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Ancestry Quest - Episode 2x10 - A Glimpse at the New World, Part 2 / Season Finale

[Protected Dimension / Int: Huge island-platform surrounded by the sea, F.O.R.C.E.]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / The Medical Division / General Infirmary / A Week Later On]

Christy is dressed in blue hospital gown lying on a bed with her eyes closed wearing an oxygen cannula and with several electrodes who are attached to the heart monitors which are heard beeping. Billie comes in carrying a fruit basket with her, she is wearing white top with black skirt little above the knees with colorful leafs on it and a necklace with a red ruby in the center.

[Int: Christy's Nightmare / Unknown Graveyard / Night Time]

The sky is covered by dark clouds, the lightning flashes, and thunder rumbles. Christy is dressed in black dress when she notices something by close to her, as she clears away the moss revealing shapes beneath the foliage. her expression darkens the headstone reads "Just a burned witch" which is scratched with a knife, as she looks forward more headstones appears Christy looks up, studying the sky. As she does it looks like its snowing but instead of snow its just ash falling down, she looks confused for a moment, and man in dark suit walks behind her

Nathaniel: Isn't it a lovely sight. What did you expect? Flowers and other personal belongings from loved ones enshrouding their gravestones? You are just another burned witch.

(As he disappears leaving Christy standing in a graveyard filled with human bones, suddenly, the skeletons comes to life as it rises from the graves and starts pulling Christy down.)

[Ext: Christy's Nightmare / Unknown Graveyard / Night Time]

(Christy wakes up and breathing heavy as she looks around and noticing the large basket which Billie is holding.)

Billie: I didn't mean to wake you up. Did you have nightmare or premonition?

(Christy adjusting herself up into a sitting position.)

Christy: Nightmare. But I can't sometimes tell the difference.

Billie: (Concerned) What do you mean?

Christy: I can see so many futures, and I can see it as clear as a day and they are all real, as they are mixed together with different elements, until then, they're all happening. Sometimes, I woke up screaming.

Billie: That's sounds really irritating.

Christy: But it has its admirability. So what do you have there?

Billie: I have a fruit basket for you. It was a very good harvest at Avalorianna.

Christy: Thanks for the fruit basket.

(She takes an apple and starts to eat it, but Billie sees that Christy makes an expression.)

Billie: How are you doing?

Christy: I feel better now.

Billie: What is it?

Christy: Nothing.

Billie: Tell me?

Christy: I am tired of resting, am I a prisoner or a patient?

Billie: Little of both, you didn't gave us any choice, it had hard major impact of your body, so you need to rest and have a lot of water. Christine. (As her sister gives her with a fixed look.) I know you don't like being called Christine. Behave and I don't have to.

Christy: I can't believe that moron shot me.

Billie: I looked it up and he was a guy called Nathaniel Pratt, but what worries me is what did happened to you? (Christy looks at her sister and then looks away, as she doesn't want to talk about that.) Aren't you worried it can happened again? I read about it but I never really saw this. Please take this seriously.

Christy: Leave.

Billie: What?

Christy: I said leave.

(As Billie feeling disappointed and was about leave from the General Infirmary when she was surrounded by thermal flames as reappeared in front of her sister again, feeling confused on what happened.)

Billie: (Confused) You do know the idea of someone leaving? This would make it hard to do, if you don't let them leave. Right?

Christy: When I was greatly traumatized after being kidnapped by Reinhardt as a child, even after I was saved by Taylor, I was suffering from PTSD. I couldn't sleep from having very vivid flashbacks and severe panic attacks and mood swings of the kidnapping.

Billie: After what the Triad did to you.

Christy: Well, I did later found out that they didn't do anything really, they just wanted to see how my soul looked like and later on they ordered their guard to kill me. But with a lot of counseling, I was able to recover from PTSD within months.

Billie: I tried to use magic to recover faster but it didn't work and almost got me killed. (Christy was gasping.) I know, it was stupid. But listen you got to have our real parents and living here most your childhood, while I got stuck with the less then better part of mine. So I had to mostly do things by myself, one of the reasons I had to leave our home town in New England. I was wondering if you could teach me how to cook?

