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Ancestry Quest - Episode 1x4 - Mission: Impregnation, Part 2

[Int: San Francisco / Uptown Alley]

Billie concentrates and she starts to glow and her clothes disappears and replaced with sleeve-less black top and black pants and a black scabbard with a samurai sword on her back and dagger leg scabbards on each leg. Billie reaches out her arm and grabs on her samurai sword from the scabbard from her back, the blade started to slightly glow as Billie hair was blowing backwards and stops.

Dark Wraith: (Mocking) Ohh. Shiny, where do you put the batteries in your toy sword?

Christy fires a blast of fire, but a random Dark Wraith protects themselves by a shield of transparent energy. And then fires strings of electricity. Christy creates powerful half sphere of fire to protect her and Billie. And the strings of electricity gets redirected and vanquishes a random Dark Wraith.

(Christy was about to borrow daggers from Billie's leg scabbards, suddenly Christy gets a telepathic premonition.)

[Int: Telepathic Premonition]

The Dark Wraiths surprised Billie and Christy by firing a collective blast, but Billie managed to create a shield, however, blast was so strong when it hit against the shield. It knocking them to the ground and Billie was lying unconscious.

[Ext: Telepathic Premonition]

When they were about to surprised Billie and Christy, Christy in hurry established a physical contact with Billie and gets engulfed in intense thermal flames. And reappears behind them, while Christy fired pyrokinetic flames and Billie is killing them with her sword almost instantly vanquishing them all.

Christy: Well. I love when they clean after themselves, no messy clean up.

(Phoebe from behind quickly knocks Christy out cold as she falls down on the ground.)

Phoebe: Lights out for you Jenkins.

(Billie turns around noticing Phoebe standing over Christy.)

Billie: (Shouts) Christy!

(And knees down to her sister and looks to Phoebe.)

Billie: What the hell is your problem?

Phoebe: (Confused) Me?

Billie: Who else?

Phoebe: I thought she was about to kill you?

Billie: Really? Well. I guess you were wrong.

Phoebe: You aren't evil? Are you?

Billie: No!. Neither is she, well helps us now to teleport to the Halliwell Manor.

Phoebe: I don't have that kind of power.

Billie: Channel Christy's teleportation through your empathy and think of the Halliwell Manor.

Phoebe: I don't know she could do that?

Billie: Really? Are you asking now?

(Phoebe does as she was told and they all gets engulfed in thermal flames.)

[Ext: San Francisco / Uptown Alley]

[Int: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / The Foyer]

They reappeared through being engulfed in thermal flames. Piper noticing an unconscious Christy lying on the floor, Piper thought that Christy has returned as a demon and Piper was about to vanquish her, Billie waved with her hand creates a shield reflecting the blasting effect throwing Piper back. Arya got very concerned when she noticed Christy.

Arya: (Concern) What happened?

Billie: Phoebe knocked her out.

Arya: (Gasped) To think I saved your sister.

(Leo walks in wearing white shirt with blue jeans, noticing a group of women.)

Leo: Enough! Ladies. Stop fighting please.

(Suddenly it was an awkward absence of sound, Paige looking at Billie.)

Paige: I can heal her if you want to.

Billie: Sure.

(Paige knees down and heals Christy, Christy slowly wakes up and opens her eyes.)

Christy: What happened?

Phoebe: A demon knocked you out a while ago.

(As Christy tries to stand up Phoebe reaches her arm and Christy grabs on Phoebe's hand. Christy gets a telepathic premonition.)

[Int: Telepathic Premonition]

(Phoebe from behind quickly knocks Christy out cold as Christy falls down on the ground.)

Phoebe: Lights out for you Jenkins.

[Ext. Telepathic Premonition]

Phoebe: I know that look, you just had a premonition?

Christy: (Angry) It was you.

Phoebe quickly pools away her arm.

Phoebe: Well Piper tried to blow you up.

(Piper is gasping.)

Christy: (Gasping and looking at Piper.) Really friendly.

Piper: Thanks a lot sis.

Paige: What's Christy doing here?

Phoebe: How can she have premonitions?

Piper: She is a demon. She obviously stole that power from somebody.

Christy: I am not the Christy, you once knew. And my premonitions are a highly focused advancement from my Telepathy.

Phoebe: You were using flames to teleport, only demonic beings use that specific teleportation method.

Christy: I am not really evil, my teleportation is a highly focused advancement from my Pyrokinesis. For an evil chick duplicate. No wonder that she wanted to vanquish you, if you were picking on her as you are doing on me.

