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Ancestry Quest - Episode 1x3 - Mission: Impregnation

[Int: Underworld / Nanta's Cave / Random Room]

The Cave is dark and there are several torches on the wall. Nanta is in a room conjuring several towels and various things, as she picks them up she goes to a place similar like a horrible maternity ward, viewing several pregnant women seemed to be unconscious lying on their backs on several maternity beds being dressed in hospital gown as they were kidnapped and replaced with a demonic decoy doubles. Nanta felt previous humiliated by the Charmed Ones, as she had recently begin planning her goals after learning from her mistakes, a sentient cloud of shadow appeared through smoking moving itself quite slow through diffusion.

Nanta: (Bows quickly down and stands on one knee.) My liege.

The Woogyman: (Viewing several pregnant women.) Wonderful done Nanta.

[Ext: Underworld / Nanta's Cave / Random Room]

[Protected Dimension / Int: Huge island-platform surrounded by the sea, F.O.R.C.E.]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Living Room]

Billie: Awesome power.

Arya: (Confused) What do you mean?

Billie: The way you teleported your Book of Shadows through water.

Arya: That wasn't me. I just called for the book to come to me in my time of need, and the book is called the Book of Light.

Billie: Why is it called the Book of Light? Is it what your magical books are called?

Adria: No, the book was created by my mother Penelope Wood which was a phoenix witch and my stepmother Theodora Blaze which was a wizard. They thought the name book of shadows was tiresome and to witchy term. And we are their daughters also the brightest lights in their hearts, therefore the name the Book of Light.

Arya: There are instructions for a potion in the Book of Light for Ghost Pregnancy. And we thought that Adrianna could be our undercover pregnant infiltrator.

Adrianna: (Angry stare) Not gonna happen. No way. I am not doing it.

Billie: (Curious) Ghost Pregnancy? (Looking at Adrianna.) Are you gonna get knocked up by a ghost? Is that even possible?

Adrianna: No, not literally.

Arya: As she said. no, it's just a realistic illusion, when a woman drinks the potion and within 8 minutes her belly will gradually start to have little bump which gets bigger. A woman would just appear to be pregnant to many and all, when she takes the specific potion then a bulb of energy will build up starts to expand her belly, although she would only feel the typical symptoms of a normal pregnancy, and to undo the Ghost Pregnancy, she needs to drink the reversal potion to undo its effects.

Billie: Else what?

Arya: Really painful contractions.

Christy: Of course. It's your body. All those innocent babies and pregnant women, although it's your body. Who cares about? It's been about 15 years ago. And I finally met my sister in person.

Billie: Who knew that my sister was alive. And I used to think I killed Christy in self defense of course.

Christy: Of course.

(Arya and Adria shakes slightly with their heads.}

Adrianna: Nice try.

Arya: (Thinks to herself) What does the Wiccan Reed say about the innocents?

Adrianna: Come on. Grrr. I certainty hate you all.

Arya: Bring in the maternity clothes.

(A huge laundry basket uncloaks and appears.)

Adrianna: (Gasping widely) What?! I didn't agree to get fake pregnant.

Christy: No, you didn't, but you didn't say no either which puts you much closer to agree, you know, that you have to have maternity clothes when we are going to the nice doctor for your appointment.

(Christy was about to help Adrianna to take off her blouse, but Adrianna stops her.)

Adrianna: (Angry stare) I can dress myself.

(As she is going behind a dressing screen.)

Christy: Gee, she is already testy.

Billie: So the possessed doctor would send you to those innocent pregnant women and protect them from mind control or manipulation with a mental shield with your special (Billie goes and picks up the wizard book) compulsion shielding ability.

(After a while Billie and Christy and Arya and Adria are waiting outside the dressing screen.)

Billie: Adrianna, innocent pregnant women out there. Come out already.

Adrianna's Voice: No.

Christy: Come on, it can't be that bad.

(Adrianna walks out the dressing screen wearing a light blue colored top and floral pants}.

Arya: Look at you. Aww, it's.

Adrianna: (Interrupts) I dare you all risk your life by saying that I look cute. I shouldn't need to resort to maternity clothes. What women goes through.

