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Ancestry Quest - Episode 1x9 - Different World and Different Time

The sky was seemed to be completely enfold with bright clouds from the above the island, when it reaches the edge of the clouds, it reveals the sight of nothing but intense an impenetrable unusually great in size tropic jungle with an intense competition and struggle for survival.

[Int: Quick Flashback / Unknown Island / Tribe Community / Random Room]

One of the Tribe Members walks in a room carrying unconscious Christy who still has her soaked torn clothes on, and puts her on a table on her back and walks away. A female equivalent to the male counterpart appears as she is watching on the peculiar creature placed on the medical table in front of her.

[Ext: Quick Flashback / Unknown Island / Tribe Community / Random Room]

[Int: Unknown Island / Tribe Community / Research Laboratory]

Some unspecific time has passed, there is a view of enormous cryogenic freezers, empty incubators, as well as cylindrical tanks with strange fetuses floating inside. There was an upright water tank containing a figure inside with slightly grubby glass, the blond hair which is floating with the gentle movement of the liquid, reveals to be Christy as she regains her consciousness and slowly opens her eyes. She is completely under water and a large breathing mask is attached over her face, as she realizes that she is upright in a tank full of clear liquid water as well as being dressed in a skin-tight dark green leather diving suit, and various tubes are attached to her. A monitoring device is attached outside the water tank which is observing her healthy state of well being as well as keeping a record of it. Christy starts to pound on the glass as air bubbles out of her mask, Suddenly Christy's body starts to slightly glow as the water heats up and causing the shards to appear on the glass until it shatters, all the water bursts out and taking Christy as well as she is on the ground and gasping for air.

[Ext: Unknown Island / Tribe Community / Research Laboratory]

[Int: Unknown Island / Tribe Community]

Two Tribe Members drag Christy to a wooden post on her back, one of the Tribe Members takes a branding iron from a large stone fire pit. When the branding iron was to be pressed deep into her flesh, Christy isn't afraid while her eyes burn with defiance suddenly burning the Tribe Member's arms from touching Christy's back. Christy turns around and managed to turn the branding iron around and instead plunged it into his chest. Causing him to scream as the Tribe Member stumbles back as he falls against the large stone fire pit, the guards alerting everyone, Christy takes some daggers close by and throws at the guards which stabs them in the chest as she runs off.

[Ext: Unknown Island / Tribe Community]

[Int: Unknown Island / Jungle]

Christy is seen having a terrifying expression on her face as she is seen running through a huge jungle, she has changed her clothing, being dressed in long one-shoulder dress just above the knees with a cheetah print, a jagged hem and a leather trim along the neckline. The dress shows suitable enough of skin with matching high boots. It's quiet for a second. In a way that was not expected. A roar rises up from the Tribe Community, deafening the peaceful silence. The trees shake as something is happening when something is plowing ahead through the jungle, sounds of snaps, turning in the direction of the sound as it bursts through the jungle, the whole thing shivers as growls and roars come from the jungle. Christy runs as fast as she possibly can through the branches, and jumping across the open area at top speed and over a log and splashed on a water puddle and doesn't look back. Suddenly one of the Tribe Members appears from nowhere in front of Christy armed with large and powerful spear.

He throws his spear and Christy dodges the spear due to being so agile, he attacks taking a lunging sweep at Christy and slashing through the air when he lands and loses his balance and slips, falling back on his rear. He slides down a hill of the muddy embankment but gets stuck, its feet and legs tangled in the treacherous conditions and as he moves and tries to free himself mud flying everywhere, but he isn't going nowhere, just digs in further and start to burying himself. If the Tribe Member weren't so hostile and terrifying. He could be a good bodyguard, intensely muscled, coordinated and a smoothly designed life form. When he discovered he can't free himself he starts to growl and roar to call for help. Christy begins to run as fast as she possibly can through the jungle but the Tribe Member who is stuck in the mud manages to pull out his left hand and pulls a pipe from his armor and shoots some tranquilizer darts hits Christy in the back making her fall to the ground, causing her to be immobilized and sedative, one of the Tribe Members appears revealing its teeth and slowly walked to a motionless Christy, starts to smell her and picks her up and puts her on his shoulder as he looks around and listens to the nature and what sounds it makes, as he starts to run through the jungle.

