Disclaimer: Charmed and its characters are the property of Spelling and/or the WB Television Network. I don't own Charmed and never will. No copyright infringement intended. These are fictional stories and were written by the user. Hope you enjoy them! However, if you should be very squeamish, then you should most likely not read these fictional stories and they will get more and more darker, and not appropriate for some people. Many of the characters were created by the creators of Charmed, but I have created my own characters as well and just added them into this Charmed universe.

Ancestry Quest - Episode 2x7 - Destiny's Little Angels

[Int: 2001 / San Francisco / Abandoned Factory / Night Time]

Several months before Prue's death, there are several human form figures holding hands in a circle, wearing long black hooded cloaks that reach down to their feet, while their faces are hidden behind the cloaks, there are many ancient ritual structures and statues, still clearly displaying who they are worshiping. An ominous glow appears as soon cannibalistic creatures leap from their dwellings in the shadows, on the sacrificial altar it revealed to be a younger version of an unconscious Paige lying on her back covered by blood red sheet, her arms are above her head and her legs were shackled. The Charmed Ones are wearing black clothes to be able to hide in the dark, while they are watching and planning on what they should do. An ancient religious dagger was raised above her chest, stabs downward. Prue bursts in just in time and telekinetically slammed one of those human figures against a wall before Paige was stabbed, Ghostly Alicia appear through wisping.

Prue: Hi. Did I mess up your weird praying time?

Ghostly Alicia: Seize her!

Panic sets in among the members, and several of them conjure weapons and starts attacking her. Prue realizing that she is out numbered and starts to runs the other way and someone from nowhere grabs her and pulls her in.

Piper: Quiet.

(Prue turns around at her sisters and she sees a caramel skin young woman dressed in grey blouse with leather skirt and black leggings and shoes, Prue is confused.)

Taylor: Trust me. You don't want to be out there when this goes down.

Prue: What? Who is this? We have to help that woman.

Piper: Who?

Prue: The women in Phoebe's premonition.

Phoebe: I couldn't see her face.

Taylor: She will be fine.

Prue: Why are we standing here?

Taylor: I cloaked us.

Prue: So we are gonna just let them kill her?

Taylor: She wouldn't be. But if you go out there. You will be killed.

After few seconds has passed when a group tall Shadowy Shrouded Demons teleport through use of flames. Alicia looks surprised to see them.

Ghostly Alicia: Who are you supposed to be?

Soul Trader: (Hissing Voice) The witch is ours, leave her or choose your death? Make your decision?

Ghostly Alicia: (Laughs) Kill them.

Soul Trader: (Hissing Voice) Gladly!

Several Soul Traders in unison raised their hands to summon sand and dirt and manipulated it to various shards of glass and launched them as it starting tearing into the bodies of their enemies jerking them back and forth as pain racks their bodies, and blood begins pouring from many dozens of cuts looking grotesquely, while some of them got their spines and skulls ripped out while they were still alive, finally they are all were vanquished. Few Soul Traders starts to roar in triumph as others are laughing diabolically, Alicia is horrified to see what happened to her coven, so powerful and yet on a bigger scale pretty weak as she disappears. While they are walking to Paige, a random Soul Trader makes a gesture over Paige's body with his claw.

Soul Trader: (Hissing Voice) She is still alive and well, in great shape to deliver children. If we disturb the path of the Prophecy, we will in danger our lives as well.

Suddenly they disappear through flames, the cloak disappears while Piper and Phoebe is holding each other shaking in fear and Prue runs to the victim as she is about to see the victim's face. All she saw was aerokinetic webs. Prue turns around to Taylor.

Prue: Can you tell me what happened? Why did they want that woman? And who were those people?

Taylor: You aren't meant to see who she is for the moment. Those people were once witches turned half-demons and half-Darklighters to gain more power.

(The Sisters looks confused.)

Piper: (Confused) What?

Taylor: But don't worry. You will see her in the future.

(As Taylor disappears through aerokinetic webs, The Charmed Ones starts to leave as well, after some seconds the last member in a cloak appears through shimmering and reveals his face to be Mr. Drawson.)

