful demons.

Demon Guard #2: Watch it witch.

Demon Guard #1: Oh yeah, we know what you are.

Denitra: I am in need for some customer service, so aren't you gonna let me in.

Demon Guard #1: Say the magic word.

(Denitra conjured a dagger and stabs Guard #1 in the stomach and vanquishes him.)

Denitra: Can you please let me in.

(Demon Guard #2 waves his arm and a portal opens revealing the market appears between two trees. Denitra steps in into the market as the Demon Guard waves his arm again and closes the portal.)

[Ext: Unknown Forest Location / Night Time]

[Int: Unknown Location / Demonic Marketplace]

The place is overfilled with many different kinds of demons at many different mercantile establishments buying goods or services and weapons, artifacts and books, ingredients for potions. Denitra is walking down the busy street and with her telepathy she hears some demons gossiping about the Jenkins sisters.)

Chameleon Demon: I heard after the Charmed Ones vanquished the Triad, Christy was pleading on her knees to spare her life, although her sister ended her completely mercilessly.

As a Spider demon and a warlock are laughing. Denitra teleported through smoking behind them and shoved her arms through the backs of a Spider demon and a warlock making them gasp and vanquishing them, and forcing the Chameleon demon to hear the cries of all his former victims and then breathing poisonous smoke from the mouth into the Chameleon Demon who starts to suffocate and becomes vanquished.

Denitra: You really should be minding your own business.

She was walking through a busy street as she was looking through many different mercantile establishments, however, she become instantly distracted at the sight of a blood ruby necklace resting on a rob from a random mercantile establishment. A Demonic Salesman noticed her obsession looking at the blood ruby necklace.

Demonic Salesman: Looking for that little something extra?

Denitra: Its beautiful.

Demonic Salesman: It sure is.

Denitra: Is it just an ordinary necklace?

Demonic Salesman: No, its more than that. It can protect the user from any form of perception and its also able to mimic two abilities by letting the user of the specific power touch the necklace.

Denitra: I could be invisible? or protected from any telepathic and empathic range?

Demonic Salesman: No, they can't sense your location. And yes the range is unlimited for any telepathic and empathic ability.

Denitra: So if I would want to steal a witch's book of shadows. I could copy a witch's good nature so I could cloak myself in goodness?

Demonic Salesman: You could as long she is alive, however, it would be quite temporary depending on the protected place. While actual magical abilities are more permanent.

Denitra: What do you want for it?

Demonic Salesman: 20 coins?

Denitra: (Stunned) 20 coins?

Demonic Salesman: Or you could go to someone else?

Denitra: Fine.

(She hands him 20 coins and takes the necklace as she walks away.)

[Ext: Unknown Location / Demonic Marketplace]

[Int. Los Angeles / The Los Angeles National Forest / Early Morning]

There is an area with a high density of trees in various size and have different classifications the forest is composed. A single green larger tent is setup in the ground which can be shown to have great diversity of features with 2 doors which is 1 side and 1 front and ventilation panel at the top of inner door with zipped access and 4 windows with internal curtains. A lusty-sounding moans is heard.

[Int: The Green Larger Tent]

(A olive skinned woman and caucasian man are passionately making out in the bed. while they are covered in a light green sheet, suddenly the woman sits up and wraps herself more by the sheet.)

Woman: What was that?

Man: Probably some animal. We are after all in a forest.

Woman: Go look.

Man: You don't have to worry. I will protect you. (And tried to kiss her and she pulls away.) It's just an animal.

Woman: Fine, then no sex. Or why don't you be a real man and get dressed and go look, otherwise you might prefer more that I would get dressed. After you spend so much energy on seducing off my clothes.

Man: (Slightly annoyed) Fine. I will.

Woman: (Happy) Thanks. I love you. (Reveals partially her bare leg and places her hand on her naked leg and pulls her hand up and says.) When you come back I am gonna make this worth your while.

[Ext: The Green Larger Tent]

The guy went little further into the deep woods. He senses that someone is watching him even started to hears someone approaching him. Suddenly, the footsteps stop. As no answer was given he started to be a little frightened, he starts to walk again. He hears the footsteps following him looks around in every direction.