Christy concentrates intensively causing her body to glow and burning his left shoulder and arm, while counterbalancing the effects of the tranquilizer darts from her body. Christy snatches out a knife with her left hand, runs up behind him and stabs him in the neck. He clutches with his right hand at his neck, gasping. Christy holds out with her right hand to keep him back. Still gasping and holding his neck, the Tribe Member falls to the ground. With other left hand, he scrabbles out a pendant inside his armor and presses it. Instantly an alarm begins to scream around the jungle. The Tribe Member's gasps become quieter, and he dies. Before Christy tries to run she notices there is no way she has the time to get out of the way this time as the rest of the Tribe Members are heard plowing into the high grass, inexorable as torpedoes on the target in all directions, having her surrounded into the twitching long grass. Christy looks around and sees a huge tree and she takes a deep breath and grabs hold of the first branch, and starts her long climb. Fortunately, it's a good climbing tree, its branches thick and regularly spaced.

A group of the Tribe Members arrive as they come out from the high grass and watching at their dead Tribe Member, they tilts its head to the side and sniffs, as if sampling the day time air to try to sense Christy's scent to locate and find her, the Tribe Members looks curiously at the climbing tree. The Tribe Members are communicating through growl and roar with each other about what to do. One of the Tribe Members starts to climb the tree as Christy has noticed that as she was looking down starting to freeze in absolute terror. Despite her fear, Christy is trembling with excitement as well as she watches the Tribe Members move down on the ground. Christy remembers that she had hidden objects in case she would be trapped. She looks and finds a black wooden bowl with a green rag, she takes the rag and dips it in the wooden bowl with a lot of a glowing thick opaque transparent living liquid gel and rubs with the rag all over herself.

He is coming closer and throws his spear and miss Christy, the Tribe Member reaches almost her and about to attack with his claws, Christy manages to smash several hits with her left boot into the side of his head, but he catches onto her left boot to use his own weight to pull her back down. Christy was about to go down with him, although she grabs one of the branches at the last second, as she is dangling there, Christy managed to smash several hits with her right boot into target his eyes, which cause him to drop his hold and tumbling down the tree sags to the ground, semiconscious. As she was leaning against the tree, completely drained. Quickly and without warning something huge smashes into the side of the tree as Christy was hanging on for dear life. As she was still clinging to the tree. Instead of climbing the huge tree they start to cut down the tree to push it down over the edge to a sharp precipice, they are pushing the tree with her over the cliff, representing a large deep drop, Christy is on the verge of tears, but is fighting them back. The climbing tree starts to snap and half-falling as it was almost breaking entirely, shortly after a manufactured rope of vines falls down Christy wraps the steel coils around each of her hands. And she was preparing to leave she started to think out loud.

Christy: Oh, Dad, I had a wonderful childhood. There was times I thought you wanted to have a son but you got two daughters instead. As you were forcing me and Billie to have lessons about having jungle survival skills. But after I happened to read your memory I found out that you only wanted to have strong and resourceful daughters. Thank you so much.

As the tree is moments from being pushed down from the edge, Christy climbs down some feet and holding against the vines for dear life. As the tree was pushed down from the edge as it was falling Christy closed her eyes and the tree missed her by few feet. As the Tribe Members thought Christy was gone they left, she started to climb up again.

[Ext: Unknown Island / Jungle]

[Int: Unknown Island / Christy’s Tree Bungalow / Day Time]

Christy comes into her tree bungalow, which is completely dark and lacks any trace of light or windows, suddenly something that looks like some kind of a natural crystalline growth, that literally grows on trees, all around the crystals embedded in other parts of the Tree Bungalow begin to light up as more and more crystals begin to light up. It's an extraordinarily view of planning and design. It’s divided into sections for different use of functions and several equipments is miniaturized and built into the walls.

Christy: Home sweet home.

As she walks behind a the dressing screen after a while she comes out with a large blue fluffy towel and wrapped around her, revealing her severely scarred back, as she goes to a curtain of thick vegetation opens and walks in, where there is a huge crystalline sarcophagus sitting above a pedestal which contains a glowing thick opaque gel as shortly afterwards the towel is falling on the floor, and Christy is seen taken a bath in the crystalline sarcophagus covering herself in the thick gel and relaxing. After some unspecified amount of time, she wraps the towel around herself while being covered in the thick gel and climbs out of the sarcophagus. She goes and takes a long much satisfying shower later revealed to wearing a black towel as she was looking at her back on a shiny steel reflection that her back has been totally healed. Christy unties her bone necklace and dips it in the gel as well with her hand and then takes it out and let's it dry. As her only clothes and the bone necklace is drying, Christy goes and lies on a bed and covers herself in more of the sheet of thick vegetation and falls to sleep.