[Ext: 2001 / San Francisco / Abandoned Factory / Night Time]

[Int: 2007 / San Francisco / Mitchell-Matthews Apartment / Bedroom / A Week Later On / Midnight]

The sounds of thunder and rain is coming down, someone is twisting and turning and talking in sleep, it's soon revealed to be Paige is seen sleeping on a side as she is covered by the black sheet, she gets flashes from her nightmare. Paige wakes up and tries to adjust herself against the headboard revealed to wearing white maternity nightgown, while hyperventilating, she is stunned to notice how sweaty she was. Paige struggles to get up as things are getting harder with seven month pregnant belly, she was walking to the bathroom.

[Ext: 2007 / San Francisco / Mitchell-Matthews Apartment / Bedroom / A Week Later On / Midnight]

[Int: San Francisco / Mitchell-Matthews Apartment / Bathroom / Midnight]

Paige is wearing a pink bathrobe, and opens the shower curtain and turns on the water. She reaches in her right hand and feels the water to see if it is to her liking, which it is and walks in pulls the shower curtain tight and throws the bathrobe on the floor, after has finished taking a shower she was wearing again the pink bathrobe while drying off her hair and then wraps the hair in a towel.

[Ext: San Francisco / Mitchell-Matthews Apartment / Bathroom / Midnight]

[Int: San Francisco / Mitchell-Matthews Apartment / Bedroom / Midnight]

(When she comes out Henry wakes up and looks at his tired wife.)

Henry: What are you doing?

Paige: I had a horrible nightmare, and needed a shower. Could we cuddle?

Henry: Come here.

[Ext: San Francisco / Mitchell-Matthews Apartment / Bedroom / Midnight]

[Int: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / Attic / Next Morning]

(Piper is sitting on the couch and breast feeding her daughter revealed to be wearing white blouse and black trousers, and Phoebe is sitting next to her in a dark grey maternity dress.)

Phoebe: Do you ever wonder, who is Michelle or what hers or his real name is?

Piper: No, not really?

Phoebe: Aren't you even excited to know?

Piper: Well, if she or he is hiding themselves. There must be a reason for that.

Phoebe: But why hide?

Piper: Could be that if we knew. We would treat her or him differently.

Phoebe: You know who that is?

Piper: I don't know, what you are talking about?

(A gust of orbs appears and when the orbs disappear reveals Paige wearing red maternity dress with black leggings holding a three point light based crystal in her left hand.)

Paige: Hi.

Phoebe: Did you know that Piper knows who Michelle is?

Paige: Ehh, who cares?

Phoebe: Who cares? Seriously? You of all people. You even called her Michelle from Hell.

Paige: I never said that.

(Suddenly it makes clear to Phoebe that both of her sisters knows.)

Phoebe: You both know?

Piper: So did you find out anything about the mystical cuff?

Paige: I did. Its called Key of Life, long story short, its meant to protect me, due to I am pregnant with my twins, and after looking into many prophecies and phenomenons and changes through time. I love it.

Phoebe: Hey, how do you know who Michelle is?

Paige: (Annoyed) She told us.

Phoebe: What the hell? I work there and I don't get to know?

Piper: She...Oops.

Paige: Piper!

Phoebe: So she is a woman.

Piper: She wanted to let you know in your own time.

(Phoebe was looking at Paige.)

Phoebe: When did you know?

Paige: Some months ago?

Phoebe: (Stunned) Months? (Looking at Piper.) And you?

Piper: Weeks? What's that?

Phoebe: Memory Crystal?

Paige: No, its called Holographic Crystals? I found them at the Academic Library.

Phoebe: What do they do?

Paige: Well they are almost the same. But Memory Crystals were created by witches, to be used as a personal diaries before more use was put into them. While these are created by wizards, for the use of communicating or like an answering machine, or to send messages or record events, one thing special. It is able to clone consciousnesses to mimic the exact response and appearance of different persons.

Phoebe: That's so cool.

Paige: Do you remember the Evil Enchantress? By the way, her actual name was Aleera.

Piper: Yeah, the prince who wanted to knock you up and your evil past life wanted to kill us. What about her?

Paige: Ever wondered what happened to her?

Piper: We aren't gonna time travel?

Paige: No.

Phoebe: Then let's see.

Paige goes and sits with her sisters, and when Piper was done breast feeding Melinda, she puts her in the bassinet. Paige looks at them and they nods that they are ready. Paige throws the light based crystal and it stops in mid-air and hovers and projects an astral holographic image of Aleera revealed to be wearing a medieval black dress.

Astral Aleera: (Confused) Where am I?