Christy: Really? Why?

Billie: I found out that Rathmere and many others like him takes the term "Beauty is only skin deep" very seriously.

Christy: He told you that?

Billie: I enchanted a crystal and hide it, so I could ask him a little and when he was honest the crystal would glow.

Christy: What did he say?

Billie: I am happy he loves me for me and not for my looks. But I don't want him telling his friends that I am bad at cooking food.

Christy: I think he loves the way you are.

Billie: Can you copy your knowledge to me so I can cook?

Christy: It doesn't work that way. It will last only a short time and than you forget.

Billie: How?

Christy: I have tried to copy languages from people. I can only understand and speak languages I don't know when I am channeling them. Tell him that you can't cook but you don't mind learning how to cook. Nobody is perfect. Before I started to date Ethan, I was honest and told him. I am not gonna rush him. However. He should tell me before we get to emotionally invested how he feels.

Billie: He wasn't scared?

Christy: He was in shock for a moment, but he did understood what I meant.

Billie: So what about your fiery outbursts?

Christy: I can't really remember much.

Billie: Do you want to?

(While she shows holding a three point light based crystal in her left hand and Christy sees it, Christy takes the crystal and concentrates as the crystal starts to glow, and throws the light based crystal and it stops in mid-air and hovers and projects a screen.)

[Int: Holographic Image / Unknown Park / A Week Earlier / Night Time]

Behind some bushes appears Billie and Christy through being engulfed in thermal flames dressed in dark colored clothing, there is Nathaniel Pratt with some demons surrounding a cauldron of fire lighting up their torches while the sisters are looking from different side where some demons are pulling the witches out of the cage and drags them toward the large piles of wood where the other witches are already being tied to the stakes. Nathaniel walks to the victims bends down to set the wood on fire as the demons are performing a spell while holding their hands above the cauldron, but the flames disappears before they are able to do what they wanted.

Demon: What happened?

(As Christy and Billie comes out from their hiding.)

Nathaniel: How did you get by the talismans?

Christy: Really?

Nathaniel: I knew you would appear, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to have the amulets buried, your powers are useless.

He pulls out a gun and shoots and hits Christy in the arm causing her yell in pain as she falls down. Christy looks on her another hand as she tries to focus a fireball appears and she slams on the ground sending a shock wave which obliterates the amulets and releases the victims as they run away, Nathaniel while walking towards the defenseless Christy and shoots her again in the other arm and he knees above her and wraps his hands tightly around Christy's throat and starts choking her when Christy was at her final breath, Billie telekinetically thrown Nathaniel off Christy and quickly shields both of them, as Christy's eyes suddenly flash of fire.

Billie: We need to get out of here.

Christy: Billie, run, hide.

Billie looks confused but she suddenly notices on Christy's lower back as the symbol appears as the tattoo is glowing, and a circle is scorching on the ground around them as Billie recalls a memory about the flames not having conscious and there is nothing the Firestarter can do to suppress the flames until it finishes its course, Billie starts to run while Nathaniel and the demons are confused seeing Billie runs away, a ripple effect of thermal energy washes over Christy's body to meet the bullets head on and then swiftly pushing it out all the way through the wounds as the melted bullets seeps out and drips off from her arms.

[Ext: Holographic Image / Unknown Park / A Week Earlier / Night Time]

Billie: (Confused) What happened?

(While a crystal is melted into a mess on the ground by a thermal ball.)

Christy: It felt to much to see it all again?

Billie: I...

Christy: You did meant good.

Billie: Well, they aren't expensive. But could you tell me why its turned to mess?

Christy: I was so afraid that he would kill our family and friends and how close we were to have that new world, only for him to destroy it. I couldn’t let that happen and lost the control of the flames. I wasn't aware how fragile I was even due having powers. Did I kill him?

Billie: No, he was flamed away by someone he was working for. Whatever you did, whatever it was, you saved those people and us. But I never understood the last part about Firestarters couldn't suppress the flames until it finishes its course. He is still alive, why did the flames release you? you passed out and was glowing hot I had to cool you down.