When Christy wakes up, as she is seemed not to have slept in a great time as she was almost always fighting for her life. She gets up from the bed as she pulls up the towel and adjusts it. She goes and picks up her clothes and the bone necklace, when she is fully dressed she goes to a section of her home, as she is watching at three small ordinary bowlders, and she takes some of the thick gel with a wooden bowl from the crystalline sarcophagus which she pours over the bowlders as Christy starts to concentrate with the help from her bone necklace, instantly different telepathic visions are shown on the bowlders as she is able to see that Billie is about to visit the island.

[Ext: Unknown Island / Christy’s Tree Bungalow / Day Time]

[Int: Aeromos's Kingdom / Day Time]

Which is showing a huge and elegant design of light black palace with one main tower and 4 on each side with claws rised up on in the middle on each tower in the malevolent kingdom where everything surrounding the light black palace is seemed to be dilapidated.

[Int: The Dark Palace / The Seer's Chamber]

There is a huge wooden and beautifully carved bed. The chamber is lit by torches and there are pedestal bowls of fruit on a small table, the floor is inlaid marble with an a beautiful black carpet. Denitra is seen looking into her crystal ball, sees whips of smoke forming inside, and she sees that shortly afterwards, she can see the Tribe Members, although. Denitra is unable pinpoint the exact location of where Christy could be, like she has disappeared out of sight. Unwilling to her, she is able to express sincere concern for Christy's well-being. She stops and goes from the crystal ball, and slightly checking herself in a full-length mirror and feels displeased with wearing this stupid seer outfit, and only reason she is wearing this clothing is for the whole cover up. Knocks are heard from the chamber door. Denitra's necklace glows and changes from her physical form into Christy's physical form.

Denitra: What is it?

(Outside the door.)

Guard: Aeromos is calling you.

Denitra: I am coming soon.

[Ext: The Dark Palace / The Seer's Chamber]

[Int: The Dark Palace / The Throne Chamber]

After a while Aeromos is revealed to be sitting on throne-like chair which is shaped as a swirling cobra with the cobra head above revealing its fangs, in front of Denitra who stands on one knee and bows down. He is dressed in dark brown clothing with a black scabbard with a sword on his back. While two guards with cloaked face are flanking Aeromos.

Aeromos: What do you see Seer?

Denitra: For the moment you and your kingdom are safe my lord. However, the Warrior has gain the Key of Life. She will be try to gain the Cradle of Time.

Aeromos: And do you have an idea when she could be going?

Denitra: Not for the moment.

A group of powerful warriors dressed in black and grey armor with chain-mail covering their faces opens the doors and walks in, Aeromos stands up and walks from his throne into a newly formed circle, Aeromos is in the center of a group of the knights who are all on their knees in a circle around him, they listen and watch with reverence.

Aeromos: The Warrior has the Ethereal Sword and now the Key of Life. Well, she will try to gain the Cradle of Time to her collection.

(Denitra speaks out.)

Denitra: My liege.

(He turns in his circle to face her.)

Aeromos: (Confused) Seer?

(She rises from the ground and looks into Aeromos's eyes.)

Denitra: If you gave me the task. I would have love to look at her as the life fades from her eyes. If she is truly as powerful as the prophecy states. Why hasn't she used it already?

Aeromos: Everybody wants to know. We have to kill her. After she reveals the secret location where the Cradle of Time is. I am amused at your new perspective.

Denitra: The Warrior and all of her misguided followers have waged against you. They deserve to be punished. However, instead of killing her. We can use her.

Aeromos: (Confused) Her? You don't consider her to be a part of you?

Denitra: Not anymore. I am with the true ruler. She left me, if she was truly my sister. She would have already saved me.

Knight 1: It's impossible to pinpoint the exact location of where Avalorianna could be.

Denitra: We don't need to find Avalorianna, they will resurface.

[Ext: The Dark Palace / The Throne Chamber]

[Int: Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bedroom]

Billie is seen lying on her stomach on the bedroom, while Billie's naked back is completely exposed, as half of her body is covered by the dark green sheet with the silver image of the Ethereal Sword, Rathmere is seen wearing black trousers and being shirtless massaging Billie's back with the use of essential oils as Billie eyes are closed every time he gets little rougher with not too much pressure and without hurting her, she makes a fist and let's go which helps her to relax or eliminate unnecessary pain.]