Paige: Hi.

Astral Aleera: (Shouts) You!

Piper: How are you doing?

Astral Aleera: (Shouts) Haven't you taken enough from me?!

Paige: It's not like you gave us any reason, why we shouldn't have?

Astral Aleera: (Shouts) I was killed because of you!

Phoebe: Calm down?

Astral Aleera: Or what?

Phoebe: Or we will turn you off, until you learn some manners.

(Paige and Piper starts to laugh while Aleera reluctantly calms down.)

Astral Aleera: But my life isn't as harsh as yours will be.

Paige: How would you know?

Astral Aleera: Well see for yourself.

Aleera makes a hand gesture as it flashes a movie screen viewing to a place where a prison is build on a high mountain surrounded by four mountains tops as Guard Outposts.

[Int: Holographic Image / Mountain Dungeon / Random Cell / The Day Time]

In the darkened part of the cell, the sounds of the shackles moving around. The Crone appears through glistening, with expression of satisfaction on her face.

The Crone: How are you? Dear Aleera

Aleera: Did you come here to see what has become of me?

The Crone: (Laughs) The Powerful Aleera or are you called now the Evil Enchantress? I saw this coming. You didn't expect that the next incarnation of you, would be a good witch. When they bound your powers. I was able to get mine back.

Aleera: Bring my powers back. And I will help you with anything you want.

The Crone: No. You got what you deserve. And besides, I saw some shards of the future of your next incarnation.

Aleera: (Pretending) What? What is she? What am I?

The Crone: Why are you in the dark?

Aleera: There was some beings, who thought I was her. They experienced intense pain especially physical pain on me. Until they saw that I wasn't her.

The Crone: If you come out from there. I will restore your beauty.

Aleera comes out looking completely disfigured, totally unrecognizable and severely beaten and brutally lashed from whips. The Crone pulls out a brown powder from her pocket and blows from her right pawn towards Aleera and restores back her beauty. As Aleera starts to touch her face and arms and legs.

Aleera: Thanks.

The Crone: We don't want people to suspect something else, soon to your execution.

(She starts to laugh as she disappears through glistening.)

[Ext: Holographic Image / Mountain Dungeon / Random Cell / Day Time]

[Int: Holographic Image / Public Square / Day Time]

Two Guards walks with a handcuffed Aleera dressed in rags, as the Executioner waits on the platform. One of the guards shoves her and she falls into position, Her eyes are closed and exhales nervously the Executioner wielding a giant axe with the edge of the blade staining with blood, the Executioner raised the axe above Aleera's neck and holds for a moment and then finally drops it downwards. The sound of the blade severs her head, the Executioner walks forward, stops and then raises up his hand which is holding Aleera's severed head, the Public Square engulfs with cheers of joy about the execution from the town's people.

[Ext: Holographic Image / Public Square / Day Time]

(When the images disappears, Aleera takes some steps toward at Paige and looks into her eyes.)

Astral Aleera: Enjoy your life. While you are free to do so. (Looking at down at the bump.) Twins?

Paige: Yes.

Astral Aleera: Many people are interested in your children. But not so much about you. That's why you are still alive. They are resting and waiting for the right time.

Phoebe: What I don't understand is, if they want Paige's twins. Why didn't they just heavily sedate her and abduct and wait until she drops her shorties. (Both Piper and Paige are looking at her) I am just saying.

Astral Aleera: Why do all the work, while you can wait and then take what matters the most. When it's for your twins to come. One thing you can be sure of, there will come a time when you aren't sure who to trust.

Piper: Who cloned your consciousness?

Astral Aleera: I am surprised to see a Elder who calls himself Gideon. He feared you would destroy the world, to preserve my consciousness and later clone your body, he would transfer the fetuses to my womb and I will be married to a wealthy and powerful husband and raise the twins as my own. Before you would discovered that you were pregnant. However. The catch would be that the twins or I wouldn't have any powers.

Piper: First he attacks my sons, and then this.

Paige: What happened?

Astral Aleera: He was paranoid and started to think that rest of the Elders would discover what he was up to and the crystal became lost. So sad that you wouldn't have your fairy story ending either.

(She starts to mockling laughing at Paige. Piper makes a hand gesture and the crystal explodes causing Aleera to disappear.)

Phoebe: I almost felt bad for what we did to her.

