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Ancestry Quest - Episode 2x6 - Dreams and Confessions

[Int: San Francisco / Mitchell-Matthews Apartment / Bedroom / Midnight / 2 Months Later On]

Paige is seen lying on her back as she was sleeping as she is holding with her hands the seven months pregnant belly which is completely exposed and Henry is sleeping on the other side of the bed, she is wearing a slightly open white thin shirt. However, her breasts aren't really revealed, a black sheet is only covering her legs. A portal opens and an eighteen foot long light based crystallized King Cobra appears when the portal closes, the it bends down and gazes at the bed as the cobra hisses, revealing its hood, as it starts to move toward the bed and under the sheet to Paige. While she is still asleep, it starts to wrap it self around Paige's ankle on the left leg and the cobra reveals the fangs and bites her on the ankle, latching on, reconstructs as a crystallized cuff.

Shortly after Paige wakes up and stands up as she was looking in her surroundings, little confused as nothing is out of the ordinary, but she couldn't shake the feeling that she was being watched. Henry wakes up covered in the sheet and seen his wife is awake.

Henry: (Confused) Paige? Why are you awake?

Paige: I thought I felt something. Like something was watching me.

(Henry is shocked to notice how slightly open the shirt is.)

Henry: I know how you feel.

(Paige looks at him confused on what he means and then she notices and quickly closes the shirt.)

Paige: (Annoyed) Shut up, I was warm.

(Paige turns away her face as she starts to quietly giggle on how he reacted, as she didn't feel very attractive in a while. Then she acted normal.)

Henry: Go to sleep. Paige It's nothing there. Your hormones are just playing tricks on you.

Paige: I want to cuddle.

Henry: You hate cuddling.

Paige: I know. But now I want to.

(Henry cuddles against Paige in a comfortable and cozy position.)

[Ext: San Francisco / Mitchell-Matthews Apartment / Bedroom / Midnight / 2 Months Later On]

[Int: San Francisco / Phoebe's Condo / Living Room / Next Morning]

Phoebe is dressed in strapless white maternity dress which is little above the knees revealed to be 3 and half month pregnant as she is lying on the sofa and watching TV. Cole fades in dressed in black t-shirt och brown trousers, while Phoebe slowly getting on her feet.

Phoebe: Cole, it's nice to see you?

Cole: (Lying) Is it? Where am I? How did I get here?

Phoebe: I asked some powerful beings to summon you so I can tell you something of great significance.

(Cole instantly notices Phoebe's bump.)

Cole: (Lying) Oh, Phoebe. I.......

Phoebe: It's yours. Touch it.

(Cole touched Phoebe's bump with his right hand.)

Cole: (Lying) How could you?

Phoebe: Someone helped me, I mean us, to save our son's soul

Cole: How far are you?

Phoebe: 3 and half months. He was saved when he was 1 month and half.

(Cole withdraws his hand as they both sit on the couch.)

Cole: What's his name?

Phoebe: Connor......Connor Potter Halliwell.

Cole: (Smiles) You always told me that you loved the name Potter.

Phoebe: I can't believe you remember that.

Cole: How have you been?

Phoebe: I am fine. I have started a new job as a School Counselor while still working as an Advice Columnist.

Cole: (Lying) Is it at Magic School?

Phoebe: No. Its called F.O.R.C.E.

Cole: (Lying) Uh?

Phoebe: It's kind of more a unique class of its own.

Cole: Are you happy there?

Phoebe: I am. Piper had a daughter and Paige is pregnant with twins. A daughter Annabeth and a son David.

Cole: (Smiles) That's great to hear that you are happy and in good health especially after having suffered all that in the past.

Phoebe: It wasn't entirely your fault. I was to blame too.

Cole: I have to go now.

Phoebe: Can you help me?

(Cole helps Phoebe get off the couch, and Phoebe kissed him passionately and quickly disconnects and looks aside mimicking with her mouth a silent "Wow" and starts to moisten her lips.)