Rathmere: I think you are relaxed enough now.

Billie: No. I haven't, continue.

Rathmere: Yeah, you have.

Billie: Fine. (Billie takes the sheet to cover herself and she sits on the other side of the bed while holding with her right hand the sheet which is shielding her breasts.) Leave. I know that we slept together, but you need to turn around or leave, because I still want to have some privacy.

[Ext: Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bedroom]

[Int: Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Kitchen]

Billie is seen only wearing an oversized black shirt, with one leg rised with a knee bent in a tempting seductive manner. She was making kitchen salad and some turkey burgers on the kitchen table. Billie felt a pair of hands on her hips and as an instant sexual arousal appeared and it felt so good. Rathmere is still shirtless, standing behind Billie, as he is holding her.

Rathmere: So when are you gonna get dressed?

Billie: (Surprised) Uh. What? Are you really complaining about having an almost naked girlfriend in your kitchen?

Rathmere takes his hands off from her hips, as Billie turns around and looks up into his eyes, and runs her left hand over his muscular chest. She inhales and exhales deeply, as she smiles at him, still rubbing her hand over his chest. Billie grabs his jaw with her right hand as she struggles to stand on her toes, they lock in a passionate embrace and kiss each other hard. After a short while she breaks off the kiss. At the end of the touch of her lips, Rathmere pauses.

Rathmere: No, of course not.

Billie: So, what is it all about asking me to get dressed?

Rathmere: I am sorry. If you feel comfortable like this.

(Billie turns around to restart to make chicken salad and some turkey burgers on the kitchen table. As she grabs his hands and puts them around her waist.)

Billie: I never said to take them off. It feels good.

Rathmere feeling her proximity, her radiant body heat. His fingers touching her her waist. Billie trembling, her lips once more finding his. Rathmere closing his eyes, the rush of sensation, overwhelming. He yields to it, returning the kiss, with hunger, with passion... with spirit. Rathmere was about to undress her and they were about to give in to their passions, but Billie calmly pushed Rathmere with her hands and button up the oversized black shirt again.

Billie: We can't.

Rathmere: You didn't want to?

Billie: Yes. I want to. But that doesn't make it right. (When she is finished, she takes a tray of goodies and turns around and gives Rathmere to carry.) Let's eat in bed.

Rathmere: (Quietly) Bossy!

(Billie from Rathmere's bedroom.)

Billie: (Shouts) What was that?!

Rathmere: Nothing, dear.

[Ext: Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Kitchen]

[Int: Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bedroom]

Billie gets in the bed and sits up on the other side of the bed, Billie is still wearing the oversized black shirt as she quickly takes the dark green sheet with the silver image of the Ethereal Sword to cover herself. Rathmere comes in with the tray of goodies, as they start to eat. After they were finished, Billie picks up the black rectangular box and opens the box and sees a necklace with a medallion with a light blue crystal-like surface. As she starts to admire its design.

Billie: I thought.......... the Key of Life would have been in a form of a stone. (Instantly the artifact start to break down in the molecule level as it starts to crystallize and to take on a definite and clear shape of a stone.) Sweet!

Rathmere: Tell me little about your sister?

Billie: What do you want to know?

Rathmere: Is she a witch like you?

Billie: No, not really? She is a witch and a firestarter.

Rathmere: Truly remarkable.

Billie: Hey, what am I? A dried Fish with a Squid head?

Rathmere: I don't mean your sister, as a species. Don't get jealous.

Billie: I am not jealous. I read about the origin about Firestarters in my time in my grandmother's Book of Shadows. In Greek mythology, when the ancient titan called Prometheus stole the heavenly fire and gifted it for the humanity, enabling the progress of civilization. The heavenly fire within some mortals begin to grow expeditiously and undergo a development of evolution, adapting their bodies to the fire, and started to take a new powerful form, more powerful than ever before. Mystical pyrokinetic symbols of a trident surrounded by a chain weapon started to appear on the backside of the shoulder on the males and the females have the same lower down on the back. As the gifted mortals were coming into adolescence, their gift started to manifests in the form of headaches when they become particularly emotional, that result in things bursting into flames. As they become evolved into true Firestarters. Although, the young Firestarters are learned to control the flames instead being controlled by the flames as it had no conscious. Once released, there is nothing the Firestarter can do to suppress the flames until it finishes its course.

Rathmere: I was thinking, if your sister is still alive.

