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Ancestry Quest - Episode 2x9 - A Glimpse at the New World

[Int: Quick Flashback / Atlantic Paradise]

Sweeping view of an atmosphere in which visibility is reduced because of the clouds, through them reveals the Atlantic Paradise which is lush and fertile with moss covered mountains behind them shows the beautiful stone City of Avalorianna which is also covered in moss.

[Ext: Quick Flashback / Atlantic Paradise]

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Theodora's House / Kitchen / Next Morning]

Piper appears wearing a sexy tight red nightgown as she walks in and very impressed by the large and bright kitchen with ancient celtic style structure, and goes to the refrigerator, after some time has passed Piper takes a tray of some food and closes the refrigerator. She walks to the dining room.

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Theodora's House / Kitchen / Next Morning]

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Theodora's House / Dining Room]

Piper sits at the table and starts to eat some turkey legs and vegetables, she looks through a window to see from a distance. There are children playing in hide and seek, and boy covers his eyes as all the other children running in different directions looking for a place to hide, and then couple is seen under a tree where a wife lays a cloth on the grass while the kids goes to play with the other children. her husband places down a basket on the cloth. Piper turns back to see Theodora wearing purple nightgown and still very groggy and yawns and rubbing her eyes, coming from the kitchen with foods as well.

Piper: Good Morning.

Theodora: Good Morning.

Piper: How did you sleep?

Theodora: Good, and you? Does it hurt?

Piper: No, I slept fine, thanks for the pain killer cream. What a wonderful place. We should come here more often.

Theodora: Great.

Piper: I helped myself if you don't mind, and thanks for letting us stay for a while.

Theodora: No problem. I was also in something like that.

Piper: (Surprised) Really? How?

Theodora: When those demons took my daughters away.

Piper: But they are alive.

Theodora: Yeah, but it took me 100 years to find them.

[Int: Theodora's Memory / Underworld / Burke's Lair]

Burke appears through fading manner with his latest prey, revealed to be young blonde fury, but her face is unseen due to her hair, as he looks around feeling like someone has followed him, but he instead pretends it was nothing some time has passed as the young woman wakes up and stands up as Burke looks at a hot beauty, when he inserts a magical crystal in a slot, entrapping her within an invisible force field, when she tries to walk towards Burke, she gets zapped by the invisible force field.

Burke: Who is after me?

Fury: Who are you? I don't know, she was asking questions.

Burke: So it was a she?

Fury: I think so, but I couldn't see her or recall her voice. Someone you messed with.

Burke: I do as I please.

Fury: Others of my kind will come after you.

Burke: No, they wouldn't.

Fury: They are. No one messes with the Furies.

She starts to overwhelm his mind with voices. He screams and falls to the floor as he drags himself on to the crystals and turns one of them and sparks of electricity course through her body as she screams and falls down.

Burke: Do you think you could just do that and get away? You're going to be one of my new living trophies. Like those others who didn't do what they were told.

While the fury was looking at several creatures frozen in transparent cryogenic containers lined up against walls of his lair, she didn't notice when he walked behind her, with his left hand straight through the shield grabs her back of her head and forcefully kisses her on the mouth, then shoves her back to get electrocuted and drops down and she gets up again she looks at him in horror.

Fury: You will pay for what you have done.

Burke: Not by you.

Burke turns one of the crystals as a cryogenic container flashes and immediately freezes the fury within the container. He knows that someone has followed him, because the prey was too easy to capture.

[Ext: Theodora's Memory / Underworld / Burke's Lair]

[Int: Theodora's Memory / Underworld / Burke's Lair / Secret Vault]

Burke walks to a wall and makes a hand gesture a secret vault opens and a large transparent aquarium-like container lined up against the end of the vault filled with something which looks like water which keeps the victims frozen, when Burke comes closer he can see the Collective Wizards standing upright inside, and touches the glass and smiles.

Burke: My prized possessions.

Before he is able to go back to work, sound of telekinetic force is heard and a staff is about to nail his hand to the glass as he quickly catches it before it hits, a little telekinetic energy starts to emanate from her body as she was generating a powerful blast while cloaked. He starts to smile before he could turn, a blast hits him and sends Burke back through the air, where he smashes into the large transparent aquarium-like container as all the water bursts out and taking the three women as well as Burke on the ground as the three women are gasping for air, Burke quickly spins and grabs with the left something in the air, as the cloak slowly disappears reveals Burke is holding Theodora by her neck, as Burke raised her feet above ground as her eyes starts to go dark.