Christy: (Looking at Adrianna.) You can go to the bedroom and rest on the bed and watch TV.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Living Room]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Kitchenette]

Arya goes to the kitchen carrying the book and then she puts it on the kitchen counter, as she starts to flip through the book to the page about Ghost Pregnancy in the section of Hidden Knowledge. The page appears. Christy wanted to help, but the book doesn't want Christy to know it's secret.

Adria: Christy. No offense, but we have to make the potions alone.

(After a while the potion is boiling over. Christy helps with bottling the potions, whilst Adrianna was watching TV.}

Christy: Did you ever used this potion before?

Arya: No, we didn't.

Christy: Is it suppose to reek like this?

Arya: (Looks at the book.) Yeah it is.

Christy: I don't understand why only you 2 and your sister can see the page, all I see it an empty page.

Adria: Well it's on the section of hidden knowledge. It's shows only when it suppose to, and to who it's suppose to.

Christy: So your book doesn't trust me?

Adria: Well it's kind a more grey area.

Billie: (Walks in and holding her nose) Whoa! What reeks?

Adria: The potion. Where is Adrianna?

Billie: She is in the bedroom and lying on the back on the bed waiting to get magically knocked up. And can somebody teleport me to my dorm room?

Christy: (Stunned) What? Are you leaving us?

Billie: I have to go soon to my classes. I want to be able to graduate. And it's not like you three would be defenseless. You are (Looking at Adria.) a Wizard-Witch and you are (Looking at Christy.) a Firestarter-Witch and you are (Looking at Arya.) a Demi Goddess and a Wizard.

Christy: Don't worry Billie. Calm down, it's already been taken care of.

Billie: (Confused) What?

Christy: To counteract (signs with air quoits) "Those family emergencies" Which the Charmed Ones are more or less known for. The Ancestral Council has an assigned special kind of Celestial Paladins for this intended purpose.

Billie: Meaning what?

Arya: There are already a set of duplicated copies of Billie and Christy at the Los Angeles City College.

Billie: (Frustrated) But how does it help me or you for that matter? We aren't learning anything.

Christy: Listen, they are taking notes and etc, so we can reach the point where we should be after a delay. They have managed to help us so we can both study and vanquish evil and save the world and to feel relaxed.

Billie: Wow, that's brilliant.

Christy: There are only some rules.

Billie: Like what?

Christy: If you should skip school for a party or something like that, your study duplicate copy can be revoked for a while until you have suffered enough.

Billie: Can you give a definition for the meaning of (signs with air quoits) "Suffered enough"

Christy: You have to deal with both things at the same time for about six months more or less.

Billie: (Stunned) Whoa. They mean serious business.

Christy: Yeah, they are a serious bunch. But there are sort of things you need to personally deal with like relationships with future boyfriends and etc, don't worry you would be alerted.

Billie: I read in the wizard book, that limited group of good and evil Wizard-Witches possess each their own healing and lethal ability.

Adria: How much did you come into the book?

Billie: Could you tell me?

Christy: (Puts her hands on her temples.) Billie. The Ancestral Council is calling for us.

Billie: What's with them?

Christy: It's concerning about our destinies and abnormal coming future events.

Billie: (Confused) What?

Christy: So let's go now. I can teleport us. Can you?

(Looking at Adria and Arya.)

Arya: Sure don't worry.

Billie: Oh really, so special occurrences?

(Christy establishing a physical contact with Billie and gets engulfed in intense thermal flames.)

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Kitchenette]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

(Adrianna is watching tv about some show, and Adria and Arya walks in and Arya takes the remote and turns off the TV.)

Arya: The potion is ready, now you need to drink it.

(Adrianna is reluctant.)

Adria; (Stern look) Drink now, don't make us hold you and force feed you.

Adrianna: (Rolls with her eyes) Fine.

(She takes the potion opens the cork. She has notice it smell and she quickly pours the content and swallows.)

Adrianna: (Disgusted) Gross, gross. gross. I can't go like this, I have to change my appearance. Where is Billie and Christy?

Adria: They were called by the Ancestral Council.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

Billie and Christy appears in a room through ice and air in tornado like ways, which has a resemblance to a courtroom having pillars and also huge windows which brings a lot of light and a beautiful ancient greek interior design.

Christy: Hello, Council members?