Cole: (Confused) What was that?

Phoebe: You know, my hormones.

Cole: Good Bye, Phoebe.

Phoebe: Good Bye..

(As Cole fades away.)

[Ext: San Francisco / Phoebe's Condo / Living Room / Next Morning]

[Protected Dimension / Int. Huge island-platform surrounded by the sea, F.O.R.C.E.]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / The Medical Division / General Infirmary / Random Procedure Room]

Henry is dressed in white shirt and blue jeans and a utility jacket and sits beside Paige, while she is lying on an exam table wearing an unflattering hospital gown, her legs are apart by stirrups. and a female doctor is doing her procedure. As Paige is gazing up to the candescent ceiling and takes a deep breaths, she starts to think that she used to feel discomfort through these exams. After discovering about this school and the free exams, the doctors are really good and very gentle without any discomfort. As she would normally focus her eyes on the ceiling tiles, while creates fists or bites down on one of them to get through that. The female doctor takes off the surgical mask and sterile gloves.

Female Doctor: All finished. Did you feel any discomfort?

(She brings the stirrups together, closing Paige's legs.)

Paige: No. Thank you doctor.

Female Doctor: I heard that you are a Doctor as well. But on your Medical Chart it says Miss. Matthews.

Paige: I graduated with double degrees in social work and archaeology. But I was tired being confused for a Medical Doctor, and I am a Half-Whitelighter, I use Miss. I didn't take my husband's lastname. I don't like being called Mrs. Mitchell. (Looking at her husband.) I didn't mean.

Henry: Don't worry, a last name doesn't make a person less married.

(Paige looks at the doctor.)

Paige: I have something maybe you could look at? I could have done something myself. But 2 birds and one stone. And then it disappeared.

Female Doctor: What is it?

(Paige closes her eyes and starts to concentrate as a crystallized cuff on the ankle on the left leg appears. The Doctor starts to gasp by the shocking news as Paige and Henry are concerned on the reaction of the doctor's expression.)

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / The Medical Division / General Infirmary / Random Procedure Room]

[Int: Los Angeles / Dawn of New Fashion / Afternoon]

Phoebe was browsing through the various clothing displays. A few of cute little outfits give her a smile. She grabs a little outfit for a boy and a little outfit for a girl and holds them up side by side. She started to smile. She sets the items down a side and continues browsing. A female caramel sales clerk dressed in a white shirt black tie and trousers approaches.

Sales Clerk: Is there anything I can help you with today?

Phoebe: No thanks. I am just looking.

(The Sales Clerk looks down at Phoebe's bump then gives her a smile.)

Sales Clerk: Just let me know if you would need some help.

(Before she was about to return to whatever it was she was doing.)

Phoebe: Well, I was thinking of buying something for my niece and nephew.

Sales Clerk: And maybe for your little one?

(Phoebe smiles and puts her hands on her bump.)

Phoebe: Well, not for now. But soon in the future. I was thinking about buying for my sister. She is seven months pregnant.

(Phoebe had a craving for a paprika. And it was driving her nuts as she had them in the fridge, but she didn't had any with her. Suddenly green paprika appeared in her left hand, in front of the sales clerk. Phoebe is surprised.)

Sales Clerk: Pregnancy Cravings are horrible. I once engulfed an entire water melon. And I don't even like water melons.

Phoebe: (Confused) You are fine with what you saw?

Sales Clerk: I know about Magical Pregnancies. And your secret is safe here.

Phoebe: I know, (Looking at her bump.) but children shouldn't carelessly expressed their magic in front of Mortals.

Sales Clerk: Practice makes perfect.

[Ext: Los Angeles / Dawn of New Fashion / Afternoon]

[Int: San Francisco / Halliwell / Attic]

Piper is standing behind the podium as she was flipping through the Book of Shadows revealed to be dressed in a black jeans and brown blouse, when she could not find what she was looking for, she closed it as she feels worried after she discovered what happened to Paige in the future. Through a combination of swirling blue spirals, a seemly red-headed young caucasian woman dressed in dark brown dress carrying a very large book in her left hand which has a resemblance to the Book of shadows, the book is black and the front cover has a symbol composed of a golden dragon mark, as the staff disappears in her right hand.