Christy: I never understood that myself. The danger seemed to be gone at that point, the innocents were rescued, the demons vanquished and Nathaniel escaped. Now you know why the Source wants to have Firestarters.

Billie: So how does it going with Ethan? Did he visit you?

Christy: He did come and visit, but he kissed me on the forehead before he left. What a nerd, it makes you wonder how they got some hot chicks like us?

Billie: Don't underestimate the nerds. They can win you over. (They starts to chuckle.) So any grandchildren?

Christy: (Stunned) Whoa, what do you mean?

Billie: Don't worry. I maybe thought you can see into the future.

Christy: No, at least not for now. What about you?

Billie: I don't know, seeing pregnant women makes you wonder.

Christy: Do you think Rathmere would make a good dad?

Billie: I do think he could be. I am happy I met him.

(Billie hugs her as Christy gets visions of the future.)

[Int: Telepathic Premonition / 2009 / Avalorianna / Beautiful Outdoor Wedding / Day Time]

A large number of people are that the wedding, aside the red rose covered gazebo Rathmere and Billie standing there, he is wearing his black tuxedo and she is wearing a red strapless wedding dress, two bright clouds of light hover above them when they exchanged rings and kissed and the ceremony was finished the lights from above them begins to trail into their chests.

Rathmere: How do you feel?

Billie: Just a little woozy. But I will be fine.

[Ext: Telepathic Premonition / 2009 / Avalorianna / Beautiful Outdoor Wedding / Day Time]

[Int: Telepathic Premonition / 2010 / Avalorianna / Random Garden / Day Time]

There is a view of a beautiful rose garden filled with blooms of every color, which is slowly revealed to be Billie who is dressed in a strapless silky vanilla maternity dress with a white rose in her hair on the left temple. She is four months pregnant and touching her stomach with both hands showing a wedding ring on right hand.

[Ext: Telepathic Premonition / 2010 / Avalorianna / Random Garden / Day Time]

(And then they let's go.)

Christy: Rathmere is a keeper, don't let him go.

Billie: I wouldn't. But what did you see in the premonition?

Christy: Nothing you already know. So why are you wearing the suppressor necklace? I thought you have learned to control your Cryokinesis?

Billie: I did, but it's just when I and Rathmere are.

Christy: (Laughing) Advanced Hugging?

Billie: Sort of speak, my hands are not exactly gentle.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / The Medical Division / General Infirmary / A Week Later On]

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Unknown Forest Location / Night Time]

The birds are heard in the distance, as they are seen flying in front of the moon as dense fog rolls through the dark tropical forest and rises high above the trees. Something is heard walking through the fog. It's hard to tell what it is exactly, because the fog is so dense and which covers the figure, when the fog gradually thins out revealing a shredded silky vanilla colored night gown on the ground, through the moonlight reveals a woman who lies on the ground with an infected claw scar on her bare stomach, the sounds of her gasping and doubles up in pain as her legs slowly changed into pale and her fingernails grow longer, pointed and black, as then a horrid shrieking sound is heard and the Vetala flies out of the forest and continues to fly away from the Island.

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Unknown Forest Location / Night Time]

[Int: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / Attic / Night Time]

(A Alchemist teleports through flames while a Demonic Healer and Dark Priestess fades in when the Alchemist looks so confident but they don't share his optimism.)

Dark Priestess: Why are we here? They can get us killed.

Alchemist: Don't worry, nobody has been here for weeks. Its just been here for our taking.

Before they are able to do anything something is seen flying toward the windows and smashes in and falls on the carpet, the Vetala shakes its head and gets up on its feet while the demons is stunned to see her. Dark Priestess tries to put the Vetala in a trance but the creature looks confused at the demon, starts to get in close and smells her before she could to do anything the Vetala shoots acid from the mouth instantly vanquishing her while those two demons ducks away.