Council Member: Miss. Jenkinses. The Ancestral Council are worried about your futures.

Billie: Do we turn evil? (Christy whacks Billie on her arm. Billie gasps and turns to her sister.)

Billie: What?

Council Member: No. It's far more serious issue.

(Water based spheres appearing and viewing flashbacks from an alternative timeline.)

[Int: Premonition / Ancient Time / The Ancient World of The Native Wizards]

A beautiful world which has a prehistorical resemblance to ancient Ireland with is filled with wizards, and friends, and family, showing a caucasian pregnant woman is wearing a long white and blue dress and a man who is talking wearing light brown sleeve-less black top and dark brown pants.

Man: I have loved you Theodora ever since I met you. And yet you are still rejecting me.

Theodora: Aeromos. We will never be together, or anything at all for that manner.

Aeromos: (Confused) Why not?

(Looking at Theordora's pregnant belly.)

Theodora: Because I don't want to. And because I love Derek.

Aeromos: I can help take care of Arya. We can have a wonderful life together, a family. I am far better for you than he is.

Theodora: (Insulted and gasping) I don't have to listen to this, stay away or I will tell Derek.

Aeromos: What about the possible Time Ripples?

Theodora: Which possible Time Ripples?

Aeromos: A Time Ripple is a disturbance in time, whenever something stops a destined event from occurring, it sends a ripple through time, powerful demons who knows the place where destiny was cheated, can use a Time Ripple to travel back and forth through time and alter the course of history.

Theodora: So if we don't get married. Your heirs wouldn't be very powerful once I conceive them. Well them bring on the future demons. Hell I would even help them vanquished many innocents, than let you touch me or nevertheless impregnating me.

(She starts to hold her hand to her mouth.)

Aeromos: What is it?

Theodora: I got really queasy from thoughts about it.

Aeromos: Vanquishing many innocents?

Theodora: No, having intercourse with you.

Aeromos: I don't think you quite grasp the uniqueness of this opportunity. It's our destiny.

Theodora: According to who? I know very well what you are trying to grasp.

Aeromos: (Thinks to himself) According to Angels of Destiny.

Theodora: You wouldn't mind, if I should validate your facts?

Aeromos: (Worried) You shouldn't bother them.

Theodora: Liar!

Aeromos: Theodora. I am surprised that you don't seemed to be effected by my charm of infatuation, and I don't understand why you're so against this marriage. There are thousands of women in the world who would be thrilled to marry me.

Theodora: And I would be thrilled for them to marry you too!

Aeromos: It's our destiny.

Theodora: Unbelievable! You are so thick, what makes it so hard to gasp?

Aeromos: I leading a rebel wizard revolution. When we have overthrown the Source. Then you will come around and be my queen. And when I form my empire, the first thing I am gonna do is rid the world of witches.

Theodora: (Afraid) The Source? Are you mad? He could wipe out the wizards everywhere to the extinction. I will have no part of this.

Aeromos: I think you're being hasty. Being my Queen could bring us great powers.

Theodora: Listen, we already have powers, we don't need evil ones too. And what do you have against witches? wizards and witches have been living together with as a single, united society in millions of years ago. (Thinks to herself)

Oh, yeah? Well now I know why you hate witches so much. Has it occurred to you that, maybe the reason you have been rejected so many times by female witches and wizards, it's not because you're a low level wizard, but because you're a moron? And you just want to wipe out witches for no apparent reason.

(Aeromos gets angry snaps with fingers and several rebel wizards appears.)

Theodora: What's the meaning of this?

Aeromos: Can't let you go now Theodora.

(Christy and Billie cleaning their clothes by the river and suddenly they hear something as they were walking they saw Theodora, when the rebel wizards tries to advance on her. She was about to teleport from there but she doesn't as she was surprised when a gust of flames vanquished the rebel wizards and throws back Aeromos. Billie and Christy appears.)

Past Billie: She said no, or is your overbearing pride and presumption so huge which blocks your hearing.

Aeromos: I think I might need some powerful help. One way or another, Theodora will be mine. No matter what it takes.

[Ext: Premonition / Ancient Time / The Ancient World of The Native Wizards]

(Both Christy and Billie looks stunned and speechless in disbelieved after noticing their alternative selves, as the water based spheres disappears.)