Piper: (Chuckles with Sarcastic look.) Let me guess you seek for redemption?

Christy: No, literally. She was a Life Essence, Piper of all people you should know how it feels, what's her name again (Thinks for herself.)..... Oh now I remember it was Terra. (And looks at Paige.) And you were by Olivia Callaway (And looks at Phoebe.) Oh please, do you really wanna get me started on you?

Phoebe: (Gasping) Hey!, watch it there.

Christy: Or else what?

Phoebe: I can still knock you out again.

Christy: You can try?

[Ext: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / The Foyer]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

Council Member: You are wasting your time. We are beyond your powers. Besides, we pose no threat to you.

Cole: Well, forgive me for not believing that but I have met many others who could summon me.

Council Member: Actually, it's because of your confrontation with the Charmed Ones, one of the reasons we summoned you. Which in and of itself is very rare. We the Ancestral Council normally don't intervene except in extraordinary situations.

Cole: Huh? I don't understand.

Council Member: Although you have kill massive innocent people as Belthazor. Despite anything to the contrary. You have also accomplished a lot of good during your time working with the Charmed Ones, saving their lifes as they returned the same favor to you, but this was some what turning stone in your life.

(Water based spheres appearing and viewing flashbacks from the past.)

[Int: Premonition / Past Time / The Underworld / The Source's Cave]

Seer: Don't be afraid. (He spins around. The Seer walks in.)

Cole: Who are you? Where am I?

Seer: Back in your once and future life... Belthazor.

Cole: Belthazor? (The Seer moves closer.) Seer.

Seer: Even now I can see the void where your demon half used to exist. It craves to be complete again.

Cole: How did you know I was still alive?

Seer: I had a vision. One where you and I do great things together.

Cole: I don't work with evil anymore.

Seer: You might reconsider if you hope to save your precious witch. Only you and I can help her defeat the Source.

Cole: I am listening.

Seer: If you take in the Hollow, you can absorb the Source's power when he attacks. Once powerless, they can vanquish him.

(She picks up the Hollow box.)

Cole: And what happens to me after?

Seer: The witches and I will banish the Hollow back to its crypt. You will return to normal.

Cole: How do I know this isn't just one of the Source's tricks.... Or one of yours for that matter?

Seer: The Source has been corrupted by the Hollow and is going to destroy us all. He can not be allowed to continue with this path of madness.

Cole: And if I do this, what do you see then?

Seer: A future for both sides.

(He walks across the room.)

Cole: Is this the great thing you saw us doing together?

Seer: Perhaps. However, you won't ever know unless the Source is stopped first. It's your only chance to save your love.

He walks over to her and she opens the box. The bee-like creatures fly into Cole through his eyes and mouth.

[Ext: Premonition / Past Time / The Underworld / The Source's Cave]

(As the water based spheres disappears)

Council Member: You were turned into a mortal to be with Phoebe Halliwell, and still you risked your life by helping the Charmed Ones.

Cole: (Shouts) If I didn't they would be killed and the world would have been gone.

Council Member: We know. Our proposal concerting you with is nevertheless approved by the Angels of Destiny, a chance to chart a new destiny, one of your own design.

Cole: (Randomly) A new destiny?

Council Member: Due to free will and all. We can't make that choice for you. You can continue to remain as you are in your prison-like state, or.

Cole: Or?

Council Member: Obey us until we would let you go. And for your loyalty, you will be able to go into the after life and, look around you something that can appear in the near future. Cole is unbelievably stunned when he looks at the sight of a person.

Cole: What kind of trick is this?

Council Member: No trick.

(Cole goes and quickly hugs the person.)

Cole: I thought I would never see you again.

Council Member: Well, what do you say?

Cole: What do I say? Are you kidding?

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

[Int: Underworld / Out side Nanta's Cave]

Cole appears through fading manner and notice that an electric shield opens with a demon goes through. Cole with his hands projects a powerful wave of light and heat, similar to the sun, vanquishing several demons and shape shifts into one of the demons, as he goes closer to the electric shield as it opens.

[Int: Underworld / Nanta's Cave / Random Room]

The Woogyman starts to be suspicious, Adrianna knows that she has to stay motionless and while her eyes are closed. The Woogyman generates and manipulates shadows to shape shift into resemblance of a five meters long four-legged species with insect-like appearance, with rearmost pairs of legs which are much longer than the two front forelegs, and serve as the primary locomotion, appears to be quite agile and fast, when it jumps and climbs on the top over Adrianna.