Behind him and quickly turns around nearly dodges a blast of thick sticky webbing, he sees several wolves in grey dust and black dirt appears through fading manner standing a few feet away. As he starts to run the wolves starts to hunt after him. The woman comes out of the tent she is seemed to be fully dressed in black trousers and blouse she is waiting as she looks at her watch for her love to appear. He is running for the edge of the woods but he isn't quite fast enough to escape the wolves,

one wolf jumps high in leaps into the ground and a trap-door opens as a wolf appears out of its camouflage in the front on the guy wraps him into webbing, turning the guy into a mummy-like bundle, as the woman watches with a horrible facial expression as her love is dragged into the trap door, a wolf appears in the front of the woman and fired blast of thick sticky webbing from its mouth and wraps her into webbing, turning the woman into a mummy-like bundle and disappear through fading manner.

[Int. Los Angeles / The Los Angeles National Forest / Early Morning]

[Int: The Past Unknown Time / The Underworld / Council of The Dark Elders]

(The state of the environment is darker and more evil and in a similarity in appearance of a throne structure)

(A demon shimmers in a circle of the Dark Council.)

Male Dark Elder: (Threatening Voice) Trace! Why are you here?

Trace: I know where the last Dark Wraith is?

Female Dark Elder: We have extinct them!

Trace: No, one managed to disappear and her name is Cross.

(Several bolts of lighting slams on the ground barely 4 feet from Trace due to the Dark Council's expression of dissatisfaction when their expectations are not realized.)

Female Dark Elder: (Furious) She is always hard to kill.

Trace: She managed to get Darok to give her children.

[Ext: The Past Unknown Time / Underworld / Council of The Dark Elders]

(Several moments later on Cross teleported from unknown location barely escaping with her life and suddenly a sentient cloud of shadow appeared through smoking moving itself quite slow through diffusion. Cross was scared as she is the last of her kind.)

The Woogyman: Join me and your kind will reach to new glory, and never persecute again.

Cross: (Thinks to herself) How could you help?

(The Woogyman fires a wave of sleep inducement. Cross tries to stand up and keeps focus as she falls on the ground and forced to sleep. As she disappears with the Woogyman.

[Int: The Past Unknown Time / Underworld / Unknown Demonic Cave]

And appears later on through smoking moving itself quite slow through diffusion, carrying an unconscious Cross and placing her on a stone table on her back with knees bent which chains who are surrounding her.

[Ext: The Past Unknown Time / Underworld / Unknown Demonic Cave]

[Int: Underworld / The Cave of The Dark Vessel / The Collective Bedroom]

Suddenly viewing up into the high ceiling with whole lot of several torches on the walls, and the complex ceiling is constructed of many parts, which has a similarity in appearance of a honeycombed with hundreds of sleeper cells for the Dark Wraiths and those who are loyal to the Woogyman. After a while Denitra is seen sleeping in a bed while being covered by a sheet, who is seemed to be dreaming.

[Int: Denitra's Dream / Magic School / Black Room]

Denitra throws a fireball at the Charmed Ones and Billie. Billie deflects it back using her telekinesis to deflect the fireball to Denitra and vanquishing her and a dark smoke appears as Denitra's physical body is destroyed, however, a cloaked Demonic Alchemist with hidden face cloaks Denitra and catches and contains her in an Essence Bearer and disappears by teleported through ashes.

Demonic Alchemist appears through ashes in the Underworld, in the Research Laboratory section within his Cave viewing great diversity of several different research equipments as the Demonic Alchemist reveals pleasure with an evil smile as he is looking at the Essence Bearer.

Demonic Alchemist: With pleasure quest has huge rewards as the Daughter of the Triad.

An another flashback switches to where Denitra is still contained inside the Essence Bearer on a dusty old shelf for some unspecific months, although she had recently been telepathically communicating with the Woogyman.

The Demonic Alchemist goes to a shelf and picks up a small dark brown wooded box and opens it revealing several vials some are empty while some vials contains colorful chemical substance, as he opens one vial and drinks it, unknowingly to Demonic Alchemist the sound of Telekinesis is heard, the Essence Bearer falls fast from the dusty old shelf and opens and a dark smoke appears and without hesitation and attacks and possessed him.