Christy: That can't be us.

Billie: No, it's, it's not huge because it's not possible, it's crazy because we were never send back in time.

Council Member: Yeah. You have.

Billie: How could that happen? I mean. I know how that could happen I did time travel with the Charmed Ones but it... What am we gonna do?

Council Member: Calm down... Breathe in and out. There is more.

Billie / Christy: (Surprised) More?!

Council Member: Maybe you shouldn't be looking at this.

Christy: Why did you bring this up in first place?

Council Member: We weren't sure, how you would react.

Billie / Christy: Show us more.

(Water based spheres appearing and viewing flashbacks from an alternative timeline.)

[Int: Premonition / Ancient Time / The Ancient World of The Native Wizards]

(Billie is looking at Christy's pregnancy. She is six months along. Christy notes that her husband is trying to get a house built before the baby is born. Billie is sure he will be a great father, while Christy is sure Billie will be a great aunt. Billie smiles in the flashback.)

Past Billie: Sometimes I miss our timeline.

Past Christy: It took us long time to learn to let go, and to understand that we have no way of getting back to our own timeline.

Past Billie: And that we should try to make the best of what we have now.

(Some time fast forwards revealing Christy is giving birth while her husband tries unsuccessfully to keep her calm until a doctor shows up. Suddenly an another flashback switches to Billie giving birth to a daughter with her husband by her side while Christy is holding her own daughter.)

[Ext: Premonition / Ancient Time / The Ancient World of The Native Wizards]

(Both Christy and Billie looks stunned and speechless in disbelieved after noticing their alternative selves, as the water based spheres disappears.)

Council Member: We also have a flashback from an alternative timeline in the future.

Christy: (Harsh voice) Show us!

(Water based spheres appearing and viewing flashback from an alternative timeline in the future.)

[Int: Premonition / Alternative Timeline in the future]

(The world has been turned into a wasteland and everything lies in ruins. There are mainly caves and the sky is black and red. they are viewing an underground place where it's protected by Good and Dark Magic. Magic has been exposed, however, nobody has the time to care about that as they only cares to survive. The mortals and the good and evil magical beings has put their differences aside to help and serve each other.)

Past Christy is having a telepathic astral premonition gets afraid when she hears her name, "Christy" Past Christy turns and surprised of seen a 48 year old Billie.

Future Billie: How is it possible that you look so young after so long time ago?

Past Christy: Why should I look any different?

Future Billie: You disappeared 26 years ago.

Past Christy: What happened to the world?

Future Billie: What do you think it happen? In a point of time the Dark Vessel.

Past Christy: (Interrupts) The Dark Vessel?

Future Billie: You might know him as the Woogyman, he created a green time whirl-shaped portal and send Denitra back in time to alter history. Suddenly an earthquake shakes in the world like something terrible has happened.

The buildings are suddenly dilapidated and the cities over the world are in ruins as there were covered by moss and veins and trees has been turned former cities and towns into jungle-like areas, the moss growing on various areas.

Past Christy: What's so special about jungle-like areas?

Future Billie: The wood, vines, plants, even moss are extremely loyal disciples to their master the Woogyman, they have no moral qualms, no compassion, no conscience, killed hundred thousands often in the most viciously brutal fashion the Ancestral Council later confirmed that Denitra managed to kill the Collective Wizards when they were young.

And the Charmed Ones suffered the same fate due to the Woogyman became ultimately immune to the spell who suppose to vanquish him or it. Only the both Councils didn't know until it was too late, until after the Woogyman had already had the Charmed Ones killed.

Past Christy: This really sucks.

Future Billie: Well, it explains why the world is a hell. We never got a chance to stop them. Since then I have never left this community. Save the future. Kill Denitra and vanquished the Woogyman and Nanta.

Past Christy read Future Billie's memories and gasped in horror.

Future Billie: I had to do horrible things to stay alive.

Past Christy astral projected back again.

[Ext: Premonition / Alternative Timeline in the future]

Council Member: These flashbacks could still happen.

(Christy and Billie are holding each other as they are uncontrollably shaking after being horrified by the flashbacks.)

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

(Scene fades black.)