The Woogyman generates and manipulates shadows in long tentacles around her wrists and ankles preventing her from escaping and also generates and manipulates shadows into very strange fierce looking claw-like instruments, with one single swift on the hospital gown exposing partially Adrianna's left-leg the fierce looking claw-like thing was pushed on the side against on the side of her left leg and started to go from her knee to her feet without breaking the skin but inflicting pain,

like if he was making incisions on her left-leg to see if she is really unconscious, while she knows if she reacts to the pain she would be killed instantly or if she would protect herself the innocents could be possibly killed, as she can't extend out her shield for long period of time and cloaking them all would be serve no useful purpose as the Woogyman would be aware, generates and manipulates shadows into a pair of two hands, then puts his hands on her stomach and gets images from the conception attempts which shows she is in fact actually pregnant. Cole steps in noticing that the Woogyman is on a pregnant woman.

Cole: Let's level the playing field.

Cole while invisible and undetected concentrates and appears in astral form and leaps into the bodies of 4 demons and possess them and channels and redirects the Woogyman's trace of magic to 4 demons. Cole uses various powers from the possessed demons to blow up the Woogyman's insect-like appearance.

The Woogyman: Traitors!

Cole / Random Possessed Demon: We were ordered by Nanta, to kill you and grant your powers, as we redirected the blame to one of those pregnant women for our protection.

Cole shakes his hand and Nanta's vocal chords stops working, The Woogyman instantly grabs and levitating Nanta by her wist and vanquishing her by dark energy when he tears her apart. Cole projects back into his body while the Woogyman fires a pyrokinetic blast vanquishing the demons.

Cole: (Chuckles) Now that's finished. Let's bring a message for the gathering of the witches and wizards to the Underworld.

Cole uses telepathic illusions on several demons to attack everybody at the Halliwell Manor as They are a huge threat to their master and has to be terminated immediately. As they disappears in various specific teleportation methods, Cole creates illusions to cover up their disappearance.

[Ext: Underworld / Nanta's Cave / Random Room]

[Int: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / The Attic]

(Piper and Adria are looking at the Book of Shadows, as Piper flips through the book about the Dark Vessel.)

Piper: I can't find anything about that demon. What did they call him?

Adria: Well you told me it was the Dark Vessel.

4 demons appears in various specific teleportation methods. A demon conjures and was about to crack the whip at Piper, as she was about to blow him up. But they were resisted to injury, Adria generates an extremely powerful dome shaped shield of stunning energy toward the demons by extendible degree in the wide-area throwing them back.

Adria: (Stunned) Wow, strong demons.

(As the demons started to stand up, Piper freezes them but they fights through it.)

Piper: Orbs us now.

Adria: Wait, hold your ears.

Piper: (Confused) What?

Adria: Hurry.

Piper does what she was told. Adria generates an extremely powerful and devastating high pitched scream to severely weakened the Immortality and Immunity of the demons, throwing them back again. Adria moves Piper's hands from the ears.

Adria: Now! Piper blow them up. Hurry.

(And Piper does what she was told and vanquishing them up.)

[Ext: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / The Attic]

[Int: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / The Conservatory]

Arya manipulates the very molecules of ice itself with her mind and hands and the 5 demons are being slowly incapacitated in ice and they are starting to adjust.

Arya: Do something, this is not gonna hold them for long.

Phoebe and Paige hurries to the attic to used some on the demonic left over weapons, shortly after they all come later on with a sledgehammer and medieval axes and Billie uses her sword, while the demons are still adjusting they are became smashed into a million little pieces. Christy noticed then a athame from a demon which tried to stabbed her from before.

Christy: (Cheerful) Wonderful! Let's scry.

[Ext: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / The Conservatory]

[Int: Underworld / Nanta's Cave / Random Room]

(Cole has yet again astral possessed a demon.)

Cole / Random Possessed Demon: My Liege.

The Woogyman: Asron.

Asron: Why does my liege needs these pregnant mortal women. Why not for example the Charmed Ones?

The Woogyman: The souls of the mothers and their children are rich of innocence and their bodies are useful to create my own army. (Woogyman is sensing the Charmed Ones coming presence.) What a wonderful idea.

The Woogyman: Now leave.

(Cole creates a powerful illusion dis possessed the demon and vanquishing them off before they managed to leave, The Charmed Ones appears.)

Piper: I got a new plan.

[Int: Piper's Memory / San Francisco, Halliwell Manor / The Conservatory]

Christy: (Telepathically) Piper, I got a premonition of this and you got killed.

(Piper is suddenly terrified and looking at Christy and was about to warn her sisters.)

Christy: (Telepathically) No, don't tell your sisters, only to Billie and Adria and Arya.