Denitra: Now that you have drank the mimicry potion I got a few moments to copy several abilities before the effects wears off. Don't worry I wouldn't copy all your powers but I would copy a great deal. (And then the Demonic Alchemist gets vanquished as Denitra rises and disappears.)

[Int: Denitra's Dream / Magic School / Black Room]

[Ext: Underworld / The Cave of The Dark Vessel / The Collective Bedroom]

[Protected Dimension / Int. Huge island-platform surrounded by the sea, F.O.R.C.E. Skyline at Morning]

Some teenagers are flying over the top of clouds, as it reaches the edge of the clouds, and the act of observing a huge island-platform surrounded by the sea, and a magical Institution which is mainly focused in an Atlantis structure.

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Random Classroom Division / Power Utilization Class]

A classroom is revealed which is exhibiting the characteristics that identify a actual classroom which has bookshelves and school chairs. As many students are coming in and goes and sits at their individual places. Adrianna walks in the classroom carrying various things and goes to the desk, as all students are sitting and looks at Adrianna.

Adrianna: Hi Everyone. I am your teacher Professor Blaze, and welcome to Power Utilization Class. I am here to teach you how utilize your individual abilities to do various aspects.

(A random caucasian blonde female student with blue eyes raised her hand.)

Adrianna: You there. (Looking at her student chart.) Miss. Denna Price.

Denna: Will it be school exams on this.

Adrianna: Later on. So everyone write down in your notebooks. But before we start the session. Let's learn little about each other. Miss. Price would you like to tell little about yourself? For example what's your powers?

Denna: Well. I can create and control liquid water, as well as teleport through powerful gust of bright blue shining liquid water, locate and find persons or objects. Conjuration and slow and cease all movement of molecules within a person or area. Immortality and High Resistance.

Adrianna: So you are a witch?

Denna: Yes, it's funny I use to believe that I was ordinary mortal and that witchcraft was something seen on a magic show or on tv not less that I was born as witch myself. I have inherit wiccan inheritance from my birth mother, she was a viciously evil female witch and my birth father is a very good mortal human father. Her powers are now bound by my 4 aunts, they aren't really my aunts but I consider them to be and my stepmother.

Adrianna: So it just you and your father and 4 aunts and your stepmother.

Denna: Yeah.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Random Classroom Division / Power Utilization Class]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

Billie is sleeping in her bed and seemed wearing a pink light based silky pajamas, she is twisting and turning and talking in sleep, she gets flashes from her visions while Christy is sleeping peacefully.

[Int: Billie's Perceptual Experience Dream]

Billie recalls her dream as stares at the Book of Light, Billie is able to see the information when the page appears however, the last part is blurry, as it says "The Goddess of the", and then she sees several random visions of a goddess hovering high in the sky and glowing in bright holy light and then a wave of destruction.

It's pouring down with rain from the sky at night as the world seems to be in ruins as then another horrible new vision reveals where the Woogyman appears as a sentient cloud using his power of Energy Projection which he manipulates a very powerful a kinetic blast out directly at Billie as death was near. Christy quickly pushed Billie aside the kinetic blast had massive strong effect on Christy making her soar through the air and slammed through a wooded wall, another visions reveals

A wet and trembling Billie is crying as tears rolling from her eyes down to her cheeks, which is meeting the raindrops as she is slowly getting drenched in rain as she lifted Christy's head and began to cradle her. Billie crying in the pouring rain as she is hoping and waiting for a reply.

[Ext: Billie's Perceptual Experience Dream]

(Suddenly Billie wakes up and stands up gasping for air, after Christy tried to wake up Billie as she is shown to wearing a long red silky based nightie, Christy as well as Billie discovers how sweaty she has become.)

Christy: (Concern) You seemed to have a huge nightmare.

Billie: I had clearer visions again.

Christy: You know that you can't tell me those. What ever it is. It's for you only.

Billie: (Stubborn) But I must. (Christy was holding her hand against Billie's mouth.)

Christy: Well keep them to yourself, you know better Billie. I can't believe I have to do this.

(Christy concentrates with her telepathy controls Billie's vocal chords which prevents Billie from speaking and takes her hand of Billie's mouth. Billie is frustrated and tries to talk without a sound and points to her mouth.)