[Int: Los Angeles skyline at afternoon / Doctor's Office]

Christy teleports with Billie through intense thermal flames, while Adrianna and Adria teleports through their respective orbs and Arya appears through a combination light smoke and bright sparkling crystals in a whirling manner. A heavily pregnant Adrianna has used a shapeshifting potion for the appearance of an attractive woman with puerto rican nationality due to the ferociously inclination from the Underworld to kill her,

Adrianna is very tired and goes and sits as she is breathing heavily, after the coming minutes since she drank the potion Adrianna has vomit several times, and appears to be in her 8th month of pregnancy. As they are noticing various medical examination equipments.

Billie: (Concern and sarcastic.) How are you Adrianna? You are so...developed?

Adrianna: (Angry stare) I wouldn't forget about this. How do you think? I am really huge, my feets are big, my back is killing me.

And my boobs are very sore and they are enormous, although it's a howling sight to look at the two enlarged boobs. And to answer your question, well in that case, no. I am not fine. I hope the reversal potion can undo its effects very well.

They were about to look through things, some minutes later before they begin to check a room which says Office a female doctor with caramel ethnicity walks in and stunned to see five women.

Doctor: Who are you? (Christy reads the doctors mind.)

Christy: Well our friend "Cressa" was worried about her (Signs with air quoits.) "Pregnant issues"

Doctor: Do you have appointment?

Christy: No, she doesn't.

(While Billie is talking with the doctor, Christy and Adrianna are talking telepathically.)

Christy: Stop it now, it's for the greater good. You have been bitching about it long enough.

Billie: Thank you doctor.

(Christy intentionally places her hand on Billie's back before Billie and the female doctor shake hands. Suddenly Christy gets a telepathic premonition.)

[Int: Telepathic Premonition]

When the female doctor was about to exam a hugely pregnant Adrianna. when a very pale male possessor demon dressed in black clothes appears through shimmering.

Adrianna acts as she didn't notice him and possess the female doctor. She moves her hand in front of Adrianna's face as she acts that she was affected and teleports her away and as the possessor demon dispossess the female doctor disappears.

[Ext: Telepathic Premonition]

Billie: (Looking at Adrianna.) We see you later on Adrianna.

Adrianna: (Thinking) I am gonna slit your throats in the sleep.

Christy: (Telepathically) Come on it's for the lives of the innocents and the greater good.

When they have left, Adrianna goes to the changing room and after a while she comes out wearing a hospital grown, and she lies back gently on the maternity bed. When the female doctor was about to exam a hugely pregnant Adrianna. A very pale male possessor demon dressed in black clothes appears through shimmering, Adrianna acts as she didn't notice him and possess the female doctor.

Adrianna: How long will this exam take?

Female Doctor: Don't worry.

She moves her hand in front of Adrianna's face as she acts that she was affected and falls asleep and teleports her away and as the possessor demon dispossess the female doctor disappears. After a short while Female doctor slowly wakes up and first to stand on her feet. Christy hurries and touches female doctor's temples and looks in her eyes and enters her memory and deletes several memories from everything incriminating.

Christy: You will only return to your ordinary day in 60 seconds.

[Ext: Los Angeles / Doctor's Office]

[Int: Underworld / Nanta's Cave / Random Room]

An portal opens and Adrianna appears hovering down as she is being placed on a maternity bed in a hospital grown. Nanta comes and lifts Adrianna's head and puts a towel under her head. And goes and touches the belly with two hands and starts kneading and rubbing and randomly says "She is almost ready" she later on goes. Adrianna looks slightly and sees several pregnant women and closes her eyes.

[Ext: Underworld / Nanta's Cave / Random Room]

[Int: San Francisco / Golden Gate Bridge]

Adria is standing on the top of the Golden Gate Bridge, she is enjoining the skyline, two sets of orbing appears when the orbs disappears it reveals Sandra and Odin.

Odin: (Hostile look.) What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be rescuing demons?

Adria: The Hypocrite says what?

Sandra: Why are you here Adria?

Adria: Several pregnant women are kidnapped by demons at the Maternity Ward at San Francisco Memorial Hospital.

Odin: (Confused) What?

Adria: Confused are we Odin?

Odin: We can handle it?