Piper: Who are you?

Theodora: I am Theodora Blaze. You worked once with my daughters. You requested to look through my book in hope of saving your sister.

(When Theodora puts her book on the table, suddenly the symbols on the books starts to glow in the presence of one another and then is disappears, the Book of Light opens itself as looks through many pages and reveals 2 pages.)

Piper: (Confused) What was that?

Theodora: They recognize each other.

Piper: How is that possible? (Theodora was about to tell.) I don't wanna know.

(Theodora is shocked to discover as her eyes gets wided when she reads the entries. One is about the Goddess of Neutrality and the another is about a prophecy of the Nephilims, Piper walks and sits next to her to see what it says.)

Theodora: Could she really be?

Piper: (Confused) What? The Goddess of Neutrality? Who is she?

Theodora: Is Paige the first Half-Whitelighter ever to be conceived?

Piper: Yes.

Theodora: She is here.

Piper: (Reads) When the World cries. While the Nephilims bathes in innocence. For tells about a human daughter with Angelic blood would bear children......

(Piper stops reading as she doesn't understand what it all means.)

Theodora: What?

Piper: (Confused) What does this mean?

Theodora: An end game for all secrecy about Magic.

Piper: (Confused) What?

Theodora: Your sister is the one who is carrying the children who is destined to revealed Magic to People all around the world for once and for all.

Piper: (Panicked) She can't. We barely made it alive the first time.

Theodora: It's the will of the Goddess.

Piper: I don't care. She can't do that. That would bring back the witch trials. (Piper starts breathing heavily, Theodora slaps her cross the face and Piper regains her calm.) Ouch. You hit me!

Theodora: That's right. You are acting like you were insane.

Piper: Of course. Wouldn't you?

Theodora: If Paige pulls this off. Magic will be allowed to be practice openly, without worry.

Piper: How can I not worry?

Theodora: Trust her.

Piper: I am not that religious. Or even in ancient goddesses. I used to be a Goddess.

Theodora: It used to be foretold about a young woman who was the destined Warrior, saved your mother as well as Melinda Warren from a dreadful fate.

(Piper recalls a something as she goes to a large trunk for storing personal possessions, and she picks up a powerful athame.)

Piper: Melinda wrote that a mysterious blonde woman gave her this, which she used to prevent a warlock from hurting others.

Theodora: Many people are scared and believes that Paige will destroy the world, when she gives birth to her children.

Piper: How can you be sure they aren't wrong?

Theodora: I have faith. She have been given a great honor. This is her destiny. The Warrior saved my kind, The Goddess save the Universe, and Paige will save the rest of the Magical Community.

Piper: That's a lot you put on having faith.

[Ext: San Francisco / Halliwell / Attic]

[Int: Unknown Location / Demonic Marketplace / The Crone's Lair / Random Room]

There is a pile of countless mummy-like bundles are on each sides surrounding around a small, dark green box, the female leaders dressed in different uniforms representing various witch covens are in front them with their each athame. As they are releasing their members of the webbing, the entrance is closed. The box starts moving and snaps rigid and begins to shake.

Everyone looks at it, puzzled, as the box starts to decay in front of them. And a gust of red smoke busts out to the ceiling of the room and then cascades around the interior of the room, enveloping everything in the smoke. Instantly causing anything of organic matter in its path to decay and turn to dust while screams of agony is heard, within various seconds every living thing in the room are gone. the entrance is open and the Crone steps in looks around as one of the Dirt Wolves walks after her in.

Dirt Wolf: (Telepathically) What happened here?

The Crone: My own experiment, which consumes organic material in a single blow at the subatomic level. More specifically targeting a the DNA of witches and warlocks. While leaving other species unharmed.