[Ext: Piper's Memory / San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / The Conservatory]

Phoebe: (Surprised) What? What is it?

Piper: Listen. (Looking at the Woogyman.) Hey, remember me? Your four legged freak of sentient cloud of shadow.

The Woogyman whirls reforms from a resemblance of a five meters long four-legged species with insect-like appearance, as a humanoid dark entity and laughs with an evil harsh voice, and acts to be stunned when noticing the Charmed Ones.

The Woogyman: What an unexpected surprise. You just made my day.

Paige: (Hyperventilating) Oh. I don't remember he being so huge and powerful.

Phoebe: Maybe you shouldn't have been so rude.

Piper: (Surprised) What's happening with you two. We have defeated him many times before.

Paige: Does he laugh because it's funny or to freak us out.

Phoebe: It's working. I am beyond freaked out.

Piper: Let's use the Woogyman spell.

The Charmed Ones: I am light. I am light. I am one too strong to fight. Return to dark where shadows dwell. You can not have this Halliwell! So go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night.

(Piper being instantly engulfed in huge fear. As she realized that the spell was ineffective.)

Piper: Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Oh. That should have worked! Paige! Somebody! Anything.

The Woogyman: (Shouts) You should face your doom! Sooner than you think.

Energetic chains and handcuffs appears and attached to their wrists and legs and being stuck on the wall. And the Woogyman comes close to them as it starts to smell them. Cole is instinctively says "Phoebe" as he worries and wants to help, however, he is remembered he is held with an agreement with the Ancestral Council.

[Int: Cole's Memory / F.O.R.C.E / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

Council Member: We are worried that the Dark Vessel could be more powerful that what expected. And that Adrianna's cover could be early detected. And due to your century long knowledge of the Underworld, as your first assignment is to seek out the Dark Vessel, and stall and weakened him enough and cause distrust until the Charmed Ones and the Collective Wizards and the Jenkins Sisters arrive, without anybody knows that you were involved. They need to believe that they stopped him themselves and that they came just in time.

Cole: As you wish. I can probably find him as I know where he can possibly be, as I have also some personal things to deal with him.

[Ext: Cole's Memory / F.O.R.C.E / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

The Woogyman: The very sense of the fear from a good witch is very intoxicating. You have truly never face me, your pretty little spell always protected you. I will learn you to fear me.

Paige and Piper are stunned on how Piper was so defiant for disregard for danger or consequences. The Woogyman generates and manipulates shadows into very strange fierce looking claw-like instruments.

Piper: Okay. I have had enough. Well I never thought about having some cosmetic surgical treatment on me. Get it? Cosmetic surgery? What are you waiting for? Slice and dice.

The Woogyman: Do you have a death wish?

Piper: You are not demon enough to kill me. You would have done it already if you were.

The Woogyman: On the contrary.

The Woogyman was about to attack, however, being stunned when noticing that many of his minions are gone when the illusions disappeared as he turned his attention to the Charmed Ones, but feels a lot of pain. He hears chanting and someone is projecting into his consciousness by generating an extremely powerful and devastating vocal sounds of a higher amplitude. Which starts to severely weakened him. And sharp objects of ice and fire is start to make serious impact. He turns around noticing Adria holding on her temples while Arya is launching sharp objects of ice and Christy is launching fire.

Phoebe: Paige! Orb us now.

Paige: I can't, these energetic chains and handcuffs appears to be orb safe.

He raised a half-shield with starts to weakened, (and he turns to the Charmed Ones.)

The Woogyman: You are not going anywhere. I will finish what I have started.

Suddenly the Charmed Ones disappears through photokinetic orbs and are gone. The Woogyman's shield bursted and but he barely made it back out there in time. Adrianna drops her cloaking and Compulsion Shielding, as invisible gust of light smoke disappears and reveals the appearance of a heavily pregnant attractive woman with puerto rican nationality, and the Charmed Ones. Adrianna stands up and gently goes off the maternity bed. Billie gives Adrianna 2 potions and she drinks the reversal potions to undo its effects. Adrianna looks at the Charmed Ones.

Adrianna: Hi. (Smiles and waves with her hand.)

Paige: (Looks at Adrianna.) Hi.

(Adrianna wraps herself with her hands and with her power of Electrogenism she is being wrapped in an electrified dress.)

Adrianna: That's slightly better.

(The Charmed Ones looks very impressed at Adrianna's power.)

Phoebe: Wow, you can do that?

Adrianna: Yes.

(Phoebe and Paige looks with fierce expression at Piper.)