Adria: Oh, are you sure, as you didn't know anything before?

Sandra: Where is Adrianna and Arya?

Adria: Adrianna is undercover so she could protect those women and Arya is to meet Piper and Billie is to meet Phoebe. The Ancestral Council told us to work together with the Charmed Ones to save them and vanquish the evil beings and then saving the world.

Odin: (Insulting) It's so easy for them to forgive such a traitor as Billie and their joke of school.

Adria: (Frustrated) Know what? Odin. At least they aren't hypocrites. I was looking for Paige as I heard she orbs here. Have a nice day bye.

(Adria teleports and disappears by the use of photokinetic orbs.)

[Ext: San Francisco / Golden Gate Bridge]

[Int: San Francisco / Unknown Alley]

(Paige is protecting her charge. From some distance Adria appears by the use of photokinetic orbs, and the male tanned darklighter noticing Adria.)

Male Darklighter: Where is your sister? I love to stab her with my arrows.

Paige: Well not if she should vanquish you first.

Male Darklighter: I was talking with her.

Paige: Do you think I am gonna fall for that?

(Adria goes closer to Paige.)

Paige: (Stunned) What? Who are you?

Adria: Hi. (Reaches her hand.) I am Adria.

(And Paige shakes hands with Adria.)

Paige: I am Paige. Darklighter there.

Adria: (Stunned) Him? (Looking at the Darklighter.) Thank you so much. It's always nice to meet a fan.

Paige: (Stunned) Fan?

Male Darklighter: (Maleficence smile on his face.) So you like Harry Potter movies?

Adria: (Frustrated) That's a cheap shot.

The Darklighter is about to fire an arrow, but Adria generates an extremely powerful dome shaped shield of stunning energy toward the Darklighter by extendible degree in the wide-area rendering him unconscious.

Adria: Now you can vanquish the Darklighter. So are we gonna meet your sisters at the Halliwell Manor?

[Int: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / The Foyer]

A gang of belthazor resemblance species throws energy balls and fire balls but Piper deviates back at demons. Some of them tries again but Piper blasted the energy balls and fire balls in mid air and it explodes, Piper is knocked backwards.

Piper: Paige! Phoebe!

[Ext: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / The Foyer]

[Int: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / The Attic]

Arya appears through a combination light smoke and bright sparkling crystals in a whirling manner. She hears and sensing Piper's call. Arya disappears through a combination light smoke and bright sparkling crystals in a whirling manner.

Demonic Being: Pretty little witch you can't last much longer. Call all you want the house is protected from orbing and empathic sensing, we are the disciples of the Dark Vessel. He wants you to be vanquished and we are here to please.

Demonic Being 2: Seems almost anti-climatic after all this time, doesn't it?.

Piper tries to blow him up but nothing happens. She is panicking one demon is using the power of sleep Inducing to put Piper to sleep with a wave with his hand, and she falls down on the ground.

[Ext: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / The Attic]

[Int: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / The Foyer]

Arya appears through a combination light smoke and bright sparkling crystals in a whirling manner. Fire balls and energy balls appears in their each hands. They throws them at Piper and before they can hit her, a protective shield appears and absorbs the energy balls and fire balls.

Arya: That's so low.

(And she fires a huge blast vanquishing all the demons. Paige and Adria orbs in their own orb manner. Paige seems Piper on the carpet and instantly blames Arya.)

Paige: (Angry) What had you done?!

(Paige knees down to her sister and picks her up.)

Arya: (Stunned) What I done? I saved her life.

(Piper slowly opens her eyes, and surprised everybody is looking at her.)

Piper: What happened? Where are the demons? And who are you?

(Looking at Adria and Arya.)

Paige: What's the last thing you remember?

Piper: I was trying to blow them up but it didn't work so, I was panicking and the next thing I knew, is that you all are looking at me.

[Ext: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / The Foyer]

[Int: Underworld / Nanta's Cave / Random Room]

The Woogyman once felt a very strong energy in that room. It was heavy, almost electric. It started to transport itself through diffusion crawling under the maternity beds, Adrianna opens her eyes slightly and noticed the smoke tracking her magic, as she felt almost surges of energy swirl close around her. As it began to pulse like it was hovering over her and change slightly from electric to more a dark energy, as it gently began to brush over those pregnant women's hair. Like It felt almost like a person.