Dirt Wolf: (Telepathically) You are a genius.

The Crone: (Modest smile) Genius? You are too kind.

Dirt Wolf: (Telepathically) What inspired you to create something like this?

The Crone: My own survival.

(The Crone recalls some of the recent premonitions.)

[Int: Premonition / Mitchell-Matthews Apartment / Bedroom / Midnight]

The Crone appears through glistening, noticing Paige is lying on her back covered by a blue sheet as she was sleeping. The Crone walks carefully to Paige. A smile appears on her face of amazement as she looks on how far the pregnancy has undergone the development.

The Crone: Hi Aleera. So nice to see you again.

The Crone slowly reaches into a fold of her robe and pulls out a crystal object with a spherical shape on a gold chain, she brings the object closer to the pregnant belly as it began to glow and shine a bright light like it was scanning the pregnancy after some moments, the object was glowing with more powerful light as it was containing something as the Crone gives an evil smile as she disappears through glistening.

[Ext: Premonition / Mitchell-Matthews Apartment / Bedroom / Midnight]

[Int: Premonition / Underworld / Unknown Location]

The Crone appears through glistening, she sees the cave that is surrounded by a surface of the slightly visible liquid shield, as something dark is floating within the liquid shield. The Crone picked up the glowing object, It seems to cause the shield to fluctuate as it creates an access area through it. The Crone starts to smile her face starts to be filled with satisfaction as she goes into the opening. Due to the distinctive feature to a heightened degree the shield had which caused the object to explode. The Crone was shocked and looked behind her that both ways are almost closed and she is trapped between. Prue walks from nowhere disguised in orangish white robe with golden straps and a hood and covering the hands within the large sleeves. Prue slowly raises her face to the Crone. She draws back her hood to show her face.

Prue: Hey! You look like you saw a Ghost.

The Crone: You! I didn't expect you!

Prue: Huh, didn't you ever questioned how by pure coincidence you were always right.

The Crone: No.

Prue: Cocky, you were too cocky.

The Crone: I don't understand, where did I go wrong?

Prue: All the credits should go to the Ancestral Council who manipulated your visions. You were dependent on them, as for support, so we let you do the dirty work. While our hands remain clean. They altered your visions and I made things happened so you would believe in your visions. For example. The artifact, I found it, intended to deceiving you into to believe cloning the light of her twins would work. Thank you for all good things through the years. but your services are no longer needed.

The Crone: Tell me, why you tricked me? I created a law to protect your nephew.

Prue: I am grateful for that. You were tricked into helping millions of innocents making their lives livable. It's even helped me so I could watch over my sisters and family. So when someone tries to hurt my family, it upsets me. You know what people say about me?

The Crone: You are one of the most high esteemed Celestial Paladins.

Prue: Why do you suppose that is? It's because I will destroy anyone in one way or another who tries to mess with my sisters.

The Crone: She is dangerous, it shall not end with my death to stop what's coming.

Prue: Well, that's a problem for another day. But you wouldn't be here to see it.

A look of fear crosses the Crone’s face as the liquid continues to pour down on her caused her body to be immobilized while her facial expressions are not, something dark is floating within the liquid shield attacks as the dark wisps starts to engulfed her and leaves a more concentrated residue which fades away. Prue disappears through aerokinetic webs.

[Ext: Premonition / Underworld / Unknown Location]

The Crone: I will make them pay for the humiliation, and that little witch.

Dirt Wolf: (Telepathically) What are we gonna do now?

The Crone: The experiment moves on to the next level.

[Ext: Unknown Location / Demonic Marketplace / The Crone's Lair / Random Room]

[Int: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / Bedroom]

Some time has passed and Piper is on the bed taking a nap while her daughter Melinda sleeping in her bassinet. Prue appears through aerokinetic webs, and walks slowly to Piper, puts her right hand on Piper's forehead and telepathically enters her mind, Piper starts to feel upset.

Prue: Calm down, Piper.

