General information
Effects To create and manipulate wind.
Trigger Direct hand
Alignment Neutral
Category Offensive Power

Aerokinesis is the ability to control the air, which enables the user to manipulate and control air molecules it self.To be able to fly. or create wind and air, such as air waves, air currents, air structures, air pressure, clouds, tornadoes, storms, airbending. The full extent of the user's aerokinetic abilities are unknown, but may be limited to only creating small storms and hurricanes.

This is also one of the five component powers of Conjuring the Elements, It can also be used through Atmokinesis.

Subdivisions of AerokinesisEdit

The user would be able to create such air pressure to create aerokinetic shielding to protect herself or others from attack, or to move objects telekinetically by enveloping them in hardened air, immobilize targets by thickening the air around them, deflect arrows and other projectiles, and fire focused blasts of air.

Even hardened the air into a blade sharper than any sword that was capable of slicing through very powerful beings, and control over the blade fine enough to decapitate multiple targets in seconds without a sound.

List of UsersEdit

  • Shax
  • The Evil Enchantress (Through Elemental Conjuration)

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