Theodora: You lose.

Burke: (Surprised) I thought they killed you.

Theodora; No, they didn't, They wanted to feed off my fear, hopelessness and then...You were gone with my daughters.

Burke: Farewell Dear Queen.

Suddenly partially of his arm is surrounded by weak gust of golden orbs turning his arm into a mix of blood and stone which slowly crumbles into pieces and releasing Theodora from his grip. Burke screams in agony and disappears through fading manner, Theodora sees that Adria's golden rings of light in her eyes disappears as she is slowly passing out.

[Ext: Theodora's Memory / Underworld / Burke's Lair / Secret Vault]

Piper: Oh... Alright.

Theodora: My daughters managed to imprisoned a part of their demonic group which severely diminished their power. However, they were both physically and magically drained, in act of revenge those demons didn't want me to help my children and let Burke take them. Sure, I found his lair, however. he managed to escape before I tried to vanquish him.

Piper: It says that when Paige was born, they were released.

Theodora: Yes, Paige's angelic blood sample released them.

Piper: So if they didn't act, Paige would have never been born?

Theodora: Well, Paige was meant to be born, either way. But it had to be by Patty and Sam and by their own free will. Because the Members of the Circle have be waiting for Paige to have her twins so they could use them to get inside the cave where the Vetalas were trapped.

Piper: To release them?

Theodora: No, they wanted the powers of the Quantum Crystal which I used to trapped those creatures.

Piper: What kind of powers does it have? I remember you said, it can bring out the most darkest aspects of them who uses it, even, the truly evil people couldn't hold it to long.

Theodora: I don't know. It felt almost like a Black Hole. It can suck the life and energy out of anyone or anything or trap them,

Piper: What happens now when they discovered its destroyed?

Theodora: Who knows? No offense, Aren't you confused how you were able to be brought back to life many times without any consequences when you were killed?

(Piper looks surprised and embarrassed.)

Piper: Well I never really thought about it. It just seemed to make sense that it's magic.

Voice: Maybe I can answer that.

A large yellow ball of light flies in and begins to spark as it dissolves into many small yellow balls, ultimately forming the Angel of Destiny. As both of them are looking at a caramel skinned woman. Theodora is looking at Piper as she was feeling terrifying of knowing the reason while believing it was good luck or Karma as she was looking at the Angel of Destiny.

Piper: What is it?

Angel of Destiny: It's because the Goddess of Neutrality didn't allow that to happened in order to protect the Grand Design. However, if this doesn't end how it's meant to you wouldn't either.

Piper: (Upset) What? But we have lives, Phoebe has her son back and Paige is pregnant with twins. I have my sons and a daughter.

Angel of Destiny: I am sorry, as for now the future looks dark, Phoebe will become a reincarnated Empath in order to save her child and Paige will be turned into a Darklighter-witch.

Piper: So if I understand right, all Paige needs to do is give birth at a safe place and we get to stay alive.

Angel of Destiny: Oh, if only it were that simple.

Piper: (Upset) Why not?

Angel of Destiny: In order to save the Charmed Ones and the world, Paige's heart has to be whole so she can give birth at a place known as the Ark of Light.

Piper: What do you mean whole?

Angel of Destiny: In her heart, Paige feels torn between her duties and her innermost desire.

Piper: What is that?

Theodora: What's yours?

(She thinks for a while.)

Piper: Henry is her innermost desire? Where is he?

Angel of Destiny: He has been set on his own path.

(Piper starts to get worried.)

Piper: Will he come back?

Angel of Destiny: He could, if he can get pass the darkness which clouds his heart.

Piper: After all this ends how it meant to?

Angel of Destiny: A age of peace. You wouldn't be worried about Demons anymore.

Piper: Are they gonna be vanquished?

Angel of Destiny: No, but they wouldn't be an issue.

Piper: (Confused) No, why not?

Angel of Destiny: They are fundamental to the Grand Design.

Piper: And the mortals?

Angel of Destiny: The World will learn to embrace you once again. The humans and the races of other creatures will once again live in harmony.

Piper: Sounds like a Utopia.