[Int: Vision Quest / Halliwell Manor / Day Time]

Memory Prue: I don't know, I just felt a chill. Phoebe? Phoebe, are you there? (A tornado of wind twists through the front door.) Phoebe, where are you?

(The tornado knocks Prue and Piper to the floor. A clap of thunder is heard, the tornado calms down and Shax appears.)

Memory Dr. Griffiths: Dear god.

Memory Prue: No!

(Prue gets up off the floor and pushes Dr. Griffiths out of the way. Shax throws an aerokinetic blast at Prue and she crashes straight through a wall. Piper gets up and Shax throws an aerokinetic blast at Piper, sending her crashing through a wall. Shax turns to Dr. Griffiths.)

Memory Dr. Griffiths: What are you?

Memory Shax: The end.

He throws an aerokinetic blast at Dr. Griffiths and he crashes through a window. Shax looks around. He looks at Prue and Piper unconscious on the floor. Filled with satisfaction with what he has done, Shax turns back into the wind and flies out the front door. The glass on the door smashes as it slams shut. Piper's eyes starts to be watery as she comes close and looks around while remembering this painful memory. Prue appears dressed in her robe walks to her sister with disguised voice, who is deeply affected by this.

Prue: You never really embraced being a witch or your destiny, you just nearly accepted it.

Piper: What is this. Vision Quest? I don't want to relived this.

Prue: Sucks to be you. Because we are doing this, so make peace with it.

Piper: I got children and got things to do.

Prue: I don't really care. Sit down.

Piper: I have to awake up.

Prue: (Sternly) Sit down!

(The repetition of a sound resulting from reflection of the sound waves, which caused Piper's hair to blow backwards and Piper got a sudden attack of fear, and she sat down on the couch.)

Piper: It wouldn't hurt, if you said please,

Prue: Now can we talk what's been bothering you?

Piper: I got things.

Prue: I am controlling your mind. And if you don't talk and let me help you. You will never ever wake up.

Piper: You can't do this.

Prue: Sure, I can.

Piper: Who the hell? Do you think you are? Do you know who I am?

Prue: A Annoying Celebrity witch. (Prue disappears into nothing. After a while, felt like hours has passed Piper has nothing really to do, Prue appears again.) Care to try again.

Piper: What do you want me to say?

Prue: We had a chance to know each other over the those past months. Haven't we?

Piper: I guess.

Prue: Could I ask you, to say whatever you feel like without consequences? For example. What if your sister blames you for her death?

(A shock expression appears on Piper's face.)

Piper: Listen sweetie, I think you are a bitch. Seriously? What the hell is wrong with you? Those robes are kind of tacky. Other people could think you are a very efficient competent being, but getting too personal about my sister's death, it's out of the line.

Prue: Well, I appreciate your opinion.

Piper: Oh no it's not an opinion. You see Paige has a nickname for you. You are called Michelle from hell.

Prue: You don't found me comforting?

Piper: No.

Prue: I am pretty good with people.

Piper: (Chuckles) Oh please.

(Prue's voice becomes normal. Prue slowly raises her face to Piper. She draws back her hood to show her face.)

Prue: So I am a bitch? I thought, I was just stubborn.

Piper: (Surprised) Prue.........You were so young.

Prue: Piper. Stop it.

Piper: Stop what? I can't stop thinking that our lives would have been better if we weren't born as witches.

Prue: No, you would think. But it's not true, Our magic is a blessing in the sky. I have seen how our lives would have been. And it wasn't pretty. I have felt that.

Piper: How was our lifes then?

Prue: Let's see.

Piper: I don't want too. I have to leave.

Prue: Sure, although. To bad for Paige and her twins and Phoebe's son. Considering what happens to them. Every person can make a difference and we need everyone who can help. otherwise this could all happen all over again. You have seen what could happened. Ask yourself, is this really a future worth fighting for?

Piper: Are you trying to make me feel guilty for wanting a normal life?

Prue: Of course not. Come let's go.

(Piper is clearly upset.)