Piper: What? I couldn't tell you, it had to look real.

Arya: You really shouldn't be angry at your sister.

Phoebe: So the whole thing was just an act.

Piper: Well not the whole thing, but let's say it was, do you seriously think that I would have dared to talk to the Woogyman like that?

Paige: I guess not.

Adrianna: We got to return these wonderful pregnant women back. (Looking at the Jenkins Sisters and her sisters.) You four owe me big time, you don't know what I had to endure.

Christy: Was it really that bad?

Adrianna: It was so much more. Beside wearing those ridiculous maternity clothes. I was forced to wear this hospital grown which is so thin. And some creepy demon was touching my stomach like she had a field day, although I am happy the reversal potion did its job well. So I don't have to have countless training sessions and fights against demons to have my stomach perfectly taut again. And then that dark cloud smoke demon had to sense my magic, and started to try to trace my magic I had to slightly cloak me, and he was a frickened icicle also this hospital grown wasn't covering much.

Some creepy demon dude was checking me out however, The first creepy demon sliced half of his arm off. And then the dark cloud smoke demon started to suspect me and look. (Adriana shows her left leg viewing a large bruise from the knee to the feet.) And he was touching my stomach. Suddenly some 4 demons fired and blowing up his insect appearance. He called them traitors and a demon said that Nanta.

Piper: Nanta?

Adrianna: (Confused) You know her?

Piper: Crossed paths.

Adrianna: She didn't say anything so both them as she got vanquished.

Christy: Nobody said that being a witch as well a wizard is easy, did they?

Adrianna: First thing first.

(With her outstretched arm and she looks at her pawn.)

Adrianna: (Spell Casting) Let the observing the world of objection become through a portal but like a dream, as I cause it to be seen.

(A whirling of photokinetic lights and orbs appears in her pawn, which she then throws against the wall and a portal opens which is invisible for those on the other side of the portal as viewing many pregnant demonic decoys. When they notice that no actual mortal is around.)

[Int: San Francisco / San Francisco Memorial Hospital / Maternity Ward]

(Through the Maternity Ward missing pregnant women were returned through various orbs. Some even started to wake up without noticing they were gone.)

[Ext: San Francisco / San Francisco Memorial Hospital / Maternity Ward]

[Int: Underworld / Nanta's Cave / Random Room]

(Many pregnant demonic decoys appears being stunned why they were back.)

Adrianna: I know that pregnancy can make a woman (Signs with air quotes.) "Little unfriendly" But being demonic is just really ridiculous.

When Adrianna moves her hands in the direction of the demonic decoys, snow-like sparkles appears on her hands. Causing to blast an extremely powerful resemblance avalanche-like wave of cryokinetic energy to extremely low temperature to that freezes and shatters everything in its path wiping all the demonic decoys.

Phoebe: I don't understand one thing, how could you orbed us away from those chains while Paige wasn't enable?

Adrianna: Well that's easy. (Signs with air quotes.) "Orb safe" was set on essentially a different variant of orbs, thus preventing Whitelighters or more accordingly to Whitelighter-Witches. And well I am a Wizard-Witch therefore I was able to orb you out of there.

(Both sets of sisters giving their byes and teleports in various ways. Cole becomes visible and thinks out loud.)

Cole: You have gotta give them credit. They are awfully good. (As he fades away.)

[Ext: Underworld / Nanta's Cave / Random Room]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

(Shortly after Christy and Billie came they changed into their respective nightgowns and brushing their teeths, they went into their respective beds.)

Billie: (Yawning) Good Night Christy.

Christy: (Yawning) Yeah. Good Night Billie.

After some unspecific time, Billie was sleeping, she was twisting and turning, as she suddenly goes out of her bed and starts to walk in her sleep, then she is engulfed in water and disappears.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Adrianna's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

Billie appears through water as she start to walk to a the podium there is very large book, about the size of a dictionary or encyclopedia volume which has a resemblance to the Book of shadows, the book is black and the front cover has a symbol composed of a golden dragon mark, she was at the front of the Book of Light, as the symbol had a quickly glow the book open it self and flips through many pages, then it stopped when it reached an empty page, and then the information appears. When Billie touched the page she appeared in a battlefield.

[Int: Billie's Perceptual Experience Dream]

(She saw a wave of destruction and then she saw and heard a god-like being talking to another Billie.)

Dream Billie: Will I ever see you again?

God-like Being: Have faith.

(The God-like Being had her arms down and closed her eyes and looked up and screamed. When the dream ended Billie woke up in her own bed.)

[Ext: Billie's Perceptual Experience Dream]

The End.

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