As she launches her elastic tongue to impale the Alchemist who grabs it and pulls it towards him and starts to punch her hard in the face, then in the stomach several times as she doubles over in pain, he hits her hard in her back, knocking her to the ground picks her up and punches her in the face and lets her drop to the ground all bloody, feeling cocky he turn his back around as she retract her tongue back and attacks from behind to tear his head off with her bare hands he turns and fires a beam of energy sending her back as she hits the wall and falls down behind some old furniture,

Alchemist: (Shouts) Guards!

Suddenly a pack of Manticores shimmer fade in behind the Vetala picks her up and hit her, sending her across the room, as she gets up she partially changes back revealing to be Piper and changes back into the Vetala and makes a horrid shrieking sound as the Manticores walk towards Piper and starts to maul her as Piper reaches into one of the Manticore's chest and rips his heart out, vanquishing him, as the other Manticores looks at Piper's hand covered in green blood, and then she produced a scream to replicate her combustion power vanquishing off two the Manticores as the rest of the pack shimmer fade away.

Demonic Healer: I told you, they would have killed us.

Alchemist: (Shouts) Guards!

But the Manticores doesn't appear this time as the Demonic Healer fears for his life and fades away, when the Alchemist goes to end her. Piper launches her tongue in the head, blowing out the top right side of his skull, vanquishing him.

[Ext: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor / Attic / Night Time]

[Int: San Francisco / Nathaniel's House / Front Porch Lawn]

From some distance several video feeds from a laptop appears from several security cameras inside the Manor, someone is watching through the video cameras, the Vetala collapses on the floor of the rubble. Nathaniel Pratt has saved the video clips and closes the computer and puts inside his house and comes out carrying a rocket launcher raises it to his shoulder, on the infrared display screen reveals a blue glow in the upstairs window of the Halliwell Manor. Nathaniel sets his sights and opens the trigger guard.

Nathaniel: Fire in the Hole.

As he pulls the trigger as the rocket launcher beeps as it locks in and the rocket flies straight into the house with a huge explosion erupts and engulfing the entire house in flames as it bursts through the windows and doors, completely destroying the Halliwell Manor, after some time has passed, pieces of burning wood falls to the ground. Car alarms blare around the block and dogs are barking, Throughout what's remaining of the Halliwell Manor is reduced to a pile of burning wood and rubble, as Nathaniel looks up from the rocket launcher's sights and looks over at in satisfaction as he leaves inside his house.

[Ext: San Francisco / Nathaniel's House / Front Porch Lawn]

[Int: San Francisco / KCSF Channel 8 / News Room / Next Morning]

(The Cameramen are getting ready while the dark skinned Anchorwoman wearing a white shirt goes to sit behind the news desk for the morning news. Seeing all of the lights and cameras being set up around in the studio.)

Cameraman: In five, four, three, two, one.

(As he gives the sign to start.)

Anchorwoman: Welcome to KCSF Channel 8, and our top story this morning is does the supernatural exist? (As a screen appears beside her shows Piper as the Vetala in the Manor and later on Christy is seen killing "innocent people".) However, it's unknown if Miss. Halliwell could have possibly escaped the accidental gas leak which caused the house to explode. We go live to news reporter Elana who is at the scene. (The screen changes to Elana is seen standing in front of the Halliwell Manor.)

Elana: Well, what can we say, here is where they allegedly use to live, there has been rumors for years about what happens within the house with the constant explosions and noise within the walls, and now we have proof. We have managed to find a witness who saw everything and can tell us about it. Mr. Nathaniel Pratt. (He is revealed to be wearing dark grey suit with white shirt and black tie as when he leans forward to Elana, skillfully looking to the camera.) What do you have to say about the rumors and the unsolved cases about the Halliwells?

Nathaniel: From my experience in the neighborhood for years, they are working on the belief that demons are living amongst us, and they are the protectors of the innocents, (He starts to laugh.) Seriously, if demons really existed, don't you think we would have known about them by now? There are murders and serial killers in the world, as far as I can see they are the only demons. Who knows? Who the Halliwells will attack, because they considered some innocent people to be the demons?