Christy: I have to. I didn't take your voice. I am just controlling it, you know a touch of Telepathic Compulsion. It can be really handy. I will release your vocal chords if you don't say anything about your visions. Alright? Do we have a deal?

(Billie is sad and disappointed she shakes with her head in defeat that she agrees as Christy goes back to her own bed.)

Billie: Sorry.

Christy: Don't worry who needs to sleep anyway. Even after we both have done a week's College assignments last night. I was thinking about asking you what if you would enroll at F.O.R.C.E.?

Billie: I don't know. I will think about it.

Christy; Maybe you should borrow the Book of Light again?

Billie: I tried but the Book of Light prevents me from seeing the information, according to Arya either I am not meant to seeing the information or not ready.

Christy: Weird stuff.

Billie: Well not so weird as when my sword is whispering.

Christy: (Confused) What? Whispering

Billie: Yeah, its a sentient sword. I always hear my sword whispering.

Christy: It sucks now and then, doesn't it?

Billie: Well not so much. I find it really rewarding. It gives me several advices.

Christy: (Curious) Your sword. Can anybody touch it or just you?

Billie: Well it's both me and my sword, although it scorched my left hand when I was all about to kill an illusion of you.

Christy: Can I try out your sword?

Billie: Sure.

(Billie outreaches her arms and calls for her sword which appears on her hands without the blade inflicting pain from the blade. Christy picks up the sword and admiring its design.)

Christy: I don't feel anything.

Billie: Because I am its owner, and no you can't use your telepathic gifts to channel me so you would be able to use the sword.

Christy: (Surprised) Of course. I knew that already.

Billie: Could you maybe tell me little about your life?

Christy: (Stunned) Now? Can it wait?

(Christy puts the sword on a chair as it disappears.)

Billie: Do you have something else to do?

Christy: (Slightly annoyed) Fine. I will. What do you want to know?

Billie: Well as we didn't grow up together upon you became taken by a demon.

Christy: Well I can start to tell you when I turned eight.

Billie: Eight? So far.

Christy: Well I didn't start to come into my powers before I turned eight. I was able to cast my first spell though they couldn't stick as they would revert back in seconds as I were growing up and a lot of practice my spells were starting to be work far a longer time. And when I turned ten I started only to hear massive waves of voices.

Billie: (Concern) That wasn't nice.

Christy: It wasn't. I had it difficult to control. I couldn't hear their memories only their voices. I wanted the voices to stop, it was giving me headaches. However, I was given a stylish bracelet which would help me and to neutralize my Telepathy. So I could have a normal childhood and try to practice on handling my gifts.

Over time I became stronger so I didn't have to wear the bracelet so often to neutralize my Telepathy. My telepathic range started to expend and I was practicing on various aspects. However, my pyrokinetic inheritance surfaced on I turned twelve and I was only able to scorch things similar to like the dangerous ability Darklighters have.

With a lot of practice over time my abilities over time started to grow. I got my first precognitive vision when I was sixteen. I thought that I was having constantly daydreaming related nightmares. Because who has ever heard about have precognitive aspects from being a Telepath? I had to touch things and say ridiculous reasons and even then I couldn't get a vision. If that wasn't enough as it was going through those awkward teenage years at one point I started to go in full panic when I was able to teleport.

Suddenly I became surrounded by powerful gust of thermal heat. I thought that I was starting to become evil as I was raised to believe that Flaming was demonic ability to teleport through flames. However, after a short while I found out that I wasn't evil which was great and that my abilities were still advancing even more. I was just confused and really embarrassed.

Billie: Did you ever tried to date a wizard?

Christy: I have.

Billie: And?

Christy: There is really isn't anything different from mortal guys. They are just like anybody else. The thing is that some people are afraid to be in love with a wizard.

Billie: Oh? Is it because of the Longevity?

Christy: Well mostly, it can be difficult to overcome that fear.

Billie: Guess what. I have spoke with Paige Matthews and she agreed that she can't no longer be my Whitelighter.

Christy: (Surprised) Oh, what happened?