Paige: Why should you? She was a horrible woman.

Piper: Well, she was you. You basically saw yourself get decapitated.

Paige: I am me and she was a bitch. I need to tell you something.

Piper: What?

Paige: I had a horrible nightmare last night. I am not certain it was a nightmare, maybe a latent memory of something that actually happened. There were a coven of witches who tried to sacrifice me.

Piper: (Confused) Sacrificial altar?

Paige: I can remember all so clearly.

Phoebe: It did happened, but you were saved. Mostly due to Prue and those who are after your children.

[Ext: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / Attic / Next Morning]

[Int: Los Angeles / The Museum of the Ancient Artifacts / Afternoon]

The museum was closed for the day due to some repairs and etc. Mr. Drawson randomly walks through the museum dressed in a purple suit and stops as he is confused when he noticed there is someone that resembles like the Source sitting on the throne like chair, mostly obscured by a dark robe and hood, the hands of the being sitting on the chair are covered with lesions. Mr. Drawson walks to the being, Before he managed to pull back the hood, the person raises his head and the face is also covered with lesions, his eyes are bloodshot and his face is a mess.

Golem: Do not concern yourself. Demon.

Mr. Drawson: (Confused) What?

(Before he could react the Golem throws a stream fire from the left hand sending Mr. Drawson backwards several feets as he falls on the marble floor, the Golem gets up from the chair.)

Golem: When you managed to escape the first time, you shouldn't have tried to attack the Charmed Ones, then the oldest of them wouldn't have cursed you and lost your powers which is forcing you to live this mortal appearance.

Suddenly he telekinetically slams Mr. Drawson against a wall with webs keeping his arms in place, as he walks slowly towards his prey and studies him. Before Mr. Drawson can say anything, the Golem makes a hand gesture instantly rips of the skin off from his prey as Mr. Drawson gasped and starts to scream as the flames ran up and down as he soon exploded. After few seconds has passed when a group of Skeletal Beings and tall Shadowy Shrouded Demons teleport through use of flames and lighting, behind him the Golem turns around and throws a stream fire from the left hand vanquishing one of the Skeletal Beings as the blast of the explosion vanquished as well two of the Shadowy Shrouded Demons releasing the victims as well as Amanda Warrendoff being dropped on the floor, they were instantly remote teleported away by the Ancestral Council.

The Golem could care less for them as he delivers blow after blow, forcing them back, he swings another punch. But a random Skeletal Being grabs his hand and twists, and he rips off the arm as another Skeletal Being conjures a claw-like sword and without much effort, slices the two halves of the golem in opposite directions causing him to become vanquished.

[Ext: Los Angeles / The Museum of the Ancient Artifacts / Afternoon]

[Protected Dimension / Int. Huge island-platform surrounded by the sea, F.O.R.C.E. Skyline of several clear clouds.]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Athletic Division / Random Gym]

Many different people are on various exercise equipments for example different machines and weights, Billie is seen dressed in a pink jogging bra, blue shorts, white sneakers as she is jogging on a treadmill, as she gets off it, being very sweaty and trying to catch her breath, and then she walks over to a fridge, takes out a bottle of water, and begins to soak herself.

Some more distance away, the floor is covered which consist of a piece of black thick carpet. Christy is wearing a red sport bra and red shorts and white sneakers as well as she is seen in a martial pose and holding a staff and a blindfold and breathing deeply and concentrates her while making subtle, circular movements, as she is able to sense telepathic vibrations, after a some time, a young muscular guy with short brown hair and brown eyes appears behind her, dressed in black sport outfit with a staff in an equally alert pose, after both of them being very sweaty as they seemed to have been training some time ago. He attacks and their staffs connect various times and moving faster, He is seems to be on the offensive, but Christy is holding her own, ducks and makes acrobatic feats.

Christy: You are doing very well, Ethan.

Ethan: Not bad? I have been practicing.

They have started hitting harder, Ethan tricks her by making an illusion of her sister with the right hand gesture to call for Christy, the seconds she loses her focus Ethan with his staff sweeps Christy's feet, causing her to trip and fall to the floor on her back, taking one deep breath after the other, while she removes the blindfold.

Christy: You tripped and tricked me.

Ethan: If I were evil. I would have killed you.

Christy: I know. But that was interesting, using my sister.

(Ethan offers his hand Christy takes it and he pulls her up, Billie goes to her sister.)