Elana: You mean that the Halliwells are taking the law in their own hands?

Nathaniel: That is what I am saying. Who knows? Maybe you could be next. These things aren't even human, They aren't protectors, they are abominations of nature. Nothing more. It's only them vs us.

Elana: There you have it.

(The screen disappears.)

Anchorwoman: See us for the evening news at 11 clock.

[Ext: San Francisco / KCSF Channel 8 / News Room / Next Morning]

[Int: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor]

Piper is horribly burned and loss of limbs as her body is slowly enable to regenerate from the injuries and transforms back into human form, revealing only her bare back while some time has passed suddenly gets up bruised over her naked body behind the destroyed furniture, Piper looks around fearfully, panting, frowning to discover at the manor is destroyed, noticing she is naked and grabs a long partially scorched carpet and wraps it around her. Piper feels embarrassed, but she knows it's not safe for her to be here.

Piper: (Shouts) Prue!

(When the cloak disappears reveals to be Taylor wearing red dress standing and waiting for Piper.)

Taylor: (Surprised) Hi.

Piper: Who are you? Where is Prue?

Taylor: She was busy so she asked me to help her. We did meet a few years ago, but now we need to go so you would stay alive.

Piper: What do you mean?

Taylor: I don't have time to tell you right now.

(Before Piper could ask, she sees many people walking toward the manor.)

Piper: (Worried) Can they see us?

Taylor: No, we are cloaked, we have to leave.

Piper: (Confused) Who are they? The Police?

(Taylor instantly takes on Piper's left hand and they disappear through aerokinetic webs.)

[Ext: San Francisco / Halliwell Manor]

[Int: Ghostly Plane / San Francisco / Golden Gate Bridge / Day Time]

(As the spirits are looking at Prue and Odin and summons weapons and attacks them, but Cole steps between acting as a shield causing the spirits stop and withdraws as their leader appears among them.)

Cole: Hi Torak and honorable Witch Whisperers.

Torak: (Shouts) Belthazor! Step aside!

Cole: I can't do that. I need them alive.

(Torak leans forward, speaks with intensity and slight anger, as Odin and Prue sighs relief.)

Torak: I sense no evil within you. You have changed.

Cole: I go by Cole now. Belthazor is dead.

Torak: How dare they step inside my domain? I sense great desperation from the Warren witch and the Elder. How long has it been?

Cole: Too long, let's be honest here. The world could be coming to an end, but you could care less. Beside Sandra, we are all far from innocents. I have killed so many people and I could be honest about that. It's more what I can say about these two. You were right about Gideon and yet many choose to distrust and banish you away and you see where it let them.

Torak: Her soul is tired, yet she doesn't let it rest.

Cole: There were once a formidable group of magical families. The Price Family, The Halliwells, The Blaze Family, The Darrow Family, who awaited for the Nephilim who would conceive the bringers of peace. Odin's sister went rogue and attacked her group member and killed Demetria Darrow and poisoned the Price Family Book of Shadows and the Elders later disbanded the group to save those they can.

Torak: Why are you here?

Cole: When I started to work for the Ancestral Council, I was promised to go into the Afterlife with my father if I should managed to pull this off. We need your help to stop the Vetalas.

Torak: The help will come with a price.

Prue: What is that?

(Many of the spirits looks at Prue with anger in their eyes.)

Torak: Our glory to be restored and never be bothered ever again.

Prue: That's it?

Torak: If you ever break it, it will be your doom while the rest of the Magical Community only stands and watches.

Odin: (Desperate) Your glory will be restored.

Prue: (Desperate) And non of the past or future Warren descendants will ever bother you ever again, but in case some mistakes should occur, could you maybe add some form of veil of something so you wouldn't be bothered?

Torak: Add some form of protection to the Plane?

Prue: Yes.

Torak: It will be done.

(He is sensing that Prue and Odin are telling the truth, while still feeling desperate.)

Collective Voice: We accept your assurances, you have our word that we will help you in your battle against the Vetalas.