Billie: She is. I know it.

Rathmere: Could you perhaps use the Key of Life to sense and detect the presence the lives of others no matter where they are. Like your sister?

Billie: Is that capable of happening?

Rathmere: You can try and see.

[Ext: Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bedroom]

[Int: Avalorianna / City Hall / Conference Room]

(Billie meets the Town Tribunal Council, what looks like a large courtroom with high podiums.)

Tribunal Member: We are honored in your presence and the town of Avalorianna.

(While showing much warmth and affection, with a great deal of reverence to Billie who is dressed in brown shirt and black trousers.)

Billie: Thank you. I have an idea, on how to both save my sister as well as stop Aeromos.

Tribunal Member: Aren't you worried, that your arrival could have altered periods, and confronting Aeromos and his army, by creating a chain of events that could lead to a future far different from the one you left.

Billie: Uh, no offense, I hope so, my world is soon to be engulfed by a huge evil as well. The desire to return to the time, and to my family and friends. Tampering with time is not to be treated so lightly. But yet, I am still here.

[Ext: Avalorianna / City Hall / Conference Room]

[Int: Mountainous Ground Location]

There is a huge wooded door inserted in a huge mountain, Billie and Theodora and Rathmere and many others appears through a combination of swirling blue spirals as the they fades in, and several others teleport through a combination of being engulfed in smoke and swirling spirals. Billie is holding the light based rectangular box, puts the box in Theodora's hands and Billie opens the box and sees a necklace with a medallion with a light blue crystal-like surface and takes it. Those others stay behind as Billie walks slowly to the door with a crystal shaped keyhole, and she rised the medallion it started to glow and Billie carefully joins it together and moves her hand from the door and takes few feet back, as the locks are heard to react and the medallion begin to glow light based color as Billie’s eyes begin to glow, the glowing from her eyes fades a bit, but now it is forming a ring around her, while the rest of them stands off to the side watching.

Rathmere hears some birds cawing in the distance, as they disappear from a near by tree, with horror on his face. Aeromos appears through a combination of swirling blue spirals as he fades in dressed in dark brown clothing with a sword on his back, and runs where Billie is. He picks up his sword from the black scabbard and throws it onto the medallion causing it to split in two parts by hitting the blade exactly where to the medallion split. Everyone watches terrified as the medallion turns black, as the shock of the charge of the magic causes Billie to scream out loud until it reaches its breaking point and then there is a violent explosion, when the smoke disappears of the explosion, showing Billie as the sole survivor, as the blast has both vaporized everyone else. Billie comes to her senses and tries to get up. Aeromos reappears as he triumphantly looks down over her. As Billie tries to get her sword, although, Aeromos with a wave of his hand levitates and rises the sword into the air.

Aeromos: Don't even bother Warrior. Your misguided followers are dead, and the Prophecy is unfulfilled.

[Ext: Mountainous Ground Location]

[Int: The Dark Palace / The Throne Chamber]

After a while Aeromos is revealed to be sitting on his throne chair and dressed in dark brown clothing with a black scabbard with a sword on his back, as two guards with cloaked face are flanking Aeromos. Whilst Denitra is lying on the side on a sofa close to him, Denitra is dressed in her ordinary seer outfit. As a group of powerful warriors dressed in black and grey armor with chain-mail covering their faces opens the doors and walks in, leading Billie into the chamber. She sees her sword lying on a display case and looks to it, she is also wearing a black necklace that fits tightly around her neck having the same characteristics of Denitra's ankle bracelet. Aeromos stands up and walks from his throne into a newly formed circle, smiles as he brushes his hand along her neck. With a strange feeling as he used to feel such apprehensive about a possible situations of events.

Aeromos: Such an attractive and beautiful neck. (Billie has ferocious thoughts while they are looking in each other.) I have been thinking a lot about this prophecy, I always thought it was just an urban legend. When I was little, my parents used to tell me about a fairy tale character to scare me if I do not want to obey my parents.

Billie: (Cocky) Looks like they failed miserably. Look at you, you are a total mess. (Aeromos creates a small fireball in his left hand and throws it at Billie’s right arm, as she moans in pain and flinches a bit.) What a big muscle man you are, hurting women due to his questionable manhood, are you going through a gender identity crisis? Oh, Sorry, my bad. Did I hurt your inflated pride?!