The Angel of Destiny begins to spark and dissolves into many small yellow balls, ultimately forming a large yellow ball of light and flies away.

Theodora: How do you feel?

Piper: I don't know. I want to cry and still want to be brave. What happens today?

Theodora: (Surprised) Maybe you should talk to your family about this?

Piper: No, I can't let them be worried with all that is happening. I have trust that Henry will get pass what's bothering him.

Theodora: But.

Piper: (Stern Voice) No, you have many different beliefs. He loves his wife and they are gonna be parents soon. They have been together long time and he had no problems with her being a witch or a Whitelighter. All Paige needs to know is to give birth at this place and all will be good.

Theodora: You are sure, that's what you want and can live with it.

Piper: I will learn to deal with it when that time comes.

Theodora: Well, I was going to a meeting as the whole town gathers for the time to harvest and then plant a yield for the new growing season.

Piper: Can I help? If I am gonna live here for a time, I would need to contribute, I am not here so you would provide meals.

Theodora: Alright, you can help other people to clear some weeding and, you don't look like you are above digging up roots.

Piper: Yeah. Think I can handle that.

Theodora: Good.

Piper: Are they done by hand or magic?

Theodora: By hands, but there are also tools.

Piper: I don't want someone to say I’m not doing enough for the town. Are there other towns on this Island?

Theodora: The Atlantic Paradise is a huge island, but about 60 procent is just tropical jungles and mountains and moss caves and lakes, and almost the whole city of Avalorianna is covered in moss. We sometimes trade with others. Some people have their own part of the Island, and prefer to be left alone, they don't mind anyone, just they want to be left alone.

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Avalorianna / Theodora's House / Dining Room]

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Unknown Forest Location / Day Time]

A young brunette with curly hair wearing a bright dress carrying a small light brown bag filled with various leafs and branches, she looks at the water as she was thinking for a while, and then puts the bag on the ground and starts to unbutton the opening of the dress behind her neck and lets it fall revealing her to be wearing a green bikini steps out of the dress and leaps into the water, shortly after she comes to the surface and rubs the water out of her eyes as she trying to enjoy the water, when she sees something from the sky falling into deeper into the jungle.

The sounds of winds blowing through the thick, almost dark tropical forest... illuminated by streaks of light and the echoing sounds of exotic birds and monkeys, more further deeper in more sounds of the Island's wildlife is heard, suddenly a blindingly bright white light emanating the ground as the light slowly fades away revealing a body in the place, a sweaty shirtless man is left lying there, he tries to get up, but he is too weak to do more than lift his face, reveals to be Henry, looking very dazed, shivers violently as he looks around him. She is seen walking towards him while putting her dress.

Young Woman: So what's the deal, little fella?

She walks some steps toward him and reaches out her hand to his shoulder. He gets up and turns to her, and grips her by the throat. He looks at her with no recognition on his face, looks at her for a moment, as closes his eyes, sighs and falls down once again. She gets afraid and starts to leave but she stops and looks back at him. She feels concerned about the animals and him being alone. So she quietly walks back to him and looks at his face, after a while Henry wakes up and starts to adjust himself, he sees the young woman getting more sticks for the camp fire and then she holds up them tied together, as Henry looks at her as she walks in.

Young Woman: Hey, good you are awake. I got worried for a while, what's your name?

Henry: Henry, Henry Mitchell,

Young Woman: Hi Henry, I am Thalia Quinlan, Where are you from?

Henry: The Ancestral Council, they sent me here. I thought they killed me.

Thalia: Most people count themselves lucky to met them.

Henry: Well I am not one of them. They think that I am a threat for my wife's safety and the World and needed to be terminated. Are you one of them?

Thalia: No. I am just a Mortal, but why would you believe me, I wouldn't. So are you from the Outside World?

Henry: (Confused) What are you talking about? The Outside World?

Thalia: You aren't native or live on this Island?

Henry: No.

Thalia: Neither am I. But I have spent my childhood here.

Henry: How did you find me?

Thalia: I needed some ingredients, and then you shown up and tried to choke me and passed out. Even though you did that. My conscious couldn't let me leave you to a possible death.

Henry: I appreciate it.

Thalia: I guess if they think you could be a threat, maybe you are send here to find out what makes you into a threat.

Henry: Are you worried that I could be a dangerous man?

Thalia: (Laughs) If you were the reason for the imminent death of humanity's future, why would you be here?