(As the spirits vanished into nothing as a portal opens so their guests could leave the Ghostly Plane.)

[Ext: Ghostly Plane / San Francisco / Golden Gate Bridge / Day Time]

[Int: Los Angeles / Police Department / Darryl's Office]

(Darryl and Inspector Cortez are talking, when Prue appeared through aerokinetic webs wearing her robe.)

Prue: Any news?

(Both cops gives her worried looks.)

Darryl: You could say that, the news is out about the witches, Piper was transformed into a flying creature and the manor is destroyed.

Prue: In for a penny, in for a pound, I think you have to issue a warning, they are already afraid so we need to tell people to hurry into the underground shelters.

Inspector Cortez: What are you talking about? They are already in fear, and you want to add more fear.

Prue: Yes, at this point fear is good, their best chance is to stay inside the underground shelters and wait it out. If people are out there, it's gonna be a blood bath.

Inspector Cortez: You said that those creatures eat witches, wouldn't that create many unsolved murder cases?

Darryl: What the hell are we gonna do then?

Prue: Don't worry, the Vetalas has been trapped in the Underworld for the moment, they can sense anybody with wiccan ancestry and eat them, but everytime they eat a witch, they go through cell division and become more of them.

Darryl: What are you gonna do now?

Prue: I have to go and prepare for what is coming. Good luck.

Darryl: You too.

Inspector Cortez: I hope Paige's children can fix all this.

(Prue disappears through aerokinetic webs while the two cops hurries to do their part.)

[Ext: Los Angeles / Police Department / Darryl's Office]

[Int: Quick Flashback / Los Angeles / Various Public Underground Shelters]

Some time has passed the building shelters a large and well-guarded underground complexes deep beneath the earth as hundreds of people are hurry are in before its time to close the titanium thick blast doors.

[Ext: Quick Flashback / Los Angeles / Various Public Underground Shelters]

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Theodora's House / Bedroom]

Paige is lying on the bed wearing light green maternity nightgown as she is breathing heavy as Theodora is wearing her battle armor as she comes with more towels and applys a cold towel to Paige’s forehead, easing some of her sweat, Piper is shown to be dressed in black and dark blue blouse and black trousers and Phoebe is wearing a wool sweater and a long skirt as they comes in and are surprised by the bright glowing womb and a vase shattered in pieces.

Piper: Hi sis. How are you doing?

Paige: (Shouts) I am a freakend Human Flashlight! My Womb is glowing! I would say that's not normal or healthy!

(Piper and Phoebe starts to chuckle.)

Piper: (Sarcastic) Renewable Clean Energy, Paige powered lights.

Paige: Uh, wait, what? Am I a punch line now? I am so glad I could make you happy while I am in pain.

Phoebe: Didn't you have Sex Ed in School about Sex and Pregnancy?

(Although, they slowly stop to chuckle.)

Paige: What the hell happened with the World?

Piper: Well, the news is out.

Paige: (Scared) What? How?

Phoebe: I had a premonition that Nathaniel has formed a secret alliance with the demons who wants your babies.

Piper: I kind of exposed magic and the dumbass happened to see me doing it. You can see on the news. Don't worry everything will be fine. I promise.

Paige: What did you do?

Piper: I happened to turn into a Witch Eating Cannibal killed many demons, (Making stop gestures) Don't worry, because I am Human again. (Thinking for a while.) Human. Completely, utterly human, but definitely not a monster again.

(Phoebe puts hand over Piper's mouth and let's go.)

Piper: What was that for?

Phoebe: It had to be done.

Paige: What caused you to transform? Warlocks are extinct.

Theodora: She is right, the island has the same protection as the F.O.R.C.E.

Piper: According to what the Ancestral Council said, since I used to truly loved Jeremy and used to have sex with him it made me vulnerable to become a Vetala, the demon who stabbed and infected me with that potion the witch used, they discovered how to recreate it from a seer, and with the medical condition called the phantom pregnancy, caused my body to think all that was real which caused me to transform.

Theodora: (Confused) But you should have been dead in microseconds.