Aeromos: You really do not know when to stop, do you? This supposed warrior who comes from the different time, has the power to stop me, right? But if a simple little girl could do all that, a pretty formidable being for a girl. Someone who are willing to fight me would be considered vastly brave. Did you think that maybe the hero at the end of the Prophecy is truly me?

Billie: (Laughs) You? Actually, yeah.

Aeromos: Oh, like there is any difference. All the worship can even turn a hero into a monster.

Billie: Nothing wrong with having faith.

Aeromos: No, of course not, but over time it can over cloud one's morality. Just as it is starting with yours.

Aeromos turns around and walks away from Billie to his thrown, he makes a motion with his hand and the group of powerful warriors leads Billie away. Billie’s eyes are slightly filled with tears and she turns back around to face Aeromos.

Billie: You will meet the end of my blade. Destiny has spoken, your fate is sealed.

[Ext: The Dark Palace / The Throne Chamber]

[Int: Mountainous Ground Location]

Revealing Theodora when she drops her mental shields as well as cloaking, while Rathmere makes his dome-shaped shield of illusions disappear as well as the huge wooded door.

Rathmere: It wasn't easy. He has an intense desire.

Theodora: He is not easy to trick. Let's hope she made the right choice.

Rathmere: You have always put your faith in the Warrior, even before you knew her, and that faith has always been rewarded. Now is not the time to doubt.

Theodora: I am trying, I really am.

[Ext: Mountainous Ground Location]

[Int: The Dark Palace / The Dungeon]

Billie is there shackled to the wall as tears are falling to the ground, she shakes her chain a bit and looks up where its anchored, suddenly a voice sounds out to her. Denitra appears, when her necklace glows and changes from her physical form into Christy's physical form. Billie sees the image of Christy, as her face lights up again.

Billie: Christy? Christy! I am so happy to see you again!

Denitra: How are you doing Billie? I heard you crying. But there is still hope. You can try to use your Projection power.

Billie: (Lying) I can't, this necklace prevents me.

Denitra: So you will know. You are actually counteracting what Aeromos is trying to do. He isn't that bad. He is just misunderstood. If you could imagine how many lives he could save.

Billie: Give it a rest, Denitra. I know it's you.

Denitra: (Lying) No, she is dead. Aeromos killed her. I am the real Christy.

Billie: Drop the act.

(Billie telekinetically vaporized the necklace off her neck with a single thought.)

Denitra: Out of curiosity. What gave me away?

Billie: Christy has more struggle within her, she would rather be publically flogged, than believing in that. and I gave up my Projection long time ago, and I know about your manipulative ways. I will never ever gonna fall for your deceptive nature again, you played me so well. Just like Dumain and the Triad played you.

[Int: Quick Flashback]

Reveals the Ethereal Sword lying on a display case, as it suddenly glows and disappears through green glistening.

[Ext: Quick Flashback]

Denitra: Fine, I am done playing nice. You have lost, little insignificant pesky witches, I understand that you are scared. I would be a little scared too.

Billie: I am not scared. Because I am such a nice and good girl. I will give you one last chance to surrender.

Denitra: What are you gonna do to stop me? Deflect another fireball on me?

Billie: Well, to quote some friends at high places, People always have a choice, it's just matter of picking the right one. Bad news, you are dead.

Denitra: (Confused) What? By who? You?

Billie: Not me. My sword. You are done. Finished!

(As Denitra managed to see look at that moment the Ethereal Sword appears through green glistening as it was revolve quickly and repeatedly around in a circular manner, as it passes through her revealing to be an intangible realistic illusion as the sword gets jammed into the wall.)

Denitra: Come on, Billie. Did you really think I can be so naive?

Billie: You can't blame a girl for trying.

Denitra: I have tried so hard to make you see what you need to see, however, you are so stuck in your ways.

Billie: I have seen enough. What have you done with Christy?

Denitra: Oh. Don't worry about her. She is keeping busy to stay alive.

Billie: (Threatening) If you hurt her.

Denitra: (Smirking derisively.) You are gonna do what? Besides she has bigger problems than what I could have done. I found a nice island for her with vicious lifeforms.

Billie: Like I said before. You are done.