Gradually, the energy began to manifest as more as an humanoid entity force. It began to gently caress each pregnant women's forehead. Like It felt like a pair of hands. It was extremely gentle, but very stimulating touching them. So they began to feel warm all over. It was more like a sudden surge of pleasure that took them off-guard. It felt really quite wonderful. At that point, they felt very loved and relaxed. Adrianna quickly united her Cloaking and Compulsion shielding ability into one preventing realization of her magic to the Woogyman.

Adrianna trembled of fear and as she felt the cold passing through her a hospital grown. The Woogyman seemed to look for her trace of magic, but Adrianna couldn't orb or anything, only that she was terribly frightened as her muscles were so tight from the stress. She had never felt smaller and more vulnerable than there at that moment, Adrianna trembled and a tear rolled down her cheeks. An random demon was looking at her arms and legs, her belly, her shoulders. He was about to reach out to touch her with his hands Nanta went and conjured a sword and sliced off his left hand.

Nanta: Never..Ever.. Try that again.

[Ext: Underworld / Nanta's Cave / Random Room]

[Int: San Francisco / Bay Mirror / Phoebe's Office]

(Phoebe is answering some letters and writing on the computer, she is dressed in a black long top and black pants. Suddenly she gets a premonition.)

[Int: Premonition]

Billie is walking and she hears someone, and runs into an alley and walks into a trap, appears many beings with strange clothing appears and a woman calls for Billie, and she sees Christy thermal flames in.

[Ext: Premonition]

Phoebe: Oh, no. Billie.

Phoebe starts to quickly get her stuff ready to save Billie from those odd demons and her wicked big sister.

[Ext: San Francisco / Bay Mirror / Phoebe's Office]

[Int: San Francisco / Uptown Alley]

An innocent woman is being tormented to lure Billie, as the woman is cringe with fear hiding behind a dumpster, as the strange demons are throwing energy balls and fire balls and fires electricity at the dumpster. Billie runs into the alley her first thought was "Wow total deja vu" but she knows that Adrianna isn't gonna rescue her this time. And several Dark Wraiths appears and a slightly tanned blonde woman appears from the dumpster, she closes her eyes and shakes her head as she looks up and her tribe marks disappears as she opens her eyes again.

Denitra: Hi Billie.

Billie: Who are you?

Denitra: What's the matter? You haven't forgot about your own sister? Have you?

Billie: Christy? You are still alive?

Denitra: My appearance is different, so why not my name to, after you choose to vanquish me. Didn't know you had it in you to kill your own sister.

Billie: Well, I have nothing to fear from a knockoff.

Denitra: (Furious) How dare you talk to me like that? I was destined to serve for the greater good to kill evil beings, and yet you decided to betray me for the greater evil by turning to the Charmed Ones over your own sister. Your own flesh and blood!!!

Suddenly an unknown being thermal flames wearing a long overcoat with a hood which covers it's head, then the unknown being removes the hood and reveals it's face. Which turns out to be Christy.

Christy: Sorry for a being late, I had other things to deal with.

Billie: Better late, than never.

Denitra: (Stunned to see her human counterpart.) What kind of trick is this? Do you think you could fool me with this fake image?

Christy: Billie never betrayed me, and for the sibling section well, I am the only and true sister Christy. Face it phoney, all you knew has no meaning. Just bring it on.

Suddenly the ground is shaking as some kind of kinetic energy is making an appearance and explodes between Christy and Denitra knocking them backwards, unexpectedly Denitra is holding on her tempels and screaming like she has gone insane as she is having severe headaches. While everyone is unaffected and being stunned on what is happening. Denitra then managed to disappear through smoking.

[Ext: San Francisco / Uptown Alley]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

Suddenly the ice and air is starting to whirl in tornado like ways, and reveals a man who looks around noticing a room which has a resemblance to a courtroom having pillars and also huge windows which brings a lot of light and a beautiful ancient greek interior design.

Council Member: Welcome. Mr. Turner.

Cole: What? What are you?

Council Member: We are the Ancestral Council. We have a proposal concerting you.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / The Great Room of The Ancestral Council]

The End.

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