Piper: The Ancestral Council did not know until later, but they saw the events of the future, and let it play out, this needed to happened so it would provoke people into being scared. So your birth would fix all this and to destroy Nathaniel's credibility.

Phoebe: How did you feel?

Piper: I was always starving, even though I eat every food I saw, (Looking at Theodora.) Sorry.

Theodora: That's okay.

Piper: I felt that I should leave, I didn't wanna hurt anyone and hope you would try and turn me back.

Paige: Are you worried that can happened again?

Piper: No, I am cured now.

Paige: Where is my bumbling idiot?

Phoebe: (Confused) Henry is back?

Paige: Yeah, some time ago.

(Henry wearing black shirt and blue jeans, as he comes in but he stands a little distance from his wife, Piper and Phoebe understood now, Paige lets out a scream as a contraction take a toll on her, as she looks at her husband.)

Phoebe: Breathe.

Paige: You did this to me, you son of bitch!

Henry: Commonly, it can take two to make a baby, or twins.

Paige: Why the hell, did you have sex with me? Don't you have any self control?

Henry: (Confused) There is no reasoning with you.

(Prue appears through aerokinetic webs wearing her robe, as she looks to Theodora.)

Prue: The Witch Whisperers agreed to help us.

Theodora: I am happy to hear that.

(As the Charmed Ones stop and give Prue a disbelieving look.)

Piper: Are you joking?

Phoebe: Witch Whisperers are evil demonic spirits who were banished by the Elders with one of our ancestors.

Theodora: Really? Why were they banished?

Piper: Because they.....

(They started to remember and slowly shamed, not at all sure how they should feel about that.)

Phoebe: They knew about Gideon, did they?

Theodora: The Witch Whisperers are a goodish species who are between witches and Spirits, they live on the Ghostly Plane, for some reason they tried to save you Piper, but one of their kind got vanquished instead.

Henry: (Confused) Goodish?

Theodora: They aren't good, only goodish.

Phoebe: How did you get over here?

Theodora: I helped a little.

Prue: While many Celestial Paladins and Whitelighters were send to tell many Government Agencies to protect the civilians and stand by and clear out of their way and to save their charges?

Henry: Whitelighters? I thought the Elders didn't like the Ancestral Council?

Prue: They don't, most of them don't. (Chuckles) However, they think that this battle for win or lose could be seen as a popularity contest, the Ancestral Council would be seen as the favorites in the eyes of the Magical Community and who receives all the love, so they thought it would be in their best interest to be a part of it as much they can.

(Everyone even Paige starts to chuckle.)

Piper: When are we gonna go to the Ark of Light?

Theodora: I don't know where it is. No one knows. Only, the Goddess of Neutrality and the Key of Life knows.

On Paige's ankle on the left leg cuff reappears and reconstructs as a light based crystallized King Cobra unwraps and hisses, revealing its hood, as it starts to move of the bed towards to the floor and melts down and shows a map of the location of the Ark of Light and then it disappears, Piper goes and after a while she comes carrying a map.

Piper: I guess, we are going to the Mount Everest in the Himalaya.

(Theodora gets her staff and everyone takes hold on her and some on Prue as they teleport in various teleportations.)

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Theodora's House / Bedroom]

[Int: Nepal / Himalaya / Mount Everest / Ark of Light / Night Time]

The hidden part of the mountain starts to glow as it is revealing its existence when the glow disappears it can be seen that it has many pillars placed in various directions, everyone looks around its warm inside while its freezing cold outside the ancient building as the pillars have nearly invisible protective barriers made of thermal energy to be holding back the colossal amount of various weather climate change.

Phoebe: Do you think they could have missed that?

Piper: Not a chance.

(From a long distance of the left side a portal opens like it was teared open revealing hundreds of thousands the Vetalas just pours out of the portal like an overwhelming number.)

Prue: I got to go.

(She hugs everyone good bye with tears in her eyes as she disappears through aerokinetic webs.)

Paige: How the hell did they found us?

Theodora: I would guess, the more they are, the stronger they get and they were able to sense you.