Billie: She had a lot of going on and with her charges, and me starting a new life and so on, so she agreed that I should stay here and bond with my sister, so what's the name of our Celestial....uhh.

Christy: Paladin.

Billie: Paladin. I knew that. Is it a chick?

Christy: I don't know if she is for the moment yours as well. Yes, she is a chick, and her name is Taylor.

Billie: (Stunned and thinks to herself) It couldn't be.

Christy: (Confused) What?

Billie: Nothing. I just knew a Taylor when I lived in San Francisco.

Christy: Alright.

Billie: (Shouts) Taylor! Taylor!.

(But nothing happens.)

Christy: (Shouts) Taylor!

(Suddenly someone in a cocoon-like state was teleporting down to the ground, when all the aerokinetic webs disappears and reveals a groggy caramel skinned woman who is rubbing her eyes.)

Taylor: (Unknowingly) Christy, it's early in the morning.

Billie: (Stunned) Taylor!

Taylor: (Surprised) Billie! Hi Billie. Nice to see you again.

Billie: Nice to see you again? Is it all you have to say. You disappeared without a trace.

Taylor: I had to. You were starting a new life as a witch and what I suppose to say? Hey Billie, know what? I am not really a college student. I was send to check up on you by the request of your long lost sister which is alive, but it's confidential so don't tell anybody.

Billie: (Annoyed) That's just fantastic, sarcastic guardian angel. By the way what's your last name?

Taylor: (Yawning) My last name is Reed. (Looking at Christy.) If there isn't anything else? I would like to go back to my bed.

Christy: Sure. Although if could you ask them to assign you to Billie as well?

Billie: If you want me?

Taylor: Sure. (Suddenly she gets a telepathic message.) It's done.

Billie: (Surprised) Just like that?

Taylor: Yes. Now?

Christy: Billie?

Billie: (Thinking) I was wondering one thing, were you really my friend or just to get close to me.

Taylor: I will always be your friend.

Billie: (Smiling) By all means go ahead and get some sleep, sorry for waking you up so early. No hard feelings?

Taylor: (Yawning) Water under the bridge. (As Taylor disappears whilst the aerokinetic webs are surrounding her.)

Christy: What is it Billie?

Billie: I am good.

Christy: Except. It doesn't take a Telepath to sense that something is up. Sisters can sense that too.

Billie: Well don't get me wrong I love all this.

Christy: But something is seemed to be missing.

Billie: Can you tell?

Christy: I prefer you tell me.

Billie: It's just that I know it's personal gain and so on.

Christy: Except.

Billie: I used to be more free spirit in San Francisco. But here I fear that I can lose a lot by simple personal gain intention.

Christy: Oh. I understand.

Billie: Didn't you feel like you wanted to visit the world as you can teleport.

Christy: I did, and I have done that a lot of times. Actually recently.

Billie: (Surprised) What?

Christy: Everybody needs to blow off some steam.

Billie: What about all this and the Book?

(In a surprised expression the book glows and opens itself as well reacts to suddenly looks through many pages and reveals 2 pages.)

Christy: I will tell you later about this about blowing off some steam.

Billie: (Confused) Why does it do that?

Christy: (Concern) What?

Billie: Looks through many pages?

Christy: Did you want to look for something specific?

Billie: Kind of, some demons we faced when we met Denitra.

Christy: Well there is your answer, it sensed and telepathically expressed your desire for knowledge, many magical family books are equipped with special abilities, it's one of the rules of created by the Ancestral Council.

(Billie slightly thinks while she looks at book on a desk and walks to her grandmother's the Book of shadows, she gets up from the bed wearing pink light based silky pajamas, and puts on fuzzy slippers and walks to the book.)

Billie: Sweet! It's about demons who only vanquish other demons and there is a lot about them.

Christy: (Curious) You got it all with this one, take the book with you and let me see as well.

(Billie picks it up without any concerned and she can't resist not revealing a smile on her lips the thrill she feels when she holds the book. Billie walks back to Christy's bed and sits of the side while the book is on Christy's legs.)

Billie: This looks to be great. However, it has be a catch. Nothing like this comes without a fine print.