Henry: They did say that I did something.

Thalia: I should go home now but if you want you can come with.

Henry: Home?

As he gets stuck in a memory as green mist covers his eyes and Henry begins to collapse, Thalia runs to him, Henry lying on the ground his eyes are still covered by the green mist. She looks worried.

Thalia: What have they done to you?

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Unknown Forest Location / Day Time]

[Int: Underworld / Unknown Location]

Outside of the slightly visible liquid shield, there are many of different demons from Brute Demons to Celerity Demons, Possessor Demons, Thorn Demons, Furies are watching as the shield is about be breached, one of the Celerity Demons has few small boxes in his hands.

Thorn Demon: What are those?

Celerity Demon: I bought them at the Market, its the last of a rare smoke which consumes organic material in a single blow at the DNA of witches and warlocks while leaving other species unharmed.

Thorn Demon: Are you sure that will work on these creatures?

Celerity Demon: Well their DNA is from both of the species.

One of the Vetala has its arms through while sparks appears through the opening as the shield tries to stop it. With it arms spreads apart the opening causing the shield to explode causing the ground to shake throwing the demons back as they slowly get up, the Celerity Demon throws the boxes as they start to decay in front of them and a gust of red smoke busts out enveloping everything in the smoke, for a while it was uncomfortable silence, the demons started to believe the smoke have killed the Vetalas, suddenly fingernails are heard growing and extending into long claws, from the smoke as a partially decayed arm which starts to regenerate makes a quick gesture rips of the Celerity Demon's face clean off as his body drops to the ground and vanquishes in flames as the part of his face falls in mid-air with his eyes are open, mouth locked in a fear and vanishes before it falls down.

Thorn Demon: The smoke didn't work! Kill them!

And they are throwing fire and energy balls in various directions, the unseen creatures moving around through the smoke as then a horrid shrieking sound is heard, and then the screams comes, As one of the Possessor Demons waits to possess one of the Vetalas until an arm sliced off the top of his head from his jaw up and vanished in flames. When the smoke disappears revealing the Vetalas shoots acid from their mouths instantly vanquishing few while other ducks away, the Celerity Demons speeds fast killing them by snapping their necks while the Brute Demons were tearing them apart as the Possessor Demons are possessing and killing them, the Thorn Demons are spitting thorns from the mouth and throwing fireballs and the Furies are blowing smoke from their mouths.

Some time has passed after they destroyed the last of the Vetalas, they rejoice from the cave a horrid shrieking sound is descending on them now that they are altered to face their victims, from the cave several incredibly elastic tongues impales through stomachs of some of the demons as the blood bursts through their backs causing them to be vanquished.

[Ext: Underworld / Unknown Location]

[Protected Dimension / Int: Huge island-platform surrounded by the sea, F.O.R.C.E.]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / The Academic Library]

Cole is sitting on a chair wearing dark grey suite with white shirt and tie as he was reading the News Paper. He noticed Phoebe wearing a green maternity dress walking as he quickly changes the appearance, Phoebe walks to him.

Phoebe: Hi Ben. What are you doing?

Cole: Nothing much just looking at the news paper, you?

Phoebe: I am on my lunch hour. I thought I could maybe read something.

Cole: Take a seat and rest.

Phoebe: (Tired exhale) Thanks, who knew that the Vampire Extinction could create this much of problems.

Cole: Tell me about it.

Phoebe: Well, today I had many students freaking out that they are human now.

Cole: (Confused) Human?

Phoebe: Yes, those who were Vampires but bitten by Dhampirs didn't get killed but are now human, and those who were born as Dhampirs are now Human or a witch.

Cole: So what's the problem?

Phoebe: They are afraid of the human condition, because they don't have the immortality and they wouldn't live forever. (She trails off, thinking, then shaking her head.)

Cole: (Smiling) I think the Ancestral Council have complete trust in you.

Phoebe: I doubt that.

Cole: You will find another way to reach to them.

Phoebe: I will?!

Cole: Absolutely. It's what they pay you for.

Phoebe: Uhh.... No pressure there.

Cole: Ask yourself? Are you afraid to die?

Phoebe: Yeah.

Cole: There you go, try to share your experience with mortality, they could be frightened, but...none of them doubt that you can help them. I can't really remember what it's like to be human.