Billie: Are you hurt?

Christy: No, we were just training hard.

(Ethan makes his staff disappear and takes his gym bag.)

Christy: This is my sister Billie.

Ethan: Hi. I am Ethan Claw, If you excuse me my ladies, I have to leave now. But thanks for a great match.

Christy: My pleasure.

(As he starts to walk away Billie stunned to notice Christy checking him out.)

Billie: So who is the hunk?

(Christy starts to smile and play with her hair in an embarrassed way)

Christy: (Confused) Ethan?

Billie: Yeah, you seemed to like him?

Christy: How would you know?

Billie: Well, you were insisted to train with him?

Christy: Because he is good choice.

Billie: Come on. You so like him?

Christy: No. I don't.

Billie: He asked me if you were single? (Christy gasps.) Hahah, I knew it.

Christy: Damn it. I mean, shut up. I don’t know what you’re talking about. (As she stops playing with her hair.) What about you?

Billie: What about me?

Christy: You have been training a lot of frustration. How long has it been now. 2 months and a week and you still didn't have sex?

Billie: I love that, he wanted to wait, but put out already.

(Christy hugs her sister, and instantly gets premonition of flashes and then they disappear, and Christy disconnects the hug.)

Billie: (Confused) What?

Christy: I got a premonition.

Billie: Of what?

Christy: Well, I think the wait is over.

Billie: You mean.

Christy: Yeah.

Billie: I have many things to do now.

Christy: Like what?

Billie: Well, my hair, shower, manicure, pedicure.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Athletic Division / Random Gym]

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bedroom]

Some time has passed since Billie talked with her sister, on the floor are school books of different subjects, scattered all over, past that is also revealed male and female undergarments and clothing are randomly lying on the floor. The female moans of ecstasy are becoming more faintly audible. A few words in between the sounds she is making. Billie continues to moan with delight, viewing the fluctuating shadows reflecting from the wall due to the sun light.

Rathmere: I love our study breaks with you.

Billie: Mmm Hmm. Me too!

(Finally, the bed comes to view. Billie eyes roll back with pleasure, and fights to get words out. she is seen lying next to Rathmere on the bed, they can't barely breathe.)

Billie: Wow.

Rathmere: I know. I didn't know that we were so unbelievably compatible.

Billie: I am so....happy... you made me wait so long.

Rathmere: All things really do come to those who waits.

Billie takes the sheet to cover herself and she sits up while holding with her right hand the sheet which is shielding her breasts. Billie brings her head forward and leans down to make out, while her naked back is completely exposed, some time has passed and Billie rolls off of Rathmere and leans her head on his chest, as she started smiling she traces her finger around on his chest.

Rathmere: It felt like a sentient and psychic entity created from two consciousness.

Billie: Who knew that you were such a nerd after sex.

Rathmere: What about you? I am so warm in blouse, would that bother you if I should study in my bra?

Billie: Well. I am a woman. Things do sound more hotter than it comes from women. I guess we are just gifted that way. I am gonna take a shower, all alone.

Billie sits up and wraps herself in a sheet and gets out of bed, she walks across the room with the sheet wrapped around her, and Billie goes into the bathroom and closes the door, after a few minutes there is a female scream. Shortly after Billie comes out with the shower curtain wrapped around her and ice particles in her hair with hand raised up, Rathmere was finished dressed in brown trousers and vest and goes to Billie.

Rathmere: (Worried) What happened?

Billie: Don't come close to me. I don't know what happened. I was taking a shower and then it started to hail ice on me.

Rathmere: Honey.

(He started to chuckle, Billie notices that and starts to gasp.)

Billie: You did this. Didn't you?

Rathmere: No. It wasn't me. I promise.

Billie: I am a Telekinetic witch. I am not supposed to be able to do this.

Rathmere: Well, according to your sister being a Firestarter it makes sense you to be the opposite.

Billie: Do you have those stylish power suppressing bracelets to neutralize this power?

Rathmere: Sorry, but no. I don't.

Billie: I think Christy has. Can we teleport to her?

Rathmere: Shouldn't you need to get dressed?

Billie looks annoyed at him, Rathmere looks away and calls for his staff to his hand and with the other hand on Billie by establishing and maintaining physical contact to teleport to desired destination by a combination of swirling blue spirals as they fades away.