Christy: (Reads the entry) The Dark Elders wanted to create a better and more powerful variant of the procreation Darklighters. So they stole various demonic DNA to engineering a new species and used many female Darklighters as surrogate mothers. And the children became know as Dark Wraiths. They have mostly unknown powers due to they reproduce by biting or through sexual intercourse with huge numerosity of demonic species. Every time a Dark Wraith experience conceiving or gives birth, it will cause their immunity to become more highly developed against demonic threats.

They later on turned on the Dark Elders and wiped out 8 of them and the Dark Wraiths were almost extinct but a Darklighter named Darok managed to save the last Dark Wraith named Cross. The Dark Wraiths possess a unique ability to generate powerful pheromones and emitting from their bodies in the form of a purple mist, once the pheromones were inhaled by their victims, they would become instantly infatuated with them and vulnerable to their command as well lessen the strength of their respective immunity.

This is a defensive adaptation and a predatory tool that was used to aid them in the hunt of their prey, and furthermore helps the the Dark Wraiths hid themselves from their enemies. However, the beings of the light are proved to be immune to the seductive ability due to their native ability of love, as they are considered to be feared by Dark Wraiths.

Billie: (Afraid) I was right about the fine print, as it's says that they are considered to be highly threatening to both Good and Evil, their children grows to adulthood in days which would grow in 100 with weeks and 1000 within a month.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

[Int: Underworld / Unknown Location]

Many demons are in a position and on the other side there are the Dark Wraiths and those who are loyal to the Woogyman.

Random Grimlock: (Looking at another Grimlock.) How could you sold us out to them. Traitor.

Traitor Grimlock: You would have done the same, you are just angry you didn't thought that first. And soon you will be gone.

Random Grimlock: We will see.

Several demonic kinds attack with various powers however, it seems to be ineffective as the Dark Wraiths are protecting the demonic army with powerful shields. And then Dark Wraiths and the demonic army while being shielded also retaliates by firing with various powers at once and then firing in one after another wave. As they are starting to expand their range either impacting really effectively or breaking through on the enemy shields vanquishing several whole demonic species at once.

Random Darklighter: We have no defense against this we need help, this is systemic extinction. Ask someone good so they could visit the Elders and the Ancestral Council so they would help us, for their own survival as our own. Tell them about everything. Some Darklighters disappears through dark and purple orbs.

(As several factions of Dark Wraiths are gathering in a circle placing hands on others shoulders with Cross in the middle.)

Cross: At last the moment has come. Both sides are so attached to their precious mortals, as well they are also so careful with the exposure, well lets free them from the burden of the exposure by granting them their greatest wish, then let us see how they would feel being divided from their precious mortals. This time the Dark Elders wouldn't be there to stop us.

They close their eyes. The Dark Wraiths starts to glow and transfers their energy to Cross as she lets out a pink/blue beam of light. As the light is extending over a wide area of the world through San Francisco....Ireland...Asia...Africa...North America...South America....Antarctica....Europe. The several mystical boundaries are created everywhere in the world to separate magical and non-magical beings, by making all magical beings invisible and out of phase and thus able to walk through solid objects and altering reality of mortals by erasing their memories and rewriting them differently.

[Ext: Underworld / Unknown Location]

[Int: Underworld / The Cave of The Dark Vessel / Random Room]

The room is dark which has barely any sight of light beside few torches on the walls, which viewing up into the high ceiling with whole lot of several mummy-like bundles and blasts of thick sticky webbing everywhere. Denitra appears through smoking and starts to walk to one of the mummified bundles, and several wolves in grey dust and black dirt appears through fading manner, as they are surrounding and looking at Denitra in a belligerent hostile manner. Denitra conjured a dagger and was about to unwrap one of the mummified bundles however, two wolves appeared through fading manner and appear in front of Denitra while they are revealing their canine teethes.

Denitra: Go away, wolves.

Random Dirt Wolf: (Telepathically) What are you doing here Denitra?

Denitra: I don't fear you, wolves. You really should be minding your own business.

Random Dirt Wolf 2: (Telepathically) Hush little baby don't you cry. I gonna snap your neck without even try.

Denitra: Oh, nice rhythm. I don't fear you.

Random Dirt Wolf: I want to get to know you. You are very brave. That must be why the Triad chose Christy Jenkins to create you, personally I would have kept the original.