Phoebe: (Confused) What? You used to be Human?

Cole: Yes, but I made some mistakes which I am trying to make up for that. (Looks at his watch.) Thank you for talking, I need to go and do my job now, but good luck.

Phoebe: Can I ask you one thing?

Cole: What?

Phoebe: I know I could ask a student but I am worried it could sound too offensive? How are Dhampirs born?

Cole: I don't think they would mind. (Phoebe was looking worried at Cole.) Long time ago two female and a male scientists discovered a cure, at least they thought they did, to be able to reversed it.

Phoebe: Reversed what?

Cole: A cure for Vampirism. Two had lost something, one had a girlfriend, another a wife to a Vampire to save them, they worked hard and then they discovered it. However, they were only able to partially reverse it. Before they could fix it to make Vampires completely Human, a Vampire Queen had the research destroyed, At some point in their lives Dhampirs stopped hating what they were and choose to use it for good.

(Cole walks away, leaving Phoebe in her thoughts, while she is trying to get ready to help the recent turned human students.)

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / The Academic Library]

[Int: Los Angeles / Police Department / Darryl's Office]

(Darryl walks in as he is stunned to see Prue in her robe and Inspector Cortez standing beside her.)

Prue: Hi Darryl.

Darryl: Prue? Aren't you supposed to be dead?

Prue: We don't have time for that.

Darryl: Cortez? He knows?

Prue: Uh yeah. We need your help on something that's coming.

Darryl: That doesn't sound good.

Prue: It's not. But if you could help us, it would be better.

Darryl: I am still not that clear.

Inspector Cortez: How I know about witches and demons? Is that what you were gonna say? Well, after our little meeting last time, shortly after I met Prue, and my sister who I thought was killed by some monsters, has been recently freed from them, Prue's bosses helped her to have a normal life again.

Darryl: So you owe them?

Inspector Cortez: No, I felt I wanted to make a difference. For example you don't wanna know what really happened at that museum, do you?

Darryl: (Stunned) So the investigation is just a cover up? Where they all demons?

Prue: More or less.

Darryl: You are a Whitelighter?

Prue: No, I am on a whole different team. Archangels.

Darryl: Archangels? What is coming?

Prue: Flying witch Cannibals and many demons, and they don't want to be hidden in the shadows anymore.

Darryl: That's so messed up, can't you cover this up too.

Prue: Too much. Just to make everyone remain calm and take cover where they can but the important thing is not to panic.

Darryl: These Cannibals, do they eat humans?

Prue: No. (Darryl relaxes.) They just kill them. (Darryl is horrified.) According to wiccan lore, ages ago these creatures roamed the Earth hunting and eating witches!

Darryl: Well then, looks like we have got some problems. Any chance they would be going off their diets?

Prue: Uh, I don't think they will.

[Ext: Los Angeles / Police Department / Darryl's Office]

[Int: San Francisco / Mitchell-Matthews Apartment / Bedroom / Few Weeks Later On]

Paige is lying on the bed with her back turned revealed to be wearing blue strapless maternity dress with black webbing design, as she is heard crying having many paper tissues on the bed and the floor, she hated when she found out about Henry on his path so it will help them, but she still hated it, something is being teleported through gusts of wind in front of Paige's face on Henry's side of the bed when the winds disappears reveals wrapped pinkish box with a blue ribbon on top, which also has a note. "Feel better Paige, this could help you. Love and Hugs from Prue." After opening the box she sees a Holographic Crystal and a paper note with a spell writing. It said that she needs to shred a few of her tears on the light based crystal and use the spell.

Paige: (Spell Casting) When the tears are gone and the others I am fond, Open the gates to my heart and my soul and unravel my mind make it clear like which I call my own.

She is confused at the weird spell, but nothing happens as she starts to think to herself. "Stupid crap!" and throws the light based crystal against a wall as it shatters in pieces and goes to rest some more, some time has passed the shards of the light based crystal glows, then spins in a circle around which reforms it and shines. Someone reaches down and shakes her awake, Paige opens her eyes and sees in front of her, then her eyes widen and she struggles to push herself up into a sitting position. Two blonde teenagers wearing jackets and sweaters and trousers with different colours and her birth and adoptive parents, and a reformed crystal hovering.

Helen: Be calm.

Paige: What are you doing here?

Mark: You called all of us?