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Rathmere's House / Bedroom]

[Int: San Francisco / Golden Gate Bridge]

Someone teleports through powerful gust of bright blue shining liquid water. When the water disappears reveals to be Phoebe and Denna, who is dressed in tight black leather skirt little above the knees and white blouse are standing on the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. Denna starts to panic.

Denna: I changed my mind. I don't want to do this.

Phoebe: (Confused) Why?

Denna: Why? I was only a month old since my birth mother's coven tried to take me away from my dad, and it wasn't enough that the Elders wanted me as well.

Phoebe: Calm down.

Denna: I am leaving.

Phoebe: Fine. Go. You do whatever you want.

Denna: Are you just gonna stand there and make me feel guilty?

Phoebe: You asked for this.

Denna: I know. But.....

(Two sets of orbing appears when the orbs disappears it reveals Sandra and Odin in their robes.)

Odin: (Hostile look.) What are you doing here?

Sandra: Odin. We talked about this.

Odin: She is no different than her mother.

Phoebe: I beg to differ.

Odin: Sure, take their side, They knocked you up.

(Phoebe and Denna gasp by the remarks.)

Sandra: Odin! Denna has proven herself through the years that she isn't like her.

Phoebe: What am I missing?

Denna: Odin is my uncle. Alicia was his sister.

Phoebe: Uh..

Denna: She made some horrible things. But it doesn't mean I will as well. Her powers have been bound by my aunts who are also witches long time ago and she was send to the afterlife. I am my father's daughter.

(She makes a hand gesture as she conjures a light brown Book of Shadows with a symbol of a bright upright sword and to two arrows which forms a cross in the middle of the sword on the cover. Odin looks stunned.)

Sandra: It was long time since. I saw that book.

Denna: I managed to restore the Book's former glory, consider it as a peace offering. (She gives the Book to Odin as he takes it. A smile appears on his lips which was lost for decades, even Sandra is surprised.) This is all I wanted to do. Bye Uncle Odin.

(Denna walks to Phoebe and grabs hold on her left shoulder and about to teleport.)

Odin: Wait. (As he is still down on the book, and then he looks up.) This is all so sudden. I can't pretend like everything is now good. But in time, it could be. But I said this once before. I take heart in knowing that whatever sacrifices I make personally, I am still bringing people what they need, and to me, that’s what it’s all about. Take this book, don't become like her, be better than she was, be kinder.

(Denna takes the book, Phoebe holds on Denna's shoulder as they disappear through bright blue shining liquid water.)

[Ext: San Francisco / Golden Gate Bridge]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / School Counselor's Office]

She is researching something on a computer and looking through some files, when she feels a knocked on the door.

Phoebe: Come in.

(Without even looking someone walks in dressed in light blue dress and sits on a chair with her legs in a cross in front of Phoebe.)

Phoebe: How could I help you?.... (Instantly she is shocked to see Prue.) Prue.

Prue: Good to see you, Phoebe.

(Phoebe tries to talk back she can't get the right word out of her mouth.)

Phoebe: What is this? How are you alive?

Prue: Well. I have been alive some time ago.

Phoebe: Thanks for Michelle. She can really boss us around.

Prue: Already, Piper and Paige doesn't seemed to mind her.

(Phoebe is started to feel Prue's desire to tell her what she is trying to say.)

Phoebe: (Surprised) Uh. You are. You have been.

Prue: Yeah.

Phoebe. You have been spying on us for months.

Prue: Well, actually years. I have some good news for you.

Phoebe: (Confused) Years?

Prue: First of all. It was good of you to help Denna. She wanted to do this for years now. But she never had the courage. She was one of our toughest students. Secondary. Your time period is over. Congratulations. You are now officially hired.

Phoebe: What about us being spies?

Prue: Turns out when you helped Denna, it also helped many other people as well, it was also shown to others that you really did care for them. And not tried to bust them.

Phoebe: I saw a premonition about the Crone. I thought we vanquished her years ago. Before I told my sisters. You stopped me. Why?

Prue: I needed to. It would have created a Time Ripple. It wasn't the right time.

Phoebe: (Confused) What?

Prue: Don't worry about her, she wouldn't be a problem to no one anymore.

Phoebe: What do you mean?

Prue: Let's just say. A anonymous little birdy send a message with evidence to the right people.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / School Counselor's Office]

The End.

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