Absorption Athames
Absorption Athames
General information
Usage An athame used to steal other beings powers.
Owner(s) Various
Alignment Neutral
Category Magical Weapon

Absorption Athames are magical artifacts that absorbs and stores the powers within the blade either directly transfer the power into the user of whomever it stabs and kills, until they are taken out by a magical being, most commonly used by Warlocks, who hunt Witches for their powers, by killing them.

Melinda WarrenEdit

Before Melinda had the affair with the warlock lover Matthew Tate. Billie appeared quickly walked before Matthew Tate, giving some insight of the coming future and giving her a athame which can absorb and store power before she disappeared. The next day early in the morning Melinda felt shamed for what she had done in the future, when Matthew tried to seduce Melinda. She stabbed him and drained him of his powers before her husband William killed him.

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