[Ext: The Dark Palace / The Dungeon]

[Int: The Dark Palace / The Seer's Chamber]

Suddenly several spiritual light based wolves appears in a belligerent hostile manner. As they are surrounding Denitra and looking at while they are revealing their canine teethes. Denitra looks around, realizing she is defeated and she simply closes her eyes as she remembers the memories of Christy and Billie when they were little girls as she starts to shred a tear on each cheek. Spiritual light based wolves launch extraordinarily powerful circular blast of photokinetic energy as the blast is causing Denitra's body to become more pale. Denitra starts to scream as the flames ran up and down as she soon exploded, but they continued firing photokinetic energy as the life essence floats out and start violently and ferociously fluctuating. While life flashing in her mind, and how she have lived her life until this moment, things she loved, things she hated and everything else that she can remember. Until she exploded into a million pieces, as the spiritual light based wolves disappeared.

[Ext: The Dark Palace / The Seer's Chamber]

[Int: The Dark Palace / The Dungeon]

The Ethereal Sword starts to glow as suddenly the irises on Billie's eyes glows making her gasp as the mystical essence augmented her telekinesis, instantly a huge glowing energy sphere appears which was shining as Billie was generating a wave of telekinetic energy, vaporized the shackles off her arms and releasing Billie as her eyes return to normal again.

Billie: You will never ever bother me or Christy again.

Billie takes her sword from the wall and puts it back in the black scabbard on her back, and then looks at her left pawn as the Key of Life appears through a light based glow, Billie has an intense concentration of attention with strong emotions and vivid imagination of Christy, the sphere glows and sends out highly concentrated light based beam of bolts to open a portal nearby. Billie runs toward the portal and steps into the portal carrying the Key of Life with her.

[Ext: The Dark Palace / The Dungeon]

[Int: Unknown Island / Beach]

A portal appears and Billie steps out of the portal and then as the portal closes up behind her. As she starts to look and amazed how the island looks. Although, she thinks it's has more of "the calm before storm" kind of elegance as she looks up, Billie is surprised to notice that there are three suns. She walks on the beach and takes in her surroundings, Billie starts to be concern on where Christy could be. Billie holds the Key of Life and she think if she can sense and locate a life, she begins to concentrate on Christy and then it shows a path for Billie to follow as she starts to walk, when a tremendous roar is heard causing Billie to dash and conceal herself in the overgrowth grass, she is noticing a group of tribe members feasting on a carcass, their mouths are mottled with blood and carrion. One of them tilts its head to the side and sniffs, and becomes aware of a scent of a prey, yet he restarts to deal with eating the carcass before attacking the prey. Once they were finished, they are grawling and snarling, as they were calling for help. Before Billie managed to react to a Tribe Member is behind Billie as he grabs her by the scruff of the neck lifting her off the ground and hurls her in a circle of the Tribe Members, as they are staring at the young woman, Billie quickly takes her sword from the black scabbard on her back, she raises it threateningly in her hand as it started to glow, the Tribe Members communicated through grawling and snarling as they are seemed to recognized the Ethereal Sword and started to back away from her and disappear further in the jungle.

[Ext: Unknown Island / Beach]

[Int: Unknown Island / The Jungle]

The sword disappears and Billie then looks at her left pawn as the Key of Life appears through a light based glow, as she restarts the path after Christy, unknowingly to Billie, that she is being spied on by the Tribe Members as they are looking at her sword from tall trees, while Billie was walking she happened to hear Christy's telepathic voice.

Christy: (Telepathically) Billie, watch out, they are watching your every move.

Billie: (Surprised) Christy? Where are you? How can I trust that's really you?

Christy: (Telepathically) I don't know, but you can't let them follow. Or they will find us.

Billie: Where are you?

Christy: (Telepathically) I am in hiding, you need to hurry as it's dangerous at night. Nobody is outside at night.

Billie: Why is that?

Christy: (Telepathically) When the night comes, nocturnal small aggressive carnivorous flying insects will appear in an immense number in flocks which makes them extremely deadly, as their combined strength and numbers can literally tear a person apart in seconds and reducing anything in their path to bones.

Billie: So a swarm of flying hell?

Christy: (Telepathically) In other words, now run. So these Tribe Members can't follow you.