Piper: I been gone for hours. Can I at least check on my daughter.

Prue: Hours? Try ten minutes. Sorry, But I need to do the tough love approach for you and Paige and everyone.

Piper: Part of that is to help me get my powers back.

Prue: Yes. I don't want to do like this.

Piper: Show me.

Prue: Really? Why?

Piper: If the world should go to hell. I would need to have a clear conscious, that I tried to help.

[Ext: Vision Quest / Halliwell Manor / Day Time]

[Int: Vision Quest / New York / Mausoleum / Day Time]

Prue and Piper appeared, there is a beautiful dark brown coffin sits on a pedestal amongst the flowers and lit candles surround it, everyone is seated and dressed in black. Piper is stunned to see her alternative self and Dan putting his arm around her and alternative Prue beside her sister.

Piper: Where are we?

Prue: Well, when we became witches. We had to get alone because of the Power of Three and stay in the house, we weren't happy about that.

Piper: I had to be the Peace Maker.

Prue: Paige wasn't born, and Phoebe moved to New York and....

Piper: (Worried) What?

Prue: Let's just say that you had one sister less.

(Piper is thrown into a state of intense fear. As she runs to look into the coffin and see Phoebe lying in there.)

Piper: How could this happened?

Prue: Nobody really knows? It was never solved.

Piper: What's Dan during here?

Prue: You married Dan and had a little girl, when the marriage ended, you remained on good terms mostly for your daughter, but you lived a lonely life.

Piper: (Confused) I did?

Prue: Leo didn't exist anymore.

Piper: What happened to you?

Prue: Well, we didn't see each other that much either, you couldn't deal with what happened to Phoebe. After I became successful photographer. I started to move around. (Piper turns around and sees that her alternative self is having a total mental breakdown.) So stop blaming yourself! Sure, magic sucks sometimes. But everything comes with Pros and Cons. Consider that magic saved our family.

[Ext: Vision Quest / New York / Mausoleum / Day Time]

Piper wakes up looks at the clock what she thought was hours turned out to have been just half hour and she looks up to see Prue standing in front of her, she quickly gets up from her bed and quickly hugs Prue. Both starts to cry.

Piper: Missed you so much.

Prue: I did that too.

Piper: So you are.....

Prue: I did....

(After a while they disconnects the hug.)

Piper: So you are Michelle.

Prue: Where Prue couldn't, Michelle was able.

Piper: Why didn't you tell me?!

Prue: I couldn't. I was worried on how you will react.

Piper: You saved Phoebe's son? Did you?

Prue: I did.

Piper: How come you didn't become a Whitelighter?

Prue: I choose not to. I didn't agree with what they wanted.

Piper: (Concerned) Which is?

Prue: I can't tell you, not for the moment. I know that you are afraid. And you are feeling conflicted. Trust me. I feel so much better now. I could help many people, and I have even helped you and Phoebe and Paige without you being aware.

Piper: All I wanted is to have a normal life.

Prue: What does normal mean?

Piper: You know. Normal, normal.

Prue: Saying normal twice. Doesn't make it normal.

(They both starts to smile, a bright light shines as it was washing over Piper for some seconds when Piper stops glowing.)

Piper: Thanks.

Prue: For what?

Piper: For this.

Prue: Just doing my job.

Piper: I guess. You will be leaving soon.

Prue: But it doesn't mean I wouldn't visit.

Piper: Can I tell Phoebe and Paige?

Prue: Paige already knows.

Piper: That little, she knew.

Prue: I told her not to tell. I am telling you not to tell Phoebe.

Piper: Annoying Celebrity witch? Don't you think that was little too harsh?

Prue: There’s doubt? Do you really think it wise to ask that?

Piper: Hey. I know, we aren't perfect.

Prue: This is nothing about that, you couldn't just forget, this actually matters. I gave the Angels of Destiny a promise. Be more careful. Don't misuse your powers like you did before.

[Ext: San Francisco / Halliwell / Bedroom / Day Time]

The End.

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