Paige: (Confused) I did? But who are you two?

Girl: Well, we are your kids? I am Annabeth and he is David.

Paige: (Confused) What? You don't look anything like me or Henry. Was it mix up at the hospital?

Annabeth: No, But either way we are still your kids. Our souls are projected from the crystal due to the spell and your tears turned us temporary corporeal.

Paige: How can you talk and why are you blonde?

David: Yes, we are blonde, it was dormant in you and passed down to us, when your tears are used up, everything will turn back how it was. Ours souls are already matured and aware it's just that the body takes much longer to grow.

(Annabeth and David goes and hugs their mother as Paige gets tears in her eyes.)

Paige: I lost you both.

Annabeth: But you wouldn't this time. Dad will come back soon. Trust me.

[Ext: San Francisco / Mitchell-Matthews Apartment / Bedroom / Few Weeks Later On]

[Int: Atlantic Paradise / Moss Covered Mountain View]

Thalia was hiking on the top of the mountain and enjoying the view and the air, Henry was coming after her very exhausted, both of them are seen wearing hiking clothes. They stop looking ahead of themselves, from a large distance, there is a large palace sitting on a hillside.

Henry: What is that?

Thalia: It's where many Druids live. So do you have any siblings?

Henry: I don't know, I had foster parents.

Thalia: Ever tried to found out?

Henry: No, sometimes it's better not knowing.

Thalia: Not all people are bad.

Henry: I know, but searching for answers may not be the answers you want. How about you?

Thalia: Well, I am adopted and raised by a wonderful couple.

Henry: Wizards?

Thalia: Actually, some mortals are allowed to live on the Island. It's not recommended for Immortals to adopt mortal children.

Henry: Why? Oh, because mortals are not Immortal?

Thalia: Yes, so how does it going with the memories they gave you?

Henry: (Annoyed) Why they couldn't let me be when I didn't wanna know.

Thalia: Well sometimes people doesn't know what's best for them, maybe you needed to know this. I was abandoned by my birth parents, because I wasn't living up to their expectations.

Henry: Which was?

Thalia: I was born as a girl. When I got older, I went to look for them, I used to feel like I was never good enough for them, after discovering how they were, I didn't have much reason to visit the Outside World.

(Henry was holding his head as memories was flashing forward and then stopped as his memories of his past has finally unraveled,)

[Int: Henry's Memory / New York / Public Orphanage]

It's an old Victorian style house, seeing a wealthy man and a woman who faces are unseen carrying a bassinet with little Henry and giving him up at the entrance as a nanny takes him inside and they leave to their car and drive away.

[Ext: Henry's Memory / New York / Public Orphanage]

Henry: My birth parents are the same as yours were. They were very rich and greedy, they didn't like how much they have to spend of their profit on me, so to cut their losses, they just gave me nearby place they could find and restart their lives.

Thalia: Some people are not meant to be parents.

Henry: I never was able to learn to be able to trust again, or made any friends and I had no close relationships, due to what I suffered and example of abandonment. It's really affected me as an adult. I always felt, I couldn't escape the emptiness in my heart. When I met Paige, she filled my heart with warmth and enjoy where there was cold and emptiness.

(Henry started to be worried as he thought about something, Thalia was looking concerned.)

Henry: I need to go to my wife.

(As Henry started to think how he will get to her, he was surrounded by aerokinetic webs as he disappears.)

[Ext: Atlantic Paradise / Moss Covered Mountain View]

[Int: Ghostly Plane / San Francisco / Golden Gate Bridge / Day Time]

Cole and Prue teleport in their ways as and so does Odin and Sandra are on the Golden Gate Bridge tower, everything is completely deserted, only empty buildings.

Cole: Can everyone drop the hate about me for a moment?

Sandra: Nobody said anything to you.

Cole: Sure, we need their help and I am the only one who isn't on their bad side.

Odin: What are you trying to say?

Cole: Really? One of your guys tricked you to believe they were wrong about Gideon, (Looking at Prue.) And one of your ancestors turned the Magical Community on them.

Prue: Let's not fight now.

Several purple spirits appears in shape of women and men as many wraps appears surrounding their bodies making them look like mummy-like beings with two purple glowing eyes.

[Ext: Ghostly Plane / San Francisco / Golden Gate Bridge / Day Time]

The End.

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