Denitra: I don't know what you're talking about.

Random Dirt Wolf: I admire the Jenkins Sisters, their determination and sisterhood. I would like to meet them. They are going to kill you. They are going to hunt you down until you are vanquished, you should have stayed gone.

Denitra: Nice try, wolves. Your telepathic suggestions doesn't work on me.

Telepathic suggestion repeating of Billie's voice deeper and deeper in Denitra's mind "You lied to me!" levitates Denitra into the air and throws her savagely against a wall, before Denitra falls to the ground, she is feeling groggy and half conscious and bleeding from the head. The wolves fires blast of thick sticky webbing from its mouth and she gets stuck against the wall with webbing stuck on her hands. As the wolves conjured sharp shards of the harden ground and they were about to carve into her toned stomach, to prove that they are worthy of being feared.

Random Dirt Wolf: (Telepathically) You will learn your place witch.

(The Woogyman appears through smoking as an grey skinned wrinkly elderly man dressed in a black rode with a hood.)

The Woogyman: (Shouts) Wolves! Release her.

(The Wolves does as they are told and Denitra is released and falls to the ground as they bow down.)

Random Dirt Wolf: (Telepathically) Forgive us. We are at your service.

The Woogyman: (Shouts) What is the meaning with this?

Random Dirt Wolf: (Telepathically) The witch was about to inspect through your foundings, my liege.

The Woogyman: (Shouts) Wolves. Leave us.

Random Dirt Wolf: As my liege wishes.

(The Wolves disappear through fading manner while they are bowing down.)

The Woogyman: My child you are safe now, what are you doing here?

Denitra: (Bowing down on one knee.) Doesn't my liege suspect that the Dark Elders would retaliate?

The Woogyman: No, my child.

(Projects a hologram with a act of looking or seeing the events as the Woogyman personally savagely and brutalizing vanquishing off the Dark Council. Denitra reveals an evil smile when her fears are not realized.)

Denitra: I thought they had captured one of the Jenkins Sisters.

The Woogyman: Soon, my child, soon.

[Ext: Underworld / The Cave of The Dark Vessel / Random Room]

[Int: Lost Angeles / A Witch's Apartment / Bedroom]

A random dark skinned female Dark Wraith appears seeing innocent witch crying on her bed.

Dark Wraith: Oh. Goody, a Pretty Little defenseless witch lost her mortal, (Conjures a dagger.) I should put you out your misery.

Innocent Witch: You did this.

Dark Wraith: I can't take all the credit.

(A male caramel Darklighter appears grabs her by the throat and stabs Dark Wraith in the back.)

Darklighter: Yeah. I know, but I need her alive.

(And the Dark Wraith gets vanquished.)

Innocent Witch: I wouldn't help you.

Darklighter: Well, sure, don't help me, but tell me this, why are you crying?

Innocent Witch: Do you get your satisfaction on see me cry?

Darklighter: All this power, and still I never thought I would say this, I miss the mortals. We both have the same problem, and you are gonna help me stop them.

Innocent Witch: (Confused) What? Stay away. I know what you are.

Darklighter: I just saved your life.

Innocent Witch: Yeah, but not the goodness of your heart.

Darklighter: (Conjuring a crossbow.) Then perhaps I should threaten to shoot you with an arrow, if you don't help me.

(Suddenly they are both disappears whilst the aerokinetic webs are surrounding them.)

[Ext: Lost Angeles / A Witch's Apartment / Bedroom]

[Int: Unknown Protected Location]

Both of them appears whilst the aerokinetic webs disappears, both of them looks stunned and speechless in disbelieved after noticing where they are in an unconventional surroundings, as they are seem to be looking through many different form of mirrors to many different time periods. The sky above them is a swirl of combination of Light and Dark and Grey.

There is a very large light grey conference table acting which representing it's neutrality, on both sides there are great diversity of many magical beings from both sides, several Council Members has assumed random corporeal form of to be able to talk.

A Fury: (Looking at the several Council Members.) I always wondered this as this is a temporary alliance. Do you possess a corporeal form?

Council Member: No. Let's discuss of this frighting matter.

[Ext: Unknown Protected Location]

The End.

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