Phoebe: I am not sure these protective barriers will hold against them.

On the left side a portal opens Piper runs to the pillar and looks out many Archangels and Witch Whisperers flies out and engages the Vetalas, as Piper runs back and Paige is lying on her back on something which looks like a bed as many lines of an ancient symbols starts light up around the building, Paige has her knees drawn up and her legs open and is gasping in pain as another contraction takes hold, and then holds her breath for a moment, they all beside Piper stares at Paige in horror while trying to ignore the battle, Piper tries not to show fear of the outcome of her life and of her sisters and summons some courage.

Piper: Let's get to work. They can not hold them off forever.

(As Nathaniel gets flamed in holding a gun towards the women. Piper tries to freeze him but he doesn't and he pulls out an amulet out of his shirt which is hanging around his neck.)

Nathaniel: They could not come in but I can.

Henry without thinking runs and dives on Nathaniel and holding him down and causing him to lose the gun as Henry was punching in his face, but Nathaniel gets off Henry sees the gun close the barriers as he hurries to get it, the building starts to shake and parts of the ceiling begin falling down, but before Nathaniel manages to get the gun, he loses his balance and falls in the thermal barriers and gets instantly incinerated, Phoebe looks outside to see some of the Members of the Circle tries to destroy one of the pillars while some are trying to kill the Collective Wizards, some of the Skeletal Beings and Soul Traders tries again on the pillars Henry walks toward his wife.

Henry: You can do it. Paige. Come on honey.

Theodora: Almost there!

Some time has passed as Paige is gritted with her teeth and wails through them as she is doing her best at pushing, and gives birth to a daughter Theodora takes her and gives to Piper and after a while Paige gives birth to a son. As the new parents are laughing in delight with holding one of their each kids, Paige looks at her husband and they kiss as she also reads his memories.

Paige: I know what you did, and what you are gonna do, I want to thank you for redeeming yourself.

Henry: I am so sorry.

Paige: Don't be. This is my destiny.

While Piper and Phoebe are confused, Henry gives back his daughter and they kiss and then he was holding and gestures with his hands that they all should stay away, as Paige and her babies transforms into pure angelic energy, as they gets stronger and becomes a large column of glowing light surges up through the building out into the sky, as everyone stands and stares in amazement the angelic energy acts like a tide wave, visions are shown between the spaces of the pillars how everything and anything in the whole world engulfed with the true essence of magic and with the truth about the magical community and what they do, and then the angelic energy vanishes into nothing as well as the visions disappear, so has the battle, Henry starts to feel like he left his wife and their newborn kids to die.

Theodora: Where did everyone go?

A large yellow ball of light flies in and begins to spark as it dissolves into many small yellow balls, ultimately forming the Angel of Destiny. Everyone beside Henry looks shocked as they are noticing the Angel of Destiny, as the elderly dark skinned woman walks toward Henry as he turns around.

Henry: Who are you?

Angel of Destiny: Hello. I am the Angel of Destiny. And I want to say congratulations for creating a glimpse at the new world.

(Before Henry is able to say anything, Angel of Destiny interrupts him.)

Henry: You.....

Angel of Destiny: I wanted to tell you that your wife and kids aren't dead, they will come back to you. You feared that they would never come back so you didn't wanna feel abandoned like you were by your birth parents, and that's why you didn't wanna let her go.

Phoebe: Excuse me, well me and Piper are kind of worried about being burned at the stake and all.

Theodora: (Confused) What happened with the battle? Suddenly everything was gone.

Angel of Destiny: Don't worry, the world is different now, and since you all helped Paige give birth to her children, the responsibility of the battle was passed over to us and we took action.

Piper: Did Prue found peace?

Angel of Destiny: Yes, she was able to finally have closure and found peace, enjoy your new lives, and we are unlikely to ever meet again.

The Angel of Destiny begins to spark and dissolves into many small yellow balls, ultimately forming a large yellow ball of light and flies away.

[Ext: Nepal / Himalaya / Mount Everest / Ark of Light / Night Time]

The End.

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