Billie was about to run as a group of the Tribe Members emerges from the jungle, and more coming their way. Billie is seen clutching the sword in her right hand, the Tribe Members are communicating with grawling and snarling, one of them attacks on Billie with his sword, the two side of each others blades connect as sounds are heard from both of the swords, for few seconds, both of them are eye to eye, their weapons locked together. However, being physically stronger he is pushing her down, but Billie used her telekinesis through her eyes by unleashing a powerful blast and pushing him backwards a few feet away, he attacks again by taking a lunging sweep at her, until Billie sees an opening and takes it, slicing diagonally through his torso, killing him, after looking at their dead member one of them attacks but Billie happened to slices him across the neck. Instead they all start to attack Billie, when they are about to swing their spears at her, but she uses her shield with ease as they reflect of her shield, a tribe member swings a spear at Billie's head, but she ducks and throws him against a tree, as he comes back Billie swings with the sword at him, slicing his stomach. However, he is still alive so Billie twirls the sword and swings it up swiftly pushes the sword up through his body. The Tribe Members hear someone communicating with grawling and snarling and they start to run, tumbling in the dirt, they seem panicked, disoriented, take off running, so do the rest, some tripping over their feet blindly, when Billie notices the suns grows steadily darker as blackness consumes it in the sky, like a solar eclipse. Where she spots a human figure, which reveals to be Christy.

Christy: Come on! They will be back!

Billie is stunned to see Christy, as Billie is rushing to get through the heaviest of the jungle. While she is holding Christy's hand and being pulled along by Christy. Billie looks around and sees a huge tree and Christy motions for Billie to climb, while she was climbing up on the tree, in the darkness a sound is heard of an immense number of nocturnal small flying insects. While the two women has almost reached to Christy’s Tree Bungalow.

Christy: (Shouts) Faster!

[Ext: Unknown Island / The Jungle]

[Int: Unknown Island / Christy’s Tree Bungalow]

The both women run inside, something hits the door, hard, from the outside, Christy hurls her back against it and Billie goes to help her, while the flying insects are ramming itself against the door, trying to force its way into the inside. It's all Billie and Christy can do to hold the door against the onslaught, but it bucks against them viciously. Billie and Christy put everything they have into it and finally the door is closed shut, Christy jams the pin through the handle, locking them in.

Christy: Are you hurt?

Billie: What?

Christy: Are you hurt or anything like that?

Billie: No.

Christy: Great.

(Christy quickly hugs her sister.)

Christy: Never had a doubt. Never did. Us Jenkins Sisters, we stick around, huh?

Billie: We do.

They start to laugh. It's the first time Christy has laughed in such a long time, when Billie lets go of Christy she is amazed at the sight of the tree bungalow, while the crystals begin to light up and she starts to look around.

Christy: What do you think about my home? I have build everything by myself.

Billie: (Confused) What? You build all this?

Christy: You would be surprised what people can do when they have to.

Billie: But still everything?

Christy: Remember those dreadful lessons?

Billie: I know, those were horrible. Like he was punishing us for being born as Women.

Christy: Actually, he wanted us to be strong and resourceful. When I had problems with being a telepath, I happened to read his memory.

Billie: (Confused) Really? Now I feel guilty as I slightly beard a grudge towards him.

Christy: Well don't. If it wasn't for him, I would have most likely been dead.

Billie: How did you manage to survive?

(Christy shows an indoor garden.)

Christy: The Island has three suns, because it is split in three parts.

Billie: What do you mean?

Christy: In every part of the Island, there are twin destinies. In one of the time runs more quickly, seconds becomes months and on another one, where minutes becomes years. But on this one the time goes normal.

Christy goes with Billie to a section of her home, as both of them are watching at three small ordinary bowlders, and Christy takes some of the thick gel with a wooden bowl from the crystalline sarcophagus which she pours over the bowlders.

Billie: What are you doing?

Christy: I have took all this three bowlders from every part of the Island. But two of them I used tools to reach for them, they are connected to each others part of the island, I use this gel and my necklace to see different telepathic visions from the bowlders.

Billie: So a Telepathic TV?

Christy: In a way. The island has an another effect on witches, so I am powerless witch. But it has been sublimated somehow the Firestarter within me.

Billie: Tell me about this gel. How does it work?

Christy: It's extraordinary. I found it one day. It can do wonders for the skin complexion, and not just that, it can heal instantly any injuries and create a perfect cloak as long as you don't move as well as having telepathic powers. So how does it going for you?

Billie: Well. I found out why I have my visions.

Christy: Really?

Billie: Yeah. I am a part of a Prophecy. I am called the Warrior.

Christy: (Confused) The Warrior?

Billie: Yeah.

Christy: Good, I started to believe that you have gone nuts.

Billie: Look who is talking Christy: The Jungle Girl.

Christy: Did Denitra send you here?

Billie: No, before I came here, I killed her and this time she is gone for good. So how did you met those nice creature beasts.

[Ext: Unknown Island / Christy’s Tree Bungalow]

The End.

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